Visolift: facial that lifts your skin & your spirits

My last facial was January last year. Since then, I’ve not had any, not even when I was offered complimentary sessions. Somehow, I didn’t feel motivated to have my face pampered and I thought I would never go for one again until a recent invite for the Visoanska’s Visolift Facial changed my mind. So what inspired me? Well, the idea of a cult treatment dedicated to firming up the skin via a series of massages sounded pretty enticing. I also had a good impression of Sccube The Apothecary when I last had a facial there back in 2010.

Visoanska from France
I’ve never heard of Visoanska and only learned that it was founded by Elisabeth Visoanska in 2007 who developed a passion for nutrition and skincare from a very early age and conceived the brand after working in the pharmaceutical industry for 10 years. The brand is in the natural category as their formulations are created with natural ingredients without blacklisted incredients, which are really the dirty dozens. But what differentiates them is the use of rare and exclusive active ingredients in their exclusive patented complexes extracted via biotechnology. Because of this, the ingredients are said to be more concentrated and effective. In short, this is a luxury natural anti-aging skincare brand backed by technological innovations and comes with a high-end price tag no less.

Cult beauty brands at Sccube
Some of you might have seen Sccube The Apothecary at level 5 in Takashimaya. The pristine, white and spacious layout that is almost clinical looking is quite hard to miss. Besides Visoanska, Sccube carries cult beauty brands like Philip B, Dr Brandt, RéVive, Rodial, and Euoko, amongst others. Although I get the feel that their facial services are more of an extension of their retail business, their quality remains tip-top, based on the two facials I’ve had done with them. In fact, I was most impressed with my first facial experience at their Centrepoint outlet, back when it was still in operation. However, the Visolift Facial was a tad disappointing to me, not because of the level of treatment I’d received but because of the expectation that was set prior to the session.

No Baltic Amber stone for me
You see, I was informed that Visoanska’s Visolift Facial makes use of the Baltic Amber stone but what was used to massage my face was only the therapist’s fingers. Upon verification at the end of my facial, I was told the effects are the same. But it did make me wonder if the whole Baltic Amber stone was a mere promotional gimmick more than anything as the press release I’d received prior to heading to the facial mentioned that the stone contains an antioxidant, which aids in delaying cell ageing and invigorates the body, stabilizing and regenerating our electromagnetic field. So while fingers do help to equilibrate and stimulate facial muscles, providing immediate toning and lifting effects, I thought the stone might do something more for my skin. In addition, there was supposed to be an initial back massage designed to relax the body before the facial massages begin. However, other than my face and neck, the therapist didn’t touch my back at all until the end. Even then, it was just a brief, cursory massage. So on those two counts, I was quite disappointed.

Therapist with deft fingers
Good thing my disappointment wasn’t too sore because the therapist really saved the entire session and left me with good vibes. I didn’t get her name because I went there after work and wasn’t in the mood to strike up a conversation with her. On her part, she was very quiet the whole time, and barely spoke a sentence to me. Yet, I felt good in her hands during the one hour treatment. She obviously knew her trade well and as she worked her deft fingers on my face, neck and décolleté area, I was lulled into dreamland quite quickly. I almost didn’t feel like getting up after that! So yes, I can’t quite described the entire facial service now since I was snoozing. But I do remember that there was no steaming and no extraction.

How I fared after the facial
At the end of it all, I would attest to having my spirits lifted by a notch or two after the facial. As for my skin, I can’t quite see a noticeable lifting. But going by how my face looked a few days after the facial, I suppose the treatment did provide some vitality and radiance to my skin. So I would recommend the treatment on account of the massage skills and premium products used.

Price and availability
Interested in the Visolift with Baltic Amber? It is priced S$288 but currently available at an introductory price of S$138 from now till the end of 2013. To make an appointment at Sccube The Apothecary located at #05-25A/B Ngee Ann City, call 6738 4909. If you do try out, do ask if they’re going to use the Baltic Amber stone on your face first. Insist if you must.


  1. Eco Beauty says:

    Like you, I haven’t gone for facials for a long, long time. I can’t even remember the last time. The funny thing is, I actually stopped going for facials sometime after I discovered your blog because I read up so many things which led me to read more and discover how I can improve my skin on my own. ?

    But I sometimes miss the ‘experience’ of being pampered. :p
    Eco Beauty last post is: My Bedside ‘Beauty and Stuff’ Essentials

  2. Julia Yohe says:

    I’m really interested with this facial treatment. I have a scheduled business appointment in Singapore before the end of the year and I’m looking forward to visit Sccube The Apothecary. I’ll be requesting Baltic Amber stone on my face first before the treatment. I’ve learned so many tips from this beauty site. Thanks a lot. ?
    Julia Yohe last post is: Why Do We Experience Chronic Pain And How Is It Cured?

  3. Sesame says:

    I hope you’ll enjoy it! It’s quite a luxe.

  4. Sesame says:

    Haha…so my blog is not a good news for facial salons. ?

    Facials are nice and if you can go regularly, there are positive effects. But the thing that deters me is the commitment of time. So it’s a nice-to-have for me now.

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