Nexcare 95% natural mask packs for face and eyes

If there’s one item that I do not use on my face, it’s the ubiquitous sheet mask. A favorite amongst most ladies and a big thing in Asia, sheet masks just do not feature in my skincare routine. I did try them back when I was younger but found them to be quite cumbersome. And when I moved camp to use natural/organic skincare, it became harder to find a sheet mask in this category. So yeah, I was kinda excited when I learned that Nexcare has launched their premium facial mask pack range using 95% ingredients. I just had to check out if they’re for real!

Made in Korea
Nexcare is by 3M, the same company that is famous for their post-it stickers. Many of you are probably already familiar with the Nexcare Acne Patch, which I use pretty frequently too. The Nexcare Premium Facial Mask Pack is one of the latest products from the brand, along with their Whitening Eye Patch, Anti-Wrinkle Eye Patch, Smile-Line Patch and Nose Patch. All of them are made in Korea and said to be formulated with 95% natural ingredients. So what exactly are these ingredients and what makes up the other 5%?

Contains parabens
The face and eye mask patches are made of hydrogel and the 95% natural herbal and fruit ingredients are said not to irritate sensitive skin. I was glad that they do not contain alcohol and the various ingredients look agreeable enough except that some of you will probably protest about the parabens in the list. Well, even though I don’t mind parabens as much as alcohol or silicones, I admit that I was a tad disappointed when I spotted them in the ingredient list. But on second thoughts, this is a wet hydrogel mask and so it HAS to contain some form of preservatives! In fact, I would advise against using a sheet mask that does not contain a strong preservative unless you are sure your skin is not gonna react to contaminants.

Potential skin irritant
One other ingredient that might be of concern for some of you is potassium hydroxide, which is a pH adjuster and buffering agent. It is actually classified as a high irritant but because it’s listed way down the list, it may not be of much of an issue.

Eye patch
Aside from the Premium Face Mask Pack, Nexcare also offers two different types of eye patch products. One is for wrinkle and the other is for whitening. Although both products contain mostly natural herbal and fruit ingredients, they also contain parabens.

Nose pack
The nose pack is not listed as containing 95% natural ingredients (I’ve forgotten what it contains) and so I’m not so sure how it compares with the face and eye products in terms of its ingredient list. However, it is not made of hydrogel for obvious reasons, but is described as an absorption patch.

The Nexcare premium face, eyes and nose range is available at some Guardian Pharmacies, Watsons and Qoo10. I spotted these at Parkway Parade recently. The price points all look pretty affordable but perhaps more expensive than the non-natural ones. I suppose the word premium justifies a slightly higher price tag? Ha. But still, these are just marketed as containing natural ingredients. They are not organic and neither are they certified by any bodies.

I’d wanted to buy them initially but decided against the idea because chances are, I’ll just use them once and not continue with them. But if I do read of positive reviews, I might just change my mind. So if you’ve tried their masks and like them, do leave me your comments.


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