What helped clear my cheek acne?


Today I want to do something different. Since I’ve been plagued with my cheek acne problem for awhile now, and I did discuss some recipes and products I’ve used, it’s best I show you in real terms how they’ve healed so far.

People who have met me during this period can attest to how bad the spot looked even though I’ve got concealer and makeup on.  I didn’t take a picture of them during the outbreak but only remember to chart the progress after I discussed using nutmeg to heal the scar recently. By the time, scabs have formed and dropped off. But if you have ever had acne outbreaks, you know how ugly they look right?


My problems with cheek acne started sometime end of last year and actually the spot was healing a lot by early part of the year but sometime in February, my itchy fingers played punk and wreak some damage to the same spot and that’s why the problem has been haunting me like forever.

So what products really helped to heal my cheek acne?

Yuan Organic Mung Bean & Joy’s Tears Soap
First, I switched to using the Organic Mung Bean & Joy’s Tears Soap. I bought the soap for my pigmentation but I found that it cleansed so well that it helped in my acne healing process. Apart from the acne, I was also developing bumps/rashes around the spot and near my jawline. But within a week of using this soap, the bumps/rashes stopped developing and cleared up completely.

yuan soap

Yours Essentially Herbal Healing Clay Masque
This mask is good for clearing up blemishes and I believed helped in aiding my acne healing process. It must have also helped with calming the bumps/rashes that I was developing at the same time.

DIY recipe of using nutmeg with honey
As mentioned, I used nutmeg and honey to try to eradicate the scar. It was slow but I found more progress using nutmeg and milk. However, the problem with using milk is unlike honey as it doesn’t soothe so much and I could only use it once a day. But the nutmeg recipes helped my scar to heal better and from an inflammed patch, it healed to form scabs and subsequently, what you see on the picture on 22 Feb.

Egyptian Magic Cream
When I received my Egyptian Magic Cream, I stopped using the nutmeg recipe and focused on using the cream to heal my scars. I will give you a more detail review of this cream another time but what I think it did for me was to clear up completely what was left within the acne and stopped it from potentially developing again. But I don’t think it did much to lighten up the scar.

Rose Hip Oil
I received a sample of the Rose Hip oil from Yours Essentially and this is what I’ve been using these two days to dab on the spot to hopefully eradicate the scar eventually. I didn’t want to use it earlier because the acne was still dormant and this oil is too rich for acne-proned skin. I waited till I was sure the acne had cleared up and now, what’s left is the scar.

So in all, you can see that I’ve used a number of products to clear my cheek acne and it wasn’t done in a day. It’s good to use various products to try clear up a skin problem but you need to ascertain that they will work for your skin type. What I use here works for me, but it may not work for others. In addition, you should always try to address the root cause of your acne problem. Mine was a result of improper cleansing due to a new sunscreen I started using. Hence, the first step for me was to ensure that I cleanse my face thoroughly well.


  1. muta says:

    Hi, I wonder what honey do you use as your facemask. I heard raw honey is better, but I didn’t see honey bottle labeled with ‘raw’, so I’m a bit confused. Haha

    Thank you!

    Muta: I used the brand Origins Organic until I ran out of it and just used a normal Chinese brand from the supermarket. The best honey is Manuka but that’s too expensive for me.

  2. Ngm82 says:

    hi! how long did u keep that nutmeg and honey mask? can u apply it all over the face.. i have tiny acne marks for a long time now..


    Ngm82: About 20 – 30 mins. Don’t apply it all over your face. You can burn your skin especially if yours is sensitive. See my post for more details:

  3. Florence says:

    I have heard one one the blogger said tumeric powder + sandalwood powder works great for pimple treatment.She sells high grade sandalwood powders & I had ordered from her,but haven’t come.Heard lots of reviews from this sandalwood powder.Give it a look when u free.

    Florence: Yes, I’ve heard of that recipe too but never tried or look into it. Apparently tumeric is quite powerful for acne. Will check the link you’ve given. And do let me know if it works for you.

  4. Natalie says:

    I understand the stubborness of cheek acne. ? May I know where you get the nutmeg powder? Thanks!

    Natalie: I cannot remember if it was NTUC supermarket or Cold Storage now. But it’s either one of them.

  5. Ms. Blacklace says:

    Ooooo…. I used to have some cheek acne too. But I just used oatmeal water and lemon juice mask to get it healed. Works quite well, however, best not to be used everyday. Alternate days would be better. Because the juice may be too harsh for your skin. On other days I’ll just use oatmeal and white kaolin clay.

    Then as usual, aloe vera and tea tree oil. So now the acne is healed already. Just have to wait for the dry skin to peel off. And the most important thing….. KEEP YOUR HANDS OF YOUR DAMN FACE!!!!! HAHAHA!!!

    I have found a new thing! Lemon juice! Lightened my acne scars!

    Ms Blacklace: I rarely use lemon juice on my face because it’s photosensitive. Must use sunscreen.

    And oh, I really have VERY itchy fingers that I cannot control! :p

  6. Peapot says:

    Hi! Yeah, I hate acne. I have occasional break out too. What I cannot understand is that at my age I’m still having pimples. Do you know of any way to prevent them?

    Peapot: They call it adult acne. It’s common. Where do you develop them? It’s may have to do with your monthly period too. Usually you break out at the chin if it’s hormonal acne. You can check a diagram I put up on this post to show what causes acne on different parts of the face.

    Or it could be due to our skincare regime. Eg. new product, poor cleansing, etc.

  7. raelynn says:

    i used to have a very bad case of sores and pimples around my jaw line and under the chim all the way to my neck. apparently it was due to application of sunscreen. what’s left now are mostly scars, but there are times when i forget and apply sunscreen and BOOM! it’s a full blown breakout again. sigh.

    Raelynn: Oooh…another case of sunscreen wreaking havoc! Was your sunscreen you used water resistant? Or it could be some pore clogging ingredients in there causing problems for you? I had the same problem! I already had this acne prior to using my new sunscreen. But when I started using it, the acne got worst and I had bumps around it and near jawline. It was only when I double cleansed and changed to Yuan soap that it stopped. I’m still using the sunscreen.

  8. pf1123 says:

    I’ve got to try the nutmeg and honey formula. Still have not gotten round to that yet. hehe…but I think the effect is very good for you. ?

    pf1123: It’s not bad but I found it slow. I tried the nutmeg and milk and it was faster in terms of results but the nutmeg burned my skin a little.

  9. maureen says:

    I’ve heard a few people mentioning egyptian magic cream.. is it worth it? I am thinking about getting some, I have a healing scar on my leg that I am wondering if it would help it heal (it is super itchy right now and I am trying very hard not to scratch!)

    Maureen: I have mixed feelings about the cream. I didn’t find it that magical on myself but it worked for my son. He developed a very bad rash that bled on the side of his mouth. I applied this cream on it and overnight it dried up and it’s almost healed after 3 days of just applying the cream on the spot at night.

  10. Jenny says:

    May I recommend Origins Spot Remover Anti blemish treatment gel? It works well on me, try it.

    Jenny: Hey thanks for your recommendation. I may check it out. ?

  11. GabrielLe says:

    Hi, the egyptian magic cream is very oily…I don’t recommend using it on the face. Btw, where can I get the Yuan Organic Mung Bean & Joy’s Tears Soap here is SG? My mum used to tell me that Mung bean can really helps a lot in fighting acne. =)

    GabrielLe: I think the Egyptian Magic Cream may work better for those with normal skin. Mine is combination and it’s oily when applied but still okay for me.

    For Yuan’s soap, check them out at Living Pharmacy (under NTUC). You can also find them in other shops listed on their website here: http://www.taiwansoap.com.tw/comper.html

  12. prettybeautiful says:

    wow, that’s a great improvement in a span of 2 weeks. i learnt my lesson from cheek acne – never ever never attempt to touch it myself. LOL. must let the pro to do it. previously my itchified hands couldnt stop messing with it and they scarred. finally i have stopped touching it completely, other than applying essential oil and pimple cream, they are finally subsiding ? ?

    Prettybeautiful: I’m just incorrigible when it comes to pimples. I keep telling myself not to touch it but the sight of them just irritate me to no end. :p

  13. BT says:

    I have your type of acne before, mostly caused by skincare products beside hormonal acne. Sometimes I was just too lazy to put on acne treatment, but try to keep my face clean and keep skincare routine as simple as possible, the acne says bye to me after1-3 weeks then. You are very hardworking acne fighter. ?

    BT: I can’t stand the ugly sight of the acne and that’s why I’m so hardworking! ? But honestly, I’ve never had to deal with acne problems so much. This is the first time I have to combat them. Usually I have them on the chin and the forehead and they heal in a week!

  14. alixana says:

    Thanks for this post! Just had a terrible, headless pimple coming out on my cheek, and nothing seems to get rid of it completely. Am giving the nutmeg remedy a shot – I hope it works.

    Alixana: I hope you’ll have some luck with it if you try it.

  15. miyo says:

    woaw… sesame.. i am always looking forward to your review and great introduction to new recipe and organic product.. u rock man !!
    ermm btw do you have anything to reduce the size of pores??

    boo!! my right cheek has huge pores whereas my left cheek is flawless ~,~

    Miyo: I was troubled by my pores awhile back but my skin improved with the use of vit C serum. Mine is cos of collagen losing elasticity so the serum helped. Sometimes large pores are also caused by oily complexion and in that case, you have to try to keep the sebum production under control. One recipe I recommended before is oats with yogurt. That may help.

    And thanks for your support! ?

  16. pf1123 says:

    To Alixana:

    Hey, you might like to consult a derm for your headless pimples.

    My friend and her sisters had such for the longest time and no pimple treatment helped! They even took accutane…until they went to a different derm who diagnosed that they have eczema!!

    The sister took accutane for a few years which never cured her (because its the wrong cure). That could potentially damage her liver as she was using it for pro-longed periods of time.

    Even on their scalp there was eczema…when all the while they were using harsh dandruff shampoo which did further damage to their condition.

  17. alixana says:

    Hi pf1123 – Thanks for the advice. It’s just a couple of spots which popped up overnight, so I don’t think it’s eczema. The rest of my face is pretty clear. But the eczema on the scalp sounds scary! Will bear this possibility in mind, though. Thanks!

  18. raelynn says:

    i suppose double cleansing does help because the period when i had makeup on *which means i will double cleanse*, the sunscreen acne is a lot less than when i had no makeup *normal cleansing*. the sunscreen i’m using is Clarin’s White Plus HP Protective whitening day lotion spf 20, but like u mentioned, it’s already around even before using this sunscreen. i forgot which previous sunscreen it was that started to create the skin sensitivity to sunscreen. sigh. but all i can try to do is to use less sunscreen on that area.. hopefully it wont get a lot of damage cause the sun doesnt really shine under the chin. hahahahahaha.

    Raelynn: Pst…I don’t always apply sunscreen to my neck area although I should cos I’m lazy… same thoughts as you…it’s under the chin. ? Anyway, I have a theory of what caused my cheek acne and maybe I’ll do it in another post.

  19. JJ says:

    I had cheek acne too and I got rid of mine by stop eating anything with soy and stopped taking omega oil capsules. My cheek acne cleared, I still get the occasional chin acne though.

    I use a natural honey scrub cleanser, 2% bha toner and clay masks, too. ?

    JJ: Ah so you established that yours is more of a diet issue. That’s good. Sometimes it’s hard to find out. I think I know why I had my cheek acne which I never had for a long long time and probably cover that in another post.

    I read that honey is a good ingredient to combat acne. ?

  20. miyo says:

    vit C serum, oh well i got myself grapeseed oil after your post about it.. instead of ur usual john master .. hahaha

    ? i hope grapeseed oil helps too ..

    Miyo: The grapeseed oil is more for moisturizing as well as for antioxidant effects. It can be used on top of the serum if you like.

  21. Dee says:

    Sesame I used the Magic cream and it works well for me!

    3 steps to heal (for me…) =)

    1) The Herbal Healing clay mask
    2) Dab pure squeezed lemon on acne or marks. Usually there’s a bit of tiggling on skin.
    3) The magic cream!

    Some used cinnamon powder rather than lemon. Either way, both works well! =)

    Dee: Hey, I wanted to write you an email about the cream again cos you mentioned it worked the last time. So it’s good for you…that’s great. It works to an extent for me, but just not what I would term magical. But it worked magic on my son! I think it depends on skin type and the problem.

    Seems like lemon is a favorite! I should try it again. I’ve not used it for awhile in my recipe since I ran out of lemons at home! Haha…

  22. Miki says:

    I awaits for the review of the Eyptian Magic cream. Personally, I bought one jar to help clear those old scars on my legs.

    Miki: I most probably will run the review next week. ?

  23. pf1123 says:

    I have lots of marks on my legs from mosquito bites!

    Would lemon work? Maybe I should squeeze lemon juice into a spritzer and spritz on my legs throughout the day at those spots.

    But glad to say that they’re not on my face!

    pf1123: It might work if the scars are relatively new. Lemon has an effect on skin lightening.

  24. pf1123 says:

    Hey Sesame, in relation to JJ’s comments on soy…here’s a link about it. http://www.nutrimaxorganic.com/English/soy_alert.html

    My beautician and derm’s nurse also warned me about eating soy. I remembered I was having Mr. Bean’s almost everyday for a while…maybe that contributed to my acne too!

    pf1123: I recall reading something of this too but I don’t drink or eat soy everyday so don’t think mine is due to that. It has an impact on some pple. Diary has an effect too. Some boys can’t drink milk for example or they’ll get more acne. I’m not sure but I seem to get the impression that teenagers might be more proned to this diet problem.

  25. Dyna says:

    I’ve actually started to use to the nutmeg and honey spot treatment for about 4 days now and its been doing pretty good for me. I never wanted to try DIY remedies but since I started having acne breakouts, I decided to try it, and now I am in love, lol. Thanks for this article, I really appreciate it. You make me want to do a beauty blog now, lol.

    Dyna: Oh I’m glad it’s working for you! Do start a beauty blog. You’ll be amazed how much it can help you if you use it to explore and research about beauty products. Let me know when you start and I’ll be happy to add your blog under my section on Links.

  26. felicia/shoppingnspree says:

    where to buy the yuan soap and magic cream?

    by the way. i’ve leave a post on another thread. tried the clay mask. 5 stars!!!

    Felicia: You can get the Magic Cream from sprees. I’ll run a review on it this week. For Yuan soap, I got them from Living Pharmacy under NTUC but you can check out their website with details of where else to get in Singapore. http://www.taiwansoap.com.tw/comper.html

  27. Sapna says:

    Hi there first time on ur blog:) really intersting!! abt the sandalwood powder.. u shud try to pic it up from Mustafa if you r in Singapore or ne other Indian store cos we use it for prayers and stuff.. u can buy it in a tablet form and mix it with honey/turmeric/lime juice and mung bean powder or besan (another kind of bean powder) as a DIY mask.. u can also add yoghurt.milk cream depending on ur skin type

    Sapna: Hey welcome to Viva Woman! ? Yes, I heard about sandalwood with tumeric but never tried. Maybe I’ll try it. I have tumeric but I can’t get sandalwood. The thing I find inconvenient is that tumeric powder leaves a yellow stain.

  28. alexa says:

    hey i just purchase the yoursessentially clay masque under your recommendation, can i know how often you apply the mask ? it’s sufficient to only apply a small layer right?

    Alexa: Yes, use about a quarter teaspoon each time with distilled or mineral water and that should cover the entire face. Recommendation is about 2 – 3 times a week though I’ve tried using everyday one period of time. Not so good to use everyday actually cos it can be drying.

  29. Ali Gordon says:

    I found that Origins Organics helped a lot with my acne prone/sensitive skin! I actually recently saw a blog that’s giving away Origins products, for Earth Day! http://shoptherapy.pronto.com/pronto-eco/earth-month-giveaway-origins-organics/

  30. ladyybbird says:

    Hi, does anyone know how to apply the DIY ground nutmeg with honey or milk on the face? Can provide the instructions for me to try for myself? Thanks!

  31. sesame says:

    By mixing the nutmeg with the honey or milk, it’s easy to dab on. Nothing complicated. But use this for spot treatment only.

  32. Pretty says:

    Hi ,

    Besan Flour – 1 tablespoon ( u can get this from any indian store )

    Curd – 1 tablespoon

    Turmeric – 1 teaspoon

    lemon juice 1 teaspoon.

    Mix all and apply as a mask for 20 mins and wash with warm water before going to bed for 2 times a week to lighten scar marks.

  33. syaa ross says:

    hi!i actuali have loads of acne scars. any advices ?

  34. sesame says:

    Try reading my latest entry here:

    But if it’s just acne marks, try nutmeg and honey. But it’ll take sometime and works better on newer scars.

  35. Jo says:

    I’ve been wanting to try yuan’s soap, so did you use the mung bean and job’s tear sob on your face?
    i remember you didn’t like soap on ur fiace, how did it feel?

  36. sesame says:

    Yes, I did try mung bean and job’s tear soap on my face for a period. Still don’t like the squeaky clean feel but it didn’t dry up my skin though. It did help during the period I was trying to clear up the acne but I’ve since stopped using it.

  37. Jo says:

    I’m wondering if you could do a post round-up on the best methods to zap a zit fast! cos i see that you’ve done many posts on acne.. which ones r the most effective?

  38. Jesslyn says:

    Hi Sesame,

    I have acne prone skin too. There will be at least 3 acnes popping out every week. *Arghhhhhhhh

    May I know what’s the most efficient treatment for acne, especially those cystic acne which will leave scars?

  39. sesame says:

    Where’s your acne located mostly? It could be an internal issue if it’s cystic.

  40. Jesslyn says:

    Thanks for the quick reply! ?

    I have cystic acne mostly on my chin. Sometimes,they will be on my cheeks too ?

  41. sesame says:

    Chin would be hormonal and cheeks could be digestive system. How would you describe your diet and your digestive system? Sometimes diary products for certain people can cause acne. Also, toxins inside the digestive system that are not cleared.

  42. Jesslyn says:

    Hmm, my acne problem is somehow inherited. I had moderate to severe acne for years until 2 years ago. My skin was pretty much cleared up but since last year, there were breakouts again. Sigh.

    I wasn’t aware of the relation of sugar and dairy products intake to acne till recently. Am already trying to reduce the intake of these products. Besides, I consume a considerable amount of fruits and vegetables everyday, as me myself is a nutrition undergrad. I understand the importance of eating healthy.

    Recently, I also started consuming some health beverage (which claims to balance out the acidic condition of body).

  43. sesame says:

    Acne cannot be inherited but from the sound of it, could be more of an internal issue for you. Have you tried taking a probiotic supplement? It will help your intestines and many a times, help those with acne issues.

  44. Jesslyn says:

    Really? Acne can’t be inherited?

    Pro-biotic supplement did help you?

  45. sesame says:

    Yes, it helped me tremendously. I wrote about it here: https://www.vivawoman.net/2010/04/22/fibre-and-probiotics-for-acne-free-skin/

    Acne cannot be inherited but I think your idea could be due to your family members having it. I am guessing you all might have the same type of diet?

  46. Jesslyn says:

    I see. Does it have to be the same brand you are taking? I am currently in the US, not sure which brands are available though. Also, when and for how long do you consume it?

    I am quite sure that my acne problem is due to inheritances, as my dad’s family side has this problem. I am not sure whether we having the same type of diet though..

  47. sesame says:

    Does not have to be the same brand…but I suggest you check around first cos if you still think yours is due to inheritance, I’m not sure if this can help. I suppose the inheritance you’re talking about has got to do with hormones and genes. It’s interesting…it’s not something I’ve really thought about.

  48. Jesslyn says:

    I saw some pro-biotic supplements in some supermarkets. May give it a try ?

    Yeah, genes problem…Not sure how to treat then =(

  49. Katherine says:

    I stumbled upon this today.
    I just wanted you to know – you may want to give milk another try! the most lactic acid (beneficial part of milk) is found in full-fat milk, and if you were using skim or non-fat it could explain why you didn’t find the milk soothing.

  50. sesame says:

    I see…I must say I haven’t used full-fat milk to know the difference cos I was always told that if I’m acne prone, I should avoid it. Maybe I’ll give it a try next time if I have a chance. Thanks for sharing that valuable info!

  51. Rainbow says:

    Hi, where do you buy the ah yuan soap in sg?

  52. Sesame says:

    You can find them in selected Unity Pharmacy eg. at Suntec, at AMK Hub and at Thomson Plaza.

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  54. Nurshed says:

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