Beauty Lunchbox Ideas: sweet potatoes brekkie in a box


This was supposed to be my lunchbox but ended up, I’m using it for breakfast instead. Actually, breakfast has become my biggest meal of the day and so I try to eat something more substantial. Instead of the usual bread, I’ve been eating sweet potatoes. Apparently, sweet potatoes have lower carb content compared to the regular potatoes, which means, their glycemic load is lower. In addition, I read that they come with high levels of vitamins A,C, E, fiber and beta-carotene. Hence, sweet potatoes are great to combat free radicals which causes skin aging. Not only that, they’ve great anti-inflammatory nutrients and are good to restore radiance to our skin.

Besides skin benefits, I also learned that sweet potatoes are great for slimming, particularly if you want a flat tummy. I’m not sure if it really works as I’ve yet to experience the results, but it definitely sounds enticing. Anyway, here are some of my sweet potato breakfast packed in my lunchbox for your viewing pleasure.

sweet potato egg

Here you see baked yellow sweet potatoes which are sliced thickly, lightly seasoned with garlic salt and baked at 150ΒΊ C for half an hour. The eggs are scrambled.


I also tried steaming purple sweet potatoes because I understand that steaming is a healthier alternative compared to baking. Purple sweet potatoes by the way, are higher in antioxidants but they taste about the same as the yellow flesh sweet potatoes.

breakfast in a box

Another variation of my breakfast is baked yellow sweet potatoes with baby carrots, cherry tomatoes and baked egg on ham. Looks yummy? Well, they taste yummy too!

For more information on the benefits of eating sweet potatoes, check out If you like eating sweet potatoes too, share your thoughts with me. What is your favorite type of sweet potatoes?

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  1. Germaine says

    Wow your breakfasts looks delicious! Yummy yummy :-) I like sweet potatoes, but have heard that baby carrots are not very healthy because they are soaked in chlorine.. wonder if i’m wrong..

    • Sesame says

      Oh? I’ve not heard of that but it could be possible cos I’ve heard of horror stories regarding fruits and vegetables. I don’t like baby carrots that much so yeah, can afford not to eat them. Thanks for sharing that! :)

      • says

        Generally, at least in the States, most fruits and vegetables (especially soil-based ones like potatoes and carrots) are chlorinated to kill soil-born bacteria that can make you far more sick than the chlorine will. Here’s a breakdown:

        Or for sweet potatoes specifically,

        Actually, most of the chlorine compounds used aren’t nearly as harmful as they seem. You should be fine.
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        • Sesame says

          Thanks Bebe for the info! I’ll check out the link. I didn’t read the newspaper article about this subject and my colleagues enlightened me yesterday about it. Like you said, the chlorine compounds are said not to be harmful. :)

          • says

            Anytime. It’s quite a lot to read, especially if you’re not used to the archaic format required for science-related docs. x.x

            Funny thing about chemistry. Sodium? A metal that can explode! Chlorine? A noxious chemical so powerful it causes stainless steel to deteriorate. Put them together, you get sodium chloride. Harmless table salt. A lot of scary-looking processes and ingredients are like this. It isn’t necessarily about the elements so much as it is about how they work together and what happens when you combine them with other stuff.
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  2. says

    I love sweet potatoes, too. The red ones from Japan are great for mashed sweet potato recipes. The yellow ones (most common) taste good sauteed with veggies or just as they are. I’ve never had the purple ones as food, I usually blend them in a smoothie as a thickener.
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    • Sesame says

      I haven’t tried the Japanese ones…must give them a try soon. Purple ones actually taste pretty similar to the yellow ones.

  3. says

    hey Sesame…its looking so yummy….my stomach is growling πŸ˜€ i should start eating sweet potatoes for flat tummy, if they really do anything!!
    btw, have you changed the layout??? the post is opening in mobile viewing mode.
    Swati last post is: Just Gossip Vol. 21 – Do you zoom your photos?

    • Sesame says

      Yes, it’s yummy…give it a try. You may like it. πŸ˜‰ For the layout, I have it in mobile version when viewed on iphone or ipad. I think it sometimes renders the mobile version due to temporary loading issues.

  4. says

    yum! how do you make the baked egg on ham while retaining the round shape? i have been eating hard boiled egg for bfast daily, it’s the most effortless way of preparing bfast, and high in protein! but unfortunately, i get hungry pretty fast too. make i should add in some baked sweet potato too. does it dry up after baking?
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    • Sesame says

      I use a round container, actually the Korean metal rice bowl. You can also use a round baking dish, the sort used in baking cup cakes or something. The ham has to be larger than the inside of the bowl. Just light greasy the bowl or dish and then place the ham in, break an egg and bake at 200 degree C for 15 minutes. Very easy. Sprinkle some herbs or anything you like.

      Eggs are insufficient for a meal…more like a snack for me. And yes, the baked sweet potatoes can be a tad drying but they taste fine to me.

  5. Peiqing says

    Thanks for sharing your breakfast idea. :) I tried the purple sweet potatoes before – I think they are sweeter and slightly more fragrant than the yellow ones, but it also seems more difficult to source them in Singapore than the normal yellow ones. Are you aware if Japanese sweet potato = purple ones by default?

    • Sesame says

      Slightly sweeter yes. I know the Japanese ones are purple but never bought them before. The ones I bought are from Malaysia and are available from Cold Storage.

  6. says

    Here’s a great tip for cooking sweet potato, slice them, drizzle some olive oil over, sprinkle some rosemary and barbeque. Turns out delicious with that char grill edge.
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    • Sesame says

      Thanks for the tip! Will give this a try soon. Am hoping to make some sweet potato chips for my son too.

  7. says

    We must think alike, since these past few days I’ve been eating a sweet potato daily. Far superior to standard potatoes in nutrients! Full of fibre! Bright orange! Who couldn’t love a sweet potato?

    Naturally, it takes an American like me to make it into a candy. Heh. A dash of sugar, a large dash of cinnamon, a little salt, and butter over the top. Delicious. The holiday version is worse; it’s covered in more butter and marshmallows. I won’t even eat it like that! It’s a confection by then! Might as well save room for the good stuff: pumpkin pie.
    BebeTaian last post is: For Sale (or Trade) Sunday: Kimono, Jewellery, etc.

    • Sesame says

      Oh I love trying your recipe! I like cinnamon a lot. Will give it a shot over the weekend. :)

  8. says

    wow, sure looks like a yummy sweet potato feast you have in the morning! I have to say living in Asia and eating out, it’s pretty difficult to find many low GI foods..plenty of tempting rice and noodle dishes! I like sweet potatoes too and I’ve been trying to go for a lower GI diet lately. It makes me more energetic and less likely to get bouts of fatigue..but I seem to get more periodic cravings for high GI sweet foods!!

    • Sesame says

      Yes…agree totally about how difficult it is to find low GI foods! What are your diet options? Would love to get more ideas. And I do get that craving too! In fact, I have to feast on sweets quite often. πŸ˜›

  9. Marie says

    I’m really v interested in your lunch box and casing and would like to find out where u bought them. Thank you!

  10. Marie says

    Thank you for your reply!im inspired by your beauty lunchbox and want to start. Is there any tips for a beginner? Like what to get from the supermarket for the 1st time

    • Sesame Chew says

      You have an oven? If yes, that’s the fastest way. Like purchase some mushroom, tomatoes, sweet potatoes or potatoes, cut them up and bake them for 20 mins. These are easily available from the supermarket. Once you like the idea, then think about adding other stuff.


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