iHerb offers special shipping exclusively to Singapore

Boo hoo hoo…I’m so sad! Why did iHerb announced this special shipping offer to Singapore AFTER I had placed my order last week? Why didn’t they announce it earlier so that I can benefit from it and get my order earlier? And I could do with a few new items anyway by topping up my order to US$60! But all the boo hoo aside, I’m thrilled that they’ve introduced a new shipping offer just for us in Singapore!

Euroasia Express
Those who are familiar with iHerb knows that the store offers two mode of shipping for international customer: DHL and international airmail. I usually opt for international airmail but the time for the goods to arrive can be as long as three weeks! I also understand from other readers that this option can be rather inconsistent at times. So I was really pleased when they announced a new shipping method exclusively for Singapore customers called Euroasia Express. This is a service that includes tracking information and costs a flat fee of only US$8 for orders totaling more than US$60!

This shipping method takes 4 – 8 business days (6 – 10 days total). However, iHerb has mentioned that the more orders they ship using this method, the faster the delivery will be — as they need to meet a minimum quota of packages to use it. I’m guessing most people will opt for this since it is cheaper than DHL and more reliable than international airmail?

Over 35,000 products
Anyway, for those who are new to iHerb, shopping at iHerb is like visiting a giant health food store in the US, with over 35,000 brand name products in stock! On top of the health food, you’ll find many natural beauty products. More importantly, you can expect discounts up to half off retail prices. I get my supply of natural toothpastes, essential oils, henna, antioxidants, vitamins, and more at the store. You can even find cosmetics products in there.

First time discount
Oh, if you’re ordering for the first time, you can use my promo code – OVO966 – to receive an instant US$10 off your first purchase of US$40 or more. For purchase less than US$40, you get US$5 off using the same code. Do know that this is a rewards program so I’ll benefit if you use it.

Well, with the low exchange rate now, it’s really a good time to shop. So if you’re gear for it, check out the website.



  1. choco says:

    hi, i received that notification, too. Don’t know how reliable it is. I mean,,Euroasia – new courier service??
    So far I opt for international mail and it is always on time (9 days) and arrive my home. BUT, sometimes it is annoying, you know, there is a time I intentionally stay at home until 6pm to wait my packet. I am sure that nobody rang the bell. Then, I went out to singpost to take my yesterday packet until 7pm. When I checked the post box, OMG, there is a letter by the postman saying to collect the packet at the singpost. I don’t know if they are just lazy to ring the bell and leave the collection letter?
    Resulting me to go singpost again the next day, since it is saturday, they can’t redeliver the packet.

    This is why sometime I prefer vitacost,,,,flat $2.99 for any amount order. take 7days apprx to my home.

    The nice experience I had on iherb is that,,,they replace the wrong order. They shipped other customer order to my house. And they reship my own order without me returning the false order. heh…

  2. Sesame says:

    I like the idea of tracking info as international mail does not provide and if the package is lost, then it can become an issue. With Euroasia, at least we can track and report lost.

    I’m surprised your package comes so quickly. Mine is less consistent. Once, it took three weeks or more to arrive! I check vitacost before but didn’t fancy anything there then. Maybe I’ll have a look again.

  3. Keidi says:

    I usually order from iHerb every 1.5 months via DHL, and it includes tracking and takes about 3 days to reach me. What i do is i’ll get 3-4 friends to purchase together with me and share on the shipping. Last round, we only paid about 6USD prr person for shipping. In that way, u get your stuffs fast and at a very affordable shipping price. ?

  4. choco says:

    ehh, 3 weeks?!
    I always have it for 9 days. Except it crashes with public holiday or weekend it may take 11-13 days at max.
    Nah,,sometimes vitacost sells item that iherb doesn’t have and vice versa. Vitacost shipping is more attractive $2.99 flat while iherb need to cap $40 to eligible their $4 flat shipping. So yeah,,if I just wanna buy 1 or 2 items I will go for vitacost..
    I never join spree before though~find it troublesome…

  5. aibicon says:

    Some of my items are by Eurasia and I dont really like that company. The delivery man will placed your items outside your doorstep if you are not at home. And I received my items 3 weeks after even when i checked the status of the item which already in Singapore 3 weeks ago. The customer service officer gave excuses like my school is too big and the delivery man could not find it(at that time, I was staying in hostel)

  6. Sesame says:

    Sharing orders is a good way to save on the shipping. I used to join sprees for iHerb and got my stuff earlier but then, I didn’t order so many things. I find it more convenient to order for myself then to share with others so I opted for international airmail.

  7. Sesame says:

    Yeah, usually about 2 weeks but I have waited for 3 weeks before. I’ll check out vitacost soon. Someone recommended the site too.

  8. Sesame says:

    Ah, I see. I guess shipping can be inconsistent, whatever the service. I guess this is something iHerb needs to take care of too cos 3 weeks – no difference from using international airmail except for the tracking. I wonder if the EuroAsia service would be better in Singapore though.

  9. Pollya says:

    I’ve shopped at both iherb and vitacost before (and fairly regularly too), and frankly, I prefer vitacost because I find that if the item is available at both sites, it is ALWAYS cheaper at vitacost!! (ok, 99% of the time :-)) – and sometimes quite a lot cheaper too (e.g. US5-6 difference for a US20+ item, and that is a lot!) So I don’t really know why people still shop at iherb — oh, but yes, for the things that are not available on vitacost, then of course have to get at iherb.
    The good thing about iherb is that it used to have free international shipping every now and then, so I would just wait patiently for this to come round. But now with the new shipping rate to S’pore, they might not have this free promo anymore. But then again, who knows, they might still have free international shipping now and then to cater to other countries, then I presume S’pore would also be included??
    I find vitacost’s US2.99 shipping to S’pore very attractive actually, altho there is a cap of 3 lbs weight for this, which can be quite little if you want to order heavy stuff like big bottles of shampoo, bath wash, and some health foodstuffs (I order all these things quite regularly) . But then again, EVEN if you order in 2 shipments, it only comes up to US6, which is still less than iherb shipping!
    For me, I don’t mind at all that there is no tracking. So far I’ve never had anything lost in the mail (overseas purchases), but I guess it only takes one bad experience for one to become wary and want all kinds of ‘protection’…

  10. Pollya says:

    Oh, vitacost also has a similar referral credit system as iherb (for both referree and referrer) ?

  11. Sesame says:

    Audris mentioned Vitacost to me a few times but I don’t know why I never really checked it out. I think the first time I visited the site and I didn’t like it so much and so left. Plus, I started out purchasing from iHerb due to sprees I joined so I naturally got used to iHerb. I took a look a Vitacost again and yeah, some of the items are cheaper! Thanks for mentioning this. I think I would try to buy from Vitacost soon. ?

  12. nahsiep says:

    I tried ordering 10lbs worth of products from Vitacost today because like Pollya mentioned, a lot of the products that can be found on iHerb are cheaper on Vitacost. However, when I got to the checkout page, I was shocked to see that my shipping cost came up to about 47USD. I did a quick calculation and did not go through with my purchase. I placed my order with iHerb instead…

  13. Sesame says:

    Oh $47!!! That’s ridiculous! So Vitacost is good for small orders I guess.

  14. hungry mama says:

    Hi Sesame, I stumbled upon your blog, I also blog about eco-concious motherhood ?
    I am a regular at iherb, mostly for baby foods that’re costly here in Singapore.
    I tried the Eurasia shipment, and the tracking was not working as clear as DHL’s, (and actually they are using TAQBIN for local service)

    When the status is arrived in Singapore and then : Deliver by Bryan, don’t expect they will come to your door in soon, it will take 3 days more. (from my experience)

    That time they shipped for 10 days.


  15. Sesame says:

    Did you try it recently? Perhaps this can serve as feedback to iHerb. I think they’re trying to push for this vendor and perhaps they would try to improve things over time.

  16. Vanitha says:

    Hi there, iherb doesn’t seem to be offering shipping via Eurasia anymore. It’s been taken off! Just thought I should update you.

  17. Sesame says:

    Oh yeah…so strange but anyway, I think they offer free shipping if sub total is over $40 but below $80. I just ordered some stuff but cos the value is high, I’ve got them shipped via DHL.

  18. andy says:


    Anyone has any issues with singapore customer when ordering over $100 of stuff and shipping with DHL express. iherb website says to use Global mail but it is limited to 2kgs and use need to order above $40.

  19. Sesame says:

    Hi Andy, if you mean the customs, there are no issues. I recently ordered over $300 worth of items and they were sent to me very quickly via DHL. But if the value is above S$400, then you need to pay GST.

  20. Andy says:

    Thanks Seame. Will try DHL express.

  21. Rachel says:

    I ordered via iherb, my very first time due to the free shipping to singapore when you order US$40 and above. That was on 31st Dec and they sent me an email saying that my package was shippied via Global Mail by DHL which does not have a tracking system. It’s already the 19th of Jan and I’ve received nth. Is this common? Could it be due to the high volumes of sales they had due to the free shipping which results in a delay?

  22. Sesame says:

    Usually normal shipping does route through DHL through…it has happened to me and I waited like 3 weeks or slightly longer one time to receive my order. It can be longer in view of the year end festive season. I suggest you wait another week and see if you get it. If not, send them a note.

  23. Ken Young says:

    I have personal experience of buying from both Iherb.com and Vitacost.com. I can say that Iherb.com is so much better (at least four times better) in terms of shipping to overseas than Vitacost.com. With Vitacost.com, they use DHL Global Mail where the rates start at $12.99 for any weight up to 3.6 lbs. With Iherb.com, they use DHL Express-International where the rates start at $10.00 for any weight up to 6 lbs. The last time I ordered from Iherb.com, it took me only four days (ordered on Monday and delivered on Friday) to receive my order. Not only is DHL Global Mail much slower (as of 1st December 2014, it is now taking 18 days and counting for me to receive my items, though I can track my order online), I can’t understand why it is more expensive than DHL Express-International, which allows any weight up to 6 lbs for $10.00 and I receive my items within the same week. I really don’t know how Iherb.com can have such good international shipping rates from DHL but it certainly doesn’t augur well for Vitacost.com! As a result, I don’t think I’ll buy from Vitacost.com in future.

    PS. Iherb.com used to have shipping rates starting from $4 not that long ago, but it looks like they have raised prices to the current $10.00. Nevertheless, their shipping rates is still much better than Vitacost.com.

  24. Sesame says:

    Thanks Ken for your comment. I noticed too that they announced a price revision but when I logged in to my account, it still reflects $4. Hmmm. They mentioned in their announcement that they’ll subsidize 50% of that shipping for orders above $20. I wonder…

  25. Helen says:

    Hi, have you ordered pure essential oil from iherb before? Is there any restrictions on ordering essential oils?

  26. Sesame says:

    Yes, I’ve ordered cinnamon oil…don’t seem to have problems ordering EOs from iHerb.

  27. Helen says:

    Hi, have you ordered pure essential oil from iherb before? Is there any restrictions on ordering essential oils? Thanks for your advice.

  28. Sesame says:

    Yes, As mentioned in my earlier answer, I’ve ordered cinnamon oil…don’t seem to have problems ordering EOs from iHerb.

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