DIY Fashion: Raphael’s Angels watch choker

I was clearing my storeroom and found my box of old watches. Well, not limited editions or collector watches but watches I wore back in my younger days. Then, I was fond of fashion watches, especially Swatch and Benetton watches and I basically couldn’t bear to throw them away. But they’ve been kept for so long and some of the plastic straps have become sticky due to the humidity. But because the watch faces still look and feel fine, I decided to recycle some of them; one of which is the Raphael’s Angels, a non-branded watch someone bought from Paris.

Easiest DIY fashion idea ever
Because the watch face is pretty heavy, so it would be quite difficult to hang with a chain. So I opted for the easy way out and use a black ribbon. Oh, this must be the easiest DIY fashion idea I’ve come up with by far!

Minimal tools and material used
Actually I only used two items; a pair of scissors and a long ribbon. The pair of scissors to cut the straps and the ribbon to hold the watch face. That’s it!

Just tie
I suppose I could make it a bit more complicated by using some sort of chains to hold the ends of the ribbon but tying them is so much easier and anyway, I’ve seen many ribbon necklaces on retail that are made this way too.

Picture tutorial on Vivawoman FB page
The great thing about this DIY watch choker is, I can use different colors of ribbon to suit my outfits. No hassle whatsoever! To get a better idea of how to create this, check out the full picture tutorial on Viva Woman Facebook Page. Enjoy your weekend everyone and be blessed by an angel!

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  1. Soos says:

    Cute idea!
    Soos last post is: Oktoberfest in Honolulu

  2. Raelynn says:

    for some of my friends’ 21st birthday, i bought some watches with really large faces, snipped off the straps, opened the back of the watch, and created a mini scrapbooking page, fitted back the back of the watch, created a chainmail or leather strap, and gave it to them as their momento =)

  3. sesame says:

    Yeah, I thought so too. Heheh. ?

  4. sesame says:

    You’re creative! I want to figure out how to open the back of the watch. I read that it is quite easy but I haven’t attempted. It’ll be nice to put some picture in there too.

  5. Raelynn says:

    it’ll be better to practice on really really cheap watches. you will usually need a very small and thin screwdriver to open the back. it’s usually putting the back in that’s more difficult.

  6. Sylvia says:

    Fun idea. Looks nice on you!
    Sylvia last post is: Sunday style reflection: Tom Ford

  7. sesame says:


  8. sesame says:

    Yeah…I’ll practice on the old watches. I do have those small and thin screwdrivers so can give it a try soon.

  9. xin says:

    so clever!
    i love choker but i can’t wear it, i will feel like someone is holding my neck and choking me and i got the nauseating sensation. but they are so elegant ?
    xin last post is: Greet the Wild Hello Kitty in Leopard Print!

  10. sesame says:

    I used to wear chokers…but yes, some of them do give you that “choking” feeling. LOL.

  11. elrica says:

    You’re really creative!!
    love your blog!
    elrica last post is: 2 face!

  12. sesame says:

    Thank you. ?

  13. SL says:

    Don’t think this is a good creative idea.
    I think this might end up making one look quite silly.
    Imagine someone walking up to you asking for the time??
    I think I’ll get laughed at wearing a watch on my throat.

  14. sesame says:

    Hmm…this is not meant to be a watch to tell time. LOL. If you can’t accept it, that’s totally fine. Creativity is not for those who can’t understand or appreciate it anyway.

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