Color swatches for MVO sun protection products

Okay, I get quite a number of emails asking me for advice regarding the choice of tints to pick for Marie Veronique Organics Moisturizing Facescreen as the color swatches are not available on their website. I was told they will be putting up a video about that soon but meanwhile, here’s my post that you can use as a reference. And since I’ve just reviewed the Marie Veronique Organics Everyday Sheer Coverage and they do come in different tints and so I’m including them here too.

There are three choices of tints in the MVO Moisturizing Face Screen and four choices of tints in the MVO Everyday Sheer Coverage. They’ve just introduced a dark tint to the MVO Everyday Sheer Coverage but I don’t have the sample so I won’t be showing that here.

Moisturizing Face Screen tints
So here are the color swatches. I have fair skin and the Extra Light Tint is what I use. It leaves a slight white cast for me but I actually like it because it serves as an ideal makeup base for me. I’ve tried Light Tint before and it’s perfect for my skin. However, depending on what foundation I use, sometimes my skin tone can turn out looking slightly darker.

Everyday Sheer Coverage tints
The MVO Everyday Sheer Coverage spread a bit better than Moisturizing Face Screen and hence, the Extra Light Tint does not leave any traces of white cast on my fair skin. The Light Tint almost blends in to my skin as well and I can barely notice the tint. Now, besides the Medium Tint, Everyday Sheer Coverage also comes in Dark Tint and it is for those with dark skin tone.

Drop in minimum amount to enjoy free international shipping
For those outside of USA, do note that Marie Veronique Organics has dropped the minimum for free shipping to US$175. So if you order something like the Anti-Aging Kit, you would already enjoy free shipping.


  1. Mai says:

    Thanks Sesame f0r taking time t0 d0 this. Much appreciated!!

    I’m tempted t0 buy the MFS in Extra Light tint c0z like y0u, the Light tint makes my face l00ked tan when i’m wearing f0undati0n & with s0me 0f my p0wder. Maybe i sh0uld request a sample size & see if it makes me l00k like a w0ndering gh0st in the br0ad daylight. l0l.

    The Light tint ESC in y0ur p0st seemed much lighter than the MFS 0nes. Might be the lighting 0r the way it was swatched c0z mine made me l00ked much tanner. Will luv t0 try the Extra Light tint. H0pe i win it in y0ur giveaway ?

  2. sesame says:

    It could be the lighting…not sure but it is definitely a bit lighter than MFS when applied too cos of the consistency.

  3. Mai says:

    0hhh thats weird..i’m using b0th in Light tint but ESC is a tad darker 0n my skin..hmmm..

  4. Rola says:

    Thanks for swatching ESC, I think light would work for me as light in MFS was a tad bit too dark.

  5. sesame says:

    Light in ESC should blend well into the skin but I have yet to try that with any foundation over.

  6. Swati says:

    now that they have taken off no tint so I am left with only medium as a choice but sometimes it turns out too dark for my complexion….mine actually lies between light and medium and when I used light, it was all streaky and ghostly!!!
    Swati last post is: Giveaway Reminder!!!

  7. sesame says:

    No tint is renamed as extra light tint actually but if you can’t use light because it makes you ghostly, then you wouldn’t be able to use no tint before too. Hmm…a bit tough for your case cos they don’t offer customized tints.

  8. Maggiepoo says:

    I have been using MVO’s moisturizing face sunscreen SPF30+ for a while,Now I’m facing wheather to purchase SPF30 or SPF20,which one is similar to SPF30+(much more Moisturizing) ?I have a sampler of SPF30(former edition when there were SPF30+ &SPF30)and it is much drier comparing SPF30+,I wonder if the new edition of SPF30 is alike of the old SPF30?Would like to know coz I’m going to purchase it sooner.

  9. sesame says:

    The MVO Moisturizing Face Screen SPF30 is about the same as the old formulation under a different name. But they have an Anti-Aging Serum SPF20 and that is more moisturizing.

  10. Kit says:

    Hi Sesame,

    I am deciding which tint to get for ESC. Like you, I am Chinese and have fair skin. MFS extra light tint blends nicely to my skin.

    I see that the shades for ESC is slightly darker than MFS. Which shade will you recommend for me? Will ESC extra light tint be too “light” for me? Thanks!

    And have a very Merry X’mas!

  11. sesame says:

    The extra light is equivalent to MFS’s but it doesn’t leave a whitecast so should be okay for your fair skin. Merry X’mas to you too!

  12. Seemu says:

    Hi Sesame

    I’ve just read an article where you said it wasn’t too good to mix up different sunscreen products. I currently use DeVita SPF 30 moisteriser, but I want something to top up on in terms of sunscreen. Do you think it would be a good idea using MVO sheer coverage to do this?

  13. Sesame says:

    I would not really recommend because depending on skin types, it might clog up the pores. But if your skin can take it, then it’s not a big issue I suppose cos both you mentioned are physical sunblocks. However, because of the zinc oxide, I’m not too sure if you’ll end up with something too drying for your skin.

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