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Hotels going green with their toiletries and amenities

Spa Botanical Hotels going green with their toiletries and amenities
I am quite a snob when it comes to hotel toiletries. I don’t use them unless absolutely necessary and instead, I always bring my own. However, I noticed that more and more hotels are offering luxury brands or spa collection toiletries that are said to be natural, green and sometimes organic too. For example, the toiletries at The Sentosa Resort & Spa, Spa Botanica, is in the natural category. June Jacobs Spa Collection, the resident toiletry brand at Hyatt is also made without parabens. Out of curiosity, I ran a check and found out that hotel amenities are being redefined and more and more favor products using natural therapeutical ingredients.

Marie Veronique Organics Desert Island Duet in boxes

MVO Paper Box Packaging Marie Veronique Organics Desert Island Duet in boxes
My new order for the Marie Veronique Organics MVO Desert Island Duet just came in and I was so surprised that the two products came individually packed in a box! Check them out! I know the brand made some adjustment to the names of their products like the Marie Veronique Organics Moisturizing Face Screen SPF30 is now MVO Everyday Coverage SPF30. But packaging too? I’m guessing it is a new positioning they’re adopting to make their brand more premium, especially given the fact that they now have a store front at Mill Valley and their products are being carried in some spas.

Nail it right with 10 benefits of water-based nail polishes

water based nail polish Nail it right with 10 benefits of water based nail polishes
Many people tell me that they don’t know how to paint their own nails. Well, I can totally empathize because I was once like them. I can manage toenails no problem but when it comes to my fingernails, I often need the help of the professionals. Somehow, painting my fingernails always turns out a mess especially for those on my right hand. But you know what? Increasingly, I’m finding it a breeze to apply nail polish on my fingernails. Yessiree I’ve finally nailed it right and it’s all thanks to water-based nail polishes! So if you’re still a rookie when it comes to applying nail polish, read on and find out why water-based nail polishes may just be the thing you need.

Chemical ingredients can cause skin damage

Untitled 11 Chemical ingredients can cause skin damage

I was just reading an article from Daily Mail that discusses why chemical-based skincare and makeup are not so great for our skin. The topic is not something new but what caught my eye was that the article quoted doctors as warning that make-up full of chemicals could leave women with unsightly skin conditions. I found that quite a surprise, that some medical experts are actually leveling accusations against chemically formulated products, quite unlike what I’ve often been reading.