Beauty Kitchen: no-brainer baked cinnamon banana

breakfast Beauty Kitchen: no brainer baked cinnamon banana
I always have a ready supply of bananas at home. My husband eats them. My son too. But I avoid fresh bananas at all costs. I’ll eat them cooked though. Like banana fritters. Those I love! So I figured out that I probably can turn the bananas at home into another snack or something. Why not bake them and have another type of food readily available for breakfast? I mean, bananas are supposedly healthy and they’re said to reduce menstrual cramps because they’re a good source of iron, magnesium and potassium. Not only that, bananas are great skin food too.

Beauty Kitchen: healthy brekkie with iHerb snacks

Hot Oatmeal Breakfast Beauty Kitchen: healthy brekkie with iHerb snacks

Look what’s for my breakfast recently—snacks from iHerb! Yeah, I realized that iHerb stocks some great snacks, many of which are not available here or are a lot cheaper compared to what we get off the shelves. So I’ve been ordering a few items to try and found these that make for a quick, nutritious and great tasting breakfast—oatmeal and wild berry mix. And all I need is a bowl and hot water and my breakfast is ready in an instant!

Beauty Kitchen: Manuka honey candy for sugar fix

Manuka honey candy recipe Beauty Kitchen: Manuka honey candy for sugar fix

Hey ladies! Are you often hit by a craving for sugary food but also worried that snacking on chocolates, sweets and candies may ruin your figure or skin? Well, I’ve got a healthier homemade alternative that can help satisfy your craving and not cause you unnecessary beauty issues. In fact, this recipe is going to be very soothing to your throat and tummy and particularly great when the UV index gets really high! What am I talking about? It’s the honey candy I had mentioned in one my earlier entries!

Beauty Kitchen: chilled tofu dish to nourish your skin

Hiyayakko chilled fresh tofu Beauty Kitchen: chilled tofu dish to nourish your skin

Do you know that tofu is not only a high source of protein, but it also contains phytoestrogens that have multiple benefits for our skin? For one, phytoestrogens increase our skin’s production of collagen as well as boost hyaluronic acid production. Second, phytoestrogens also increase the activity of fibroblasts: collagen-making cells that also pump out elastin, the substance that gives skin elasticity. And finally, phytoestrogens are also potent antioxidants that neutralize toxic free radicals as well as promote healing in order to slow premature aging. So keen to feed on some tofu now? Well, here’s a simple Japanese tasty dish that is easy to whip out under 5 minutes.