Do Frownies Facial Pads erase frown lines?


Okay, call me a sucker.  I love quick fixes.  I love products that promise me overnight miracles.  I love products that require very little effort on my part.  Even though half the time, I know they don’t quite deliver whatever they promise.  And it was the sucker in me that decided to order Frownies Facial Pads from Drugstore some months ago.  Come on, they’re cheap, and they look like fun anyway.  More importantly, I have lines on my forehead that I wanted to get rid of without having to resort to Botox.

So I was really excited to receive the pads and I immediately tested it out that evening.  Never mind my son and my husband thought I looked weird with three skin color triangles stuck on my forehead.  And I thought to myself, “Hey, what’s so weird if I can look great just by sticking on these pads?” 

Well, the Frownies Facial Pads are easy to use.  Just put a little water on the adhesive side and stick it on your forehead, where the lines are.  Removing it is as easy.  Just stand under the shower and they will come off easily after a few minutes. 

But wait…

Sticking on the forehead is fine, but if you have it stuck near your eyes or mouth, it becomes impossible to talk or smile!  And because Frownies Facial Pads work by harnessing the facial muscles and holding them back in their proper place, thus helping them regain normal tone, you need to use the pads over a long period of time.  In fact, you need to use them regularly and that’s my problem.  I don’t like the idea of looking ugly every night on a permanent basis although I did persisted and looked ugly in them for a few weeks, hoping to have the lines on my forehead look less visible because they said Frownies Facial Pads will eliminate deep expression lines while I sleep. 

I slept in them for weeks alright, but my lines are still there, as prominent as ever.  The only difference I did noticed was that the Frownies Facial Pads did something to the muscles on my forehead because I became more aware and frowned less. 

Seriously, I don’t know how this stuff has worked for Renee Russo or others (unless they were lying) but I won’t be buying this again.  Gosh, it’s quite an effort having to tear tear along the perforations and some of them were useless because they came stuck together.  And something else I hate about this product.  The smell is simply awful.  YIKES!


  1. Nicole says:

    I’m in 31 and started to develope lines around my eye when I laugh (does it so call wrinkles ?!). How good if I got a ‘Magic iron’. Happy Chinese New Year ?

    Thanks Nicole! You celebrate too? Btw, those around your eyes are probably laugh lines. ?

  2. Girl-Woman says:

    Thanks for the laugh this a.m. I tried that darn product and had a similar reaction. Oh, the things we do for beauty.

  3. mil says:

    The con is on. They are rubbish and they don’t work. How this company is still getting stupid amounts of money for selling paper – yes paper, paper with adhesive stuff on the back, something not much different to the sticky side of a brown envelope.

    We have a saying in Britain “I saw you coming”

  4. Jackie Vargas says:

    I have been using Frownies for years for frown lines between my eyes – it has definately helped. I cut them into smaller triangles to a perfect comfortable size and each morning it looks fresh and wrinkle free! after a day of stress and expressions the lines resurface but they are much better than they were. it is a maintenance commitment! I need to buy more and cannot find them in Vancouver BC stores – i dont want to pay shipping charges – any recommendations?

    Jackie: Glad they’ve worked for you. I have no idea about the stores and shipping to Vancouver…I’m located in Singapore!

  5. Alison says:

    Hi, I am nearly 40 I am using these at the moment for the lines at the side of my mouth and I found that you really need to put them on properly. You need to follow the instructions of massaging the skin where the lines are and then only just moisten (not really wet) the paper and with two fingers smooth out the line and make sure you place it so its really secure. The first time I tried them I was disappointed but I kept trying to put them on better and once you do you will find they do “iron” out the wrinkles to a great degree.

  6. patty says:


  7. sesame says:

    Bandaid maybe too sticky.

  8. Sue says:

    Jackie and Alison are right – they work. Thats why they are sold in so many stores and on sites. Years ago I realized I was scowling in my sleep, started using these on the scowl lines, and after a month or two became worried that they would stop making them one day.
    I tried saving $ via a number of things, brown packing tape being the closest, but none of them worked. Bandaids aren’t firm enough. I reuse them until they won’t adhere. I just began trying them around my mouth, on one side of my face.

  9. Louise says:

    Is there anywhere in SG I can get this? ? I have some fine lines on my forehead.. I can see them developing into wrinkles pretty soon because I tend to raise my eyebrows unconsciously. Will this help my case?

  10. Sesame says:

    I saw it at Watsons but not sure if it’s still available. Very expensive here though.

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