Share: do you use a deodorant or antiperspirant?

Let’s get really personal today by going to the pits…I mean armpits. It’s good that the Internet does not transmit smell and so we’re safe to discuss this topic freely. (^▽^) To get started, let me share a little bit of history on how I got started using deodorants.

A bad case of B.O. & a kind hearted colleague
Regular readers here are probably aware that I need to use something to keep my armpits smelling fresh all day long. In fact, I started using deodorant at the age of 17. I had a severe case of body odor…or should I say armpit odor. I knew it but I didn’t know what to do about it. I was not savvy about personal care at that age and it took a colleague, who was kind enough to highlight to me and adviced me on what to do about the issue. I was in between school at that age and worked as a receptionist in this Christian association. This colleague was a few years older than me and just before she resigned from her job, she mentioned about my body odor out of concern. I should have been offended but I wasn’t. In fact, I was grateful to her because I wouldn’t otherwise knew how to tackle the problem then. And another reason why I wasn’t offended was because I felt bad that she bore with the awful smell for the couple of months we worked together! (X_X)

Difference between deodorants & antiperspirants
If I recall correctly, she introduced me to Rexona and it was probably a spray formula that I started out using. By the way, deodorants are different from antiperspirants; I used to think they’re the same. First off, body odor is caused by bacteria that act as a fermenting agent on your perspiration. With a word like ‘ferment, you can be certain that the smell is BAD. So deodorants work by neutralizing the smell of the perspiration and by antiseptic action against bacteria. Antiperspirant on the other hand, is a kind of deodorant that suppresses body odor by preventing perspiration from occurring in your armpits. Typically, powerful astringents such as aluminum salts are used to block the pores under your arms so that they can’t release perspiration. Obviously, deodorants are a better choice.

What I use now
So since age 17, I’ve been using deodorants daily. It is something I CANNOT live without. I’ve tried a DIY deodorant but it was too time consuming and so currently, I alternate between Nivea Pure & Natural Action Roll-On Deodorant and the Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal. Before I started writing on this blog, I had naively thought everyone needed some help with either a deodorant or an antiperspirant. It was only later I realized it’s not the case. Well, actually my husband does not need to use one. (-_-)

Over to you
So ladies, I’m curious and want to know: do you use a deodoroant or an antiperspirant? Is it something you MUST use daily? I really want to know if there are more people using or not using deodorants. And since we’re on this topic, share with me what products you use too. Oh, and would you tell someone they need a deodorant? (~o~)


  1. Carrie says:

    I do not have an issue with body odor so I do not need deodorants or antiperspirants. Though I have used Dove body spray (cucumber & green tea) few times in the past for refreshing relief from perspiration. But my mom was absolutly against it as she thinks such products are bad for our health, and could lead to breast cancer (@@”). So at the moment if I do perspire at my armpits, I’d go to the loo and wipe with tissues. Though I do remember seeing this on TV: a lady who’s pro natural care products (when I say natural, it is super natural!!) suggested rubbing lemon juice to the armpits would make you odor-free too!

  2. Rebecca says:

    I use an antiperspirant.

  3. Alexandra says:

    I had this issue all my life, but its funny that I’ve always used deos since I was young. Even now that I am an adult, the problem still persist.

    I have changed from using anti-perspirant to natural deos ( my current favourite is by Moogoo ) after hearing the cons of what anti-perspirant do in the long run.

    Besides relying only on deos, I find that using body scrubs on the pits helps to control the ordour better and clear the pores.:)
    Alexandra last post is: Review:Oil Cleansing Method with MooGoo Oil Cleanser for Dry Skin

  4. soiia says:

    I think I’m a lucky one for not having body odour (except if I don’t shower for 2 days of course) and I’m certain of it, because I asked my mother and my close friends for an honest answer. I know antiperspirant is not the greatest choice, but I use it when I wear coloured blouse and do not want to have a “wet” spot at my underarms for hot weather. It’s really embarrassing in my opinion so that’s pretty much the only moment I use it.

    I used to use deodorant when I was really athletic because I was afraid my sweat smells, but luckily it didn’t, so I don’t use anything. As long as I shower after a hardcore training then I’m fine ?

    My mother use alum (the pure mineral) by wetting it with cold water and applying it to her armpit. Apparently, it tighten pores so the transpiration is reduced. I tried to research on it to see whether it reduce body odour, but it doesn’t seem so.

  5. soiia says:

    *Oh, just saw on wikipedia that alum has anti-bacterial properties, so I suppose it helps with the odour ? And it is natural!

  6. Nikki says:

    I do not use deodorant/anti-perspirant on a daily basis, only if I know I’ll be out for long! Usually its just deodorant as I don’t perspire much ?

  7. Janette says:

    I use Perspirex antiperspirant coz unlike deodorant that needs to apply after every wash, one application would last me a week.
    Janette last post is: 2B For Face

  8. kay says:

    I use antipespirant in the day but I do take extra care in washing them off at the end of the day.

    I read and tried different kinds of deodorants/antipespirants and found that spray bottles actually work better because the deodorant or antipespirant is in fine powder form. Unlike the roll-on that you have to wait for it to dry in order to work, I can just spray it and go out the next second.

    But I’m likely to purchase a deodorant crystal next and try it out ?

  9. EcoBeauty says:

    I’ve never used deodorants because I’ve never had problems with body odor. Sometimes, my sweat even smells sweet–but rest assured I’ve never been tempted to taste it. :p BUT my big problem is occasionally having too much underarm sweating. Sometimes when I’m tensed or stressed out or rushing, I feel like I’m squeezing lemons under my pits, haha. But since I don’t like using deodorants or anti-antiperspirants, I just let it be. We have lymph nodes very near the armpits and I sort of look at it as our body’s way of ridding the toxins.

  10. fwy says:

    After I did IPL on my armpits a few years ago, I no longer have armpit odor except for occassions when the climate is really warm.

  11. Phyllis says:

    I started using after my school principal (Convent) announced during an assembly that girls should be aware of our personal hygiene. That prompted me to purchase my 1st Rexona after school that day. I was in my early teens and I thanked her (RIP) that I’ve not received any comments regarding my B.O., other then a recent one from a friend that I smell like spa because I use Aesop’s deodorant which contains a blend of essential oils like Lemongrass, Clove and Vetiver Root. I consider that a compliment!

  12. Caramel says:

    Hi I do have problems with sweating more at the armpits when the weather is hot or when I am stressed.. and the smell is unbearable!
    My father used to have the same problem. A friend taught him to place lime cut into halves into a pail of water for rinsing during shower and he cleared his armpit odour after that.
    I think I should start to try that!

  13. Sandra says:

    I’ve been using Perspirex since 2005/2006. While I don’t have BO issue, I sweat easily especially after a hot drink. I used to be very self-conscious about the wet patches on my clothes and tried to cover my arms with books & files.

  14. Lore says:

    #k8SjZc9Dxk#k8SjZc9Dxk I’ve heard also about the lemon juice, apparently it’s very effective!
    Baking soda works as well, but it’s kind of messy haha

    I use Rexona Powder or Skin Care Nutritive which is antiperspirant but it doesn’t block pores or stop perspiration, i think it just avoids stains and bad odor. Plus it says it’s 0% alcohol, and it feels soft so I like it.
    I do use it everyday because I transpire a lot *blush* especially now that it’s a hot summer and when i excercise i get self-conscious about it

    I don’t know if I would tell someone they need deodorant..maybe if it’s someone close and i know they won’t be offended or embarrassed by my suggestion.
    i guess I would also be grateful if someone told me, so I could fix the problem ?

  15. MereMakeupManiac says:

    i’m currently using Lady Speed Stick, which is both deodorant and antiperspirant. i believe i started using it since i was 12. i use it everyday and it’s a no-no to skip it. i will probably tell someone they need to use it if they’re in my family – it’s harder to tell others, they might take it the wrong way, which reminds me of a colleague who has a bad breath but does not seem to notice. ?

  16. bubblegumm says:

    Hey Sesame, I have BO problems too!
    Started to smell bad when I was 15! I’m really sure that I smelt okay before that.
    So I started using deodorants to contain the smell but left nasty stains on all my tops because I sweat alot at the underams too @_@! Those stains can’t be washed off and I have to throw my tops away every few months.

    For me, roll-on worked better to contain the smell than spray-ons.
    I think I might try the lemon juice method and see if it works cuz there seems to be some health concerns regarding the use of conventional deodorants. Arghh…
    I heard that some diet changes might help a little with the smell?
    Btw, I was wondering if there’re any effective natural deodorants around?

  17. BatAttack says:

    I grew up with my parents who both don’t use any deodorant or antiperspirant. My mother doesn’t need one, since she only starts having any B.O. after working very hard in very hot weather for a long time or in similar extreme conditions. My father, on the other hand, doesn’t need to do anything to have a certain armpity smell around him.

    I don’t need a deodorant or antiperspirant much, but I still use one since I’m a bit paranoid about having B.O.

    I’m actually using Nivea Pure & Natural Action Roll-On too, I started after reading about it in your blog and then checking in the store to see that it’s pretty much the only deodorant with no alcohol or aluminum that doesn’t cost me a limb or two.

    For natural deodorants, I’ve read and tried out baking soda, which works pretty well. I’ve also heard that starch or cosmetic clay (like kaolin) can be used instead of an antiperspirant. They’re supposed to absorb some of the moisture and might keep you dry if you don’t perspire much.

  18. Audrina says:

    I used to have BO – it doesnt happen all the time but comes occasionally. I have been using deodorant since then and i find it greatly improves my condition. Now there are days when i forget to apply, and i dont smell. I also prefer deodorant than anti-perspirant as i think there is a saying that the latter will eventually lead to breast cancer after prolong blocking of the sweat glands. Im not sure if there’s any truth but it certainly scared me enough not to use it. Anyway i am not bothered by sweaty pits, i just need to air them when the chance comes (ha ha) – only the smell bothers me, hence im happy with just a deodorant.

  19. Anne says:

    I’m very sporty and need a strong deodorant. Gave up using anti perspirants when I switched to natural products.

    Am rotating between Miessence deodorant, Soapwalla deodorant cream and Dr Hauschka deodorant in Fresh and they do a great job.

    For people wishing to switch to natural deodorants, Stephanie from Bubble and Bee has pointed out that there is a transition period (about up to 10 days) where you might not smell good, and you think it’s the natural deo not working. It’s actually your pits detoxing!

  20. savennia says:

    I have the same problem with body odor too. I used to use antiperspirant but I really hate that it destroyed my clothes with stains, so I stopped using it. I don’t think those so-called antiperspirants work with me since I still perspire when I use them. I changed to an organic one, which is Erbaviva deodorant and it works! It makes me feel refresh and confident. The price is expensive to me but one bottle last me for months (I think about 4~5 months) even though I tend to apply a lot when I go out.

    I know the sweat can cause a number of inconveniences, but I don’t mind it much because sweating is a natural process of detoxing.

  21. sesame says:

    Yeah, sweating is fine. I think it’s a sign of trouble if one can’t sweat much. Don’t get Erbaviva here…or otherwise, I would love to try it.

  22. sesame says:

    Oh that’s good info…I didn’t know that there’s a detox process. Very interesting!

  23. sesame says:

    Yup…there’s a vague fear about antiperspirant leading to breast cancer so it’s better to stick to deodorant. The only problem with some deodorants are that they’re very wet.

  24. sesame says:

    You’re fortunate….I wish I can do without deodorants. Never tried kaolin but yes, it can do the job too. It’s a bit hard to get hold of kaolin here. I have to use cornstarch and baking soda.

  25. sesame says:

    Lemon juice can sting. I tried scrubbing with lemon juice but it was not so ideal for me. I suspect it might have to do with diets…but my BO has improved over this year. Not so bad as before. The crystal one I tried is not so bad if your BO is not too severe or you don’t perspire a lot.

  26. sesame says:

    That’s the thing…most pple don’t smell themselves. With bad breath, it can be more difficult to know than BO cos we can still smell our armpits. ?

  27. sesame says:

    Maybe I should give lemon juice another try. I might also check about diet and BO cos there should be a link. If I remember correctly, I read that pple who eat a lot of red meat might have more BO issues. The thing is, I hardly take red meat!

    Haha…can be tricky to tell someone they need deodorant or antiperspirant. Hint might work better. ?

  28. sesame says:

    Oh I’ve tried Perspirex….it was okay but I didn’t really like it too much so I stopped after using one or two bottles.

  29. sesame says:

    So have to rinse with the lime water every day then? Hmm…a reader mentioned drinking lemon water will help get rid of the smell too.

  30. sesame says:

    Oh you’re using the Aesop one? I was at their counter today and asked for it but they don’t seem to have it here. I don’t mind giving it a try but I imagine it’s expensive.

  31. sesame says:

    Ah…I guess IPL should help. I should consider doing something about it.

  32. sesame says:

    Your sweat is sweet smelling??? So fortunate! Seems that underarm sweating bothers a number of the ladies here. I think I don’t perspire that much but I don’t understanding why I can’t smell better. ?

  33. sesame says:

    True…the roll on ones are wet. For some of the brands I used in the past, I had to use a hairdryer to dry my armpits after application. ?

  34. sesame says:

    That’s very economical! I think it lasted me only 3 – 4 days back when I used it.

  35. sesame says:

    That’s really fortunate. At least you’re not dependent on it.

  36. sesame says:

    Yes, you’re very blessed. I guess the antiperspirant once in a while is not a problem…better than looking wet at the armpits. Can be quite embarrassing…

  37. sesame says:

    Thanks for the reminder. I need to scrub and exfoliate my armpits more!

  38. sesame says:

    I realized that some products don’t indicate clearly if they’re a deodorant or antiperspirant. Seems many products are also two in one these days.

  39. sesame says:

    That’s quite a common perception regarding underarm products and breast cancer but I don’t know if statistics support this perception.

    Maybe I’ll give lemon juice another time…will be troublesome if I have to use it daily.

  40. N. says:

    I’m 17 right now and this year I started having smelly problems. -sigh- So now I do have to use deo everyday. Since even after a bath I have B.O. Especially on the left pit. Which is weird and is making me very frustrated.

    I sweat a lot so sometimes I have to resort to an antiperspirant.

    My mother is so lucky she dosen’t have any B.O and doesn’t sweat almost at all. Which is a bit concerning but well, it still is a matter of envy for me.
    N. last post is: Etsy: Erzulie Cosmetics

  41. Jasmine says:

    Fenugreek and a lot of other herbs change the smell of your sweat …

  42. Jasmine says:

    I use PitRok (very similar to your Naturally Fresh crystal) mainly for my feet and soles …it’s been taken over by my boyfriend in his bid to end yellow underarm stains on his work shirts. Never mind that I’m not a regular gym buddy, that deodorant has taken that chief place and has filled it well! ?

    I think (or should I say, strongly believe) that malodour in sweat is a sign of bad fats being unloaded in the form of fat-containing perspiration from the endocrine system. In a holistic approach to looking at health, it seems to be to be a natural detox approach.

    I used to suffer from this but only when I was undergoing puberty. I imagine that the volume of hormones and the poor nutrition I had with all the junk food must have aggravated the sweat glands. Without sounding as if I know more than I actually do, I think a careful observation of diet can help alleviate the problem.

    The ‘sour’ smell of the sweat comes from the acidity of the sebum produced in the sweat along certain body parts. The sweat is acidic because of the phospholipids being converted into smaller lipids to buffer the skin. Foods high in phosphates, such as soft drinks, margarine, processed meats etc might be the cause.

    As for my own HK feet it’s a matter of reducing dampness, so antiperspirants work wonderfully here ?

  43. Jane says:

    I have been using the antiperspirant from Kiehl’s and I think this is the best one so far! ?

  44. sesame says:

    Oh I have used that one! Agree. It’s very good!. A bit ex though…

  45. sesame says:

    Hey Jasmine, thanks very much for sharing the info about factors contributing to the bad smell. I thought it was something to do with diet and so it is! I did notice that my BO is not as bad as before because I have changed my diet over this one year or so. Very positive info! Shall go find out what else I can do to improve. ?

    You mentioned Fenugreek and other herbs – should they be ingested?

  46. sesame says:

    You reckon it has something to do with your diet? If so, going by some of the comments and what I read briefly, an improvement in diet might help.

  47. N. says:

    Hmm but I did change my diet this year and I’m eating more healthy. Way more. And this year I started exercising as well. Could that have something to do with it?

  48. Anne says:

    To reduce body odours, reduce the amount of strong smelling elements in your diet. A lot of the time, you will smell of what you ingest. Meat, spices and alcohol are some of the usual culprits.

    Taking supplements high in chlorophyll also helps reduce body odours. Try regular intake of chlorella or wheatgrass.

  49. AT says:

    I have bad BO too! My mom bought me my first deodorant when I was in pri 6 (way back in the 80s). She herself doesn’t require any deodorants at all. I think I “inherit” my BO from dad. LOL. I’ve used many different kinds of deos/antiperspirants, but my favourites, over the years, are Lady Speedstick (even though it stained my clothes badly. or maybe I just used too much?), Shoynear (can’t be found anymore. in the mid 90s, it was was terribly expensive to me at $35 a bottle–bought from a shop in People’s Park) and the most recent favourite is the Shisedo AG+ (stick or spray). For nearly 2 years, I was using the crystal rock, followed by an M&S body spray (this combo worked really well! even as I’m writing this, I wondered why I didn’t use that “method” anymore?!LOL). Perspirex and the Watsons’ once-a-week bio wipes also worked on me, although I never take chances and still do use a deo/antiperspirant in addition. One thing I realised is that I need to change or rotate my deos/antiperspirants, otherwise they will cease to work one day. So I will finish up one, switch to another brand, come back to the same brand, or continue with a different. And when I put on weight, my BO gets worse.

  50. sesame says:

    Rotating? Hmm…maybe that is something to think about because it’s true for me…some of them work very well initially and then stopped working…but will work again after I try it a few weeks later. Kind of strange.

    And interesting you mentioned about BO getting worse with more weight…wonder what’s the link.

  51. sesame says:

    I don’t eat anything strong smelling though…but will look into chlorophyll and wheatgrass. Think they taste yucky though…

  52. sesame says:

    Really have no idea…could be part of hormones too cos you’re at that age that you’re still growing.

  53. zmadison says:

    well it’s something i’m really not too sure. i perspire really easily but when i try to smell myself, there is no odor but it seems that we can’t smell our own bo right? and i get paranoid because i feel as if whenever i raise my arms, ppl scruched their noses.
    so yea, using deo/antiperspirant on a daily basis. spray one is good but after using, the smell lingers in the room and it’s kinda hard to breath haha.. so using M&S roll-on for now.
    and i have a bottle of unused Perpirex lying around. any takers? hehe

  54. sesame says:

    Er…I can smell my own. ? I used to use M&S roll on but they’re wet and I always had to use a hairdryer to dry my armpits after using the deo. Haha…

  55. Issa says:

    i cannot live without a deodorant/anti-perspirant (these are usually 2 in 1)… i also use it everyday ….

  56. sesame says:

    Yup…seems that many are two-in-one.

  57. Amelie de Vera says:

    I use antiperspirant because I perspire a lot, and I use it every day. However, I don’t see that it’s effective though since I still perspire a lot. Good thing I don’t smell bad. But the sticky feeling under the arms is really bothering and troublesome. Is lemon juice also good to lessen perspiration? What’s a natural way of resolving this problem?

  58. sesame says:

    I haven’t checked out what’s the best way to resolve this problem naturally…I think it’s the diet as some readers have pointed out. The lemon juice is not so much to clear out perspiration but more of an exfoliation process I believe…

  59. Amelie de Vera says:

    I see. I think I need to do more research on this. Thank you.

  60. Kajsa says:

    Hello, I dont have a problem with bad smell. But still i have been using LDB’s deodorant/antiperspirant. But i have decided to use more friendly products for my skon. I have now been using a Deodorant from the swedish line “Rosenserien”( i dont know anything about there other products)and im very happy with it. I would recomend people to try it.

  61. Cee says:

    It’s kind of embarrassing to openly share this to the whole wide internet world…=D…but since you shared your experience I’m tempted to share mine too.

    Hmmm…I absolutely have to use antiperspirants because I, sadly, have Hyperhidrosis. Oddly enough…despite the excessive sweating, I never had a problem with odor.

    Uggghhh…I hated having to raise my hands or do anything which would make the underarm area visible to the eye. For a very long time…I was extremely careful…I can’t even use public computers without worrying that someone might see my underarm area and see that they’re wet. Ugggggghhh. I hated it. I felt sooo disgusting.

    Then…Certain Dri came into my life. It helped stop the sweating. It was like the angels were singing. XD Now, I can never live without it.

  62. sesame says:

    Sorry, but what is Dri?

  63. Cee says:

    The product I’m using is called Certain Dri. It’s a prescription strength, over the counter, antiperspirant.

  64. sesame says:

    I see…thanks.

  65. Siew Ying says:

    I never used a deodorant or an antiperspirant. I don’t think I smell that bad, at least I think so because nobody has ever came up to me and told me to use one LOL. I don’t really have an issue with underarm sweating except when I wear sleeveless clothes. Without any cloth to absorb it, underarm sweat trickles down my arms when it’s hot out. I don’t like chemicals on my armpits so all I do is to go to the toilet more frequently to tissue off the sweat. Thank goodness I don’t have to use a deodorant – I’m doing underarm IPL and it’s not allowed anyway.

  66. Sesame says:

    I avoid sleeveless clothes for that reason and yes, one of my armpits smell…don’t know why.

  67. choco says:

    Hi Sesame,
    I too have persistent (I mean, really annoying, until my Mom gets mad when I perspire!) body odor. Deodorant is a MUST for me. I use it every after shower. But personally I find Rexona useless for me in my teen.
    Mind you, whole household will avoid me when I smell!
    By the way, I am taking supplement to decrease the smell (as for the over-sweat, nothing helps is yet). You may like to search about CHLOROPHYLL. I find it helps with the odor…it is said to reduce body odor, too.

  68. Sesame says:

    Oh yes, a reader mentioned that supplement to me and I’m going to find out more before trying.

  69. choco says:

    Oh, if you were to try, I recommend you to take softgel/caps form. Now I use liquid (first time) which requires making into drink. It is a tad messy. One drop of it turns everything green! So, do consider it.
    Oh, the greeny part also applies for our mouth! I sometimes pour out too much, and drink~whole mouth become green (tongue,,,others also stain their teeth)! LOL
    Therefor I only drink it at night before sleeping. The next day I will be odor-free. But nothing can help for the perspire though…I have taken this supplement for last 2 months fyi.
    Other important thing, usually chlorophyll has a fairly large amount of copper and sodium. My liquid form contains pretty high amount of copper (4mg) and sodium (6mg) in it. Do check the supplement facts. You don’t want to have toxicity, do you?
    I counter that by supplementing zinc, too. Hope it helps!

    *ssst,,,others say taking it can reduce dark eye circle!

  70. Sesame says:

    Oh is the odor-free effect immediate? That’s interesting! I need to read more about the supplement before taking cos I’m already taking a few supplements at the moment. But if it can get rid of dark circles, I’m definitely keen. ?

  71. choco says:

    erm, I *think* I started to have odor-free after taking it for 4days (roughly). Actually, I wanted to take it for my digestive system, but I have this “extra service”. haha…
    eh, speaking digestive system, it does make the feces turns green! So, don’t panic! LOL
    Oh, as for dark eye circle, I think we need to know what is the cause of it. AFAIK, it can be caused by poor sleeping/stressed/sleep late and the other is poor blood circulation. The theory of chlorophyll helping is that it normalizes the blood circulation, therefor the appearance of dark ring is reduced.
    I take a lot of supplement too! *for beauty sake must diligent*
    hahaha…I take omega 3, zinc, lutein, EGCg, esther-C, Vit D. I did try CoQ10 too, it gave me loads of energy but I rotate it with EGCg now. I think it is good to rotate vitamins, too.

  72. choco says:

    eh, I forgot to add,,
    I was having 3days-holiday for Hari Raya weeks ago, so I didn’t drink the chlorophyll for 3 days (liquid form, troublesome). And fortunately I still had the odor-free effect! So happy. I don’t know how about other people. But that is my experience. Lesson learnt: buy the softgel form next time.
    I order my supplement on iherb and vitacost. Love the shipping, too. ?

    Anyway, I want to ask if you still consume your Kordel’s Acidophillus (sp?)??
    I am interested to try probiotic to regular my bowel. The chlorophyll works great for body odor but not for bowel movement. sigh. I started to eat oatmeal too! I too have some whiteheads on cheek that refuse to go away!
    Err, should I post it to the relevant blog entry???

  73. Sesame says:

    Oh ok, the number of supplements I take is considered moderate then. Heheh. Green poop? I think now I remember reading somewhere about it. Ok, I shall do more research soon before committing. Thanks for sharing the info and your experience. Much appreciated!

  74. Sesame says:

    Yes, still taking Kordel’s Acidophilus. I can’t do without it.

  75. choco says:

    Hi dear!
    Thanks for sharing your stories too!
    I am still reading all your post! haha!
    Too busy with college life,,,urgently need a break.
    I will try the probiotic soon as it arrives my doorstep. Hope it works for me…

  76. Sesame says:

    Okay, let me know how it works for you. ?

  77. Sandra says:

    Ugh, I am looking for a “natural” antiperspirant if such exists. Deodorants are less useful for me, particularly “natural”. I sweat a lot, and antiperspirants really help me. Thanks for the post.

  78. Sesame says:

    I think the natural antiperspirants are almost non-existent…I’m looking for one myself.

  79. Arti says:

    Yea. Diet has helped me alot.

    I use deodorant when I know it’s gonna b a long day out. But otherwise if I’m going to b pretty much home, not really doing too much activity, what I do is put on a paste of baking powder mixed with water on my underarms while I shower for a couple of minutes before doing a light scrub n rinsing off. Then after shower I just put my normal body moisturizer over my pits too(a wee bit extra on my pits) and I smell fine the rest of the day.

    Don’t really like to use deo or anti perspirants much coz I find they clog up pores n my pits have discolored after using them. And I notice that now that I don’t use them very much, my underarm colour is a lot better n returning back to normal skin colour ?

  80. Sesame says:

    Yeah, I know what you mean. I wish I don’t have to use deo or anti perspirants too.

  81. So says:

    I agree with Arti, diet helps.
    I use a natural crystal stick. And wear natural materials (loose) Baking soda is great, but it does leave yellow-ish stains in light colored clothes.
    Need to try coconut oil + essential oils.

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