Lenovo What’s Your Idea of Fun Giveaway Series 2

Thank you to all who participated in the Lenovo What’s Your Idea of Fun Giveaway Series 1. Winners have been announced on my Facebook page and will be notified via email. For those who did not win, don’t be disappointed as I bring you another one today. Plus, the final contest for the grand prize of the Lenovo U160 Ideapad is coming up real soon too. *wink*

The power packed multimedia Lenovo Y460
As part of the Lenovo What’s Your Idea of Fun Giveaway, I also received a set of the Lenovo Y460. Yeah, it’s an early X’mas present and I had a blast of a time playing with the built-in Cyberlink Youcam, which allows me to snap pictures and record videos and then edit it all at once! I don’t want to go into the technical specifications of the system but this light-weight laptop comes packed with Intel® Core™ i5 Processor, a 14″ WXGA LED Display and really good JBL speakers that provides Dolby home theatre sound effects.

Work and play at the same time
Since the Lenovo Y460 Ideapad is actually a multimedia laptop, I let my hubby test drive the system because he’s quite an “expert” in this area. When he found that this Ideapad comes with dual display adapters that is able to auto-switch based on application need, he was already very impressed. I won’t even describe how pleased he was when he found out that he can perform a split screen using this connected to the LCD TV as it allowed him to continue working on the laptop while watching a movie. I don’t know how he does it but this certainly gives new meaning to WORK AND PLAY AT The SAME TIME! He is now trying to figure out how to convert this into a full blown game machine that can be connected to three screens all at once. *roll eyes*

Cool and fun features like the SlideNav Control
There are many other cool and fun features in this light-weight, power-packed laptop but perhaps the coolest feature of the Lenovo Y460 is its touch-sensitive bar above the keyboard called the SlideNav Control. Just touch and you can launch applications via shortcuts or lock the screen, placing a giant zipper across the screen. ZIP, UNZIP, ZIP, UNZIP! And I love the little details like the lights and the digital sounds they make! Okay, it’s hard to describe everything to you but if you watch the video I’ve embedded here, you can see for yourself how cool and fun these nifty features are.

Lenovo “What’s Your Idea Of Fun” campaign
Viva Woman is truly blessed to be included in Lenovo What’s Your Idea of Fun campaign, which is a global campaign designed by Lenovo to make computing all fun and enjoyable. More details of the campaign are available on the What’s Your Idea of Fun website. Last week, I ran the first of the series to give away 20 bag hangers and this week, I’m giving away 10 USB bracelets. The final GRAND PRIZE IS A Lenovo U160 that I’ve shown you in this post. Read the guidelines to enter the giveaway today but for a start, you may like to LIKE both the Lenovo and Viva Woman Facebook pages because this is going to give you more chances to win the Lenovo U160 later! I have also been dropping hints regarding the final giveaway on my Facebook page. So start clicking on the Like Buttons below now!

Lenovo USB Bracelet Giveaway
For this week, 10 of you with the most interesting answers that’ll make me smile or laugh are going to receive one USB bracelet you see above. And still on the fairy tale theme, I would like you to fill in the caption to the picture below:

What do I say to the Evil Queen in Snow White when she says Mirror, Mirror On The Wall?

Guidelines to note
This is open to Singapore readers only and each Singapore-based reader is allowed one entry only. Please provide your name and valid email address. The giveaway will be opened till 12 midnight SST on 16 December and winners will be selected and notified via email. Results will be posted on my Facebook page. (Those who have entered in the last giveaway #1 may still enter.)

Enter for more chances in the grand final
Because this giveaway is a series and that means, all participants in today’s giveaway (and the last giveaway) will receive additional chances to win the grand prize of Lenovo U160 Ideapad you see in this post. And you may like to know you’re just one step away from winning it. *wink* Just make sure you enter using the same name and email address for all the series!


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  1. Zora says:

    Look, I have the solution to make you fairest of them all. Make a trip to see Dr Georgia Lee and she will turn you from the evil queen to beauty queen!

  2. JT says:

    Oh my gosh! I guess you have not been following my blog religiously, do you? Stop staring into the mirror when the magical potions are in the tubs and bottles of organic and natural skincare products that I’ve been writing about!

  3. EcoBeauty says:

    Err… I’m not even a mirror.

    Shouldn’t you have gone “Laptop, laptop on the table, tell me I’m the fairest or I’ll snap your cable!’

    *cue canned audience laughter*

  4. Cindy says:

    You should really just stop pretending to have lots of friends to celebrate Christmas with because you have no friends at all! All you ever do is check your facebook every minute for people to like and befriend you!

  5. Lai Zheng Wei says:

    “Aiyo, everyday ask me. My answer still same de. The fairest is still the vivawoman’s queen.”

  6. Kwan Sau Chun says:

    Oh Queen!Didn’t MAC Cosmetics used your image in the Venomous Villains collection this year? Pls stop being so insecure, asking me who is the fairest everyday!My answer is the same each time. Sigh…I am a mirror not a broken record :/.

  7. Grace says:

    OMG! Are you angry or is that just the frown lines and crow feet making you so? Time to consider a little Botox & fillers, old lady!!

  8. Jane Lin says:

    i’ll be blunt lady, have you been to the beach lately? Your skin seem to age and darken.

  9. Tin Tin says:

    Go find a King, and I promise you’ll be much happier! Women in love always have an aura of radiance!

  10. pf1123 says:

    Just answer….”Snow White, my Queen. However, all is not lost for you, your Highness. With sun protection, whitening serums, anti-pigmentation treatments and most importantly, the practice of kindness and graciousness for your heart to be as pure as snow, will make my Lady the fairest of them all.”

  11. Renz says:

    “Ahh~~ what nice swirls of black and white~~ I’m not sure, my queen, because one minute you are black, the next you are white, oh wait! now you are grey!”

  12. Mandy says:

    “Hm do you want to hear the truth or the lie? Wake up! Your problem is that your evil shows on your face so no amount of skincare and cosmetics can help you.”

  13. Shimin says:

    My Queen, please stop living in self-delusion. I’m sure you can see your hideous look in the mirror. So what’s the point of asking?

  14. elle says:

    Your Evilness, you do know you actually need ask me a question first right? If you want to know whether you’re the fairest of them all like you do every – single – day, the answer is STILL NO.

    Get a clue, lady! Or some sunscreen!

  15. Miss Vinny says:

    Here again? Aren’t you sick and tired of being told “your skin makes you look 50 years older, you’re wearing too much makeup and no amount of plastic surgery can fix that crooked, lying nose?!”

  16. kiwi says:

    “oh my goshhhh. Your colour co-ordination of your make up is a bit off. Maybe try a darker shade of red lipstick?”

  17. YM Chai says:

    You are not the fairest of all … But I can help to photoshop your picture to be the best of all, blog about you and make you more famous than Snow White could ever be!

  18. Eugene says:

    Please stop wasting my time asking this question for the billionth time!!! Why don’t you just create a voting system in Facebook Vivawoman and ask the fans to vote for the fairest woman in fairytaleland? Argg … Stop wasting my time! I need to have my beauty sleep now ! Oh remember to add Cinderalla, Red Riding Hood , Rapunzel to the voting list too !

  19. ny says:

    this magic mirror is breaking off with your wrinkled lousy old face! ooh la la~

    (and the shards of mirror pierced the skin of the evil queen)

  20. meandmyTHRILLS says:

    Can you stop bothering me?
    I’m having a fun time using my Lenovo Y460!

  21. fwy says:

    “Unless we make Christmas an occasion to share our blessings, all the snow here won’t make it “white”.”

  22. tt says:

    if you but just shatter me, you’ll feel beautiful for the rest of your life by retaining the memory of your younger self and i’ll be free!!!!!!

  23. Audris says:

    It’s futile,
    Your superficial beauty quest.
    The lotions and potions stacked a mile wide,
    In your boudoir such an unholy mess.

    All the Anti-aging, sun protection and scented body butters,
    Skin-lifting, DIY and peptide formulas.
    Will never suffice,
    To make your skin nice.
    When an evil heart and mind,
    Breeds malcontent and strife.
    Wreaks harm and danger to innocent life.

    For true beauty fair,
    Lay your innerself bare.
    The harmony of mind, soul, thought and deed.
    For the good and true beauty of all that you seed.

  24. Jo says:

    “My dear queen,
    stand closer to the web cam and I, the mighty Lenovo,will Photoshop you to be the perfect beauty.

    ELSE you better start doing your daily Skincare and stop wasting time to ask me this same question every hour of the DAY!”

  25. Vivian Sia says:

    “My Queen, I’m not your regular mirror! You should immediately log on and get all your beauty tips from Viva Woman! Action now and don’t waste any precious time! Do remember to smile more often!”

  26. Pollya says:

    I’ve told you soooo many times about the importance of putting sunblock every day, even though you work in an air-con castle. If you can’t even follow this simple advice, how can you expect to be fair, let alone the fairest of them all?!?

  27. Su says:

    The fairness of them all is a combination of inner beauty and outer beauty. Inner beauty means a kind and generous heart. Outer beauty means taking care of your appearance and reading Vivawoman will help you achieve outer beauty with recommended potions and techniques. Stop asking the mirror this question if you are not serious about attaining true beauty!

  28. Christina YY says:

    Oh Lady Queen, you are the evilest queen of all!

  29. leslie says:


  30. Lee Sonia says:

    OMG! Is that the map of Circle Line on your face or is it my imagination?

  31. Diana A says:

    You are making me confused with your never changing question. You are the prettiest of them all so long as you let me use your laptop!

  32. kaiping says:

    Dear Queen, you are the fairest of them all, but I think you should spend more time on caring for your face rather than staring into me for long periods of time.

    I suggest you use a good-quality cleansing oil and cleanse all the make up from your face before sleep, and use anti-aging products.

    and i think your eyebrows are drawn too thin, makes you look like a tranny. have a great day, queen!

  33. Violet says:

    Who else could be the fairest of all but myself! I can only see my reflection hehe.

  34. wing yun says:

    My dearest queen, give me break! it’s the season of festive joys!

  35. Siew Koon says:

    “All them of fairest the is who, wall the on mirror mirror”. Sorry I can only repeat what you ask, my queen.

  36. Joni Yeo says:

    Awww, ain’t you more virtual than i am? i want to get out of here, will you help by activating the SlideNav Control??

  37. Zarina Bte Misron says:

    “Oh please..can’t u just google the answer on your new Lenovo U160 Ideapad?” sigh..

  38. Jay says:

    Get real, queenie! What is the point of being the fairest of them all but loved by none?

  39. Christopher Guess says:

    You are so ugly that when you look in the mirror, even the mirror doesn’t want to reflect you reflection.

  40. Di says:

    My dear queen…

    What I shall say is nothing new…
    It’s old news just like you!

    Time to face reality…
    There’s more to my life than you!

    A queen who has passed her prime…
    I must say, that must be you!

    Please, before I break…
    Can I stop talking about you?

  41. wendy tan says:

    Oh! I have to use my magic, right… A-hem… OoooOOOooo! OooOOooOh!
    The mirror gets out his iphone and starts browsing, still “Oooo-ing”

  42. Vincent Lim says:

    My Queen, I can guarantee that you would be the fairest of them all if you migrate to Africa. If not, you can crack the mirror, I have no regret. I can even recommend my brother (mirror) in Africa to help you out.

  43. Sally Tan says:

    Why is it you need so much reassurance? Is your self image that bad? You don’t need
    a magic mirror—you need a therapist.

  44. Michael mike says:

    Well, my Queen, you have to poison all the women in order to be the fairest of them all. But there is a question in my heart which I always want to ask. May I know whether the king have paste stamps on his eyes when marrying you?

  45. Michelle Soh says:

    “You have finally asked the right person! Viva Woman has all the right answers and information to all your beauty woes!Frown no more!”

  46. Mei Ying says:

    Hey, you must be Ms. de Vil’s secretary! Could you put me through to Cruella de Vil? I totally adore her look for the MAC Venomous Villains Collection!

  47. Chin Ming says:

    “No point calling for the Mirror, my Queen. He’s not there.” I said. “Find him in Facebook. He always comments on Viva Woman’s Facebook page.”

  48. Pei Chwen says:

    With so many people using skin-whitening products nowadays, do you think you or Snow White would still be “The Fairest of them all”?

  49. Alvin Alvi says:

    What? Are you back again? You come to me twice or three times a day and ask me that same question. What is the deal here?

  50. hippo says:

    Oh you’ve cracked the mirror and now you want to crack this PC???

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