Garbanzo beans: beauty food for your skin and hair

I didn’t know that Garbanzo beans are the same as chickpeas until recently. Well, I was eating quite a bit of chickpeas at one stage and they were always in dried form, which required soaking and then steaming. These canned Garbanzo beans on the other hand, only require steaming and they’re ready to be eaten. Some people use these to add to their salad but I like to eat it like a snack. They were great for me when I was undergoing a body detox to get rid of my acne as these beans are a high source of both soluble and insoluble dietary fibers. They definitely helped me to purge whatever toxic stuff that was dormant in my intestines! Haha.

For healthier skin and menstruating women
So yeah, Garbanzo beans or chickpeas make great beauty food because their high fiber content can keep your digestive system and hence your skin, healthier. In fact, I think they might help some of those with acne issues as they certainly helped me. And as Garbanzos contain high amount of iron, they are also said to be very important for menstruating women, as they help them replenish any kind of iron deficiency in the body.

For strengthening hair
In addition, I also learned that Garbanzo beans are great for our hair – specifically in terms of strengthening and preventing graying – because of their significant amount of protein and trace mineral manganese.

Do not eat excessively
However, these beans are also said to contain considerable amounts of the naturally occurring substance called purines. Hence, they shouldn’t be consumed excessively because too much purines is associated with certain health problems, like gout and formation of kidney stones due to the accumulation of uric acid in the body.

For topical application to reduce age spots
Finally, for all the DIY beauty lovers, Garbanzo beans are apparently great to fade age spots. All you need to do is to mash the beans, make them into a paste with some water that you can smear on your face or hands. Well, I’ll like to try using it but not with the beans because I’ll rather eat them. I wouldn’t mind using chickpea powder or chickpea flour instead. So if anyone knows where I can get hold of the powder in Singapore, do let me know in the comment box. For the others, maybe you want to tell me if you like eating Garbanzo beans.

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  1. claire says

    I really like chickpeas esp it in a dip form as hummus. So yummy! and I like Eden organic too!

  2. Leila says

    I love them! I make a soup with them when I don’t know what to eat. It is a very popular food in my culture. It’s always hand to keep a few cans around for an easy meal. Glad to know it has even more helth benefits than I thought!

      • Leila says

        Oh yes, in so many ways. Can be just plain chickpeas with some curry powder, stock cube. Or add onions, potatos, crushed vermicelli pasta, black pepper, garlic, parsley, vegetables, even some chicken. The possibilites are endless!

        Check the Middle Eastern recipes, there are so many ways it’s used in those dishes.

  3. says

    yum! i love steamed chic peas too 😀 didn’t know it is so beneficial!
    i think the skin (outer layer) of all these peas/beans will cause high gout as they contain high uric acid
    xin last post is: Random Updates: When the Itchy Hands Get Inspired

    • Sesame says

      They’re great and thanks for pointing out to the source for the uric acid. Actually, the skin sort of comes off after steaming doesn’t it?

  4. JackieA says

    I love these, in salads and steamed Sesame…but I am prone to purines and cannot eat too much :( My mother in law’s recipe (indian Chick Peas) is to temper mustard seeds, split pea seeds, curry leaves, sliced onions and garlic in hot oil. Add steamed chickpeas and a teaspoon each of chilly powder and curry powder. Voila! Good with breads and steamed rice or even plain.

  5. says

    Love chickpeas! Hummus..nom, nom… Channa masala, nom, nom… in a salad with greek olives and feta cheese! Yum!

    I found chickpea flour aka gram flour aka besan flour in a local Indian grocery store. Our local Arabic store also carries it. Hope you’re able to find some. Makes a nice mask mixed with yogurt.
    Natasha last post is: Why poo when you can no-poo?

  6. kaithlin93 says

    i use chicpea flour as a weekly mask as it can be dry for my face…anw, u cn get them at local indian stores…oh ya btw, when you are undergoing detoxing process, will that means, having pimple breakout?

    • Sesame says

      It’s drying? Does it really help with reducing age spots?

      For detox, yes, you might experience some breakout.

  7. says

    Yum! We love chickpeas! How much do you suggest we take a day in order not to increase the chance of gout and formation of kidney stones?
    Zaggora Girl last post is: Happy Halloween from Zaggora!

  8. Juniper says

    I have problem in controlling my weight nowadays and started to have pimples 2 years ago. Can you share your detox programme? Eating chickpeas can cause weight gain? FYI, I’m above 45.

    • Sesame says

      These beans can help to manage weight. As for my detox program, you can read it here:

  9. Sanne says

    Arghghg I HATE chickpeas. They taste so disgusting like you’ve put a spoon full of flour in your mouth. No thank you. But this article will probably help me eat them for health’s sake…

    • Sesame says

      Do they taste like flour? But maybe it’s a bit plain. Can sprinkle some salt or eat them with salad?

  10. says

    I love garbanzo beans. I also use the flour in my my baking. :) You can easily find them in Indian grocery stores.

    Must read more on using it as a mask. Sounds so interesting.
    ChuiShia last post is: Our usual night at home + moody me + chocolate chip cupcake

  11. says

    i totally love them…and, chickpea flour is used as a cleanser as well…its really amazing on skin!!! do try it if you get it :)
    Swati last post is: My beauty after baby? {Women Stuff}

  12. says

    I love garbanzos in my friends’ Italian chickpea soup, which is incredibly filling… She thinks I don’t like it because I can never eat more than a few ounces, but really, it’s because it’s just that full of fiber! It’s so good, though. Secret family recipe. Even I don’t have it, or I’d share it with you!

    My other love is falafel. Apparently the version I make is more Pakistani. It’s a difference in spices used. I make a variation on this recipe:

    Do not put bicarb/baking soda or baking powder in it. It will froth when it hits the oil, and that might burn you! I do not use cayenne, and I use half the garlic. Thick Greek-style yoghurt is used with about a tablespoon of dill. It is eaten on soft pita bread. Test fry a small ball of the falafel paste first. If it falls apart, add another egg.
    BebeTaian last post is: Hyaku Monogatari: Ao-nyobo

    • Sesame says

      Falafel? Never heard of it but it sounds interesting. Wonder if I can whip up the recipe but definitely thanks for sharing!

  13. Destiny7 says

    I took Ayurvedic oil treatments and besan flour was given to me to use in the shower to clean myself. Effective, but made a mess. I tried using at home but discontinued because of the shower clogging. Iherb has Bob’s Red Mill Garbanzo Flour for a couple of dollars if you aren’t near an Indian store.

    • Sesame says

      Oh Bob’s Red Mill? We have that here…have to open my eyes bigger to see if they have the Garbanzo flour. I’ll definitely get that if they have it here. :)

  14. says

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  15. says

    I love garbanzo beans in every dishes that it was included. I only just knew that is it good to my skin and also to my hair. Great info. Thanks!
    Jack Maggard last post is: Hello world!

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