French style romantic pink lace handbag

Romantic French Style Lace Handbag

I spotted this lovely looking romantic french style lace handbag at Hua, a local online shop with a collection of floral handbags all oozing with flower power. Very Victorian style isn’t it? I say complete the look with a lacey floral brolly as well!

Honestly, I’m not sure if I want to carry such a bag at all. I mean, it’s too pretty! But at S$69 (US$51), I can consider adding it to my collection as a showpiece.

This design is the most interesting I’ve spotted at Hua. But the online store has other whimiscal lace handbags as well as handmade bags with intricate embroidery and sequins work of flowers with an Asian flair. Prices are fairly reasonable and they provide international shipping too.


  1. Lana says:

    Hi, this is off topic but I wanted to make a request for a posting. I have combination skin: dry in some areas, oily in other areas so I need to moisturize. But when I do put any kind of moisturizer on my face, a couple minutes later, my face is so oily and disgusting. When I apply the moisturizer on my skin is soft and supple and I really don’t want to go without. My skin gets extremely dry if I don’t moisturize. Any solutions? Thanks.

    Lana: I have combination skin too with an oily t-zone. So I take moisturizer out of my day care regime and use only sunblock. If I do use moisturize, I go for lotion, rather than cream based or humectants which tend to increase water content. You may want to check your moisturizer to ensure it isn’t too oily. Apply very little around the t-zone and concentrate on moisturizing your dry areas. Do you use a toner? It’s helpful for our oily t-zone. Also, you may want to check out primers which can help you control oil around the t-zone and apply that before makeup. I don’t however encourage using a makeup base or liquid foundation if you tend to have oilier skin. Stick to powder to keep out the shine.

  2. Lana says:

    Thank you so much! You’re a big help.

    I currently use mineral foundation. It’s so so. I have another off topic question (last one): Does mineral makeup expire or go bad? Thanks again.

    Lana: You’re welcome! ? I hope my suggestion will work for you. Weather is also a big culprit. Summer can get us more oilies!

    For mineral makeup, my understanding is that they don’t expire unless they contain ingredients like zea mays (corn). I’m using mine like over a year. So to play safe, check with the mineral makeup company. Do they have an FAQ? If not, writing an email to them might get you some answers. I suspect the answer you’ll get is no expiry but I don’t think we should keep the makeup for too long either.

  3. Miss B says:

    That bag is so cute! It’s so….victorian! I really like your blogs layout and the navigation. I just started a beauty blog and am sort of checking out others-Yours is great! I’d love some comments on mine some advice or feedback so if you could check it out, It’d mean alot!

    Thanks so much!!

    Miss B: Thanks for your comments! I’ll have a look at your new blog soon.

  4. Barbara says:

    Hello, could you please tell me the website where you purchased the bag. I just love those sort of feminine bags. So different ?

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