Why I Think Ikeda Spa Is Well Worth Your Time And Your Money

I can’t pinpoint exactly what about Ikeda Spa fascinates me. Is it because it’s a Japanese luxury spa? Or perhaps that it offers traditional Japanese onsen? Most likely…it’s both.

It’s little wonder then that this unique spa has always been on my spa-to-visit wish list. In fact, I’d wanted to visit their sanctuary in Bukit Timah the moment I knew of its existence. Too bad the venue is a little way out for me. So I was never motivated to make any arrangements.

But my interest was piqued again when I noticed they’d set up Ikeda Spa Prestige at Clarke Quay. I did try to book a session with them but because they couldn’t fit my schedule, the spa continued to elude me.

Wide range of spa treatments
Some of you may not know but Ikeda Spa offers a wide range of spa treatment—from facials, body massages, scrubs, wraps, beauty treatments, to baths. Now by baths, I’m referring to Japanese onsen.

Obviously, this is in Singapore and we are talking about man-made onsen. Still, the concept of a Japanese communal bath thrilled me until I actually had a firsthand experience of visiting an onsen in Japan. That was when I stopped fantasizing about visiting onsen altogether.

I think my skin just doesn’t take too well to soaking in very hot water. Because the moment I dipped into the water, I wanted out. It was SCORCHING HOT and I was so overwhelmed by the heat!

So I dropped all my interests in onsen and along with that, my desire to visit Ikeda Spa as well. I mean if I wasn’t going to visit their onsen, is there any special reason for me to visit Ikeda Spa?

Treatment inspired by Japanese flower arrangement
Well, apparently yes. And I found that out when I was invited to try their 2-hour Flowers For Her Spa treatment back in June.

This is one of their newer pampering spa treatments (only available at Ikeda Spa Prestige at Clarke Quay) and it combines 5 treatments in a 2-hour session:

– Soothing Sakura Foot Scrub
– Rejuvenating Sesame Back Massage
– Refreshing Bamboo Body Polish
– Alluring Rose Body Wrap
– Revitalizing Hot Stone Facial Massage

I was told that this treatment was inspired by Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement. But I’m not exactly sure how the flowers feature in the treatment other than being part of the ingredients. What I also found strange was that I didn’t recall any strong floral scent during my 2-hour treatment.

Still, the entire experience was luxurious and pampering. It has to be considering the price point of S$338 although I would say it’s not that high if you factor in the 5 different treatments you get in the head-to-toe ritual.

The one thing I was slightly concerned about prior to the treatment was the hot stone facial massage. Because I’ve done hot stone massage on my body, I was worried that the stones might burn my face. But turned out, the entire experience was very pleasant. Surprisingly, the stones felt gentle and soothing on my face.

Excellent reviews at Tripadvisor
If you like five-star spa treatments and are keen to experience the heart of Japanese hospitality complete with donning a yukata and lying in an exquisitely designed ryokan, you need to give Ikeda Spa a try soon. Their prices are definitely not the most affordable but you’ll be won over by their one-of-a-kind treatments and quality service.

And in case you think I’m the only one raving, you may like to find out that 233 reviewers at Tripadvisor actually gave the spa a 4.5 out of 5 rating. Surely the spa must be pretty amazing.

But I have to say I can’t rate the onsen experience because I didn’t try it. The Hinoki Onsen Bath is priced at S$80 for half an hour of soaking so you might want to give it a try if you’re curious (well unless you love really hot baths, half an hour is really sufficient). Oh you can also book into their couple suite for some privacy if you dislike the idea of communal bath. I agree it can be awkward although I didn’t care that much when I was in Japan given that nobody knew me or would remember me.

For more information regarding Flowers For Her Spa or other uniquely Japanese treatments like Japanese Sake Spa or a Geisha Organic Facial, check out the Ikeda Spa website.

Service highlighted was gifted and this review is in line with my disclosure policy.

Ikeda Spa Treatment













  • Uniquely Japanese treatment
  • Luxurious and pampering
  • Hospitable staff
  • Pleasant setting


  • Price slightly high


  1. Jacqueline Staph Jones says:

    Looks like a lovely spa! I was wondering–is the hot pool alternated with dips in cold water? Or are you meant to soak in the hot water only? Thanks!

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