4 Less Toxic Hair Coloring Solutions To Cover Your Grays

Ammonia Free Hair Coloring

What options do you have if you need to cover your gray hair regularly without using noxious, chemical-loaded hair dye that makes your head smells like horse pee? Well, you have a couple of choices—from store-bought henna powder to salon-based hair coloring treatments that promise lasting, vibrant colors while completely covering gray. With the exception…

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Spa Organics Australia Aromatherapy Hair And Body Care Review


By virtue of the name, Spa Organics Australia is a made-in-Australia natural aromatherapy range of products. Comprising shampoos, conditioners as well as hand & body lotions, this range is specifically formulated to meet the needs of those who have skin irritations and health concerns. So all products are made without any toxic ingredients and skin…

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