Beauty Kitchen: chilled tofu dish to nourish your skin

Do you know that tofu is not only a high source of protein, but it also contains phytoestrogens that have multiple benefits for our skin? For one, phytoestrogens increase our skin’s production of collagen as well as boost hyaluronic acid production. Second, phytoestrogens also increase the activity of fibroblasts: collagen-making cells that also pump out elastin, the substance that gives skin elasticity. And finally, phytoestrogens are also potent antioxidants that neutralize toxic free radicals as well as promote healing in order to slow premature aging. So keen to feed on some tofu now? Well, here’s a simple Japanese tasty dish that is easy to whip out under 5 minutes.

This dish is called Hiyayakko and it requires no cooking whatsoever because you’re supposed to eat it chilled as an appetizer or a side dish. And other than fresh tofu, you only need four other ingredients.

Silken tofu
It’ll be great if you can get Japanese tofu, but the Chinese tofu or silken tofu is just fine too. Tofu is really soybean curd, made by treating heated soy milk with a coagulant to produce curds. This food item is always said to be good for health but if you have a history of estrogen positive breast cancer in your family, then you would be encouraged to stay away from tofu.

Dried bonito shavings
The bonito shavings or flakes are called katsuobushi in Japanese, and are used as a condiment and as flavoring in Japanese dishes. You can get it from the Japanese supermarket or Cold Storage. So in this dish, the bonito shavings serve as toppings, along with chopped spring onion and grated ginger.

In terms of preparation, all you need to do is to cut chilled tofu into quarters and serve in a bowl. Put grated ginger, dried bonito flakes, and chopped spring onion on top of tofu. Next, season with some soy sauce and you’re ready to say “itadakimasu” and sink your teeth into the soft tofu. Too easy right? And it’s delish. So will you give this a try soon?


  1. Carrie says:

    Huge sighs… One thing I do miss when I come to NZ is the goodness of tofu!! Not that we cannot get it here, we can, but less affodable than when we were back in Taiwan. So we couldn’t really have tofu often. But to be honest, tofu here in NZ somehow tastes sweeter in natural and richer in the soya flavour; so I guess it is a good thing?!
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  2. Jyoan says:

    I LOVE Bonito Flakes! Yes, this is a dish I like to order when I’m out. I should really try making it at home!
    Jyoan last post is: a-England Crown Your Hands and Feet in Tristam

  3. liyan says:

    looks good! thanks for sharing ?

    i like to make chilled tofu with century egg – pi dan dou fu, and i add loads of organic coriander. you can try adding that to your dish to spice it up! i also use organic silken tofu cos’ its softer and tastier (its mildly sweeter than the regular silken tofu) and its not too ex. of cos slightly more ex, but still affordable!
    liyan last post is: Would you try a Meatless Monday?

  4. Swati says:

    that’s so simple ? can tofu be grilled??? I love cheese cottage so much that was always afraid of trying tofu fearing I might not like it at all.
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  5. Everest says:

    oh my it looks so simple yet delish!

    Teriyaki sauce can also be used for seasoning just like those in the restaurants. ?

  6. claire says:

    Yum! Tofu is so good! I like to do it cold with a Korean inspired sauce. Some toasted white Sesame seeds, Korean red pepper powder, chopped spring onions, chopped garlic, soy sauce and Sesame oil. You have me craving cold tofu now!

  7. Sesame says:

    I see…we do take for granted here cos it’s a cheap item.

  8. Sesame says:

    It’s very easy. ?

  9. Sesame says:

    Oh chilled tofu with century egg? Sounds interesting. Unfortunately, my family don’t like century egg or I would give it a try. Is there a brand of organic silken tofu you’ll recommend. I saw them but was a little skeptical if they’re truly organic.

  10. Sesame says:

    Fried and baked yes but it’ll probably be too soft to grill…just my guess though. Tofu can be a tad plain on its own but if you add some salty, spicy or sweet combination of ingredients to it, it’s very tasty.

  11. Sesame says:

    Yes, teriyaki sauce for seasoning will taste good! ?

  12. Sesame says:

    Wow, that combination is making me drool…

  13. Liyan says:

    I think u will need to use tau gua if u want to grill. My MIL always bakes tau gua with cinnamon powder and turmeric. Season with some salt and it’s superb!

  14. Liyan says:

    I usually buy organic tofu from ntuc finest. I can’t remember the brand off hand but theres usually just that one brand. U can try that!

    U can get tofu with century eggs in some Chinese restaurants like Putien or crystal jade too. I think it’s traditionally a Taiwanese/Chinese dish. My hubs isn’t a fan of century eggs either, but he likes pi dan dou fu!
    Liyan last post is: Would you try a Meatless Monday?

  15. Sesame says:

    Ah…tau gua! I rarely eat tau gua…usually just fry them with vegetables. I love the taste of cinnamon! Will try to give the recipe a try but currently, erm…my oven is out of order! ?

  16. Sesame says:

    Okay, will check it out the next time. I remember the organic version was twice the amount of the normal one but it still isn’t that expensive in terms of value.

    And oh, my hubs loves pi dan porridge though! Haha…I love eating pi dan with ginger. Used to eat it with my mom but not anymore.

  17. Jo says:

    Sounds good. Thinking what to replace the bonito flakes if want to make vegetarian version?

  18. Sesame says:

    How about dried salty seaweed?

  19. Elina says:

    Nice site. I’ll have to try eating more tofu. Currently I take a litte bit of soy supplement for the very reason that mature skin can benefit from the added boast of soy for colagen production. I didn’t know about the hyaluronic acid though.

  20. Sesame says:

    I would suggest you take with moderation as prolonged overtaking soy might cause hormonal imbalance.

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