She’s got her paw on Whiting & Davis Gattopardo Clutch

Whiting & Davis-Gattopardo-Clutch
I was getting a bit anxious when the shipment for the Whiting & Davis Gattopardo Essential Clutch that I’d ordered was delayed. I needed it for a dinner this weekend and I was definitely not keen to scramble for accessories at the last minute. So when it finally arrived, boy was I glad. But little did I realize that I was in for another battle. This time, it was the battle of the PAW!

You see, my little Gracie was attracted by the custom-designed Gattopardo abstract animal print on the shiny pearl metal mesh. She actually thought the chic hand-held clutch looks better on her than on me and wouldn’t let me have it!

Grace And Gattopardo Clutch
I tried distracting her to no avail and she snubbed at whatever I was trying to entice her with. She just would not let the bag out of her sight! She would not even lift up her eyes to look at the treats I tried pushing her.

Whiting & Davis Gattopardo Clutch
In fact, she was so possessive to the extent that she insisted on sleeping with the bag. She even put her best paw forward on the bag, just so that I wasn’t able to snitch it from her! That’s one mighty guard dog I tell ya!

Gracie guards Gattopardo Clutch
So I let her have her way with the bag for awhile, thinking that she might give up when she’s bored with it. Well, she didn’t. She was so enamored with the Whiting & Davis Gattopardo Essential Clutch, she wanted it 24×7! I think she wanted me to go grab another bag because she ain’t relenting and no way was she going to let the bag go.

In the end, after some pep talk, a couple of bigger treats and promises of gourmet meals, she relented and lifted her paw for one night. I managed to use the bag as planned but I definitely need to be more careful with my fashion accessories in future. I think Gracie probably has a penchant for animal prints and I should exercise more caution and be more discreet with my choices in future. That, or I need to stash them away from her direct line of sight!

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  1. Hippo says:

    That’s funny! She’s very cute. Maybe she thought the prints are from another doggie?

  2. Sesame says:

    Haha…perhaps. ?

  3. Katrina Curay says:

    What an amazing pet and a fabulous pouch bag! The bag is precious even your dog can’t resist! ? I love the design and texture of the bag’s materials. I wish I had one! It will be a perfect match for my parties and events! I will surely be the envy of my friends.
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  4. Sesame says:

    I love the bag, especially the material!

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