New Year’s Eve fashion giveaway from Mont Affair

Hey VivaBellas! It’s the last day of 2011 and tomorrow is a brand new year! So how about beginning the new year with some brand new fashionable dresses, tops or accessories? Well, here’s a good chance for you to get some new fashion wear for FREE because the good fashion people at Mont Affair are sponsoring a giftcard to my readers! YAY! And this giveaway is open to both my local and international readers so read on to find out the details.

Mont Affair is an online fashion store based in Singapore that carries a good mix of casual weekend and work apparel. I was looking at their selection and noticed that their clothes are rather affordable and it was great to know that they offer free shipping for customers in Singapore and Malaysia. International shipping is also available at a a flat fee of SGD$10, which means plenty of savings for those in countries like USA and Canada. Various payment options are offered at the store, including credit cards, PayPal and bank transfers. Additionally, the store also has a ‘no question asked’ exchange policy so customers can shop at ease without worries of getting a wrong fit or wrong color.

So for this giveaway, Mont Affair is offering a S$80 giftcard to one of Viva Woman’s readers. The winner will receive a discount code via email and because the prices of their items are affordable, this giftcard is good to redeem any three items or so, depending on what you select.

Giveaway guidelines & closing date
Only two steps are required to participate in this giveaway:
1. Be a fan of Mont Affair Facebook.
2. Name two products that you love most from Mont Affair & leave your comment here, along with your Facebook name.

Additional chances will be given to contestants who share any pictures from the Mont Affair Facebook and this giveaway will close next Sunday, 8 January 2012. The winner will be picked by the team at Mont Affair and announced on the Viva Woman Facebook Page. So have fun entering and HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Thank you for all your wonderful support this year and may 2012 be your best ever!


  1. Diane says:

    Pretty good prices! I have been looking for dresses that are reasonably priced in SG! I like the Calista Dress Black – sold out…seems like everyone likes it! And also the eleanor skirt…:) Something to look forward to as I’ve been loosing weight lately! ? (targeting to loose more in 2012) ?

  2. Isabel says:

    Hi! I’m Isable Ryaant on FB and am loving the Sisleya Dress in Navy and the Gabrielle Tank in Apricot. I like that the site specifies the height and dress size of the models so that we can use it to gauge sizes for ourselves. This is especially important to me because at 173cms, buying clothes online usually means finding that the clothes are actually way too short for me. I’m also really happy to see that there are models of different heights featured on the site ranging all the way to 178cms! And the free shipping to MY is definitely a bonus! I’ll surely be browsing Mont AFfair a lot from here on ….

  3. Isabel says:

    #k8SjZc9Dxk Typo! I meant to write “I’m Isabel Ryaant”. Can’t believe I typed my own name wrongly! I blame it on the drinking over the festive season ?

  4. Jamie says:

    Hi, Jamie here. I was browsing through and didn’t know which to choose. In the end, I settled on the Merge belt in white (too cool!) and Rebecca Frock Black. Very classic.

  5. esiotrot says:

    I am Lapak Esiotrot on facebook, and Tactic Tank Warm is so suitable for a casual Friday work. And Hermione Dress Turquoise looks so comfortable!

  6. Hui Ping (Facebook name) says:

    I love Giselle Dress Purple! So feminine and sassy! Love the way the layers fold and bring out the curves of the body! The embroidery at the shoulder is classy too ?

    Fergie Dress Black is also a choice dress for work! Love the peplum frill at waist and the cutting of the dress. So glad it has been restocked!

  7. Ong says:

    hi, my facebook name is Ong Js.

    Loving the Picadilly Dress Cream for its slight vintage outlook combined with a delightful cream colour and material that looks so comfortable. It would the perfect for all occasions! I also like that the fabric is smooth and flowy with good drapeability, thus, lending a flattering effect as it falls very nicely from the natural waist. The embellishment embroidered on the forefront is modern, adding a nice touch to the entire look!

    I admire the Tactic Tank Warm too! The Abstract print is alluring and pretty, and it is in beautiful warm autumn colours that are fresh and great looking. Its design promises great versatility as it can be paired with jeans, pencil skirts and many more. Perfect for a day out with friends yet suitable for work as well! The scooped neck front is pretty and the design makes this top super comfortable!

  8. Breaklier says:

    Hi ! Thanks for this giveaway ?

    My facebook name is : Lisa NGUYEN

    The two products that I love most from Mont Affair are :
    – Jill Blazer Steel,
    Perfect for everyday. It’s simple, class and feminine !
    – In-two-ition Dress White,
    This dress is so cute. It’s classic and suitable for work !

  9. Miss Vinny says:

    Whoa, I might just check this store when I finally lose a lot more weight. ? As it is now, I doubt I can wear anything. Also, a shame they don’t list the shoulder measurements(think it’s “pit to pit”) as some of the clothing might not fit those with larger shoulders.

    Btw, there’s something that confused me a lot: what’s the difference between an oil and an essential oil, in a skincare product? I sometimes might have seen something like “calendula oil” and “calendula EO”.

    And a bit of bad news: Watsons has informed me distribution of Bods has been discontinued, so people may have to hope that The Sample Store is still carrying them. I might also have seen one other online organic store selling this range but I’m unsure if both these stores shared the same supplier as Watsons’. Have sent the supplier an email and hope they actually respond soon. Still, a bit disappointed ‘cos I was starting to get interested in this brand and I wonder why they didn’t use more types of advertising on the internet and off the net.

  10. Azslyn Cole says:

    I love the Jill Blazer Black and the Laetitia Earring Pink

  11. Karin Yong says:

    Hello, I am Karin Yong in FB. I like Sisleya Dress in Navy and Sisleya Dress in Black as they can bring out hour-glass figure. The price of the dress are pretty cheap as compared to other website. Thanks for the introduction as I have one more wbsite to consider when buying dresses.

  12. sesame says:

    Oh that’s a pity but I kind of suspect so…it might be cos it’s not as popular and items not moving fast enough to make $. Usually those natural/organic brands do not go for advertising but I think their marketing is pretty weak.

    As for calendula oil, it’s base oil or carrier oil while the EO is distilled and more concentrated.

  13. Rondah says:

    I am Rondah S on FB
    I like Dahlia Quarter Jacket and Dahlia Drapey Jacket

  14. Miss Vinny says:

    Ehhh that kinda violates all those rules of marketing. If they want a costly product to sell, they need people to hear and know more about them. Plus for Bod’s, it didn’t help that almost everytime the SA saw me at any outlet, she’d chase after me so my interest sort of waned. >_<;; I can only imagine people would get really turned off by that kind of hard selling .

    And sadly, you're right that many natural and organic brands often invest little in marketing.

    Ahh, so the concentration is the keyword. =)

  15. angel charm says:

    hi Thanks for the amazing giveaway
    my facebook name is jenna sara. i liked Origami Dress in Blue and Drops of Pearl Ring
    shared the pic here

  16. sesame says:

    With the essential oils, you’ll need to dilute with the carrier oil. But I was also told some pure grade essential oils need no diluting. SA for Bod? I’ve never come across one for those outlets I frequent.

  17. Miss Vinny says:

    I suspect they tried to save costs and had only 1 to 2 SA ‘cos I saw the same person around the East-West area though I’m unsure if she was there in the Orchard area. Poor woman… she must be tired from running everywhere.

    Ooh, so it’s little wonder why some people favour carrier oils over EOs when it comes to applying them on your skin.

  18. Taika says:

    The Andrea Dress Black speaks of fun and seriousness all rolled into in one easy breezy number. The Freesia Dress Black says elegance, and the charm’s in the lacy details. One says I’m all for serious fun and the other says I’m everlastingly elegant! Gotta love that!
    ? Taika Tynne on FB

  19. Kasia says:

    FB name: Kasia G.
    My favorite items: Gethsemane Blouse Cobalt and Donatella Skirt


  20. Ana Belén says:

    I love: Melora Dress Navy and Picadilly Dress Cream
    FB name: Ana Belén R M

    fisiwoman at hotmail dot com

  21. Michelle says:

    Hello #k8SjZc9Dxk#k8SjZc9Dxk
    I’m really loving the March on Top and the Trista Dress #k8SjZc9Dxk#k8SjZc9Dxk
    My FB name is Michelle Y. Lee

  22. sesame says:

    EO is more expensive too but it can do wonders if you know how to use them. Usually pple also use them for the concentrated scent.

  23. Lyudmila says:

    Like on fb=Lyudmila Sizova
    I like the Hermione Dress Turquoise and Giselle Dress Purple

  24. Cherie says:

    Fb name: Cherie Tay yu ting

    Among the many tops, bottoms, dresses & etc, it’s really not easy to choose 2 as favorite. Anyway, I tried. 2 of my favourites are ‘hermione dress turquoise’ & ‘origami dress blue’. I love the idea of using origami style on the dress. Plus point is that the origami is on the back as well. Somehow makes it unique and classy still. With the flare, it makes wearer more attractive when you move.

    For hermonine dress, I like the colour turquoise. Bright and attractive. Though it’s a simple skater dress, it’s the simple look that I love it.

    Thanks mont affair & viva woman for holding this giveaway anyway.

  25. aibicon says:

    Hi all,

    FB nick: Ivy Tan (aibicon)
    2 products the I love at 1st sight:
    1. Top – Jill Blazer Pink
    This blazer comes in 3 colours and I find the blazer in pink very unique. The buttons are sewed along the edge which I think brings out the uniqueness of this blazer. Love it! #k8SjZc9Dxk#k8SjZc9Dxk

    2. Accessories – Butterfly Kisses Pearl
    How can we go without a pair of nice accessory! This pair of earring is elegant and feminine looking.

    There are actually other apparels that I like but unfortunately I think the length is too short for me=(
    Note: (Shared and liked on fb.)

  26. wenny says:

    fb nick: wen ny

    i love Gethsemane Blouse Violet and Lexington Top. they are really unique!

  27. tanya says:

    I like then on FB
    I like Penelope Blouse Peach and Penelope Blouse Mint
    tmc480 at yahoo dot com

  28. sos says:

    I am SOumiya on Facebook
    I like their Sisleya Dress Turquoise and Calista Dress Cobalt

  29. Q says:

    Love the Artemis Dress Purple! Too bad it’s sold out ? Bedazzle Top is lovely too, can foresee dressing up or down with it, perfect for mixing and matching! Glittery gold is great for Chinese New Year too ?

    Also shared this picture on my wall ( Love the layering done to a simple black pleated dress! The style album is such a great idea, enjoyed browsing it ?

    Happy New Year everyone ?

    Fb name: Jing Qing

  30. Ryana says:

    I like MA on FB
    My favorites are Oslo Dress in black and taylor cardigan
    ryanac32 at yahoo dot com

  31. Tammi Cherise Tan says:

    I’m pretty fond of pretty much anything with navy and ivory colour blocking, so the Ulyssa Dress is a winner in my book. Another item I really like from Mont Affair is the Montgomery Blouse in that delicious shade of salmon pink. The lace collar is LOVE!

    I shared the photo of the Ulyssa Dress with a comment on my Facebook page. Would have done the same with the Montgomery Blouse but I couldn’t find the picture in Mont Affair’s albums ):

  32. Funmi Faleye says:

    Hallo! ( Insert smiley lol) I saw a really cute lolita tank and thinking of pairing them with the donatella skirt. I think it would be just perfect for a day at work. My facebook name is Funmi Faleye, thanks.

  33. Brittany Hardy says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Meschasch Dress and Edge Up Earring Black. I need a nice black dress for a conference I’m attending next month at Yale and that would be perfect! <3

  34. Kristin M says:

    Facebook-Kristin McCarthy
    I love the black Hermione dress and the maroon Melora dress!

  35. Nia Nasyitah says:

    FB name: Nia Nasyitah Zulkifli

    I love the Sisleya Dress Turquoise and the Tanya Braid Dress Lilac! they look so feminine and sweet ?

    shared some pics on FB ? !

  36. Elisabeth says:

    Thanks so much for having this giveaway! I love that their prices are reasonable! One of my favorites is the Andrea Dress in Ivory- I love the colors! I’m also in love with the same dress in turquoise. Gorgeous! ?

    I also liked them on FB as Elisabeth Good.

  37. mama bok says:

    first of all it’s the flat rate of $10 for shipping that caught my attention. And I loved the Magma T Dress White – my style actually. And i also loved the Wasp Ring very much and they are very affordable. Plus, I promised to enter all your contest in 2012 ?

  38. Jael says:

    OMG thanks for introducing this label to us! I love the Sisleya Dress Black (love the bodycon cut) and the Andreas Dress Black! (great for Singapore weather!) Aaand the Boucle Bandage Skirt Taupe. I’ve been looking for a good quality one and its perfect!

    My FB name is Jael Athena and btw, your blog is AMAZING, viva woman. Even for an almost woman! #k8SjZc9Dxk#k8SjZc9Dxk

    Thanks again for showing us Mont Affair! I totally bookmarked MA’s blog and followed, too. Two tone lips! Post more often, MA ? And please please restock on your Zither necklace and Rock Bangle! My friends and I wanna get it for the new year parties! <3

  39. sesame says:

    Thanks Mama Bok and a Happy New Year to you and your family! ?

  40. Aileen says:

    Hello! My facebook name is Fish Ang! =)

    The two products that I fell in ♥ with are:

    1) Hermione Dress Black ( Its a really classic dress that is a must have in every girl’s wardrobe. This classic dress is able to accentuate every curve and bring out the individual style of a lady! Best of all, its cool without looking try-hard, sexy without being too in-your-face, and you don’t have to be a size 6 to wear one! It can be easily teamed with a boyfriend cardigan, and a pendant necklace. Simple, understated cool. I ♥ the low scooped back design too, as it adds more details to the dress and makes the back looks sexy. Most of all, it is suitable for all occasions- work, girlfriend dinners, play, shopping!

    2) Essex Dress Mint ( This lovely dress truly captured the Gregian trend fully! Hanging seductively off one shoulder – this dress is a style essential. Best of all, the asymmetrical one shoulder drape sleeve exudes cool, contemporary style whilst remaining a timelessly classic piece! I ♥ that belt is included for this dress too, which would cinch in your waist for a stunning silhouette! =)

    I have shared pictures from facebook for “Style Pick” album and “New Arrivals” album too! =)

  41. Jess Koh says:

    facebook name : Jess Koh

    This is the first time come across this website, the collections are so unique and gorgeous. I love Giselle Dress Black especially the butterfly design on the right hand corner. It is a simple design yet look pretty. This dress will make the dresser look sexy and feminine. It suit all kind of occasion, for eg. when you go to party, you may wear bright and loud accessories to brighten it up.

    I have shared pictures from facebook from “Style Pick” album and “New Arrivals” album.

  42. Jess Koh says:

    oh, I missed out 1 more. I like Andrea Dress Black, however is out of stock. It is a simple and sweet dress to me.

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