Synthetic and natural hair kabuki brushes


Reading fellow beauty blogs are a bad influence definitely! Why do you think I’ve suddenly gone brush crazy? Anyway, I’ve gotten myself two more kabuki brushes, this time compliments from the folks at Momo Minerals.

One is the long handled kabuki brush of synthetic grade and the other is the short-handled full size kabuki brush made from goat hair. Both are very soft on contact but I have yet to start using them.

The long handed kabuki brush is actually quite similar to the foundation brush in the Momo Brush Set except that it is larger, measuring 11cm overall with bristles being 4cm. It definitely looks like the same one at Everyday Minerals.


One thing I noticed about synthetic brushes is that although they’re very soft, they take a longer time to dry and get a lot greasier after a few applications. The kabuki brush I’ve used before made from goat and sable dried a lot quicker and was not greasy although it didn’t feel so soft on the skin. I certainly hope the Momo Mineral short-handed kabuki brush fares well.


  1. Rachael says:

    Great advice. Take a look at Sephora brand brushes too. They hold up well to washing and aren’t very expensive.

    Rachael: I saw some of them the last time I was there. Feels quite good. May check it out during my next visit…thanks for highlighting to me. ?

  2. Nikki says:

    yes, reading blogs are bad for your “finance” lol ? These are great looking brush you have ?

    Nikki: Yours is one of the “culprits” hee…

  3. Nora says:

    May I know which brush – synthetic or natural brushes are good for blusher? Mine is from goat’s hair from Skin Foods. But the hair sometimes fall off & stuck to my face! Any advice please?

  4. sesame says:

    It really depends on your preference. Synthetic maybe softer on your skin but usually natural brushes are better at picking up the powder so this means you won’t need to use too much of the blusher.

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