Health & beauty benefits of eating cherries

I was recently introduced to fresh cherries by my mom who experienced a relief to an acute pain in her shoulder after eating the fruit. Cherries are extremely expensive here but I decided to give it a try to see if they can help with a pain at the back of my neck and I was surprised to find that it works!

Medicinal properties
Apparently, cherries are anti-inflammatory and are good for aches, sore muscles, gout and even arthritis. Anthocyanins, a compound found in cherries, is thought to be the cause behind the relief of gout and other types of joint pain. Tart cherries are good for this purpose and I also read that medical research validates that sour cherries are superior to sweet varieties in their medicinal properties.

Rich in antioxidants
Additionally, cherries are a great beauty food because they have among the highest levels of antioxidants of all fruits. The melatonin found in cherries help to regulate biorhythms to improve your sleep pattern and delay the natural aging process. Plus, the two flavonoids – isoqueritin and queritrin – are powerful antioxidants that help in delaying the aging process. Good for those suffering from insomnia!

Energy booster
Cherries are also low in fat and cholesterol, but high in water content, fibre and sodium and are an excellent choice to help in the weight loss process. Regular consumption helps to boost energy levels and modify metabolism for effective weight loss.

So for those with access to cheap cherries, load them up! I can only wish for cheaper cherries here!

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  1. stella says

    cherries are just too expensive in sg. but i’ve used cherry masks from the face shop. dhc also has a cherry serum

  2. JackieA says

    So sad that next to gold, cherries are as expensive here! Have come across it occassionally at Chinatown in KL at an affordable price but otherwise at the supermarkets, way to expensive. My mum actually read about this not too long ago but did not feel the relief that you so immediately did.

    • sesame says

      The relief wasn’t immediately. Got to take awhile but the pain just goes away without you realizing.

      I wish we can grow cherries here!

  3. nora says

    I love cherries. I know it’s expensive but it’s a great perk-me-up fruits.
    Love the smell & the tart/sour taste. A great alternative fruits for anybody who are too lazy to peel or cut fruits.
    I can finish a box of cherries in one day. Maybe I’m just greedy…hee hee… But I’m glad about the good things that cherries could provide to our body & skin. Expensive aside it’s worthwhile!

    • sesame says

      Actually before my mom told me about fresh cherries, the only ones I know are the syrup ones! Haha…and I told her they’re too sweet. That’s when she told me to eat the fresh ones.

    • sesame says

      It does. But one sure if it works for chronic cases. My mom had this pain on her shoulder and after eating cherries maybe for a week or so, she said the pain went away. For me, it was a pain in my neck. My shoulder aches still there but seems to be lessened…not sure if it’s due to eating cherries too.

  4. says

    My little girl and I love cherries! At any one time, there is always a box of cherries in the fridge. We eat a lot of cherries. But it’s kinda ‘seasonal’ over here, and sometimes, it gets really expensive. :( Or we can’t find any at the supermarket at all.

  5. Suz says

    I love cherries I can eat like a pig when it comes to them…usually they are expensive in the US to but during the summer they go on sale…so I make sure to eat a lot…

  6. Sparklewolfie says

    really?? Do you have to eat a lot of cherries for this to work? They are very expensive here too :(

    • sesame says

      Well, you should tell some difference to your pain or aches after within a week of eating them unless yours is a chronic case. Cherries are very expensive here too!

  7. yay says

    i love cherries…but like everyone else saying it’s expensive for sure…i tried to buy as much as i can eat when i see them on sales which is rarely…

  8. ann says

    Never knew that cherries were good for aches. I only knew that if you ate toooo much at one go, can cause diarrhoea.

    Anyway sesame, I’ve resubscribed but still not getting any email notifications, not in spam too. =(

    • sesame says

      Can cause diarrhea? I didn’t know. But I eat only about 6 or 7 at one go.

      I’m so sorry Ann…something went wrong with the email delivery system so emails are not going out. I’m still trying to figure out what happened. Meantime, you have to come direct to the site or subscribe to my RSS. Anyway, I have new entries daily. :)

    • sesame says

      Yeah, it might help plus it’s cheaper over at your end. Heheh…maybe you can grow cherries too.

  9. says

    Ah… we do have a black cherry tree here. But never dare to try the fruits even though one of our friend said we could eat them! Hahaa… Singaporean more kiasi. 😛

    • sesame says

      You mean as in worried the fruit is not safe? Hmm…have others been eating them? If they have, then should be okay. I would have the same concerns too. And also maybe in Singapore, we cannot anyhow eat fruits plucked from trees or be fined. Haha…

  10. N. says

    Oh, my mom loves cherries and is always eating them. I never knew how good they were for you. Gonna start eating a lot of cherries now I guess! And they are so yummi too!

    • sesame says

      Yes, if you can get them constantly, you should eat more of them. They’re great! I would love to eat them more often but they’re so expensive here!

  11. Aleece says

    Might sound stupid but…does that mean to eat the cherries for the pain or are you supposed to rub it on the area? Because my mom has been having some neck pain too. D:

    • sesame says

      You’re supposed to eat…have your mom eat for about a week or so consistently and see if it helps.

  12. Denise says

    I knew cherries are high in antioxidants but never know it would relieve joint pain as well! Cherries are pretty inexpensive here and during their season of harvest, you can go in the farms and pick them yourself (for a fraction of the price you pay in supermarkets!) After reading this article I’ll make sure the next time I buy some, they won’t rot in my fridge anymore :)

  13. Karen says

    i love cherry
    they are in season in Australia atm.
    the cheapest that i can get it was AUD$10. the most expensive was $20+.
    i think $ for cherries is ok, since there is lots of cherries in 1kg haha

  14. says

    Honestly, the very first time when I started eating cherries was about 5 yrs ago. I alway have a perception that cherry is yucky as I hate those preserved cherries which I always find on cakes and soda. They taste like medicine…. But ever since my student let me tried one….I fall in love with cherries despite the price, I can just have cherries for dinner^^ Never know that they are good for aches and pain. Guess I need to have them now!!


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