Flawless look with mineral foundation

I have to say I’m very impressed by the mineral foundation from Erth Mineral Makeup. 

Apart from mineral eyeshadows, I have yet to buy mineral foundation even though I’ve read and written good things about it.  First it isn’t readily available here and second, because of the way it looks, I thought I would get similar result like normal loose powder, for which I’m not a fan of.  But thanks to free samples from the company, I finally got to try mineral foundation and I’m now completely hooked on the product. 

There was a remarkable difference to how I looked upon using this mineral foundation.  The finishing was natural and flawless, so much better when compared to my usual 2-way cake.  I didn’t need a facial spritz to set my look and even my husband commented that I looked good with a nice glow. 

While the texture resembles loose power, the coverage was nothing like loose powder.  It was fine and even.  And what made me happier was to know that I’ve got extra protection because both zinc and titanium oxides are found in Erth Mineral Foundations, providing SPF15 protection.  In fact, this product is really great value for money as it is four items rolled into one — foundation, powder, concealer and sunscreen — at just US$13 for 10 grams! 

The only thing that needed some getting used to for me was using a makeup brush to apply the foundation.  The only brushes that I ever use are for eyebrow and eyeshadow and I had no idea what twirl, tap and brush technique really is despite detailed instructions on their website.  But whatever I did, it worked well and my face was glowing for a good part of the day.  So I doubt I’ll want to buy the normal powder now that I’ve seen the benefits of mineral foundation.  I’m definitely sold for sure.

Erth Mineral Makeup also offers 2 grams worth of eyeshadows in a wide range of colours at US$5.25 each.  The ones sent to me are in very light pastel shades and didn’t work so well for my skin colour.  But still, the texture was great and I like the fact that their eyeshadows are 100% natural crushed minerals with no preservatives, no chemicals and no dyes. 

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  1. says

    nice info, Sesame. I should try it since I’m on the hunt for a natural loose powder. I ask the company for some samples, hopefully they will send me some :)

    Doris: Yeah, maybe can ask them and review in your shopping blog.

  2. says

    Hey do you mind selling me some samples of the mineral foundation? Do you mind replying me by email? Thanks so much.

    denise: Sorry, I don’t sell mineral foundation and am unable to supply you with samples. Please purchase directly from those who are supplying the products.

  3. claire_cemolina says

    have you tried the “nude” natural foundation…i bought some in australia and most of my friends seem to be using it too. I have not checked what it contains but its doing well on my combination skin!


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