5 Ways To Use Micellar Water In Your Skin Care Routine

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I’ve been curious about the use of micellar water as a facial cleanser. The idea of using a soap-free and no-rinse solution to keep my face clean certainly sounds intriguing. However, I am also concerned about its cleansing efficacy and if using such a product would compromise my skin care routine.

This is the reason why it has never crossed my mind to get a micellar water cleansing lotion. I knew the raves about micellar water but I was happy to sit on the sidelines on this one. I needed time to adjust mentally before I would put my face to the test.

But having used it now, I think I can embrace the concept better and don’t mind incorporating the use of micellar water in my skincare in a few ways which I will show you later.

What is micellar water?
For those who have not heard or read, micellar water is made up of micelles which are tiny round balls of cleansing molecules suspended in soft water. Micelles attract dirt and oil like a magnet and hence, micellar water is able to lift impurities from our skin especially when used with a cotton wool ball or cotton pad.

So why is it no rinsing is required after using micellar water? For that, we need to look at the origins of micellar water.

Micellar water originates from France, where it was initially used as a substitute for harsh tap water. So naturally, not rinising after using micellar water makes sense. In fact, it is better for the skin. In addition, micellar water is formulated to be mild without irritants so it’s perfectly fine to leave it without rinising. Why, it’s even said to be suitable for sensitive skin because micellar water is formulated to cleanse without disturbing the skin’s natural pH balance!

How does micellar water look and feel like?
Anyway, if you haven’t tried or seen micellar water, I highly recommend heading down to the pharmacies to check out the testers. Brands like Vichy or La Roche-Posay carry micellar water at an affordable price. You will probably be surprised when you first see it and wonder how something that looks like water can function as an effective cleanser. Well, looks are deceiving and this saying definitely applies to micellar water.

The thing is, while it looks like water and has the viscosity of water, you will soon realize it does not feel like water. You’ll see some suds if you give the clear bottle a shake. When you soak a cotton wool ball with the solution and sweep it across your face, you might even see a little foam residue which dissipates very quickly.

Your skin may feel a tad sticky for awhile but that is just momentary. Soon your skin will feel soft, supple and well toned. No stickiness, no tingling sensation, no boing-boing effect, no tightening, no dryness, and no irritation. Your skin will feel clean, fresh and very comfortable.

Would micellar water compromise my skin care?
Because micellar water is so easy to use and is affordable, many ladies rave about it being a one-step skincare product that not only act as a facial wash, but also makeup remover, toner and even moisturizer. Question is: REALLY?

I have no doubt micellar water can cleanse our skin and I even agree that there’s no need to rinse off after using such a lotion. But I’m leery about using micellar water alone to cleanse a face full of makeup. Can it really do an effective job of cleansing if you have a full face of makeup?

Despite what I’ve read, I’m not convinced it can, at least not with one cotton wool ball. If you use a couple of cotton wool balls, it’ll probably do quite a thorough cleansing but that’s not really effective IMO. I suppose embracing micellar water wholeheartedly to cleanse a full face of makeup does take some guts and I admit I’m frightened by the idea.

5 Ways To Use Micellar Water In Your Skin Care Routine
5 ways to use micellar water in your skin care
Anyway, if you can’t embrace micellar water as a one-step cleanser like me, here are 5 other scenarios where micellar water can come in really handy:

1. Final cleansing step
While I wouldn’t recommend micellar water as a makeup remover, I’ll recommend it as the go-to cleanser after you’ve removed your makeup. If you double cleanse, let this be the second product you use and don’t rinse after using it. It’ll double up as a toner and all you need is to moisturize after cleansing your face with it.

2. For washing your face in the middle of the day
I always recommend a maximum of two face washes a day in order to retain your skin’s natural lipids but I know some people prefer to wash their face in the middle of the day. If you belong to this group who feel a need to wash your face in the middle of the day for whatever reasons, consider using a micellar water based cleanser. It is not only convenient to use, it is much gentler on your face and will not strip your face of excess lipids. Definitely beats using a foaming cleanser and having water splashed all over your face.

3. For times when you can’t gain access to clean water
A micellar water based cleanser is also great for times where no running water is easily available but you need to keep your face refreshed—think long-haul flight and camping trips.

4. For use in place of cleansing wipes
If you examine points 2 and 3 that I’ve discussed earlier, it’s not difficult to see that a micellar water based solution can replace cleansing wipes. Not only is a micellar water based cleanser gentler because it usually contains lesser ingredients, I would even say it is more beneficial as compared to using cleansing wipes.

5. For washing your face during the morning
Finally, for those of you who want to wash your face in the morning but do not want to use anything harsh, micellar water might be the way to go. Not only is it gentler, it is most convenient. You probably will save some time too especially when you are in a hurry. Plus it’ll double up as a toner, which means your face would be ready for your moisturizer and sunscreen right after your cleansing. No rinse. YAY!

Personally, I’m beginning to warm up to the idea of using micellar water as a final cleansing step. It’s very convenient to use and no wonder so many women are hooked on it. But I think it’ll probably yield better results for those who live in countries where the water is harder. The water supply in Singapore is not so harsh and is still quite kind on our skin. So the difference might be less apparent.

Well, hard water or not, I reckon using micellar water is still better than using normal tap water. Anyway, if you have been using micellar water as a one-step skin care with much success, do share your tip with us.


  1. Kimmy says:

    I usually double cleanse. I actually use either an oil or micellar water and follow up with my regular cleanser. But I agree, I definitely don’t think I could use it alone as my only cleansing method.
    Kimmy last post is: Pretty Metal Fall 2015: YSL Metal Clash Eyeshadow Palette

  2. Sesame says:

    Oh so you use it as a makeup remover too?

  3. Pat says:

    I want to try out double cleanse method. I have got some micellar water. I don’t want to throw it away so I am wondering how to use it when double cleansing.
    Is it better to use micellar water as make up remover in step one or as a final cleanser in step two?

  4. Sesame says:

    Hmm…both works actually but I’ll keep it for step two if the water in your area is hard.

  5. nieee says:

    Hi, i am wondering if i need to apply the toner after i removed my makeup or after facial wash? Since i usually would removed my makeup in the middle of the day after school, and then have a nap. And would wash my face while bathing during the evening.

  6. Sesame says:

    Make it the last step.

  7. nieee says:

    Alright, thankyou! ?

  8. Rachael says:

    I’ve recently started using Micellar water as my cleansing routine. I just follow up with a moisturizer. It’s working beautifully. I use 2 Cotton pads, but it removes all my makeup completely. I do have combo skin( it’s magically dry and oily at the same time), but it’s doing a great job. It hasn’t been long, but my skin looks better than it has in a long time.

  9. Sesame says:

    That’s great to know. I’m glad you found Micellar water doing good for your skin! ?

  10. Paulline says:

    Hi there! I need your help please. I jist bought a micellar cleanser and i am quite confused how tp use it. Whi is better? Should i do the cleansing foam first before the micellar cleanser or the other way around? And should i skip the toner after and proceed to moisturizer? Please help! ?

  11. Sesame says:

    I’ll recommend you use the micellar water after the cleansing foam, skip the toner and proceed to moisturize.

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