Holistic healing Gua Sha face therapy at Geranium

I came to know Grace of Geranium when she was still operating out of a mobile cart at Suntec City. She was also the one who got me interested in the use of essential oils. At that time, I’ve already learnt that she was providing facial service out of her home and hence, it came as no surprise when I later found out that she has set up shop at The Central. What surprised me though is that her holistic healing face therapy is based on Gua Sha, an ancient Chinese therapy that involves scraping the skin to promote blood circulation and removing toxic. I’ve never really had my face fully Gua Sha-ed, and so I was gamed for a trial when Grace invited me to a complimentary session.

The venue
Geranium is conveniently located on the 4th level of The Central (moved to 26 Horne Road, BH Building #01-01). It’s a simple, pristine looking setup with minimalist design and one could have easily mistook it for a retail store. Besides essential oils, Geranium also carries the range from Henry Tianus, Dr Hauschka, 100% Pure and Breathe. The two treatment rooms were well hidden from the public eye by the design even though it’s just right in front of the store. In fact, I almost forgot I was there for a facial when I was busy taken pictures of the setup.

The treatment cabin
Each treatment room is of a comfortable size and it didn’t feel cramped or cluttered. Like the shop front, the room is also simply designed and has a cupboard to store customer’s belonging. Very importantly, they have a basin and a mirror for the customer to touch up after the session.

The treatment process
I didn’t find out how long the entire Gua Sha Face therapy would take but was surprised to find myself being told to lie face down for a 10-minute back relaxation massage first. I think this must be the the first facial therapy I’ve done with a back massage as a first treatment, rather than in the middle or the last part of the therapy. In any case, I was more than happy as I was suffering from a severe backache then and needed some quick relief. But I wasn’t expecting too much from the back massage as I thought it would be rather normal. Boy, I was wrong! The back massage, which comes complimentary with the face therapy is truly divine for me. The therapist had strong hands and so if you’re the sort who like strong massages, you’ll love this part of the treatment. And it’s not just a hand massage as they incorporated a herbal heat treatment, which I thought really soothed my aches and helped relieve most of the tensions on my back. I actually felt it was longer than the 10 minutes stated!

The facial
After the back massage, the therapist cleansed my face and began the facial therapy. Included in the session was a microdermabrasion treatment, which I found to be rather gentle as it was not using a scrub. In fact, I thought it felt like a lifting suction to me but I noticed that my skin tone looked better after the treatment. On top of a treatment mask, I also received a complimentary Aqua Eye Treatment in the package. Most of the products used were from Henry Tianus, except for the massage oil used during the Gua Sha. That was a house blend using Jojoba oil and Lavender essential oil for me. As for the Gua Sha, it was not painful in case some of you are wondering if it’s so. But that’s because I’ve got a mini Gua Sha tool at home and I sometimes use it on my face. So I already knew how it felt like to have my face scrapped. First timers may need to understand that it’s slightly uncomfortable at the beginning as it’s not the same as finger massage, although it isn’t painful at all.

The therapist
I forgot to find out the name of the therapist but she appeared very well trained and had deft fingers. She spoke in Mandarin to me but I was told she can speak English too. The thing I found very comfortable is that she spoke only when necessary or when asked. I thought it might be because I was reviewing the treatment process but I found out from Grace later that that’s how she has trained her staff to be – speak less and do more. She also does not encourage her staff to hardsell the packages or products to the customers as she would like her customers to have an enjoyable therapy and not be stressed out thinking about how to fend off irksome sales tactics.

The results
It was only after the entire treatment was over that I realized that this is a 2-hour therapy. Besides the 10-minutes back massage in the initial stage, there were also some neck and upper chest massage during the treatment. So the time was very well spent. And how did my face look afterwards? Well, it was a little red from the Gua Sha scrapping. So you have to be mentally prepared for that. However, the redness will subside after some time. I noticed that my undereye area looked less puffy but other than that, I can’t see that much difference for my face. It could be because I don’t have very saggy skin to begin with and so the lifting effects were less evident for me. However, my back benefited tremendously as it no longer felt heavy and tight.

Special promotion at S$64 for a 2-hour facial
First time customers to Geranium can enjoy the 2-hour Gua Sha Face Therapy at S$64. The original price of the treatment is S$128. As part of the promotion, you will get a complimentary Aqua Eye Treatment and a 10-minute relaxation massage worth S$60. I actually find the price very worthwhile and Grace told me that customers can continue to enjoy the holistic healing face therapy at S$64 if they sign on for a 6-time package, which means they’ll pay S$384 one time to enjoy the facial six times. Not a bad deal if you ask me! And I can say with some certainty that Geranium will not engage in hardsell so if you’re looking for facial therapy based on natural therapy, this is definitely something to consider.

Gua Sha face therapy is suitable for sensitive skin too
Those with sensitive skin might be happy to know that Gua Sha is suitable for your skin type. I understand that many of Geranium’s existing customers actually have sensitive skin. In fact, Grace remarked that more of more people here are reporting to have sensitive skin and I wonder why. But if you do head to Geranium, do remember to ask to look at the chart that shows our reflex zones for internal organs. You’ll definitely find it interesting and informative.

Geranium is located at 26 Horne Road, BH Building #01-01, opposite ICA Building and you can call them at 6294 2581 / 6446 1231 or check them out at their Facebook page.


  1. fwy says:

    Hi, This is off-topic. I know you aat brown rice instead of white rice. Does brown rice gives you gas or create abdominal discomfort? Thank you.

  2. Audris says:

    The 6-package price is a good one, considering the length of the treatment and the steps. Would the package come with the Aqua Eye Treatment and 10-min massage too? ?

    Even without, seems reasonable and much cheaper than what I’m paying for my 1 hour eye guasha at a neighbourhood salon here.

    Thanks for the rec! Will try to get a gal pal to go along.

  3. Berry Mii says:

    oh my bf’s mother goes for gua sha at Amway, but they’re not using natural products so I haven’t consider it. this looks good, i might take up that package. thanks for the info, sesame.

  4. xin says:

    my aunt took a course in this gua-sha, and i must say that i love it when she does it for me! there was once, both my legs had really bad water retention (not sure because of why), i couldn’t even fit into my flats (ballerinas)! so, she spent 2 hours scrapping my legs, and the water retention was relieved immediately. and i went toilet 3x within that 2 hour. she was using some expensive scrapper in a shape of fish (hundreds of SGD$ it cost). it was quite painful but it really helped.

  5. sesame says:

    Oh you had gua sha on your legs? Interesting. I’ve seen gua sha done on the head and back. Never thought it can be done on the legs.

  6. sesame says:

    Amway? Interesting. That’s an MLM company isn’t it? Didn’t know they offer gua sha treatment.

  7. sesame says:

    It’ll include the eye treatment and the 10-minute massage. I think Grace is even considering incorporating some other new treatments into the package without charges.

  8. sesame says:

    Maybe initially it did…can’t really remember but I’ve been eating consistently 4 times a week now and it hasn’t cause any more problems.

  9. Audris says:

    Not Sesame, but you could do what my mum does, mix 50% brown rice with 50% white rice initially to get used to it.
    No problems with any flatulence in our family but I’d suggest starting with a smaller percentage and building your way up, if you’re afraid of any potential gastrointestinal discomforts ?

  10. Berry Mii says:

    I heard that they are not an MLM company, but I didn’t find out in details. When you go for their gua sha treatment, they will teach you how to do it yourself as well, and you can opt to buy their products to use at home when you gua sha. But I understand from my bf’s mom that if you are not satified with their products, they can do a full refund.

    btw, is the Geranium promo ongoing for that price? becuz i might want to go only after xmas.

  11. sesame says:

    That’s a good idea for those starting out on a brown rice diet. It’ll give them some time to adjust to the taste, etc. I took the plunge straight though. ?

  12. sesame says:

    The Geranium promo is ongoing. It will still be on after X’mas.

  13. EcoBeauty says:

    I’ve never tried gua sha before but my BF said it can be quite painful but really effective in removing water retention, trapped coldness and toxins. I don’t know if it’s gua sha, too, but he told me that he and his friend went for some sort of massage treatment in China once where the ‘doctor’ used a rough stone to scrape the ‘heat’ off their backs.

  14. sesame says:

    It sounds similar in concept just using different tools. On the face, it is not painful to me…just some discomfort initially. Never tried the back, but I imagine it could be more painful for “bigger areas” due to the strength involved?

  15. chenyze says:

    whoa sounds awesome. i’m quite sold on the 6-treatment package if the massage is really that awesome! d=

  16. sesame says:

    The massage is good to me…the kneading is quite intense so if you like your massage a bit harder, this might be something worthwhile to try. Anyway, you can try once to determine if you want to continue.

  17. Fernleafify says:

    Hey Sesame, thanks for sharing this, because I’m hooked now ?

    I just had my gua sha facial today and my therapist was Zi Ling. I enjoyed the entire 2 hours! It was extremely relaxing! It is as good as Botox but without the tox-ic! Natural and effective.

    I love it that:
    Zi Ling washed her hands after wrapping up my hair; before starting with the facial and because she was summoned by another colleague during the facial massage, she washed her hands again after she returned; before continuing on with the massage. (I’m pretty conscious about this)

    No sponges were used. I think it was some disposable wipes being used during my facial. (Yay! By then, I was convinced that they’re hygienic, which is important to me)

    Almost no conversation during the facial unless I asked her questions, which allowed me to enjoy the whole session in peace. (Like what you’ve mentioned)

    No hard selling! (Love this and I hope they keep it that way)

    Natural and organic products was used for the facial.

    Yep, I bought the package and mentioned your name ? Thanks again!

  18. sesame says:

    Oh that’s wonderful! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it! You can trust Grace and her staff – she is a very nice lady and she hates to hardsell herself because her philosophy is that customers should feel relax and comfortable during their therapy.

  19. Fernleafify says:

    I sent my hubby to enjoy this facial last evening but I’m not very pleased this time. My hubby didn’t get the 10mins back treatment prior to the facial and no shoulder massage too while he had the facial mask on. He said he only received some light scalp massage.

    What I’m upset about is that they should have informed me, when I was making the appointment for my hubby, that men don’t get the same treatment as the ladies. I sent my hubby there thinking to have his face lifted and to de-stress with the good back massage.

  20. sesame says:

    Oh dear…I wasn’t aware too. Hmm…they should have told you. Perhaps you should give them feedback. I guess it’s quite hard for them to massage men given that they need to use more strength?

  21. Kelly says:

    Hi how do you tell if the gua sha tool is genuine and not plastic? Any recommendation on where to get that?

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