A cuppa tea a day keeps my puffy eyes away

Tea used to be a staple in my breakfast and I could never walk out of my home without drinking a cuppa every morning. However, some time last year, I stopped drinking tea almost altogether because I found out it made my skin drier in the day. Well, that’s quite true because my skin was not quite as dry when I refrained from tea. So it came to a point where I only drank tea on Sundays. I survived unscathed and got used to not having my cuppa but something wasn’t quite right about my eyes over this period of time; I was waking up to really puffy eyes that would not go away in the day. Some eye gels helped alleviate the puffiness but the results were not as ideal.

Natural diurectic
Because I know that diet plays an important role in contributing to how we look, I examined what I was eating a bit more critically and started wondering if the missing link was the morning cuppa tea. Anyhow, I began drinking tea again in the mornings since early in the year and truly, puffy eyes are no longer so bad by the day. I guess tapping the right eye gel into the delicate eye area had helped but I suspect the tea played a more critical role here because the beverage is a natural diuretic and it does help relieve water retention by making me urinate more…a lot more actually.

Excessive accumulation of fluids
Usually, puffy eyes are caused by an excessive accumulation of fluids in the surrounding skin tissue and is particularly obvious in the mornings because fluid gets accumulated when we don’t blink during sleep. Although other reasons can include overconsumption of salt, hormonal changes, or allergies and medical conditions, I guess mine is due to fluid retention plus the thinner skin around my eye area. This is why drinking tea can help ease the puffiness for me but I can’t vouch it’ll work for others.

Other tips to ease puffy eyes
What also works for me is not drinking too much water in the night, not eating anything salty before bedtime, splashing cold water on my face in the morning to help constrict blood vessel and reduce swelling, and gently tapping my eye gel or cream to stimulate fluid drainage. Other DIY remedies include using moistened tea bags as an eye mask on the eye area for around 10 minutes or so. I know some people use cool eye gel from the fridge or use a cold spoon to press on the eye area. Both are supposed to help reduce puffiness but I’ve never tried them.

So do you have an issue with puffy eyes? And how do you combat with the puffiness?


  1. Alexandra says:

    About some DIY tea remedies, boy, I have a true story to share. My friend was super adventurous when one day, she decided to try chrysanthemum tea bags as eye mask, hoping that it helps. Convinced her hubby too! So they slept through the night, with the tea bags on their eyes. ( She thought the longer, the better )
    The next day, they woke up with extremely puffy eyes and a whole lot of soot covering their eyes! They were at this state throughout the whole day and the soot just kept coming. Poor thing! This was indeed a lesson to them and they never go back to eye mask..again.
    Perhaps what went wrong was leaving the bags at an extremely long time and secondly, the chrysanthemum may be unsuitable.

  2. Raelynn says:

    Like they always say, diet plays a greater part in our appearance than the products that we use.. Hence I am not surprised that your eyes are less puffy when you had your morning cuppa. I would suppose that you will have to decide whether puffy eyes are easier to solve using products, or dry skin is easier to solve. For me, I would go with the notion that dry skin is somewhat easier to solve than puffy eyes..

  3. Sparklewolfie says:

    I don’t usually have puffy eyes, but I think a morning cup of tea is good! I need to start drinking tea again ?
    Do you know if coffee has the same effect?

  4. Miss Vinny says:

    Actually, I’ve been experimenting a bit with my tea. These days, I rarely drink much green tea but instead, prefer rooibos with peppermint tea(all loose leaves). However, I also add in some skimmed milk ‘cos I really hate the taste of the milk by itself. It does make the tea taste a bit like coffee or Lipton tea, without the caffeine.

  5. sesame says:

    Green tea has got slimming benefits…I’ve stopped drinking it though cos it’s also causing the skin to become dryer.

  6. sesame says:

    Coffee is supposed to be a milder diurectic so the effect is probably lessened.

  7. sesame says:

    I guess I’ve to opt for puffy eyes cos I can’t find products that can really help reduce the puffiness as yet.

  8. sesame says:

    Overnight? That’s so wrong! Good thing there was no permanent damage.

  9. Carrie says:

    This is an interesting post! I heard from somewhere (can’t remember which source) that not drinking enough water at night will also contribute to puffy eyes!! But this may be dependent on what type of body you have. I myself do not have puffy eye problem (yet!!), and I always drink at least 1~2 cups of water during the evenings (and of course goes to the loo often too!), and would always have a few sips of water before going to bed… …

  10. sesame says:

    Oh that’s new! Never heard or read that one… I can’t drink too much water at night or my eyes will be like a frog in the morning. ?

  11. Hannah says:

    Tea seems to have endless benefits it really is a wonder drink! Nice post ?
    Hannah last post is: Tea Cultivars

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