Kelyn Esther Garden Spa Eco Organic Facial

I haven’t been going for facials for about four or five months as I was done with my usual facial package and didn’t feel like renewing nor trying new ones. In fact, it was only after two months of corresponding that I finally agreed to give Kelyn Esther Garden Spa Eco Organic Facial a try last week.

Kelyn Esther Garden Spa is boutique size beauty salon with a range of products made in Israel. They are probably better known for their dead sea mineral face care under their Multivitamins Therapy Collection but the facial I was invited to try was the Organic Swiss Flora Anti-Stress facial based on their ECO Organic Therapy collection that contains organic and natural ingredients.

The venue
The salon is located at Blk 269 Queen St #02-231, within a 2-storey yellow HDB shopping complex next to Albert Food Centre, opposite the new Red Dot Building in Bugis Village and Illuma Shopping Center. I had no issues finding the salon as I could see it from the ground level as soon as I approached the complex. In terms of the surroundings, this is really more like an estate salon, and does not come with the bells and whistles normally associated with salons located in upmarket districts or big shopping malls. So it will probably need some getting used to if your picture of a beauty salon is of a posh setting.

The facial cabin
Kelyn Esther Garden Spa is really quite small but the interior is quite cosy,with pretty purple curtains that partitioned the front counter and the two facial cabins located behind. And although the facial cabin is small and simple, but it is neat and pleasant. The owner probably likes purple because again, you see quite a bit of purple in the cabin. The only thing is that it does not come with a basin and so it was rather inconvenient when I needed to wash my hands in order to remove and put on my contact lenses.

The therapist
The therapist who served me was Kristine and although she spoke English, I found her more comfortable with Mandarin and that was the language we communicated in for most part of the treatment. But from the way she handled my questions and my face, I could tell that she is an experienced therapist. She was able to explain each step of the treatment clearly to me and hence, I felt rather comfortable in her hands. Aside from that, her massaging skills were also fairly good.

The facial
I had the usual double cleansing, toning, exfoliation, and hydrating treatments. Because I requested for no steaming and extraction except for one spot on my forehead, and so Kristine used an alternative treatment on my face via a machine to dispense oxygen into my skin, which supposedly aided absorption of the products. She also spent most of the time giving me an anti-aging lifting massage on my face and shoulder. Besides the Kelyn Esther Eco Organic products, she also used essential oils in her massages and that certainly soothed my nerves and helped me relaxed. However, I realized that they used towels for the entire treatment and that bothered me quite a bit because I really prefer disposable wipes for hygiene concerns.

The results
My face was definitely cleaner and more hydrated by the end of the treatment but other than that, I didn’t see my skin looking noticeably different. The 1.5 hour treatment is slightly pampering with the relaxing aromatic massages incorporated but on the whole, there is not much to rave about. However, the price is rather affordable and the salon offers a series of treatments to customize to different skin conditions and so that is a draw. In addition, those who love dead sea mineral products will find some therapy that will suit their fancy. For more information on the various treatments, check out this page on their website.

Price and promotion
I understand that the usual price of their Organic Swiss Flora Anti-Stress facial is S$189 but they are offering the same facial at S$299 for 5 sessions, which is their promotional price for the Great Singapore Sale until 15 Jul. And for Viva Woman readers, they are offering a first-time special at S$28. In addition, if you purchase S$80 worth of products from the ECO Organic Therapy collection, you will get to enjoy a complimentary 45-mins Organic Tea Time facial for your 2nd visit. You can check out more pictures of the salon at Viva Woman Facebook Page or visit their website for more information regarding their products. I was assured that it is not their company culture to hardsell so this will definitely allay any such concerns.

Complimentary facial to 3 readers
Kelyn Esther Garden Spa is also offering three Viva Woman readers a complimentary facial. So if you’re not willing to part with S$28, here is a chance for you to try out for free. To qualify, just tell me in the comments section below why you go for facials. This giveaway is open to SINGAPORE READERS only and will close on 12 midnight SST on 31 May 2011.


  1. Grace Hoo says:

    I see facials as a monthly routine care,to deep cleanse and extract of black-heads and give my face a hydrating boost.

  2. SC says:

    to monitor and treat our face regularly.

  3. Tan Janette says:

    apart from regular maintenance, I go for facials to give my stressed and tired skin an instant perk me up during times that I need to look good #k8SjZc9Dxk_#k8SjZc9Dxk

  4. Emilia says:

    Actually whatever can be done at facials could be done at home right? Most steps I supposed.

    I see facials as a way of pampering ourselves!I love how the deft fingers massages my skin and my mind becomes relaxed that I fall asleep ?

  5. js says:

    Firstly, i go for facials once in a while to clear up my skin and clear some pimples and blackheads. This is rather essential for me due to having oily and acne prone skin.

    Also, i go for facials to have my brows trimmed so that i can achieve a neater look.

    Generally, i would say a part of the reason why i go for facials is for pure indulgence that helps me to relax a little more in our stressful and busy city lives. I mean, i can do masks and stuff like that at home as well but it just feels more luxurious when it is done at facials!

  6. mandy says:

    i go to facials to get rid of stubborn blackheads (though my nose starts peeling a few days after from the trauma of extraction) and to get extra hydration (sometimes i get radiance too)

  7. Lee Sonia says:

    I find facial necessary to remove impurities, slough off dull dead skin cells and to nourish, replenish and renew skin and I especially like the glow on my face over the next few days after a facial.

  8. mel says:

    i go facials for deep extraction of stuborn blackheads and for targeted concerns, eg hydration, radiance, pore refining, for my acne prone skin.

  9. Xin says:

    I like the pampering massage that comes along with the facial.

    It is the most relaxing part of the treatment unless facialist start hard selling the extra treatments and packages during the process..

  10. chenlee says:

    I see facial as “A-Thorough-Spring-Cleaning” for my face and we ladies deserve such indulgence and pamparing!!

  11. Priscilla Tay says:

    My face require facial at least once a month, to remove the dirts and brighten up my face. Its a daily “freshen me up” rountine to pamper myself.

  12. Su says:

    To indulge myself in R&R and to make my face look young and fresh. Skin usually feels smoother after a facial.

  13. heather says:

    I go for facials once in awhile to pamper myself as well as to get rid of clogs/blackheads/whiteheads. It helps to improve my complexion and remove dead skin cells which makes my skin soft and supple and cleanses the skin from within.

    Everyone deserves a good facial after a hard day’s work.

  14. NIA says:

    i go to facials firstly not for vanity sake, but for the general health and wellbeing of my skin. cos health always comes first! and also, its not good to have bad skin esp for ppl who are working. it doesnt give a good first impression. true, it does give a lasting impression, but for the wrong reasons. what if you go into an interview room looking ike Nanny Mcphee?? ouch…

    also, facials is a solution to my persistent gazzilion blackheads. it just really makes my nose look like a minefield. clogged up pores, whiteheads, oil seeds: not good for the skin. or your self confidence.

  15. Juliana Ng says:

    I am a firm believer of facials- it is one of life simple pleasures that come with good dividends. I have been going facials monthly for the last 20 years and people who do not know my age usually quote a number that is 10 years younger than my actual age. I prefer sole proprietor ones better than the chain business types, the therapists seem to be more detailed an attentive. My current beautician whom I have used for 4 years has returned to Malaysia to be with her family and I hope to find one as good as her.

  16. OSeñorita says:

    What I like about facials is how they can remove those stubborn blackheads and dead skin cells. Then afterwards having that feeling of a very clean healthy face that somehow glows. Been not going to facials. My last was years and years ago. Maybe it’s time for one.

  17. Lydia says:

    Hi, i would really like to try out their facial ? i go for facial cause i dont think i can do a better diy facial than the salon.. hee.

  18. ky says:

    Because facial gives me a beautiful glow, clean very deeply, diminish your pore size, prevent breakouts, relax me, increase the blood flow (which helps fight premature aging), etc. Really wish to do my facial in this lovely cozy looking place!

  19. clairey says:

    I do like facials cos it keeps your skin all nice and pampered. and it definitely gives your skin a lovely glow!

  20. wenny says:

    i havent tried facial before but i really want to because i think facial will help to improve my skin condition and make my skin more radiant looking ?

  21. jess says:

    i love facial because it makes my skin looks more glowy and healthy

  22. sel says:

    I go for facials because I don’t know the correct way to remove my own blackheads and whiteheads, and I find facials very relaxing.

  23. sesame says:

    Thank you all for participating!

    Giveaway is closed and I will be picking 3 winners and announce via the Viva Woman Facebook Page. Will also send the winners an email.

  24. ky says:

    may i know how to get there? (by mrt or bus)

  25. sesame says:

    Take an MRT to Bugis Junction and then walk towards Albert Complex. There is a map on their website for directions.

  26. Adeline says:

    I go to facials because of the clogged pores. for the monthly unclog session my face needs, and also hydrating. not forgetting awesome massages!

  27. Sesame says:

    Yes, it’s nice to be pampered during a facial!

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