Do you consider sunscreen as daily skin care?

In my post about wearing sunscreen when you go shopping last week, a number of you discussed about the necessity to use sunscreen indoors in the comments. Personally, I find that that is very much a personal choice but some of the comments made me pondered a little about the view towards sunscreen – even though many of us acknowledge that using sunscreen is important for our skin, how do we really view them? Are they deem as mere arsenals against the sun or they deem as skin care products to be incorporated into our daily beauty regime?

If my memory serves me right, I started wearing sunscreen in the late 90s. However, I didn’t know anything about formulation and I didn’t really use them that diligently on a daily basis. I only became fastidious about sunscreen application after consulting a dermatologist and he recommended me an SPF30 product from Skinceuticals, which was thick and left a visible whitecast on my face. However, I used it on a daily basis without fail and from then on, started my hunt for the perfect sunscreen. I’ve come across several formulations but many were imperfect – they were either thick, greasy, oily or all of those.

So like some of you, I used to find that using sunscreen on a daily basis was silly and bordering on paranoia. I mean, what’s so fun about slathering a thick glob of cream over your moisturizer and then try to blend like mad so that you don’t end up looking like a geisha wannabe?  And worst, you may end up with a grease filled face and streaking makeup by mid afternoon!  But still, I continued applying religiously in the hope of salvaging my badly pigmented skin and preventing further damage. Never mind the greasy film, never mind the whitecast, never mind the inconvenience; I’m happy so long I know my skin is getting protected from the UV rays.

Texture: light or heavy?
But because of blogging, I had more opportunities to learn about sunscreen formulations and I started to narrow down my search to those containing only zinc oxide. I also noted that it’s better to use a sunscreen with antioxidants that can fight the free radicals that attack our skin. Luckily for me, I found my perfect sunscreen in Marie Veronique Organics’ range and have been happily using it for over a year now. Because of the various beneficial oils in the natural formulation, I actually consider this product a skin care more than a mere sun protection item. In addition, the texture is light enough plus the coverage is good and so there are no issues for me to use it daily; rain or shine, indoors or outdoors. So my view that applying sunscreen on a daily basis was silly and paranoid has since changed. I now view my sunscreen as a necessity in my daily skin care regime.

Marketing: subset or mainstay?
Other than the formulation, I reckon that sunscreens are viewed differently because they are marketed as such. In the stores, sunscreens and sunblocks are positioned as sun protection products for outdoor usage. And while there seems to be some sort of paradigm shift and many companies are beginning to introduce sun protection products in their main skin care line but if we look at some of the major brands, sun protection products are still demarcated as a subset under skin care and in some instances, in a completely separate category. So it’s no wonder that consumers would also deem them as an additional item that seems to fall outside the main regime.

Formulation: moisturizing or not?
In fact, many of the sunscreens can actually double up as moisturizers and yet offer a broad spectrum of UV protection. The one I use is good on its own as it is actually a face moisturizer with a high zinc oxide content. Other products like BB creams for example, that offer adequate protection against casual sun exposure, are also viewed more as a skincare product to some people. I would also like to add that my daily sun protection product is natural formulation and hence, I have no trouble considering it as skin care. But for chemical sunscreens, regardless of their beneficial ingredients, I would always consider them in the strict sense of a sunscreen and that is – for sun protection.

What’s your take?
So what’s your view about your sunscreen or sun protection product? Do you consider it as a mainstay in your skin care regime that you can’t leave without regardless of the weather or the environment? In discussing, it’ll be great if you can also share the sun protection product you are using.

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    • sesame says

      SPF30 is good enough for casual sun exposure. The only reason why we need a higher SPF is because we don’t always apply enough. So if you apply SPF50, the protection maybe equivalent to SPF30.

      I use SPF30 anyway.

    • sesame says

      Yes, umbrella will shield some of the UV rays but having sunscreen on would add on the protection. But if you’re someone who hates sunscreen for some reason, that umbrella is at least going to protect you. Double UV protection layered umbrellas are better.

        • sesame says

          If I am not mistaken, you can find them in Isetan. I remember an SA introducing it to me. It’s rather expensive so I just use the normal one with single layer protection.

  1. pf1123 says

    I always apply sunscreen when I go out, unless I go out in the evening with makeup and I’ll have a makeup base with SPF underneath. But if I’m home, I tend to slack and not apply.

    • sesame says

      So it looks like it’s still more like a sun protection item for you…I’m definitely slack about applying on my body like arms…I even forget when I’m going out.

  2. stella says

    sunscreen outdoors is a must for me, even if i’m running a quick errand. i started wearing sunscreen also in the late 90s, early noughties but not religiously as i had oily acne-prone skin then and formulations were not as light as they come in now. then, light formulations from japanese lines came into the market and i was able to use the sunscreens everyday; after a few months of daily usage, i actually noticed my skin texture improving-clearer, smoother. that was when i started using sunscreen without fail everyday. recently, i ran out of the product on my last day in a neighbouring country, that is probably the very few time in years i was out in the sun (briefly thankfully) with no sunscreen and i was super paranoid… i think sunscreen definitely helps my skin-better texture and i have no sun damage at all. i’m glad i started using it when i was still young, although of coz i’m sure many teenage girls are much more savvy about it now, but the sun was never so bad when i was a kid!

    • sesame says

      It’s good that you started out early. I did so many outdoor sports during my teens and early 20s without proper protection. While I did use some on and off, I don’t think they were that effective. There wasn’t education or reading materials on it…no Internet…

      And you’re right about improving skin texture. I noticed that over this past year. With vitamin C and proper sun protection, my skin texture has improved. I’m really thankful for that and maybe thus have become very obsessed about applying sunscreen.

  3. jt says

    Sunscreen is a must for me daily 😀 I make sure that I never skip sunscreen even I stay at home. I always spend more than 15mins to apply it on my face. Usually, I spread a thick glob all over my face first and let it settle into my skin. After a few mins, I spread evenly and will use my warm palms to lightly pat my face. :)

    • sesame says

      Wow, 15 mins is quite time consuming…but it’s a good habit cos you’re ensuring that the sunscreen is settled well and that’s important!

  4. flym says

    I started wearing sunscreens in my late teens. Unfortunately the formulas then were not as protective esp against UVA. I am really careful about sun exposure now because I tanned extensively in my early teenage years. Although I don’t get pigmentation, I’ve developed solar keratosis thanks to those few years of tanning. Lesson learnt too late.

    • sesame says

      True…I have no idea if those I used were any good against UVA, I didn’t even know much about the types of UV rays then. Are you able to get rid of your Solar Keratosis? I had one major Solar Lentigo lasered off.

  5. Cleo says

    I used to use sunblock religiously as I am very afraid of getting a tan and to reduce my pimple scars until recently my skin doctor told me to stop using it.

    He said the bumps on my skin are caused by lotions which means that I should lay off everything that is liquid or cream based.

    So now I am in a dilemma. Should I give up sunblock for a pimple-less skin?

    • sesame says

      Could be the sunblock you were using had some pore clogging ingredients? Did your skin improved after you stopped using those products…which means you can’t use moisturizers too?

      • Cleo says

        Not exactly. He just mentioned that oily skin should refrain from putting anything on the face and yes that includes moisturizers.

        Couldn’t tell if it is improving because I am still under medication. It is an endless battle.

        • sesame says

          Hmm…it’s not true that oily skin should refrain from putting anything on the face. There should be reasons why your skin is oily. Sometimes it’s oily when it’s not properly hydrated. So when it’s dry, the glands start to produce more oil. You could try those that are oil free formulas.

          Sometimes pimples are more of an internal issue. Where are your breakouts concentrated at? I used to have mine slightly below the cheeks and I found it was my digestive system. After a self detox session and then taking probiotics afterwards, they cleared up. I still have some around my mouth but those are more hormonal during PMS.

  6. Rinka says

    its definitely a main part of my daily skincare regime. i find that most sunscreens are quite hydrating anyway so i double it up as a moisturiser. im using neutrogena’s ultra sheer sunscreen for my face, but because its not actually designed as an everyday item and more as an outdoor exposure item, im looking for a new sunscreen.

    im keen on trying olay and aveeno’s daily moisturisers with spf30, so theyre on my list next ;]

    • sesame says

      Neutrogena’s is not for everyday use? I didn’t realize that. Is it the texture because I had read a couple of people using this on a daily basis.

      • Rinka says

        i think its mostly due to the insanely high SPF (they range from 70 to 85+) but i also read somewhere that the ingredients are quite harsh for the skin, so its recommended only when you need the extra protection like if youre at a beach etc…

        • sesame says

          I see…it’s a chemical sunscreen I believe so most of their ingredients aren’t natural.

  7. says

    Hi! I’ve been using sunscreen since my early teens (I’m now in my late 20s) and I’ve always used a sunscreen gel SPF 30 because I have combi skin and I live in the tropics, so it’s more appropriate for our weather. Sometimes I use VMV hypoallergenics SPF 50 when I go out for long periods of time (face & body), on other days I also use Nu Skin tinted moisturizer SPF 15. So you can say that sunscreen has really been a mainstay in our skin care regimen.

    Although I tend to stay away from thick goopy formulations that leave a whitish cast, I really prefer lighter formulations :)

    • sesame says

      I’ve come across some Nu Skin products but not tried this particular one you mentioned. I imagine the texture is comfortable. It’s good you have found something suitable for daily usage…

      • says

        It is quite comfy, the Nu Skin formulation is quite thin, even for someone like me who has combi-oily skin I feel like I have to moisturize prior to application. You should try it, it’s so worth the high price tag :)

        On another note, I really think your blog is very informative. I am a huge fan of your posts, though I’ve only had time to comment recently :)

        • sesame says

          Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you’re finding some info useful here. :) I’ll try to check out the Nu Skin formula if I get the chance.

  8. zhenling says

    i have been using shiseido’s ultimate sun protection lotion SPF50. i consider sunscreen as anti-aging product so its absolutely essential. its part of my morning routine.

  9. Kate says

    Haha no… I don’t really use sunscreen much but I realized I should use it more often. Question: do you really have to apply 1/4 to 1/3 tsp and so on, as noted in below link? Because it’s a lot!

    • sesame says

      I used to think I didn’t apply enough but some time ago, I took notice and yes, I do apply about 1/4 tsp. With the current sunscreen, I can apply, wait awhile longer and reapply so it can be quite substantial.

      But in the past, it was not possible cos the formulas I used were a tad greasy and thick.

  10. Shannon R says

    I’ve been using it daily, since I was about 20. I used to slack off at home sometimes, but an esthetician told me to wear it in front of the computer monitor, too. So, the only time I don’t have it on anymore is when I sleep. I even keep a bottle on my desk. Perhaps a little obsessive, but I am 41 on Saturday, extremely pale, and still get carded once in a while.

    • sesame says

      Yes, with CRT monitor but these days, LCD monitors don’t emit UV rays.

  11. yay says

    i’m trying to make a habit of it…i’m breaking out now due to sunscreen.. (i think) usually i put primer, sunscreen, tinted moisturizer, then powder… too much? maybe but i need sunscreen sometimes if i skip it i’m starting to get dark spots on my face.. they’re hard to get rid of…

    • sesame says

      The breaking out could be due to the layering of those products too. Your sunscreen can’t double up as your moisturizer?

      • says

        My sister wore nothing but SPF 50 all week when she was at a young women’s outdoor camp for 5 days straight (crazy, right?) and her face totally broke out. Since she has been back and back to using her normal skin care it has cleared up.

        • yay says

          @ Michelle: yes i can’t use sunscreen too much or reapply too face broke out.. i even tried different products to see if that make any difference.

          @ sesame: i got dark spots from the sun easily.. moisturizer won’t be enough.. i do need sunscreen…

    • MariAsh says

      I layer a lot like you too. I think the order you layer is important also. Primer is something which to prepare for makeup, maybe you could try use in order of sunscreen, primer, tinted moisturizer and powder. But I think the combination of sunscreen and tinted moisturizer seems too greasy. My application order is hydrating lotion (like hada labo), moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, cream foundation then fine loose powder and touch up on areas which I want more coverage with powder foundation.

    • MariAsh says

      Yay, I just remembered I also have this brand CALLAS UV Protective base SPF35PA++, which I feel is very good and have been purchasing it repeatedly. It is non oily and can be substitute for your primer as well. It’s a Korean brand and I have seen it sold at some Watsons. The lotion has a slight pink tone to it. I think it’s about $20+.

  12. Rennie says

    The dr. jart bb cream I’m using currently has spf, so I guess sunscreen is part of my weekly skincare/makeup routine. However if you ask for the consistency of me actually wearing sunscreen alone, I guess it’s not part of my routine. I am still searching for a physical sunblock that doesn’t irritate or clog my pores. -___-

    • sesame says

      It can be a challenge finding the perfect one. But your BB cream will help you with some protection. Just need to determine if they have protection against UVA too.

  13. luna says

    Hell Yeah, sunblock is a must! Even when we’re in our cubicles, we’re exposed to all the UV rays from the stupid fluorescent lights!

    I’m a bit anal about sunblock in fact. I have a combination skin (very oily on the T-zone area). Understand that the diff between SPF 15, 30, and 50 is how long it’d be able to last. SPF 15 = 1.5 hours, 30 = 3 hours, 50 = 5 hours, but as the number increases, the oilier it gets, which is quite a turn off for me @_@

    And I recently got to know that no matter how layer of SPF you applied (if you use a separate sunscreen, then bb cream that comes with their own spf also), it does not mean that you have dual protection as well. Gah…

    Anyways, till now, I still swear by FANCL sunscreen 30SPF. The texture is light, oil-free and it has whitening effect too! :)

    • sesame says

      Fancl? I’ve read some mixed reviews on it but have yet to try it myself. Shall try to check it out when I get the chance.

  14. Angel says

    Last year I was more concerned about it, but then my acne started to get worse, so I stopped and have been trying to find a good spf that will no break me out AND one that I can find in the drugs store on a student budget…not an easy task! I sill think about it almost everyday, I think it’s an essential in everyday skin care. And even if I am not using the super most protective PPD sunscreen in the world, I am satisfied that I am at least getting some protection and will leave it at that. :) Wow, but using s/s since the early 90’s is great! I am 21 and never knew about sunscreen or was serious about it until I was about 19 or so. But I have never been one to go outside and tan, I never played outdoor sports and I always wear a big hat, sunglasses and parasol when I got out. <3

    I am probably gonna stick with my SPF 15 Olay sensitive skin with zinc and call it a day…I doesn't clog pores and is light on the skin. It's not the greatest, but I think it's suitable for everyday wear…I am terrified of aging, but I might just have to make do with what I can for now! :)

    • sesame says

      Oh you’re so young! It’s good you’re taking good care of your skin now…you’ll be really thankful for it 10 to 20 years down the road. :)

  15. Tracy says


    Sunscreen is the most important item in my skincare ritual. I use it everyday, even I am staying indoors the whole day.
    P.S: Cleo, when I was suffering from major acne breakout many years back, one of the first things the dermatologist prescribed was a sunscreen! For acne skin, you can try a physical sunblock or an oil-free one.

    I have tried many sunscreens over the years, and though Japanese brands usually have the lightest textures, they also tend to have alcohol. I have mildly sensitive and dry skin now, so I avoid skincare with alcohol since it dries out my skin over time.

    I am using the pure physical sunblock spf30 from Avene now. It is a bit thick and slightly hard to spread, but I get around that by dotting the cream over my face before spreading around. Most of their sunscreen products are rather thick and a tad greasy, but this one is at least manageable for daily use.

    A more affordable and good sunscreen would be the L’oreal UV Perfect SPF50 (i’ve used it for one year and would consider using it again after my Avene sunscreen). It has moisturizing ingredients too (but leaves a slight greasy film on the face), so it helps if you are usually in air-conditioned rooms.

    • sesame says

      I’ve heard some raves on the Avene one…I think it’s very photostable because of it’s sun protection ingredients.

      The Japanese sunblocks are great in terms of texture but the issue is, like what you’ve pointed out, the alcohol. I haven’t come across one without unfortunately…

  16. Alisha says

    i always wear sunscreen. i even try to find body lotions with sun protection. i don’t know what it is, but it has become a habit. haha. even my mom thinks i’m crazy for caring so much about my skin and overall health at my age. im 16 years old by the way and i use aveeno continuous protection spf 30 for face and spf 30 for body…i use them because they’re cheap and do the job. i don’t know any good sunscreens that i can find almost anywhere that’s under $20.

    • sesame says

      Your mom thinks you’re crazy? But it’s a good idea to start early. I wish I had used some when I was 16. Then, I swam 3 times a week under the hot sun with no sunscreen!

      We don’t get Aveeno here (I think) or I’ll be curious to check it out given its affordability.

  17. zzzmadison says

    i wear sunscreen everyday, even when i am staying at home. the texture is not thick but my face always feel greasy at the end of the day (using LRP now).

    the only sunscreen that i dun find greasy is a japanese brand called Sunkiller.

    waiting to try sunsibelle after i’m done with lrp!

    • sesame says

      Most of the Japanese brands are not so greasy because of the alcohol content. LRP also has some that are like the Japanese texture…the one you see in my picture on this post is quite close to the Japanese types.

  18. Jasmine says

    I’m a firm sunscreen user because I have extremely fair skin (think NC15-20). However, sunscreen is really hard to track down because on top of having sensitive skin, I get clogged pores very easily. I’d gladly use sunscreen with horrid textures if it didn’t clog my pores (and turn into ‘rubber dust’ with another product like BB cream layered over it).

    Many people favour Japanese-styled formulation that dries and seals a waterproof coat of zinc oxide over their skin. My esthetician told me that even if it does not contain comedogenic ingredients or fragrances, it’s essentially a coat of wax that many cleansing products have no ability to remove… and as such, pores get clogged with time and products don’t absorb.

    I’m still hunting for my Perfect Sunscreen! My ideal sunscreen contains zinc oxide in a water gel base, has PA +++ or 5 UVA protection stars, tinted and does not cake with reapplication.

    I’ve used Biore, Kose, many Mentholatum Sunplay products, Simple, La Roche-Posay, L’Oreal, Lancome, Philosophy and other beauty salon brands. My search continues :(

    • sesame says

      Your esthetician is referring to the silicones I believe…yes, those are not good and I try to avoid them as far as possible in my skincare products too.

      Your description of your perfect sunscreen sounds like the one I currently use. You might want to take a look at my review today. Just that the product is not available in Singapore.

  19. says

    I have not get the sun screen you recommemded but the Marie Veronique Organics Moisturizing Face Screen Plus SPF 30 in your newest post seems attractive too. Hard to decide but I’ll try the one you mentioned in the newest post

    • sesame says

      What’s your skin type like? Some ladies seem to find it a tad drying for them so you want to be aware of that too.

      • sesame says

        Hmm…very hard to say cos this formula has oil and it doesn’t make my face greasy, not even the t-zone which is oilier. But the high zinc oxide is something to take note – different people respond differently. Zinc Oxide in high amounts can be drying but I find this formula just right for me. However, other ladies have reacted differently.

  20. MariAsh says

    I didn’t know alcohol content will be an issue for the skin in sunscreen. No wonder the japanese brands dry so quickly. As I don’t feel that ‘dry film’ feel is such an issue with me, I will still continue wirh my Sunplay 130 PA++. I used to use it for my face as well, but have been using L’oreal SPF50 PA+++, for face but is a tad greasy without wearing foundation. Can see that I am the kiasu type. High numbers and PA. I read that even indoors the sun’s UVA (wrinkle causing?) rays will not be blocked by glass windows.

    I even spread the sunblock down my neck and chest area. I noticed the lines on my neck have improved since.

    Also put on my arms where they are exposed. I have slight small pigmentation on my arms since my teens. I started putting the sunblock on my arms daily since this year as I often see old uncles and aunties with really large grey spots on their arms, and I got paranoid that I may have a nice face but ugly pigmented arms when I am old.

    • sesame says

      You’re doing well to apply sunscreen all over…it’s true that UVA rays cause most damage and they can pass through windows.

  21. Siew Ying says

    I have tried using sunblocks, but hate the greasy feel it left (Nivea, Vodaskin (now terminated), Sunplay). It’s so hard to find a good physical blocker comfortable enough for my combination skin within my measly student budget. I’ll have to wait till I secure full-time employment to afford them. For now, I’m avoiding the sun as far as possible and using Biore sunscreen if I get a lot of sun.
    I’ve bought a book from Popular which recommends these nine sunblocks & sunscreens: (Book name: 不出错的防晒,抗氧化 – by 张丽卿)

    1.Mary Kay Sun Protector SPF 20 / PA+
    2.H2O+ Sea Results UV Plus moisture
    fluid SPF 30
    3.Sonia Rykiel Protection Solaire
    Visage – Protection Sunscreen for
    Face S SPF 30 PA++
    4.NOV UV Shield SPF 35 PA++ (For
    sensitive skin)
    5.Clarins UV Plus Day Screen High
    Protection SPF40 PA+++
    6.Shiseido Anessa mild sunscreen
    (face) EX SPF 43 PA+++
    7.Uriage Crème Minerale SPF50+
    Protection Ultra
    8.DHC Q10 Suncut SPF50+ PA+++
    9.Biore UV Perfect Milk SPF 50+ PA+++ (50ml) (not for swimming)

    Highly recommended: H2O+, NOV,
    Shiseido Anessa

    Where can I get double layered UV protection umbrellas? And just confirming, do all SPF products need to be cleansed off with makeup remover before sleeping? (including moisturisers with SPF, SPF lipbalms and eye gels). What about the body?

    • sesame says

      You can find them in most of the department stores like Isetan or Takashimaya. As for SPF products, yes, you need to cleansed them off properly…even those for the body or they might clog the pores of your skin.

  22. says

    I am very much worried about my skin,thou i take extra care for my skin i don’t get effective results. Any one here please suggest products to reduce my wrinkles and improve fairness.Thank you in advance

  23. Nina Chen says

    Hi there, let me start off by saying I love reading your blog – it’s hard to find blogs that focuses on safe and natural products as regularly as you do.
    I’m seventeen, Chinese and have combination skin. I use foundation and thus have trouble with finding a non-greasy SPF product for my face to use under make up. The sunblocks/suncreens I have tried always makes my make up noticeable and “cakey” as well as giving me clogged skin.
    Please could you recommend a product you think would be suitable for me, kind regards.

    • sesame says

      Hi Nina: do you mind sharing with me where you’re based cos that would also help me determine what products are easily accessible to you.

      • Nina Chen says

        I live in London, UK but I don’t mind buying over the net; I hope to find an SPF 30 to SPF 50 (for the hotter climates in case I get to go on holiday).
        Thanks very much.

        • sesame says

          Hi Nina:

          From your first comment, I believe you’re more interested in sunscreens of natural formulation? In that case, many of them tend to leave a white cast. The only I use from Marie-Veronique Organics is my current favorite but it still leaves a slight white cast. They have a tinted version and they may work for you. However, I’ll say this product works best with an oil beneath.

          This is the website to check:

          Another one which is not bad is Sweetsation Therapy. It’s called Sun*Si’Belle+ SPF 50 Organic Triple Action Moisturizer with Antioxidants and I reviewed it here:

          Another one I heard is good is from Devita but I’ve not tried. It’s their Daily Solar Protective Moisturizer 30.

  24. anna says

    I live in Australia and so it is a MUST that you wear sunscreen basically every single day of the year.
    To cut out the amount of things that go on my face, I buy an Australian-owned sunscreen from the company QV that includes a moisturiser.
    They cater to sensitive skin and I’ve found it’s one of the few sunscreens that hasn’t broken me out and has moisturised my skin well.

    • sesame says

      Oh we have QV here and my husband loves the brand! He also used the moisturiser with SPF and likes it very much. Glad it’s working well for you. :)

  25. says

    I always use sunscreen everywhere, especially since I had melanoma on my face over 20 years ago. I use sunscreen on all exposed areas in the morning. On a normal day I generally don’t reapply except on face since I am not in the sun. I use a sunscreen powder during the day since I am wearing make-up. In the a.m. I am using Dr. Denese’s tinted day cream with SPF 30. It contains zinc. I use to have Blue Lizard for my daughter – it is from Australia. Now we order a CVS brand that contains zinc and was recommended on the EWG site. You can not buy it in the story any more, so I order it on-line. It is spf 45, I think.

    • sesame says

      Oh you’re very consistent and that’s very good. I wanted to try Blue Lizard but never got a chance. Read about CVS…will check it out. Have been looking for something suitable for the body.

  26. chuck says

    hey im using sunscreen evryday but recently i accidently bought a MAKE UP BASE with spf35 to replace my suncreen which has wondering is it bad for skin to use my spf35 make up base evryday to protect my skin from sun exposure?can it be consider as daily skincare?

    • sesame says

      It shouldn’t be bad…but it depends on the ingredients. I suspect that most makeup base contain silicones and personally, I have something against using silicones on the skin when it comes to skin care. I don’t mind them so much if they’re makeup and sit on top of my skin care.

      • chuck says

        emm ingredients are -water,dimethicone copolyol, squalane,ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate,cyclopentasiloxane,aloe barbadensis extract,jojoba ester,proplyene glycol,titanium dioxide,horse chesnut extract,citris acid,peg-6,silk protein,zinc oxide,bee wax,hyaluronic acid,diethylamino hydroxybenzoyl hexyl benzoate,dimethicone,chlorphenesin,polypeptide,allantoin,magnesium sulfate,essence.what do u think of the ingredients?is it safe?is it will make my skin ageing faster?

        • sesame says

          This is a mix of chemical and physical sunscreen. In terms of protection against the sun, you’re getting sufficient. However, it contains quite a bit of silicones (dimethicone) and I don’t like that ingredient so high up the list as the concentration is probably too much and might suffocate the skin in time to come.

  27. Kaushik says

    Hi.. i m using alovera sunscreen SPF 15 everyday even when i m only staying at home.. will i get any side effects if i stay at home for the whole day and use sunscreen??? i m really worried.. and i heard ppl telling me that after applying sunscreen if we stop applying later.. that part of your skin goes dark.. is it true???

    • sesame says

      Nah…nothing to worry about. SPF15 is just fine if you’re at home. More important is that the product doesn’t clog up your skin and cause your face to break out.

  28. baroque_prinz says

    Sunscreen has always been a must-do in my skincare regime. Its true that finding the right sunscreen that suits oneself is a tedious journey. Currently, I am glad that I found mine that helps my troublesome dry-oily combination with sensitive skin.
    I had tried BB cream but had loathe the pores-clogging effects of it, at least now I found a sunscreen that no only acts a concealer without the pores clogging trouble yet has collagen for firming and ceramides that moisturizes and boosts my skin to ensure better absorption.

  29. baroque_prinz says

    The brand is Skin Inc. The sunscreen is called UV protect. I like it as it also has PA+++ and the fact that it is manufactured in Japan.

  30. vino says

    hi.. i am an IT employee spending the whole life in air conditioned rooms. am using sunscreen cream for the past one month. all my friends scare me that its so dangerous to use sunscreen creams in ac rooms. is it so?
    am greatly worried. in next three months am getting married. pls suggest me whether to contniue using it or not….

  31. Ci says

    I do consider sunblock a daily skincare item. However, do you think one should apply sunblock even to areas covered by clothes? I know young children and even babies need to, so what about teenagers and alduts?

    • sesame says

      I think it’s quite sufficient to apply to those expose areas. I have never applied on parts that are covered by clothes and those areas are extremely fair. :)

    • sesame says

      Yes for my husband, who uses QV cleansing oil, which is a body wash. As for my son, no. I only use sunscreen on him if he’s out playing under the sun so no special remover – just a towel with his usual body wash.

  32. says

    Can I know if you use any makeup remover on your body? I do remember you saying that you often forget to apply sunscreen on your body though.

    Sorry for asking in such details – I am trying to get used to the idea of wearing sunscreen daily, but as my skin clogs easily, I had been hesitant to do so. It would be nice to know what sort of products I can use to remove sunscreen from my body, for one, I know I can use shower oils, from your previous reply :)

    • says

      Oops forgot to include, would you think just using normal oil e.g. olive oil, and then washing off with bath soap would be a good idea to clean off body sunscreen?

    • sesame says

      Olive oil would be too oily. QV has a product that is good for removing body sunscreen. My husband uses that. It’s a cleansing oil. I’ll try to post something about it next time.

  33. Debby says

    Oops sorry, since I was 12 my mom always made me use sunscreen, and since 18 sunscreen is daily skin care for me, because I live in a tropical country. I’m easily sunburned and I always use sunscreen and reapply every few hours.
    But finding the best sunscreen is hard because I have sensitive acne prone skin. i have had breakouts from some sunscreen, but luckily, because of the abundance of blogs reviews, I found some really amazing sunscreens that wont cause any breakouts even for everyday use.
    The best sunscreen that I have tried are the ones from Shiseido. My favorite is perfect UV protector spf 50+ pa++++ because it dries matte, makes the face looks smoother, and acts as make up primer :) haven’t caused any breakouts for daily use


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