DIY Beauty: 3 different homemade deodorant recipes

I don’t know about you but deodorant is a necessity in my beauty routine. While I’m not one who is always particular about ingredients because of health reasons, I have to admit that some of the ingredients in deodorants purchased off the counters do scare me somewhat because I have to use this item daily. Sure, there are deodorants with more agreeable ingredients off the counters too but they usually cost more and don’t always work. So I’ve found that my best bet is really to make my own homemade deodorant.

So what has been happening these three years is that I’ve been experimenting with a few different version of homemade deodorants on and off. While I don’t use them that consistently because I sometimes get enamored with a more attractively packaged commercial product, I’m pleased to say that homemade deodorants work quite well for me when I do use them. I’ve also discovered that whenever I switch from using a commercial deodorant to something homemade or natural, there is always a detox period when the smell gets worst before it gets better.

DIY Deodorant Spray
You find a lot of deodorant sprays in the market and they’re quite popular because they’re easy to use. The more naturally formulated deodorant sprays tend to be messier though and I’m not too fond of them. But it’s probably the easiest to make if you’re considering using a homemade deodorant because all you need is a bottle filled with water and added with a few drops of tea tree essential oil. If you like the spray to smell better, just add a couple more drops of your favorite essential oil.

If you’re spraying this directly on your underarms, the liquid is bound to drip and so my best bet is to spray this onto a cotton pad and then use the cotton pad to wipe on my underarm area instead.

DIY Deodorant Powder
This is one recipe I keep coming back to and in fact, is what I currently use daily. What I’ve done is to mix some tea tree oil and lavender essential oil into a bottle of baking soda. It’s still in powder form even with the essential oils added. So all I need is to scoop out some daily, add a wee bit of water to make into a thick paste. And to apply, I used a cotton pad to dab the paste on my armpits. The mix takes a while to dry up and the protection last an entire day.

However, I’ve found that this is not good when I really perspire a lot as the baking soda would leave some white stains on my clothes. So I have to be kind of careful and avoid wearing something too dark in color should I know that I’ll be perspiring profusely.

DIY Deodorant Stick
This is the most challenging to make because it involves more ingredients and some processes. However, it’s the most convenient in terms of application as it works just like commercial deodorant sticks. My recipe is quite simple and I use no more than five ingredients:
– 1oz cocoa butter
– 1oz shea butter
– 2 tablespoons of baking soda
– 20 – 25 drops of tea tree essential oil
– 16 – 18 drops of rose geranium essential oil

I’ve written a more detailed deodorant making process here if you like to refer. I had thought that this stick didn’t work so well for one of my underarms but I later realized it was just part of the detox.

No need for preservative
All these homemade deodorant recipes are safe unless you’re allergic to essential oils or can’t use them for medical reasons. And because the recipes involve using quite a bit of essential oils, there is no need to add preservatives unless you wish to use the deodorant beyond a month. So have you tried making your own DIY deodorant or would you give any of these a try?


  1. Kay says:

    I’m already using DIY deodorant spray, to use for my feet! I’ve been using the DIY dry shampoo for my hair and feet, but it leaves white dried powder in the shoes, but it controls the odour for the entire day. Now I mix lemon essential oil with witch hazel and spray inside the shoes to dry overnight and on my feet before I wear the shoes. Works similarly like the dry shampoo but without the mess. The spray works as a refreshing mist too!

  2. Reiny says:

    Hello Sesame! ? May I know where did you buy the cute bottle of the DIY Deodorant stick, please? Thank you.

  3. Eco Beauty says:

    I would love to try any of these recipes but I don’t use deo. :S
    I suffer from sweaty armpits, though, when I am stressed or rushing. But unless I don’t bathe and wear certain types of fabric that trap the sweat, I don’t get any smell. But i still love reading the recipe, haha.
    Eco Beauty last post is: Review: Janika Nutri Facial Moisturiser and Revival Facial Toner– Anti-Aging for Beginners?

  4. Destiny7 says:

    Another deodorant tip is to take 100 mg of chlorophyllin a day. I first discovered Body Mints in Hawaii and later discovered I could get the same effect from regular chlorophyllin. The benefit is it detoxifies and deodorizes all over the body…not just the armpits but also feet…even “morning breath.”

  5. Debra Torveny says:

    the most important thing – homemade deo is absolutely safe REALLY TRUE! Have you tried to add Argan oil instead of tee tree? Was the effect the same? Just interested “what if”?
    Debra Torveny last post is: Five Tips On How To Eliminate Dark Circles Under Eyes

  6. Jenny says:

    I usually don’t use deodorants (one doesn’t sweat a lot during autumn and winter time in Sweden), but when I do, I find the deodorant stone very effective and easy to use. It’s a natural product and does no harm to the skin or the environment. You can read more about it here:
    Jenny last post is: Lazy Days

  7. Sesame says:

    Oh it was something I made – sticking cute sticky tape on an empty deodorant bottle.

  8. Sesame says:

    You’re fortunate then. I would rather not have to use them.

  9. Sesame says:

    Chlorophyllin? Ah, okay, I’ll go check it out. I see that around here but I’ve never heard of body mints. Sounds interesting that one!

  10. Sesame says:

    Ah that’s a good tip! I need to try it next time on my husband’s and son’s shoes.

  11. Sesame says:

    I think argan oil would be too oily for my liking. And don’t think it has the same antiseptic effects as tea tree oil.

  12. Sesame says:

    Oh I did try one of those stones and yes, it worked well for me but I broke it. ?

  13. Sarena says:

    Oh that’s great! Do u know the use of baking soda in DIY beauty recipe.

  14. Sesame says:

    Usually baking soda is quite amazing…it can be used as an absorbent, an exfoliator, a cleanser, whitener, etc. I have a post about 5 different ways to use baking soda for beauty here:

  15. bluemoon says:

    Is there anything I could substitute for the tee tree oil? I have a ton of allergies to all trees, grass, weeds etc., and was advise not to use products with this in it. I started with an allergy to antiperspirant, so am hunting and going thru alot of different kinds of deoderant. Would love to try my own. thanks in advance.

  16. Sesame says:

    How about just using the baking soda neat. That can work too. You can also try other essential oils that you’re not allergic too.

  17. Jo says:

    Great recipe,thanks for sharing. I am embracing natural and organic products one by one but my last to go is my commercial deodorant.I am nervous so at least by doing this i can test the waters. ?

    MiEssence makes a natural Deodrant using baking soda so once i ‘m converted i might buy it.

  18. Sesame says:

    Hope you’ll like it when you try.

  19. Sarena says:

    Thanks Sesame. And that post is very helpful. Thanks you so much again.

  20. Melissa says:

    Hi… Thanks for the recipe. May i know how much baking soda you use everyday? I read somewhere that if you use too much it can damage the skin… I’m using LUSH The Greench powder which has tea tree and made of baking soda. After reading your recipe, i realized i probably can make the powder on my own ?

    Thanks again!

  21. Sesame says:

    I think some skin type may get irritated with baking soda. I use about half a teaspoon for both armpits.

  22. Patty says:

    Thank you for the great receipe. I will have to gather the ingredients and try to make my own. I would like to share an excellent all natural, aluminum free deodorant. I’ve tried the salt crystal, Tom’s, etc.. but they seem to work only for so long. However, I have experienced nothing but success with Nutural. After wearing this deodorant all day, and completing my 5 mile run before dinner, there is still NO! stink. I love it.

  23. Sesame says:

    Oh it’s good? Okay, I’ll have a look. Hope it’s available at iHerb.

  24. renee says:

    I tried a few recipes before with baking soda, arrowroot & had a bad breakout in my pits. So i made some without any powders & had great sucess. Now if I can remember where I put that recipe…I need to make more ?

  25. Sesame says:

    Oh…hope you can locate the recipe and share that! ?

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