NeoCell Super Collagen + C Type 1 & 3 beauty tablets

How long do you expect a beauty supplement to show efficacy after you’ve started consuming it? Immediately? Overnight? A week later? A month later? Well, I really like the first and second answers but I usually go for a week. And if I don’t see results in a week, I’ll wait a month or in this case, I waited till I’ve completed the entire bottle. So did I see any significant improvements with this NeoCell Super Collagen+C Type 1 & 3 supplement?

Capsules vs powdered
Before discussing the results, let me tell you how I came to know this product. I first learned of Neocell from a reader by the nick of Destiny. She’s quite awesome because she’s always introducing me to goodies – I also found out about Astaxanthin through her recommendation. Destiny had introduced me to the Neocell powdered supplement in one of her comments but I didn’t get that because I found powdered formulas too troublesome. So when I spotted that Neocell had collagen capsules in these NeoCell Super Collagen+C Type 1 & 3, I decided to get a bottle to try.

GMP certified and gluten free
According to descriptions, NeoCell Super Collagen+C is made up of the collagen peptides Type 1 & 3 which support collagen in skin, hair, nails, muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones. Super Collagen+C is enzymatically hydrolyzed, providing an amino acid ratio with a low molecular weight for maximum bioavailability and utilization by the body. When Super Collagen is taken internally, the body receives the raw materials it needs to supplement the collagen found in all of these areas and may act as a messenger to trigger the synthesis of new collagen fibers. Vitamin C is added to provide optimum supplementation of your dietary collagen needs. Doesn’t it sound like an amazing beauty supplement? And the bottle of 120 tablets cost only US$10.85 at iHerb. It does not contain soy, wheat, lactose, starch, yeast, or artificial flavors and it’s GMP certified and gluten free.

Strange taste
Actually I should have finished this bottle sooner because I have to take three tablets twice daily. But I took longer as I could only swallow three tablets once in the morning as each tablet is quite big and has a strange taste. Well, I did start out taking three twice a day but when I did not see any effects after a week or so, I decided to save the trouble. And did I see any results after finishing the bottle?

Powdered formula may yield better results
Well, I wish I can say yes but I really could not tell. I might have to try another bottle or two to see better results and it’s quite tempting, given the price point. But I think I’ll give this a pass for now. I read various reviews on the powdered formula and noted that that one will probably yield better results. Maybe I’ll reconsider trying that formula down the road.



  1. EcoBeauty says:

    Are you still taking AFC? ?
    EcoBeauty last post is: InstaUpdates #1: Arm Candies, Smoothies and Random Outfits!

  2. J says:

    Collagan is supposed to help our skin condition. What I wonder is if taking these have any side effects?
    J last post is: You must read this

  3. Sue says:

    I tried this before but had the same results too. Maybe I should try the powder version.

    Incidentally, where to buy the type of disposable ice cream sticks for applying moisturisers/creams? Last week, I visited several Watson’s and Guardian outlets but was told they didn’t carry any.

  4. Lady Shoes says:

    Collagen is healthy for the skin.

  5. Agnes says:

    Any vitamin c you don´t need your kidneys will flush out. I don´t know about the other ingredients.
    Sounds to me like a way to get expensive pee.
    Agnes last post is: Oorzaak rosacea eindelijk ontdekt, of toch niet?

  6. Tawny says:

    I have switched from the powdered variety to the capsule one for a year. Though I didn’t notice anything different about my skin, my nails have definitely become stronger and whiter. I noticed that whenever I stop for about 2 weeks, my nails get thinner :/ I’m not sure about my hair though.

  7. Hazel says:

    When I was a student, and was on the topic of skin and the framework of skin; I remembered my lecturer saying that collagen is a naturally occuring substance in our body and cannot be supplemented by popping collagen pills or powder as the size of these collagen are not small enough for our body to absorb. She added that even if there is results, it would be temporary.
    Bearing that in mind, I went ahead and tried the Meiji collagen powder when I started working. No noticeable results. When I tried Fancl’s nano collagen drink, my skin was plump and bouncy the next day. It could be due to the tiny molecule size of the collagen in the drink. However, the result was only for half a day or so. I used to drink a bottle of Fancl’s collagen drink the night before when I need to look pretty the next day (“,)
    I’m guessing that my lecturer is right since she must have done some studies + research on collagen.
    Hazel last post is: Loot – NYX & Milani from Cherry Culture

  8. Audris Tan May Ching says:

    I have the same experience as Tawny. My nails are definitely stronger after taking collagen supplements (took about 2 months to notice) and get weak again once I stop taking them. My hair seems to grow a lot faster too. I would continue taking the supplements for my hair and nails.

  9. Sesame says:

    Yes, resuming now. I like AFC.

  10. Sesame says:

    Can’t be sure but I’ve taken collagen on and off for a couple of years without issues.

  11. Sesame says:

    Cosmetic spatulas might be available at Sasa…not too sure. I actually use a tea stirrer after I lost mine. ?

  12. Sesame says:

    Yes, but there are debates on the effectiveness both topical and oral collagen for the skin.

  13. Sesame says:

    Interesting point! Haha…

  14. Sesame says:

    That’s why I read too…seems to benefit the hair. I haven’t seen much effects on mine though.

  15. Sesame says:

    Your teacher is probably right…from experience, they work temporarily when you take them. The effects will disappear when you stop. But I find that well…acceptable since if we stop taking a certain vitamin, we’ll also lose benefits from that particular vitamin.

  16. Sesame says:

    I was hoping it’ll do something for my hair but like I mentioned to Tawny, I don’t see much difference. Maybe I need to take it longer.

  17. Destiny7 says:

    Hey, Sesame, thanks for the fun shout out! Anyone interested in Super Collagen can check through the over 900 reviews on iherb to see the benefits. This formula is hydrolized, which means that unlike some others, it does get absorbed..within 12 minutes!

    I know what you mean about the six pills! If you want an easy to take form, try the liquid NeoCell Collagen +C Pomegranate or the Super Collagen powder. While I have gotten hair skin and nail benefits, I like it most for no more joint pain!

  18. Audris Tan May Ching says:

    I don’t notice thicker hair, but it does grow longer faster. IIRC, that took longer to notice than the stronger nails though. Also does nothing for my rickety joints, unfortunately.

  19. Sesame says:

    I might give it a try…just that for powder, I need to mix the drink and may end up not taking as regularly as popping pills.

  20. Sesame says:

    I don’t want my hair nor nails to grow too long too quickly actually. Haha…hmm…wonder if that’s why my hairstylist commented that my hair grew quickly.

  21. Facial Specialist says:

    My friend recommended me this product. This is actually the first time I’ll be using it, though I’ve heard about it several times already. How can I be sure it does not have side effects?

  22. Sesame says:

    You can’t be sure…nobody can guarantee that.

  23. choco says:

    Hi dear, do you still consume it?
    How is the taste and smell?? I am considering to switch to tablet for travelling soon this year end.
    I am having the powder version for 5 days and I would say it is terrifyingly working!
    haha…it smells and tastes awful though,,I mix it with stevia vanilla flavor to cover the taste,,,while the smell, I use couple drops of peppermint oil. I drink 3300mg in the morning before breakfast. and the rest 3300mg before bed. So far so good~no pimple or rashes (yay!)
    and my scars are fading so fast,,faster than AHA alone.
    I pair collagen+AHA application => faster scar fading.
    oh,,even 4000mg MSM + AHA before didn’t work this fast! fyi, i’m on MSM 4000mg before collagen for 3months, it does make my hair grow longer faster though (MSM).
    and I “think” my skin somewhat smoother (?)
    Have you tried hyaluronic acid before (supplement)??

    You see, I take loads of supplement before…I’m aiming to depend on purely supplement now~yes, I don’t want to apply anything on my face (hopefully the day will come!)

  24. Sesame says:

    I haven’t taken the powder version to know if this is worse but it does smell and taste slightly strange…not yucky bad though. But I think the powdered version is more potent. I didn’t see much results with one bottle. Personally, I agree that supplements work. I can’t seem to take hyaluronic acid, or those with high content of this ingredient. Seems to make my skin itch.

  25. choco says:

    Hmm~i think I need to reconsider taking HA,,,me too has tendency of skin allergies. Powder version is more potent but it is troublesome for travelling~
    Well, somemore the powder version tastes really yuck! And when the first time I smelled it, I almost puke! ?
    I don’t really mind the taste, but I mind the smell! Seeing the review on iherb, seems it still works but~I’m thinking how to cover the smell if it is on tablet form…

  26. Sesame says:

    I hadn’t realized that the powdered form might smell worse…anyway I’m unlikely to take it.

  27. Penny says:

    Just had to tell you that my sister’s hair was falling out and her acne was really bad. She is 38. She started taking this a few months ago, and her skin cleared up, and it is radient compared with what it was. Her hair stopped falling out, and is coming in thicker, too. I started taking it, and the first thing I noticed is my shoulder (joint? rotater cuff?) area has quit aching. I will continut to take this until my 350 ct. bottle is gone, then I will report back. I am only a week into this.

  28. Sesame says:

    That’s great…glad it worked for you and your sis.

  29. juice says:

    Thanks for your helpful post!
    Can you please tell me more details bout its smell and taste? I bought a 350 tab size, though the saler said its original but im still worry, mine smells like milk, and when i chew it, it likes when you eat biscuits
    hope forward to hear you soon
    big thanks

  30. Sesame says:

    I don’t know mine smells like milk…maybe somewhat. But I didn’t chew it so have no idea if it taste like biscuits.

  31. chanen says:

    Hi, where can i get Neocell Super Collagen in Singapore?

  32. Sesame says:

    You can trying googling for it but I doubt it’s been brought in.

  33. Chanen says:

    WHere did you get yr supply?

  34. Sesame says:

    From iHerb.

  35. choco says:

    Hi Sesame!
    I have tried the one you review (for comparison as I have tried the powder version). Okay, for me, I feel the powder is 5x stronger, no joke.
    Here is how I take it
    I use MORE than 6tabs a day mind you. but after stopping the powder, I give a break (3 days) then of coz, my plumpness on face was back to its normal state, my hip pain also came back *sigh*
    But I already bought 2 bottles so bo-pian, still need to finish.
    After finishing, I break like 1 month, ordered the powder version. The next day, WOW,,,my face felt very “fat”. haha! I mean, plumpness is back! PIH also was fading very visibly (that’s the very reason I take collagen supplement, got a lots of PIH to fade that time), hip pain stopped.
    So yeah, powder one is better than pills/tablets! but it may be another story if it is on CAPSULE form I think…lesser filler?
    Anyway, HTHs! XD

  36. Sesame says:

    That’s what I heard too! Wow, the way you describe it, it makes me wanna try! Hmmm…very very tempted now! Thanks for sharing your results. ?

    Anyway, I never tried the powdered one cos I thought it’s kinda troublesome but maybe if I can mix it in my MadreC, then it’s not that inconvenient.

  37. choco says:

    haha! I know, I know, when we talk about plumpness and fading PIH,, very tempted to try! XD
    Do you use VIT C serum now?
    I have stopped the powder coz I’m out of SGP and it’s hard to purchase online (well, govt customs here is very strict on powder thing, also if order is more than $50, get custom tax, very troublesome, PLUS the shipping is very exp to my current place).
    Instead, now I use C-serum now (simple DIY), and I somewhat feel the effect is almost the same as taking collagen powder. The first thing I notice that both (collagen powder and C serum) removes my rough patches on cheek.
    The different perhaps lays on “brightening” and “plumpness”. I don’t see my face brighten when I’m on collagen, but plumpness instead. As for C serum I notice it removes my tan-look and brighten them. After like 5 days using C serum, I see my skin is smooth, like an egg! But I strongly believe long term use of C serum will have plumpness effect so it’s a long term commitment!
    As for PIH, erm…the first week I used collagen, they were complete faded, no joke. My PIH was a lot on both cheeks. BUT, here come the sad story, when those PIH faded, I continued to drink collagen, and of coz, being early 20s, still very prone to breakout. Inevitably new PIH forms up. That time, the effect of fading PIH was not as apparent as first time using. I *think* it was because our skin has much collagen it needs already. So when PIH forms, the collagen can’t supply more than the skin can take. well, just my assumption.

    That’s also my reason to commit on daily C serum without relying on collagen powder. But I think I’ll go back to consume it for special event (in fact, I have saved 1 tube unopened with me now, save for special occasion. hahahah!!)

    Hope this helps!! ?

  38. Sesame says:

    Oh it helped you fad your PIH? Hmm…sounds good. I might just give it a try next order. But yesterday, a reader told me it didn’t work for her so I suppose it also depends…I like that it helps your hip. I guess it might help my knees. Anyway, I really appreciate your sharing about the product. ?

    About vit C serum, I’m using the new Neocell one! It has both vit C + E. Will review when ready. ?

  39. eva says:

    anyone know if the powder NeoCell Collagen gain weight?

  40. Cathy says:

    Hi, just wanna ask, where can i buy this here in phil?

  41. Sesame says:

    I’m not sure. It’s available from iHerb but I don’t know if anyone brings in to sell in Philippines.

  42. Trina says:

    I love this product it work in the first week for me my skin is so soft and smooth this the best I been use it for a month I will use it for ever

  43. Trina says:

    GNC stores

  44. Trina says:

    It works to for joint pains to

  45. Sesame says:

    Glad it worked for you.

  46. Sesame says:

    Yes, so I read that too.

  47. Tanya says:

    Can collagen cause break outs?

  48. Tanya says:

    Just got off dermatologist treatment for acne I was doing great with no break outs.. I was told to use vitamin c so I began collagen +c type 123 but I’ve been seeing too many breakouts I might have to go by to derma

  49. Tanya says:

    I was doing great using “neutrogena rapid tone repair dark spot corrector”
    It’s great for skin and has vitamin c and other great ingredients to tighten the pores.. Although I began drinking collagen I began breaking out… It’s true we probably produce enough collagen that there’s no need to over do it.. As of reading all these blogs tonight I’m laying bk on my collagen pills..

  50. Sesame says:

    Apparently some people have experienced breakouts after taking collagen. Perhaps the source doesn’t work for you.

  51. Sesame says:

    If your skin is not lacking collagen, then perhaps you should stop taking it. I started taking collagen when I was in my 20s and I was fine though.

  52. Ana says:

    Hi! Do you really have to take 3capsules and twice of it daily, so that’s 6 capsules a day???

  53. Sesame says:

    You can take half the dosage I suppose but maybe the effects won’t be so apparent.

  54. Alicia says:

    Hi, you can buy neocell in lazada.

  55. Dorchek says:

    My body has horrible itching when I take ollagen & eat chocolate

  56. Sesame says:

    Oh I see…

  57. JOY says:

    I have been taking collagen for 4 years now, my hair is thicker, my nails are strong and healthy, my skin have a natural sheen it does give me a fishy smell sometimes but I just keep myself clean I love this my sister is taking it now I think I look younger!!

  58. JOY says:

    I take 4 tablets every morning when I get up to go to the bathroom to relieve myself because you need to take it on an empty stomach that is another reason it does not work for most people, because they do not follow instruction you need a full glass of water and you must take it everyday

  59. maia says:

    hi there!pls where can i buy the neocell collagen+c in KL?thank you so much!

  60. Sesame says:

    Not sure if they’re available in KL.

  61. Lulu says:

    What is a C serum? Its oil or cream?

  62. Christina says:

    Have you tried this collagen supplement? It’s gotten really good reviews. My primary concern is sagging jowls.

  63. Collagen Pure Type I and II says:

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    And naturally, thanks for your sweat!
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  64. Jewel says:

    Hey you can buy it here in the Philippines in The shop named healthy options.. usely you can find them in sm malls.

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