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If you’re into nail care and are looking for products not available in the retail stores, you might want to take a look at enailsupply which carries a whole line of nail products from brands like OPI, Essie Nail Polish, Nail Tek, Nailtiques, Seche Vite and many more.

Besides an an enormous selection of nail polish colors, you can also always find the most recently released collections as well as products perfect for home use like those from Creative Nail.

And something else interesting about this site is that apart from nail products, they also carry other beauty product lines like hair brushes, hair care products and also beauty grooming tools like those from Tweezerman.

I’ve been using Tweezerman professional slant tweezer for many years to pluck and shape my eyebrows and I swear by it.  The quality is excellent, and even after having dropped it once, it remains sharp and is able to remove the very fine hair which other tweezers aren’t able to.  My best friend was the one who bought me my current tweezer and she swears by their cuticle clippers.  In fact, I was just checking with her about the shop she bought these items from but it apparently doesn’t carry the range anymore. 

So it’s just as well that I now know of an additional online resource which I can tap on if I want to purchase Tweezerman products in future.


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