DIY Beauty: A natural bliss hot salt scrub dupe

Remember my review of Bliss Hot Salt Scrub? Well, I’m going to show you a dupe of the product using only natural ingredients. It’s not 100% close as in it doesn’t look the same nor feels entirely similar. However, the texture is close enough, the smell is almost equal and the after effects are as good! Best of all, it’s only half the price and it’s all natural!

Easy peasy recipe
I only used three ingredients in this recipe. A packet of organic extra fine sea salt, a bottle of eucalyptus essential oil and some vegetable glycerin. Actually when I was playing with the ingredients, I didn’t make exact measurements so I can’t be too precise here. I didn’t make a big batch, but sufficient to scrub my hands and legs.

Mixture of ingredients
Okay, just based on approximation, I think I used about 3 tablespoons full of salt mixed with 6 tablespoons of glycerin. Just make sure the salt is entirely immersed in the glycerin such that it is thick and wet but not diluted. Then I added about 30 drops of the eucalyptus essential oil and mixed them all up and store in a small bottle you see here.

Like I mentioned, the smell is almost similar and the texture is very close. I guess I can create the same look by adding coloring but really, what for? But jolly, this feels hot when I rub on my skin too and boy, my skin felt so silky smooth afterwards. It’s not greasy too compared to another recipe I’ve tried using olive oil. So yeah, A BIG LOVE here!

Use with care
I have no issues with the ingredients but I reckon that the mixture could be too strong for some skin type. So if you want to try this out, please use with care okay? Also, make sure your salt is fine enough and that you do not suffer any cuts when using this or the salt will sting your skin like crazy! Personally, I love using salt over sugar as a body scrub because salt do not attract ants.

And PLEASE, don’t use this on your face!



  1. Moon says:

    Wow! Great idea here, coz I am trying to go natural nowadays, so this info helps tremendously! Thks!

  2. Moon says:

    Oh, where can I get glycerin? Quite new in this area. Cheers!

  3. Raelynn says:

    glycerin can be bought at pharmacies or you can try getting food grade glycerin at bake shops like phoon huat.

  4. Kathie Who says:

    Oh I usually make my body scrub with sugar, but sea salt in interesting. But do you wash your body with soap again after the scrub??
    btw, an out-of-point question, i read from one of the blogs abt this facial soap from BSY. It is described to be translucent & slightly yellowish in color. i read that the girl has gd reviews on it so i’m wondering if you have ever come across it?? thanks!

  5. sesame says:

    You’re welcome. ?

  6. sesame says:

    I don’t wash with soap after that as I use this after I’ve showered.

    Never tried the facial soap you’ve mentioned. I’m not keen on using soap on my face cos no matter how natural they are, they make my skin feel too squeaky clean and I dislike the feeling.

  7. Swathy says:

    A great recipe….I didnot know that there is food grade glycerin too…would try to get it….btw did u try it on ur face????just curious!!

  8. Berry Mii says:

    …. Kathie, are you talking about me??? I just blogged abt that soap last week.. hahaa. But I still can’t find who sells that soap.

    Sesame, yeah, I didn’t like using soap on my face too, but that BSY soap is different. Healed my eczema & problem skin in 4 days. That’s why I have to find it!

    btw, I use castile soap instead of vegetable glycerin & mix a little honey into it as well. Maybe I shall try using the glycerin. Thanks for the recipe! I just started on all this natural stuff so this helps a lot!

  9. sesame says:

    Hi Berry: I couldn’t find your review of the soap on your blog. Can you leave a link here? And I didn’t know that Whoopeekiddies have changed their name to Milagro. Haven’t ordered stuff from them for awhile now.

  10. sesame says:

    No, never used this on my face…the salt is too rough and I wouldn’t recommend.

  11. Berry Mii says:

    Hi Sesame, it’s at the end of this post. It’s only a small little part with me ranting though. = *embarrassed* I’m actually in the midst of posting the before & after results after using that BSY soap! i really love the results! p.s – just received a comment from a reader on where to find that soap, but I have to check it out first to see if it’s actually the same soap. I’m going this weekend. I’ll keep you updated if you are interested.

    Oh yeah! Whoopeekiddies is now Milagro Trading. I’m still getting my stuff there. Whr do you usually get yours??

  12. sesame says:

    I actually got my last supply from GOW. I don’t really like some of the packaging from Whoopeekiddies.

  13. Kathie Who says:

    Hi BerryMii! yeah i read it from your blog & it got me curious on the soap. i need a really good cleanser for my acne.

    Sesame, have you tried to get your supply from Mountain Rose Herbs before? I agree with you on the packaging from WhoopeeKiddies, some of them are quite flimsy.

  14. Swathy says:

    oh ok…..yup salt might be too rough..

  15. sesame says:

    Hi Kathie: No, I have never ordered from Mountain Rose Herbs cos the shipping is rather high and I haven’t come across sprees on it. Their quality is better I heard…

  16. Kathie says:

    About how much did it cost you to make & how many ozs. did you end up with?

  17. Sesame says:

    I’m so sorry but it’s been so long and I’ve forgotten the cost.

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