DIY Beauty: green tea facial wash and toner


I received an email from a reader Junita Ali this week who kindly shared a few DIY recipes that are being used by the Korean celebrities. Junita, who is a huge K-entertainment fan told me she obtained the recipes which were translated and posted at the beauty and fashion section of the Soompi Forum. I was particularly interested in the recipe of using green tea used by Kim Nam Joo because green tea is something I’ve wanted to try for awhile but I wanted something really easy. And this recipe cannot get any easier!

Green tea by the way, has rich sources of antioxidant benefits and is great for anti-aging. In fact, it is widely known that green tea provides some form of sun damage protection by blocking UV rays and this is why it is used in some sunscreen formulations.

Using green tea to clean out pores
The Korean actress uses the beverage to wash her face, keeping her pores clean and her skin looking clear and blemish free. Nothing messy or complicated and it’s just a three-step process:
1) Make green tea and chill it by keeping it in the fridge.
2) Before using the green tea, wash your face clean and steam or drape a hot face towel over your face to open up the pores.
3) Finally use the cold green tea to rinse your face again.

You can make the green tea with the green tea bags but if you’re using powdered green tea, then the directions is to put 2 cups of water for every 1 teaspoon of green tea powder.

Use as a facial toner and spritz
I drink a very normal brand of green tea obtained from the supermarket and what I did was to put two bags into a bowl so that I can make sufficient tea to wash my face. I haven’t tried it yet but as I’m typing this, the green tea is being cooled and I’ll wash my face with it later. I will also decant some of the cold green tea water in a little bottle to use as a facial toner. I am thinking it will make a nice facial spritz too!

Anyone game for this?

The facial wash is very refreshing! I’ve prepared another portion for this evening too. And one tea bag is sufficient!

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  1. julienne mark says

    by the way, my skin is combination skin. i have acne problem and that is my nose has a lot of stubborn blackheads and on my chin. whenever i rinse my face with green tea wash, i focus more on the nose and chin. i wonder if my stubborn blackheads will clear up after many days. meantime, the effect is my face is not oily but fresh. i hope my large pores will lessen too.

    • sesame says

      For blackheads, there is still a need to scrub them off or gently squeeze them out after a warm bath. I recommend you try using baking soda, mixed with water into a paste to rub the area on your nose and chin.

  2. julienne mark says

    you posted this in 2009, what was your skin look like before you used this green tea wash and how is it now? did it also shrink large pores if you had?

    • sesame says

      It helped while I was using it but I’ve since moved on and don’t use this green tea wash now.

  3. Rosa says

    Don’t know if this has been answered but is it safe/alright to do the green tea face wash to clean out pores everyday?

  4. suma says

    i’m 26 years old.i’ve alarge and i use row alovera gel. after my face full over of has nothing like pimple.first pimple next red ness like masquito beat finnale black way i can relif from it and its bad black spot.plz giv me solution

  5. Dora says

    My skin is super sensitive, I cannot use any products on it without it turning red and irritated. I use black tea to calm it down as it is getting hot outside but Since this is similar to green tea I wonder: Can I store it in my bathroom or should I put it in the fridge (which is so much more effort..). How long can I store it both in my bathroom and in my fridge? I once was told that green tea looses its wonderful abilities for the skin if it gets in contact with air. I really cannot find any information on those questions and am secretely hoping you know some answers :)

    And btw: I adore your blog! Just so beautiful and down to earth. Lovely :)

    Lots of hugs

    • Sesame says

      I think black tea has some benefits too but I haven’t done research to verify. However, it’s true that all things natural will oxidize and you also can’t keep it for long in your bathroom. Because they’re liquid based, they’ll attract bacteria. So best to chill it in the fridge and keep up to 3 days max. Either that or you add a few drops of essential oils but then again, I don’t know if your skin will react well to essential oils.


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