Share: are you more of a dog person or a cat lover?

Gracie and ice cream
I read somewhere that people will gravitate towards dogs that look like themselves. So I’m wondering how much does Gracie resemble me. So far, I haven’t heard of anyone telling me that she looks like me; all I hear is, “oh my, she’s SO CUTE!” but I don’t hear the same compliment heaped on the owner though. But thank goodness! As it is, the sudden overload of cuteness is a bit overwhelming. But nah, I’m not grumbling really cos I love my little furkid! There are days I miss her so much when I head to work and my son is complaining that I love her more than him. LOL.

She has been staying indoors most of the time because of the haze and also because she had her sterilization (part of the adoption requirement). But with the haze outta the way, we were able to bring her out.

She’s quite a charmer wherever she goes. Loves car rides, no fear of people at all and takes to children immediately. Totally unlike our old dog who freaking hated going outdoors BIG TIME! In fact, it was pure torture for her and she would be shivering all over throughout the journey!

Gracie is our little cool and collected missy, completely comfortable in her own skin. No teeth baring and no tongue hanging. Oh okay, she does eye our food but so far, she hasn’t tried to paw for them.

Gracie the shih tzu
With the frequency of posts on Gracie now, I’m thinking I should start a new doggie category like “Arf-Arf Beauty” or “Arf-Arf Fashion”. I mean, she’s in a category of her own! HA! Maybe I should even change my blog header too. What do ya think huh?

Oh, I forgot. This post is really to ask you the perennial question! Are you a dog or cat person? Or neither? As for me, I think the answer is obvious.


  1. Macy says:

    I like dogs but I do play with cats too. Kittens are cute!

  2. Eco Beauty says:

    Cats although I like dogs, too. ?

    Cats make me laugh because they look like they don’t want to be “owned” but dogs touch my heart more. I think, if left alone, I’ll have a cat as a pet but Hubby is slowly reviving my fondness for dogs. He said something once which made me laugh, “In a 2012, Day After Tomorrow or Independence Day (movie references) scenario, I’m sure your cat will just run away and save its own a…..” ;p
    Eco Beauty last post is: Badger SPF 16 Damascus Rose Antioxidant Face Sunscreen almost did a home run!

  3. Sesame says:

    Dogs love people and that’s why I love them. Cats, well…they’re more independent and come and go as they please. From my experience, they come when they’re in need of food. ?

  4. Sesame says:

    *High Five*

  5. Sesame says:

    Yeah, kittens are cute. Some breeds are very adorable.

  6. Jyoan says:

    Dog, I guess. Yet, I don’t dislike cats. I pretty much gravitate towards anything cute! haha. Don’t really care if the pet is dog or cat, as long as it is cute.
    Jyoan last post is: Daiso Wet Tissues In Cans!

  7. Aylwin says:

    Like you even need to ask that question.

    DOGS!!!!! For me its especially Golden Retrievers. They can be idiotic at times but they have the biggest heart and capable to great love.

    Dogs are the only friends I can think of who is loyal even when their owners are not. I’m a firm believer of capital punishment to dog abusers and people who eat dogs. Just so barbaric that anyone would eat their best friend.

  8. Sesame says:

    I share the same feelings. I don’t dislike cats even though I got scratched by one before. ? But then again, I got bitten by a dog and still love dogs.

  9. Sesame says:

    Awww…I love Retrievers and Labs! They’re very affectionate and mild mannered. Dog eaters? Oh geez…I forgot that they exist.

  10. Renee | Beauty Fool says:

    Gracie is adorable and I’m so happy she has a loving home with you, Sesame! ?

    As for your question – I am an animal lover so I love them all, but there is really no animal that captures my heart like a dog does… they are just the best. <3

    x Renee
    Renee | Beauty Fool last post is: A New Favorite: Laqa & Co Fat Lip Pencils

  11. Sesame says:

    Yeah, I know. Bailey! ?

  12. Sara says:

    Dogs! They come to you when you call them, lick (love) you when you come home & growl/attack people who might harm you. Where can you find a friend like that? ?

  13. Sesame says:

    Exactly! ?

  14. fwy says:

    I prefer dogs even I don’t own one myself.

  15. Lonnie Thaler says:

    Gracie is really cute! BTW, I have a huge pet dog and I love him very much. He’s a chow-chow that looks like a bear and a lion. He’s so gentle and likes to play with me. ?
    Lonnie Thaler last post is: NuWave PIC Review: Does It Really Work?

  16. Destiny7 says:

    Team Samoyed here! I was reading the reviews for the Tangle Teezer on amazon and saw its used to brush dogs, too.

  17. Sesame says:

    Haha…at least that makes us in the same camp. ?

  18. Sesame says:

    Oh Chow-Chows are so adorable! I once mistook one for a bear at a distance! But they must be kept cool most of the time because their hair is so thick!

  19. Sesame says:

    Samoyeds are lovely! I have a colleague with one and he’s such a gem! Haha…I am suprised…Tangle Teezer for dogs! Hmmm…I might go check it out for Gracie!

  20. liyan says:

    cats!!! i have 2. adopted them when they were 6 weeks old and they are extremely affectionate to humans! meow!

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