Using oil to clear my breakouts: am I crazy?

It’s been awhile since I last wrote about acne or pimples. Well, my skin was clear for awhile but it broke out a little recently, maybe due to a healing crisis because of the Fit Solution all-in-one supplement that I am taking. Anyway, I was expecting some breakout because in one of my facial sessions, I was told that I have some clogged pores that would breakout in time. But all is good now. Just need to take care of the marks so that they can go away quicker. By the way, what items do you ladies reach out for whenever you have breakouts? For me, it’s my stash of oily products! Sounds strange isn’t it, considering that acne occurs when the pores of the skin clog up with too much oil and our dead skin cells then become infected with bacteria.

Tea tree oil, Neem oil & Jojoba Oil
Actually it isn’t strange because a number of these oils have anti-bacterial properties that are helpful to deal with acne. Tea Tree oil is one popular oil used for such purpose. However, I find that tea tree oil does not work for me all the time and it can be rather drying when overused. Another popular oil used to counteract acne is Neem oil because it contains active ingredients that are very similar to the ingredients in common medical acne treatment products. Some other acne sufferers use Jojoba oil as this oil strenghtens the epidermis and leads to less dead skin cells and clogged pores. I don’t like either of these oils as Neem oil is so thick and the smell is too strong. Jojoba is likewise too oily for my skin.

Evening Primrose Oil & Emu Oil
For me, I found evening primrose oil to be good for acne flare ups because of its ability to dilute sebum production (click on the link for my entry describing the benefits). My experience using evening primrose oil is good because my acne would always subside quickly. Another oil I use very often is Emu oil (click through for the benefits). Emu oil has a complete source of essential fatty acids and is highly moisturizing. The oil has an extreme anti-inflammatory response and is a great healing aid. In addition, it also penetrates the skin better than any other natural oil as its molecules are much smaller than the molecules in human skin. What I found though is that there are different grades of Emu oil and not all of them work well. Those that work well are good on its own in dealing with my acne issues. But the healing process may take longer compared to using conventional commercial acne products.

Mixed oil serum
I’ve also been using a balancing serum from Kelly Edwards Skincare to counteract my acne problems. I like it because it’s a roll on and I only need to apply it to my problem area. This serum contains a blend of Chia Seed, Rosehip, Evening Primrose, Jojoba, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Ginseng Tincture, Willow Herb, Acai Berry and the Essential Oils of Mandarin, Lavender and Ylang Ylang.  Plenty of oily goodness that has helped to control my breakout pretty well.  However, I’m also mindful that this serum contains Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A) and that must have helped to deal with my breakout too.  But because of the combination of oil, it isn’t that drying.

Oils take a longer while to heal
Of course when it comes to using oil to heal acne, the results are much slower. Having said that, I’ve to concede that using oil is better when it comes to reducing the appearance of marks. And because I’m already using a facial oil on a daily basis, so the combination of Rosehip Oil, Raspberry Oil, Seabuckthorn Oil and so forth would have also helped to reduce some of the acne marks more quickly. So any of you also like using oil to control your breakouts? Which are the ones that you’ve found to work very well for your problem skin?


  1. AtelierGal says:

    I had wanted to try TTO from Body Shop but was strongly advised against it, so had to stick to acne cream which aren’t exactly a remedy for my problem.

    Rosehip Oil don’t work for me either; I notice my face gets even oilier overtime.

  2. sesame says:

    TTO from TBS is not 100% TTO if I remember correctly. It has other ingredients. Rosehip oil is not for every skin type…I agree it can be too oily. Best is to use it with a combination of other oils or use it with a bit of face mist/toner.

  3. Berry Mii says:

    I’m using rosehip oil as a face moisturizer. Only 1 drop for the whole face & it is not too oily for me. Healed my dry flaky mouth area.

    For breakouts, I prefer using honey though. Not oils.

  4. Audris says:

    Yup, TBS’ TTO is lemon + tea tree for one of them. They had an offer recently and I was checking the ingredients. Not quite value for $ if you ask me.

    I only use 100% TTO for the first couple of days on the occasional cystic acne or larger ones whose heads have popped, leaving a “gap” in the skin. It does heal quite cleanly and reasonably fast, but like you’ve said, it does dry out the skin.

  5. Amanda says:

    I use a lactic acid cleanser and BHA toner (both natural) to combat breakouts, I have also used and like tea tree oil as a spot treatment.

    I have recently come across this honey/TTO gel combo, and might give that a go as a spot treatment.

  6. sesame says:

    Honey for breakouts? That’s interesting! I used it with nutmeg to clear marks.

  7. sesame says:

    TTO works better for me in combination with emu oil. It was not so effective for my cystic acne though.

  8. sesame says:

    Honey & TTO? Hmm…interesting. And we leave it on overnight or do we wash off after a couple of minutes?

  9. Fi says:

    Just so happened I just bought a new product because my old pimple cream has expired. I bought a natural acne and pimple gel at a local pharmacy, using plant extracts: tea tree, arnica, hypericum and calendula.

    Not sure how well it would work, but I’d be giving it a try soon, and hope for the best. I’ve used tea tree oil in the past for spot treatment and I find that for me it works ok, but almost no significant difference from other ones I’ve tried (not natural ones), but I like the cooling sensation from the tea tree oil, and the smell too.

    I have to say though, the one that has worked the best was not a natural one, so I still keep a tube of my non-natural acne treatment gel in my cabinet. I’d like to find a natural one that works for me.

  10. sesame says:

    Usually, those commercial acne products are fast acting, but some may not be good for long term usage. Natural products or ingredients are slower in yielding results. The only one that gives me fast results is evening primrose oil…but it does not get rid of the acne entirely…just reduce the inflammation.

  11. fwy says:

    Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil is my multi-purpose oil. I have been using it on rashes and acne and other skin problems I may have every now and then. Right now, I have some skin rashes near my waist. However, if I apply some TTO daily on the affected area it tends not to get too itchy.

    I am currently using Home Health Almond Glow Skin Lotion in Rose as my facial moisturiser. I am also taking the Kordel fish oil that you wrote about in your previous blog entry. So far, no major skin breakout. However, my skin has always been a bit reddish around the cheek area.

  12. Ami says:

    I use tea tree oil for my acne and I have to say that I use it a lot. My skin is very easy to breakout, but tea tree works for me (luckily). It dries my skin a little bit but I use moisturizes over it so it’s fine. And I feel it safer than the not natural ones.

  13. Berry Mii says:

    yup =) I use it as a spot treatment & dot it on my zits, then leave it on for a few hours. i realized that it makes the head come off easily & it heals the zit mark quickly. Sometimes, I mix it with tiny dash of cinnamon or lemon.

  14. sesame says:

    I see…interesting. I should try it. I always wash away honey I leave on my skin after 10 – 20 mins.

  15. sesame says:

    That’s good. I’m glad tea tree oil works for you. It works for me sometimes but not when I have big cystic acne.

  16. sesame says:

    I’ve seen the Thursday Plantation one around. Good to learn it’s working for you. I hope the Kordel Fish Oil won’t break you out…it was good for me when I took i but now, I’ve stopped cos I’m taking this all-in-one supplement.

  17. ny says:

    i use rose hip oil and egyptian magic cream to get rid of acnes and other must-get-rid stuffs. its works. ?

  18. sesame says:

    Wow, that’s quite a combination…but glad it works well for you!

  19. Amanda says:

    It acts as a spot treatment, I think. It’s by a brand called Living Nature (NZ company) and I’m quite intrigued by it.

  20. sesame says:

    Oh Living Nature! I think I know which product now…is it the rescue gel or emergency gel? Heard it’s good.

  21. Ellie-B says:

    I use MVO Treatment Oil as my daily moisturiser, which has really helped clear up my skin. My skin used to get quite congested from using creams and moisturisers, and after switching to strictly oils only, I found my skin has less breakouts, and when I do break out, they heal quicker. I also gently exfoliate twice a day, which has really really helped too. ?

  22. sesame says:

    Woah…that’s really great! I’m glad their products work well for you. I love the anti-aging oil plus…doesn’t break me out one bit too.

  23. beth says:

    I use rosehip oil on my face, neck and decollege, brilliant works fab !

  24. jolie says:

    I used to try everything that you can find at the drugstores/Target – then started into the expensive lines like Sonya Dakar, Clinique, DDF, Murad, etc. but couldn’t find anything that really made a noticeable difference. Then, I was enthralled by Bare Escentuals RareMinerals Blemish Therapy – it actually worked for me. Then, I started to get into essential oils and now swear by TTO mixed with vit E oil. It is the best solution thus far! I also use sandalwood oil around my mouth/lip lines (mixed with jojoba oil). They have greatly diminished my breakouts (I still get a few blemishes, but *much less* than before and for a shorter time period). You’re right in that they take longer to heal sometimes, but they definitely reduced the acne scars! I no longer have to use anything else!

    TTO was also great for when I ended up “burning” my face after an acid peel – it definitely reduced the inflammation and protected it from infection (although, it definitely needs to be diluted- not used full strength, otherwise it stings like hell).

  25. sesame says:

    TTO helped with your acid peel? Wow, sounds wonderful. I mix TTO with emu oil and it helped me to some extent. Sandalwood is good…have good experience using products containing it.

  26. VNikol says:

    I have acne prone combo skin and I’ve been using Emu Oil at night combined with Melaleuca Oil for breakouts. The two together seem to do a very good job at clearing my acne quickly. I also rotate this with pure Lavender Oil as well. Great tips!

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