DIY Beauty: cute small serum bottles for oil mixes


I really like these small serum bottles from Sasa. They’re great for my DIY oil mixes as I can test them in small batches before deciding if I want to make a larger batch of the oil mix in a glass bottle. In addition, I can dispense the oil easily and they are also very handy. Finally, they’re easily available and so cheap! So today, let me take you through a simple pictorial DIY post using these bottles.

The only drawback about them is that they’re kind of plain. But that doesn’t mean you can’t dress them up. How? Let me show you!


Actually it’s too easy. All you need is a cute sticker, or a pretty one if cute is too tacky for you. As for me, I like my Russian doll tape. Don’t you think they make my bottles look so pretty?


I realized that these bottles work very well for DIY cuticle oil because one, they’re handy and two, they’re able to dispense the right amount of oil for small areas. Cool eh?


So are any of you also using these handy serum bottles? Like the idea of using them for your DIY oils? You can also use them to test your other DIY lotions or serum. I definitely love them because they work well as my “oil testers” and they can fit right into my bag if I want to carry them out on the go!


  1. xin says:

    i like how handy these small bottles are. BUT, i seem to have a commitment issue when i am using a small bottle, i will use them for a while then leave them aside >< another type of bottle i like is those 1ml vial glass bottle with pipet, i use them to hold my facial oil for emergency use in my handbag
    xin last post is: Happy Chinese New Year

  2. Edwina says:

    Cool idea! I don’t have a SASA where I live, but I’ve bought similar looking bottles for travel skincare stuff from Muji. The serums though are always tricky. Would you recommend a bottle like that for DIY Vitamin C?

  3. Sesame says:

    I would have liked the glass bottles you mentioned but have to specially order them online…

  4. Sesame says:

    For vit C, best to use glass bottles.

  5. charmaine says:

    oh! if you are keen on glass bottles, my SIL bought the brown (small) glass bottle with the rubber tip from Skin Pharmacy! Think it was less than $3 each? I’m not sure whether they still sell them cos’ she bought them a year ago. you can call them or just drop by into their shop and ask if they still offer them.

    I bought Skin Pharmacy’s ‘house-blend’ EO and I love it! It’s called ‘awaken the mind’ and I use it in the home made hair gel for the hb and he loves the scent! only thing – it’s quite ex. about $30 for the small bottle. maybe cos’ the oils are organic?

    i found the hairgel recipe online – using only flaxseed and water! I added the EO to make it smell good (and last longer!). Here’s the blogpost I – with a link to a lady’s video tutorial!
    charmaine last post is: medicine for upset tummy and a whiter smile?? plus something for dog lovers at the end of the post!

  6. Sesame says:

    I think I saw them when I was last there. But it’s the usual size, not the small ones I think. Anyway, SP’s pricing are a bit too ex. I bought some stuff in the past but not keen to buy any more.

  7. charmaine says:

    true. then again – most things in singapore are getting so ex!

    i recently ordered my EO online from Ananada Apothecary (US) and they carry small UV light-proof bottles from Switzerland which supposedly completely block UV light from your oils. they have the small bottles. you can check it out and see the bottles / size works for you.:)

  8. Sesame says:

    Oh sounds nice! Thanks for the link. I’ll check out the link. ?

  9. says:

    since these bottles are plain I suggest also to name your formulation and write it on a sticker on the bottle.

    I have so many empty bottles of products that I have used. Those with pump mechanism are very handy. I love the sticker idea to make the bottle pretty. I will use scrapbook stickers for mine. hehe. last post is: Forest Essentials Butter Soap – Saffron Infused Milk review & photos

  10. Sesame says:

    I haven’t come across that many small ones in pump bottle though. But yes, your idea of writing the formulation is good.

  11. Blush says:

    Great DIY. I have similar bottles and I will Sure use them and decorating part would be fun. ?

  12. Sesame says:

    Yes, the decorating is fun…and you can do it according to your fancy. ?

  13. Parc Clematis says:

    Cute bottles. Can be used a re-fillers while travel. I had used shampoos, hand cleansers in these bottles.

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