Stylish and unique designs for the fashion-minded

I’m so loving this Katsu Tee by The Furies with the beast skin design! It’s so simple and yet so stylish – totally my kind of fashion. A US label, The Furies is now being carried by Unestablish, a Singapore-based online multi-label boutique stocking inspiring global indie brands like Free People, Evil Twin, Mink Pink, Life/After/Denim, Kling, with vintage style, playful and unique designs for the fashion-minded men and women. If you like outfits that express your personal style, then you’ve got to check out this store with the one-of-a-kind apparel.

Here’s a peek into some of the brands.

The Furies
Founded in the U.S.A in 2009, The Furies is the first independent brainchild of Rikke Korff and The Korff Kounsil. It is effortlessly stylish and its bold adventures in silhouette unshackle feminine style. I would describe their designs as rocking chic!

Mink Pink
This Fancy Free Cape featuring a semi sheer fabric, oversized styling and no fastening is by Australian Mink Pink, a label inspired by trends, vintage clothing & street style fun and fabulous clothes.

This Warwick chiffon dress is by Kling, a vintage-inspired label with its flagship store within El Mercado de Fuencarral, headquarter of design and creation of indie fashion in Madrid. Kling expresses itself fully in its manifesto – keeping it simple, but stylish.

Free international shipping & 30% rebates
Depending on the label, I would say their prices are in the mid to higher range. For example, before sale prices of the dresses range from something like S$55 to S$189. But the good thing is that it offers FREE local and international shipping. And from now till 31 January 2012, you can earn 30% rebates on all purchases. You can also get rewarded for shopping with store credits earned on every purchase and earn more store credits for referring your friends.


  1. EcoBeauty says:

    i like the fancy free cape the most. ? I think the Katsu Tee will look too complicated on me, lol

  2. sesame says:

    I like the fancy free cape too but still love the Katsu Tee although it will probably look better on tall, slim ladies.

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