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Beauty Lunchbox Ideas: 5 drool-worthy lunchbox recipes

Lunchbox Beauty Lunchbox Ideas: 5 drool worthy lunchbox recipes
Welcome to another beauty lunchbox series and this time, I’m going to show you five brand new lunchbox ideas that are a bit of a splurge, using ingredients that are slightly more expensive. Think of them as lunchbox you can treat yourself to once a week and I guarantee you’ll wish for lunch time to come sooner than later! Now, who said it’s boring to pack your lunch?

HABA Moist White Beauty Drink Review & A Giveaway

HABA Moist White Beauty1 HABA Moist White Beauty Drink Review & A Giveaway
Some of you may recall that I gave a very glowing review on HABA Moist White Beauty. I mentioned how I had experienced instantaneous effects, waking up to visibly firmer and bouncy looking skin on my face when I drank a bottle of this. Well, since then, I’ve drank 30 bottles and if you read on, you’ll get my final verdict on the product plus how you can get to sample this collagen drink and also possibly win yourself a box of them.

What is clean eating and my 5 clean eating habits

fairy tale food book What is clean eating and my 5 clean eating habits
I wonder how many of you have been reading this blog for a long time. Like since end of 2006 when it started. Not many my guess. But even if you’ve not been with me right at the beginning but started reading this space some years ago, you may have noticed that I’ve switched gear quite a bit and all the adjustments have something to do with changes in my lifestyle. Most obviously, I’ve slowed down on my posting schedule. Behind the scenes, I’ve actually been culling many old posts to position this blog as one focusing on green beauty. Perhaps a natural progression from going green is my latest interest in clean eating. I think someone just said “HUH? What in the world is clean eating?” Well, that’s the topic I like to get your attention on today. (^_^)

Is going gluten free the answer to better hair and skin?

orgran self raising gluten free flour Is going gluten free the answer to better hair and skin?
So it appears that going gluten-free is currently in vogue with more and more celebrities professing to be allergic to gluten or rumored to have gone all gluten-free. Amongst them are Gwyneth Paltrow, Miranda Kerr, Jessica Alba and even Victoria Beckham. These celebrities are either endorsing the diet for weight loss or improved performance, or just going gluten-free because they perceive foods without gluten as the healthier option. The popularity is also fueled by the fact that there are increasingly more gluten-free choices available in the supermarkets, bakery and restaurants. So is going gluten-free a necessity or just a food fad? Is it really healthier? And more importantly, what impact does it have on our hair and skin?