8 beauty tips I learned from watching popular K-drama Descendants of the Sun

The wildly popular Korean Drama, Descendants of the Sun, completed its run on Thursday. Suddenly, many don’t know what to do with their lives now that the love story between Captain Yoo and Doctor Kang has disappeared from their radar.

Fortunately, we have the three-part special to look forward to in a few days’ time. But between now and then, what’s new?

I thought I’ll do a DotS fan service by putting up a post on DotS Beauty tips 101. There are a number of gems scattered throughout the episodes. Here are eight that I’ve pulled out:

Wash your face thoroughly at the end of the day
You can’t be called Beauty without taking care of your skin. So here we see Yeppeuni (Beauty) thoroughly washing her face at the end of the day. She may be in a foreign land where amenities ain’t the best but she doesn’t allow herself to sleep with a face full of makeup and dirt. Even Big Boss heart her diligence when he spied on her through his gun’s telescope.

It is not clear if she double cleansed or triple cleansed her face. But it certainly looked like she cleansed very thoroughly by the amount of water splashed on her face.

Shampoo dirty hair even if water runs out
Your crown of glory must also be properly shampooed if you want to live up to being a Beauty. Let’s face it: you can have flawless skin but if your hair looks as some dirty mop, you ain’t gonna win the heart of Big Boss. And no, you can’t just depend on dry shampoo all the time.

Beauty knows this well. That’s why even when the water supply ran out, she made a dash for the mineral water bottles in the fridge. Could it be that she knew that mineral water is great for hair washing?

Don’t join the army, get lotsa sleep
Beauty needs lotsa beauty sleep and that’s why she cannot join the army. Maybe she doesn’t sleep too early like some of us, but she tells us that she doesn’t wake up too early either. I’m guessing she gets eight hours of sleep on average?

No wonder she is always looking fresh and appealing. In the words of Big Boss, she looks pretty in the morning and awfully pretty in the afternoon.

Take care of your skin even in challenging times
I noticed that Myeong-Joo did not forget to pack her skin care products when she returned to serve in Urk again. I’m glad that our girl did not neglect her skin care regime even in the midst of grieving over her boyfriend.

In fact, between her skin care products and her boyfriend’s supposedly last letter, she seemed to give more priority to the former if the order of how she packed them into her cupboard is anything to go by.

Regular heart-throbbing sights are great for skin
One of the skin care regimes of our Beauty doctor and her nurses is the morning routine of watching “the doves of Urk” run by. It’s a scene that brings them lotsa heart-throbbing excitement and helps release plenty of endorphins.

These endorphins are the female hormones that improve our complexion and makes our eyes sparkle. Ogling over handsome hunks releases those precious hormones and so does falling in love. No wonder our girls always look so bright and radiant. Never leave home without watching “the doves”!

Always apply sunscreen
Should you rub or pat on your sunscreen during application? If you’re still wondering about that, I suggest you take a look at episode 10 where Myeong Joo applied sunscreen on her boyfriend. She gently patted the cream on his dark, smooth visage.

But the amount of sunscreen she applied seemed really little. Just four tiny dots? Doesn’t she know that she needs to apply a quarter of a teaspoon to the face?

Give priority to facial mask
These Korean soldiers definitely know how to beautify themselves. In their preparation to return home, the boys helped each other apply facial masks. They even shared them. Oh my gosh…yes they did.

So no excuse girls! Time to give your face some tender loving care. If these macho soldiers can do it, so can you!

Shield your face
When Big Boss asked Beauty why she was avoiding eye contact with him, she admitted to a lack of confidence because she wore no makeup.

Everybody wants to put their best face forward. But what if you can’t? Then take a lesson from Beauty in episode 2. Just shield your face from the glare. And make sure you learn the cute way she shields, lifting both arms up and covering her face with one arm crossed over the other.

Where to watch DotS
Descendants of the Sun is a 16-episode South Korean drama that uncovers the love story between a doctor and a special force captain. It garnered lots of attention in Asia and did really well in terms of ratings. I liked it but thought the ending could be better. Oh well…

If you still haven’t watched DotS, you can catch it across various drama sites, including Dramanice, Dramacool, or Dailymotion. Both English and Chinese subtitles are available. While you’re at it, don’t forget to look out for the beauty tips I’d mentioned. And if you spot anything tips not mentioned here, just leave me a comment k? #k8SjZc9Dxk#k8SjZc9Dxk


  1. Janet says:

    hello Sesame, i have been reading the tips you give on beauty blogging, i have a question, please help me out. do you take all the pictures you use on your blog yourself? must i have a camera and take my own pictures?

  2. Sesame says:

    Yes, I take most of the pictures myself. A few are stock images. It’s best if you have your own camera because you can’t always find the images you want. Also, purchasing stock images cost money. You don’t need an expensive, fancy camera. Start off with a simple one. I used a camera that cost less than 150 when I started and used it for many years.

  3. Janet says:

    Thank you so much for your reply, truly appreciate. you are so kind ?

  4. stella says:

    i know this is a somewhat tongue-in-cheek post but I personally know real female doctors working in similar missions or at hectic hospitals… beauty care is really the least of their concerns when patients are at very real risk and when you have to live in dorms with shared hygiene facilities in the middle of Africa! ?

  5. Sesame says:

    It’s true…I don’t think they have the time nor the focus. Most of them are probably just dealing with the situation on hand. That’s reality, not drama. Kudos to these doctors!

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    these are very useful tips for me thanks
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    I have not watched this drama yet, :p because it’s too sweet and I’m afraid I will dream of Korean men :p Thank you for sharing these cute beauty tips ? I don’t know where I can find this endorphins for my eyes :'(

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