Tips to share: wipe off excess water from your face

air dry face
Hello ladies! Here’s a question for you today: what is your next step when you’re done with cleansing your face and it is dripping with fresh water from the shower head or water tap? Do you wipe off the excess water immediately with a towel or a tissue paper, or do you leave your face to air dry naturally before you start on your next skincare regime?

Audit your routine
Well, if you’re leaving your face to air dry naturally, you may want to change that routine after reading this. I’m not sure why you’re doing it. Perhaps you’re not even aware that you’re doing that? Perhaps you love the feeling of wet water dripping down your skin? Or perhaps you don’t want to use the towel you wipe your butt with to dry your face? Well, the last one I can completely understand but not wiping the water off immediately from your face is actually worse than wiping with a towel you’ve just used on your butt or your nether regions. Why?

Water does not contain hydrating ingredients
Without any hydrating ingredients to bind moisture to your skin, drying naturally only means the water just evaporates. Your skin becomes drier and that could be why you may be experiencing some tightness on your skin immediately after cleansing. If your skin turns oily too quickly after you’ve washed your face, it also means your skin is too dry—you could be using the wrong cleanser, over washing or not giving your skin sufficient hydration.

“Moisturizing your face is something of an art. Always ensure your skin stays damp prior to applying your oil, serum or lotion.”
My experience
So what’s the best way to deal with this problem? Does it mean that wiping off the excess water from your face will guarantee your skin from traces of dryness? At this stage, let me share with you how I have been handling this water issue, and it is something I’ve been doing for various years since I started using facial oil in my skin care.

Keeping your skin hydrated
Right after cleansing and rinsing my face (with filtered water), I’ll always pat off water from my skin but not wiping off all completely. While my skin is still damp, I’ll quickly apply my oil or serum, depending on what I use to seal the moisture into my skin. In doing this, the oil or serum prevent the water from evaporating and keep my skin more hydrated. This is a crucial step of my skincare regime and I’ll not skip this for any reason. As a result of doing this, I noticed that I don’t always need a toner.

If you use a toner
If you do use a toner, then you should just wipe the water from your skin. Apply your toner and don’t leave your toner to dry out too. While your skin is still damp, apply your oil, serum, lotion or moisturizer.

Same for facial mist
This principle applies if you use a face mist too. Always dab dry your face after misting. Never allow the mist to dry naturally or the water will all evaporate and your skin will feel dry and tight. In fact, I’ve also stopped using facial mist when I do this step properly daily and found my face to be sufficiently hydrated throughout the day. My skin doesn’t turn out as dry and the oil production has also been reduced.

Share your experience
So tell me about what you do after washing your face. Does this make sense to you or do you go by some other skin care regime?


  1. Abbie D says:

    I’m the same, I don’t always use a toner. I don’t always pat the water away from my face, and when I don’t my skin knows it lol.

  2. Sesame says:

    Yes, our skin knows!

  3. reANNfi says:

    so that’s why my skin looks bad if I use a toner directly without drying out the water first.. But when i wipe off (usually i use facial tissue), my skin seen glowing ?

  4. sera chin says:

    Wow I didnt know that ….thank you so much for enlightening me !

  5. Arti says:

    Useful info. No wonder everytime I decide to spritz some of the evian facial mist, though it feels cooling at that moment, doesn’t seem to reap any benefits in terms of keeping it “hydrated”. Lol!

  6. Sesame says:

    Yeah, it’s a bit of an irony that these mists are supposed to hydrate but if used incorrectly, they don’t work. The thing is, most people don’t know about the “tissuing” off the mist part.

  7. Sesame says:

    You’re welcome!

  8. Sesame says:

    Maybe? If tissuing off the water helps, continue with that. ?

  9. babysaffron says:

    I love misting…. just not doing it the proper way…. Thanks for the wonderful info…

  10. Yang yuki says:

    Yes. Agree. I have heard this tip before. It’s true!
    My routine: After face cleansing (which i do the last after taking a shower head to toe) i use towel to wipe water off my face and body and immediatly apply toner or Hadalabo. I place my dressing table right next to the bathroom door! I do not use cotton pad but pour toner into my palm and massage or dap all over the face to make it watery. Then follow by serum or oil (i love badger damascus rose oil so much, i know this brand from your review and tried order from iherb, thank you so much for good brand recommend!).
    Also the facial sunscreen spf30 aloe which already discontinued! So when i re purchase i have moved to another website that still provide this item.

  11. ktee says:

    i mist to take away the shine during the day. i would mist thermal water onto my face generously and wait for a few seconds and then lightly blot the face with tissue. so far i find that this helps to hydrate my skin.

  12. Sesame says:

    Glad it helps you. ?

  13. Sesame says:

    Which website are you purchasing the Badger from? Walgreens?

  14. Sesame says:

    Yes, you’re using it correctly and that definitely helps with hydration. ?

  15. jelah says:

    i also dont like the feel of my skin when air dried so i always use waterbased serum or a toner after cleansing.

  16. Sesame says:

    That should work well. ?

  17. Keurin Meow says:

    Should I put moisturizer immediately right after washing my face?hmm..

  18. Keurin Meow says:

    Ahhhh sorry for asking I should’ve read first:3 I am using homemade rose water as my toner,should I air dry it or pat my skin with towel?

  19. Sesame says:

    Yes…you should.

  20. Sesame says:

    If you use the toner, you can first dry your wet skin (after washing) with a towel or tissue, then air pat the rose water before moisturizing.

  21. pingodn says:

    Wow, your experience help me to answer the big question I have confused about face mist products in a long time that why people often re-use these products many times in a day if it really make hydrating skin even if they used good face mist such as Caudelie or Avene. I will stop buying mist products. Thanks for sharing.

  22. kwinie says:

    I air dry my face after washing and i don’t use anything afterwards.My skin is always oily and I have lots of blackheads aswell what should i use after washing my face?

  23. Audrey Forde says:

    I thought air drying might be the answer for my problem but I realise after reading this article, it’s not the way to go!

    I have sensitive skin but over the last few days it’s been extremely sensitive. When I dry my face, it’s quite sore and agitated.

    Have you any suggestions?

  24. Jennifer says:

    Toners change the ph level on your skin. you should actually wait at least 10 minutes after applying toner so your face can go back to its regular ph level and absorbs the moisturizer completely. The moisturizer won’t work as well if you apply it right after using toner.

  25. Sesame says:

    Very good point! Thanks for sharing this, Jennifer!

  26. Amanda Jane De Silva says:

    Do you still have to tissue off if your mist/spray has glycerin in it?

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