Best-Anti-Aging Facial Oils

Serenading A Song To All The Oils I’ve Loved Before

I had a tune in my head when I was lining up all my facial oils for a picture. It's a song titled, To All The Girls I've Loved Before, only this time it's renamed, To All The Oils I've Loved Before. I even have new lyrics for it: To all the oils I've loved before, that kissed my face and soothe my soul, I'm glad you all came along, I dedicate this post to all the oils I've loved before. Imagine all that sung in a ...

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5 Gentle Face Wash Alternatives For Morning

5 Gentler Ways To Wash Your Face In The Morning

I gather that some of you are good with not washing your face in the morning. That's great and we applaud you for having found your fuss-free morning routine. While it's indeed great not to wash our face in the morning but there are just some of us who need more than a splash of water to face the long day ahead. Somehow, not washing our face just doesn't cut it. "Wait! What's all this hoopla about not washing ...

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Tasty Baked Chicken Wings Lunchbox

Beauty Lunchbox: How To Bake Tasty Chicken Wings That’ll Make Your Colleagues And Friends Drool

I've been sharing my beauty lunchbox ideas with you for over a year and it's time I go indepth by sharing some of my recipes with you. Let's start with something simple and tasty today, something that most of you should enjoy eating---baked chicken wings! I guess by now you're drooling over the sight of these chicken wings. Well, I assure you that you'll find them more than just delish looking---once you've sunk ...

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Sunscreen With Iron Oxide

Why mineral sunscreens and foundation may be better if you have melasma or hyperpigmentation

I was thrilled to discover one more reason to use mineral sunscreens containing zinc oxide and titanium dioxide over chemical sunscreens--they offer protection against visible light on top of UV rays. Okay, I can almost hear some of you asking: "What in the world is visible light and how is this relevant for me?" Well, you'll want to read on if you have melasma or are prone to hyperpigmentation or if you've been ...

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Estelle & Thild Super Bio Active Magic Duo

Give Your Skin A Boost With Algae In Estelle And Thild Super Bio Active Magic Duo

How many of you remember my disappointing review of Estelle & Thild Cleansing Gel for Sensitive Skin? That was my first product from the brand but I seemed to have received a product that had turned rancid. I can't be sure of the reason but I suspect the problem could have been due to poor storage as the product was well within its expiry date. Obviously, that experience got me a little leery of the brand but ...

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