DIY Beauty: green tea facial wash and toner


I received an email from a reader Junita Ali this week who kindly shared a few DIY recipes that are being used by the Korean celebrities. Junita, who is a huge K-entertainment fan told me she obtained the recipes which were translated and posted at the beauty and fashion section of the Soompi Forum. I was particularly interested in the recipe of using green tea used by Kim Nam Joo because green tea is something I’ve wanted to try for awhile but I wanted something really easy. And this recipe cannot get any easier!

Green tea by the way, has rich sources of antioxidant benefits and is great for anti-aging. In fact, it is widely known that green tea provides some form of sun damage protection by blocking UV rays and this is why it is used in some sunscreen formulations.

Using green tea to clean out pores
The Korean actress uses the beverage to wash her face, keeping her pores clean and her skin looking clear and blemish free. Nothing messy or complicated and it’s just a three-step process:
1) Make green tea and chill it by keeping it in the fridge.
2) Before using the green tea, wash your face clean and steam or drape a hot face towel over your face to open up the pores.
3) Finally use the cold green tea to rinse your face again.

You can make the green tea with the green tea bags but if you’re using powdered green tea, then the directions is to put 2 cups of water for every 1 teaspoon of green tea powder.

Use as a facial toner and spritz
I drink a very normal brand of green tea obtained from the supermarket and what I did was to put two bags into a bowl so that I can make sufficient tea to wash my face. I haven’t tried it yet but as I’m typing this, the green tea is being cooled and I’ll wash my face with it later. I will also decant some of the cold green tea water in a little bottle to use as a facial toner. I am thinking it will make a nice facial spritz too!

Anyone game for this?

The facial wash is very refreshing! I’ve prepared another portion for this evening too. And one tea bag is sufficient!

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  1. Florence says

    Can try! Interesting.I am going to use green tea powder to make.

    Florence: I think powder would be great. I’m going to grab myself some. Or maybe I try the cosmetic grade.

  2. sharon says

    I’ve tried it as a toner & spritz before! I didn’t really notice much but its quite refreshing.

    I also used my old body shop perfume spray bottle so there was quite a yummy scent as well (:

    Sharon: I’m thinking the steaming and using it afterwards might contribute a bit more to clearing out the impurities…

  3. says

    Hey Sesame, I use Green tea in my facial mask recipes and I used to use it as toner sometime back but I have stopped uisng toner these days, I feel fine without toner:) And it helps lighten those dark circles too.

    Leon: I love toning…something I can’t really do without. Btw, do you mean the grean tea helps with dark circles?

  4. Angeline Woo says

    hi!i have that same brand of green tea too…so how many cups of water should i put?

    Angeline: Ah…I just poured into into a bowl. Probably about a half and a half. The bowl was enough to wash my face.

  5. Natalie says

    Great! I love drinking green tea. Will try it out! Yay! :-)

    Natalie: It’s nice but I realized that because it involves steaming, this is probably good to use once or at most twice a week.

  6. elleve says

    heh i usually use green tea bags for my eyes too! helps a little!

    i’d feel so guilty about “wasting” precious green tea bags though!

    Elleve: I tried tea bags but usually what I do is recycle them after making tea. 😛

  7. says

    lol. i will definitely try this out since it really can’t get any easier. btw, as for the use as facial mist, we have to replace new one everyday? or how many days can the mist last? as it it wont turn bad?

    prettybeautiful: No, it won’t. Keep it in the fridge. Somebody says can keep for 3 weeks. I think 2 weeks might be about okay. The fresher the better. Anyway, it’s so easy to make! 😉

    * Hey, another reader Sherry mentioned that it will get moldy fast. So something to note.

  8. says

    Yes Sesame, Green Tea helps lighten dark circles and reduce puffy eyes. If you are using it to reduce puffiness keep the brewed green tea in the fridge for sometime because cold tea tends to work better.

    Leon: Ah I see. I’ve got the green tea chilled and using it for toning too.

  9. JJ says

    OH what a great idea. I use the Evian face mister now to refresh while I sit behind my desk all day for work. I think the green tea in a small spray bottle sounds like even a better idea, since you’re getting antioxidants from it.
    I’ve put green tea bags in my bath before, but never used it as a face rinse. I will try this! Thank you for all your useful information.

    JJ: You’re welcome! :)

  10. Sherry B. says

    For the past couple of years, I have been brewing a cup of green tea every morning, keeping it in a small spray bottle in the fridge, and using it as a spritz-toner throughout the day. It’s a life-saver in the summertime as it’s very refreshing! It must be used up quickly, tho, as it will mold after a couple of days—best to make it fresh daily.

    Sherry: It will get moldy even with boiling water used? Oh no…I’ve kept mine in the fridge for a couple of days now. It seems okay to use still but you’re right, best to make it fresh especially since it’s so easy to make!

  11. crystal says

    hi, so after using the green tea to rinse, do we need to rinse with water again?

    Crystal: No need to rinse with water. The green tea is the last rinse and just towel dry your face.

  12. slydreamerr says

    Wow, I love how the cold green tea feels on my skin. Its cooling (duh cos I took it out of fridge) and I enjoyed washing my face with it. Hehe.

    I’m thinking of trying out Green Tea + honey+ Aspirin mask next! 😀

    But I wonder if I should include just the tea in the DIY mask or add in the leaves as well. Hmmm… What do you think?

    slydreamerr: I haven’t tried with the leaves but I imagine if they don’t drop off, then it should be fine. I don’t know if the honey can hold up the leaves on the face. But the green tea rinse is definitely great!

  13. slydreamerr says

    Hehe I just tried the green tea leaves + aspirin mask. It turned out a little watery and so I added a little honey into it. Turned out tht honey didn’t help to hold the leaves at all. I’ve the same brand of green tea as you at home and so I just cut up the teabag after making a bowl of green tea for washing & toning, and used it in my mask. I also added Vitamin E oil by cutting up the gel formed capsules. Turned out that, even though the Vit E oil was a bit sticky, after 15 minutes of masking, it kinda made my skin glow…. Luckily I didn’t break out from Vit E oil! (:

    slydreamerr: Hey your concoction is interesting! You’re very adventurous! I’m also using vit E oil now, from gel capsules. But not as a mask but rather to help rid of scars. Slow though.

  14. slydreamerr says

    Hehe yeah. I love to try out new methods for DIY Mask and luckily this time round I didn’t break out from it. I didn’t even moisturize my face after that because I felt Vit E oil was enough for the night already 😛

    Yeah, vitamin E oil is rather slow. Need preservance to remove scars, oh well.

    slydreamerr: I know…it’s fun to go DIY. I like experimenting with new recipes too and coming up with slight variations to some of them.

  15. says

    Wow, i love green tea so much and would like to try this methods soon. Thank you for sharing :)

    cheetz: Hope you’ll have fun using this!

  16. says

    btw, i have another Q. if i make the facial mist already, of coz i have to carry around with me right? is it ok to keep in bottle for like 2 days without refrigerating it? coz i make new one evryday

    prettybeautiful: The weather is hot so carrying around for two days without refrigeration may not be that adviceable. Since you’re using on your face, I’ll tell you not to risk it. One way is to add some natural preservative like a few drops of essential oils as they act as natural preservative. If not, make fresh one everyday.

    • raye says

      hi, i used green tea as my facial mist everyday. just a question, can you give me examples of essential oils that’s good to add to our facial mist? i’ve heard that tea tree oil is good however its pricey in my place…

      • sesame says

        Tea tree is too drying and not recommended for long term usage. I’ll also suggest that for spot treatment only. As to what essential oil to use, it really depends on your skin type. Some that are common include rose, geranium, chamomile and neroli.

        • raye says

          thanks sesame.. sorry for being so naive, are those oils found in the department store – home section can be used for this? or do i specifically buy it in the beauty shop?

          • sesame says

            You may have to buy online cos those from the supermarket are not for cosmetic usage.

  17. cyu143 says

    I would like to know after the green tea rinse on our face do we apply moisturizer or we need water to rinse out the green tea?

    cyu143: You don’t have to rinse with water anymore. The green tea is the final rinse and after that, you can moisturize as per normal.

  18. says

    Here’s a slightly different recipe for green tea facial toner:

    Simple green tea facial toner


    * 2 teaspoons of powdered green tea
    * 1/2 of boiling water


    * Steep green tea in boiling water for 10 minutes
    * Let it cool and apply it on the face with cotton balls (gauze)

    Daily use of this facial toner is recommended.

    Enjoy :)

    Oh thanks for sharing this recipe! :)

  19. Sarah says

    So, have you seen any results since you’ve been using the green tea?

    Sarah: I don’t use this often enough to see results…

  20. Kitaria says

    Hi. I have been using green tea as a toner of sort now for about two weeks where I brew jasmine green tea (Bigelow brand from the grocery store in fact) and then let it cool earlier in the week while I am in the shower. After washing my face I grab the g.tea out of the refrigerator (which I placed in a small mug) and dig a cotton ball in it and rub it all over my face.

    I will say that I noticed a difference immeddiately. My fast is SO soft and as of lately I am really noticing my blemishes clear up. I should add that I am AFAM and for this to be noticeable so soon is quite remarkable.

    Hope it works for others


  21. says

    so happy I came to read this post, I drank Japanese Green Tea ( in tea bag ) type. And this DIY recipe is so interesting and even better is… it is so easy to prepare. I’ll try it this weekend. And will buy myself a spray bottle to get myself DIY toner. Thank you for sharing this great tips.

  22. Janice says

    A bit of witch hazel in the green tea mist will also help to preserve it (adds a small amount of alcohol, but it is very diluted, it doesn’t take much). I also make sure I use purified or distilled water to make the tea. And I make sure to use a very good quality green tea–some of them are brownish. The better green teas are truly green. I’ve also switched to using the organic.

    • sesame says

      Hey Janice: Thanks for the inputs! These are great tips. I recently learnt that a good quality green tea have have a rich green color. Some of the brownish tone could mean that the tea have oxidised. I’m starting to take matcha green tea and loves it!

  23. Teff says

    Hey girls :) I have been making my own green tea face mist for a while now. I use OSK Japanese Green Tea (2 bags), let steep till it cools. Then I add 3 drops of Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel + 2 drops of Colonia Dames Vitamin E oil (as preservative), shake it up in a spray bottle. I apply it twice daily, after toning, before moisturizing. My skin has never looked and felt better! 😉

    • sesame says

      Most of them can be used. They are not so strong so usually used in combination. Vitamin E is quite good too as a natural preservative.

  24. Siew Ying says

    I tried rubbing green tea bags on my face before and it felt really refreshing. Can the green tea toner keep for 2 weeks outside? or must it be in the fridge?

    • sesame says

      You should keep it in the fridge but if you don’t add any natural preservative like vit E or essential oils, it’s better to discard after 3 days.

  25. Jane says

    Hi, It also work well with oily skin. very refreshing. =)

    However, better not use tea bags (for drinking or washing). they have found some content in tea bag to be carcinogenic.

  26. Zara says

    Hi, i have also tried it and i have a question,
    I bought tea but its not powdered and not bags, its leaves.
    Is it better to make that toner with cool water? And how much teaspoon do i have to use and how much water ?

    • sesame says

      Just make like you would with a normal cup of tea – two teaspoons of leaves and with hot water. Sift away the leaves and you can use the toner when it’s cool.

    • Erika says

      I buy green tea bags. You can find it almost anywhere. Walmart, maybe Target, but I get mine from King Soopers.

  27. Ren says

    Rachelle; you can get green tea from most supermarkets.

    Question: If I don’t put preservatives in my green tea will it last for 2 weeks in the fridge or does it only last 2 weeks if you add the preservatives? <- Sorry for how I worded that question.

    I add fresh lemon juice (to help brighten complexion & to treat pimples) and olive oil (as it is high in vitamins E & A) and mix it up with the green tea cleanser.

    • sesame says

      I haven’t tried but I think it’s not going to last. I got contradicting info initially cos some said yes, some said only 3 days. However, it’s really better to add preservative (like vita E) if you want to keep in the fridge for 2 weeks.

    • laura says

      Hey! You might want to try Vit E oil instead of olive oil, it is better for acne prone skin and wont clog pores. Also a few drops of tea tree oil is great for acne because it’s antibacterial.

  28. Jonathan Y. says

    Is it okay to not put the green tea toner in the fridge? And how much water and green tea bags do you need?

    • sesame says

      Yes, you can keep it in the fridge. I think a small bowl of water would be good with a bag. You don’t want the toner too greenish too.

  29. Richard says

    This is my regimine for using green tea topically. (And I think I may be the only male commenter on here – haha)

    I drink green tea pretty much daily so this is a process I would do anyway. EASY as 1,2,3!!

    1. Heat Water – made very quickly in an “Electric Kettle” (I have “braun”).

    2. Brew – I use a couple teaspoons of loose leaf green tea (i get it at the japanese market)and make it in a French Coffee Press. Fill with water and you’ll have 3-4 cups of tea to drink. Let remaining cool. (fyi- the stem green tea is only about $3.30 for a bag – cheaper – called Kuckicha.. i think)

    3.I fill a glass jar with lid (probably less than 5 ounces) and stick it in the fridge as a supply. Next I fill a small plastic spritzer bottle (got at container store in travel section)and this is good for the entire day. Refill when needed from the glass one in the fridge.

    (That amount should last you at least 3
    or more days… and should be fine if kept refridgerated.)

    • sesame says

      Hey, that’s nice. I have some green tea leaves too…maybe I’ll try to use them topically. I like your comment about why loose tea is better. I’ll take note in future when making my purchases. :)

  30. Richard says

    Oh, and as a follow-up in my humble opinion loose leaf tea is almost always better (for you) than the bagged tea which is basically made from the “dust” of making the real tea (loose leaf).

  31. Kendra says

    Hi there! I definitely want to try this to see if it is effective for acne. :) Thanks for the recipe!

  32. jess says

    i have use this for almost 2 years i found an article in a magazine my skin is so smooth n glowing i highly recommend it i have a spray bottle in my fridge at all times n use it morning n night!

  33. Mindy says

    I have been making my own toner for years which I LOVE! I put a teaspoon of pure cane sugar(alpha hydroxy acid) in a cup of boiling water to dissolve, add a green tea bag, let it seep for 10 minutes, then add 1 drop peppermint oil and a half teaspoon of witch hazel. My face feels refreshed and stays clear all day.

  34. arvi says

    v sudah beli teh hijau yg daun…
    untuk membuat masker, bisa diseduh seperti teh biasa kan?2 sendok untuk segelas air
    jika saya ingin membawa botol semprot berisi air teh hijau, pasti dinginnya akan hilang kan..
    apa itu tidak apa-apa?
    untuk mengawetkan toner alami ini, kita bisa menggunakan apa saja sih(kalau bisa yang murah dan mudah dicari)?
    thanx banget,,,

  35. yuliana says

    If i use the olive oil as the preservative, can the toner last for 2 weeks in fridge or should i use capsuled vit e? how about if i put it in a bottle n carry it on my bag everyday, will it still last for 2 weeks or lesser than it? *sry for re-asking about this cos i still haven’t found the answer..* :)

    • sesame says

      I am not too sure if olive oil works too well as a preservative. It would be a little oily isn’t it? The oil that I know can work as preservative is vitamin E.

  36. Erika says

    Last night I watched a video on Youtube by Bubzbueauty. She has some GREAT tips on acne treating. So I tied her Green Tea Treatment this morning and my face feels so smooth and refreshing. I can really see a difference, even after one use. TRY IT!

  37. laura says

    Here is a good list for acne prone skin. I think I would only use a few drops of the oils because you don’t want to overdo that. This will also brighten your skin and give it a glow.

    green tea
    Chamomile tea
    vit E
    With Hazel
    Grape Seed oil
    tea tree oil
    Lemon Juice
    Aloe Vera

    I do green tea rinses every now and then and it is amazing for your skin. I figured this out one time after I went to a spa and was in a green tea skin cleared up so nicely after that I knew it was the green tea!!!I don’t know why they don’t use it in more skincare lines.

    I dont like putting things in the fridge because it’s too inconvienent to go get it in between my skin care steps. If i put preservatives like those in it, will it last at least a week? How do the natural products with no alcohol stay fresh for months? (witch hazel?)

    • sesame says

      Thanks for sharing the recipe for acne prone skin. Sounds good that it can also brighten up our skin.

      Oh green tea rinse is doing amazing stuff for your skin? Hmm…must revert to using that again! I love using green tea too.

      If you put some preservatives, it should be able to last a week or so…go with the smell and texture.

  38. tirimisu says

    wow, sound great..! green tea bag can be used in so many area… ERm, mean i can use the tea water as for toner then also for the tea bag, i can use it for my dark circle eye?

  39. julienne mark says

    i tried this green tea wash and i noticed that immediately my skin looked toned and matte but not dry. the next day i also used green tea wash as my final rinse and i did not used foundation. i just pat my face with loose powder and the whole day my face was matte and fresh. i did not put powder and it still looked fresh. this is my second day and a friend noticed that my make up is good.

    actually when i tried this green tea wash i did not used moisturizer yet for i want to see the result and the effect first on my skin. at the same time i am still thinking what moisturizer is best for me. i wonder how my face will look like if i start putting moisturizer. maybe after a week then i will use moisturizer.

    i just want to know if i use this wash in my body, will my skin look flawless? i remember my friend who used the black tea wash on her face and it made her face tanned and rosy cheeks but if she stops the effects is gone too. by the way, i am using a fresh green tea and not the tea bags green tea. i bought this in a chinese store.

    • sesame says

      Haha…I have no idea about using it for body but you’ve raised an interesting question…I think it will help. But, you must use moisturizer – especially on your face.


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