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Crimping my hair for more body and volume

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One of the tricks I picked up from the hairstylist who did my hair during my wedding is that I can use a crimper to give my straight and fine hair a different texture and more volume.  It’s actually very easy and I can achieve the effect very quickly within 10 minutes.  The only tool I really need is the crimper but I can use some hairspray if I want a more lasting effect. 

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First, I need to heat up the crimper for about five minutes.  After which, I start with the insides of my hair,  take sections of it and put the crimper on for around one minute on each section.  The longer I leave the crimper on, the harder the look of the crimps, which may not be natural looking.  It’s also important that I do not redo the sections I’ve already crimped otherwise my hair would look too brittle. 

2572998638 e83221d151 o Crimping my hair for more body and volume

Because my objective is to give my hair more volume and style, I spend more time crimping the insides of my hair.  As for those that are outside, I don’t crimp all but only sections of them.   And because I have short hair, I only need to crimp the top part of each section closer to my roots. In fact, I wouldn’t crimp the ends because the effect is not exactly desirable.

2572999130 1606dde614 o Crimping my hair for more body and volume

So instead of my usual boring straight hairdo, I achieve a more relaxed, unstructured tousled look which is kind of boho chic.  I deliberately avoided hard crimps today.  But if I do use hairspray, I can use it before I crimp my hair or after I’ve crimped my hair.  Whichever way, the crimps do look a bit more defined than what you see here.

2573173372 ace424499c o Crimping my hair for more body and volume

I got this Vidal Sasson Crimper/Straightener Convertible many years ago.  Obviously I don’t use the straightener since I already have straight hair to begin with.  But if you have natural wavy hair, or you have curls and you want a change to your hairdo sometimes, then it makes sense to invest in a flat iron or even a ceramic flat iron which provides better heat distribution and retention.   The thing about using a flat iron is that you can smooth, straighten, spike, swirl, curl, flip and bend your hair to perfection!  You can have so much fun and believe me, a different hairdo can make a positive difference to how you look!

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  1. Hey, that looks cool!

  2. This is a really useful post! I always thought maintaining short hair was nothing short of wash & wear – now I know how to amp up the style factor whenever I want to!! Thanks loads :D

    YZ: You’re welcome! :)

  3. 2 of my colleagues recently crimped their hair & I tot these was no longer the trend. I tried perming a few years ago but has since stop as you need to keep on getting hair treatments in case your hair gets too dry which is draining my wallet.

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