Do eyeliners & mascaras cause eyelashes to drop?

My eyelashes are relatively long, but over the years they seem to be not so densely packed as I remembered them to be as compared to when I was younger. I’m not sure if I’m just being insecure and paranoid, but it seems that as I got older in age, my eyelash drops easily. This happens when I wash my face or remove my eye makeup. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of me being too rough when washing my face, because I tend to be that. But I’ve also heard complaints of other people’s eyelashes dropping due to certain eye cosmetics they’ve been using.

Certain cosmetics are too taxing for your eyelashes
Lining the waterline is a thing that some girls swear by as it makes your eyes look bigger in a natural way. I’ve even tried it myself, and I have to admit, I love the look. However, the only eyeliner I have is a liquid one, and it’s not advisable to use a liquid eyeliner too close to the lash line as can irritate the glands there. For me, I hardly ever use the eyeliner, so I don’t think it’s the culprit. Mascaras, on the other hand, are things that I can never do without. I’ve been told that using waterproof and smudge-proof mascara every day is too drying and taxing on your eyelashes and may increase the chances of them falling.

Ingredients in your eyeliner
For some people, the cause of irritation could simply be the ingredients used in the eyeliner or mascara. I’ve read stories of people not being able to use a certain brand because it gave them a severe case of an infected eye, and as soon as they change the brand, they had no problems. If you use an eyeliner or mascara very frequently and you find that your waterline itches regularly, you could be allergic to some ingredients in them.

Other possible reasons
Like I’ve mentioned, sometimes eyelashes dropping could be due to reasons like rubbing your eyes too much, or washing your face and removing your makeup too roughly. There has been times where I have little ‘bald’ spots on my lower lash because when I was removing my mascara, I tugged too hard on them. It’s always been advised to be gentle when removing your eye makeup, but it’s so hard to be gentle at times! Pencil eyeliners are also better than liquid ones because it tends to be creamier and not so drying when applied near the roots of your lashes. Sometimes dryness could be the cause of eyelashes dropping out.

Refrain from using the culprits
Right now I try not to use mascara whenever possible. Sometimes I just curl them so I look more wide-eyed without using mascara. I’ve also invested in mascaras that are not waterproof or smudge resistant for days where I won’t be out for too long and reserve the waterproof and smudge-proof mascaras for special occasions. Abstaining from eyeliner is not a problem for me as I don’t use eyeliners to start with. How about you? Are your eyeliners treating you well?


  1. EcoBeauty says:

    This happened to me when I suddenly developed eczema on my right/left upper eyelid. I don’t use mascara or eyeliner, only eye creams and concealer. There was a point when I couldnt find any product that didn’t trigger the redness and swelling and so my eyelid flaked a lot and my lashes kept dropping off. But now it’s alright. I just got to get rid of my very bad habit of rubbing my eyes.
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  2. sos says:

    I have naturally long eye lashes and I never use anything near it because I am scared that it will cause them to drop off. I absolutely avoid anything near my lashes and they seem okay so far…

  3. Jyoan says:

    I do think mascaras can cause lashes to drop. But personally, I have no problems with any of the mascaras I use, even though I almost exclusively use waterproof and smudge proof ones.

    However, it could be because I do not put makeup on everyday.

    I have experience one lash dropping before. But I think it is because I curled my lashes with mascara on, which is a very wrong thing to do. It would freak me out, and I would tell myself not to do it. But after sometime, I still curl my lashes with mascara on when I think it’s not curled enough.

    haha. I think some people are really lucky to be born with long lashes. Mine are really short, and really sparse. So there’s no way I will ever skip mascara if I use makeup. I have had people telling me my eyes look so bare and how I look like there is something wrong just because I forgot to use mascara that day but I had a face full of makeup.
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  4. Lydia says:

    I wouldn’t say that I was born with long lashes but when looking at other Asian ladies I’d say my lashes are average. lol

    Yes, I also believe that using water-proof mascara on a daily basis isn’t good so I’d like to give my lashes a rest, especially during weekends when I don’t go out. Also, in my case I think it must be the eyelash curler since I press kinda hard to achieve a nice curl….. Oops. Perhaps I have to try out the hairdryer method instead of pressing so hard.

  5. Cassie says:

    I tend to rub my eyes more lately too. I think that could also be another factor for dropping eyelashes. I’m glad your eyes are alright now though!

  6. Cassie says:

    Ahh. I wished I knew this earlier so I could avoid using so much eyemakeup in the past. I’m avoiding makeup whenever I can now.

  7. Cassie says:

    Actually I used to feel bare without mascara too. But after dropping some eyelash, I’d rather look bare than lose my eye lashes long term. Hehe. Like you I’m cutting down on wearing makeup entirely.

  8. Cassie says:

    Yeah I get what you mean, I sometimes curl really hard too. :X

  9. Swati says:

    I don’t use either of them…only natural kohl!!! yay!!!
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  10. N. says:

    My eye area has been acting up lately. Maybe it is stress. But my usual eye cream makes my eyelid itch now. And Im almost certain Ive developed allergies to mascaras. Or at least waterproof ones. My water line keeps itching a lot when I use it. I dont use it everyday. And I did have bad fallouts but that got better. Hmm but then again my eyes do itch, less dramatically, almost everyday even without using anything. Could it be because my eyeballs are so dry lately?

  11. stella says:

    i think it’s how you handle your eye area (scratching, rubbing when removing makeup, soothing tiredness etc.) as well as age, as overall hair health likely gets poorer as you get older, like everything else. i recently started taking some tcm supplements for my hair, and its texture has improved a lot–at the same time, my eyelashes are also holding up better, breaking less easily (i get extensions on them, and have had to touch up much less as they’re not falling off as easily)

  12. Sesame says:

    Where do you get natural kohl Swati? And does it smudge?

  13. Cassie says:

    Is it kajal or something that sounds like that? I once read somewhere (can’t remember if the source is reliable or not) that the FDA warned people about using kajal too near the eyes.

  14. Cassie says:

    I think it could be both your eyes being dry and your sensitivity towards mascaras. Cause when my eyes are dry I tend to rub them more, resulting in a couple more eyelash falling out. ?

  15. Cassie says:

    Yeah it could be my handling of them eyelashes. I’ve been avoiding mascara whenever i can now. And maybe I should try foods that are supposed to boost hair growth in general. Didn’t think of that, thanks for the idea!

  16. Swati says:

    @Sesame @Cassie yes, actually we can make that at home as well and yes, the commercial kajal’s use a lot of chemicals while making it which is not exactly good for the skin and eyes so that was the reason why FDA warned it but herbal products are good. there is a brand called biotique which sells it here. that comes closest to the natural one.
    to answer your question, Sesame, the homemade kajal is actually smudge proof and stays in the eyes for days together and is extremely black with high pigmentation but not harmful at all.
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  17. Sesame says:

    Thanks Swati! Will check how this works and if I can get it here. ?

  18. Jana says:

    How do you make the homemade kajal and where may I purchase the product? Many thanks. Jana

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