Nail saviors: acetone free nail polish removers

These acetone free nail polish removers are a savior for my nails! Before I used these, I noticed that some of my toenails were dry and brittle looking. I wear nail polish on a daily basis and was using an acetone based nail polish remover, so that definitely left my nails drier. However, the condition of my nails got worse after a series of pedicures and one of them even chipped off. So I’m guessing that it’s because the nail polish removers used at the nail salons are much stronger or the amount used was more generous.

Ingredients of acetone free nail polish removers
The first acetone free nail polish remover I’ve tried is from Karma Organic. It is a soy nail polish remover that is free of any petroleum ingredients. Its ingredients include: propylene carbonate, soybean oil methyl exter, and tocopheryl acetate or Vitamin E. The other acetone free nail polish remover I’ve tried is Suncoat Natural Nail Polish Remover, with ingredients of ethyl lactate (from corn fermentation), methyl soyate (from soya oil), vegetable glycerin, D-limonene (from orange). You can compare them with the ingredients listed on the acetone based nail polish remover in the picture below.

Pros and cons
In terms of results, both the acetone free nail polish removers do an effective job of removing all types of nail polishes. In fact, I find myself using less amount with these nail polish removers. However, you need to rub your nails a little harder to get rid of the nail colors and the whole removing process takes longer. There is also a greasy residue after the colors are being removed but I’m not complaining as my nails are looking healthier as a result.

Cost more but saves the nails
So if you have dry and brittle nails, it’s best to use acetone free nail polish removers and switch to those that are of a more natural formulation. They do cost more but they also last longer and more importantly, you are saving your nails in the long run!

Availability and promotion
The Karmic Organic nail polish remover cost S$24 and is available at Organic Basic, located at #01-06 inside myVillage at Serangoon Gardens. It comes in a 4 fluid ounce bottle and is available in three choices; lavender, tea tree, or unscented with Vitamin E Oil. The Suncoat Natural Nail Polish Remover comes in a 60ml bottle and cost S$22 from Fantastic Find By PuppyMoo. And you maybe pleased to know that the company is offering a 10% discount on all Suncoat products from now till the end of June. Simply email with your order and the subject “Viva Woman Promo” to claim the discount.

Have you tried any other acetone free nail polish removers that you can recommend?

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  1. says

    I’ve always wanted to use acetone free nail polish removers but I don’t know if it’ll take me forever to remove those glitters and what-nots that I’ve been piling on my nails! 😀 Thanks for this!

    • sesame says

      It’ll definitely take ages if your nails are full of glitters! I have a hard time removing those even with acetone based ones. 😀

  2. says

    Good info!

    Each time after I remove my nail polish, the tip of all my finger will be very painful & sensitive for about 2 days. It gets worse at night that I won’t be able to sleep sometimes. Initially I wasn’t sure why, then later I realized that it could be due to dehydration for both my nails and cuticle. I have very dry & sensitive skin.

    Now, I use Sally Hansen nail and cuticle oil on my nail and cuticle after removing the nail polish. Then it’s much better but I will hv to use it 2-3 times consecutively. I still feel a bit of pain but it’s much bearable.

    Not too sure if that’s the main reason for it or it’s the ingredient in the remover that I’m sensitive to.

  3. poop says

    have you tried the muji nail polish remover? i believe it is acetone free, it doesnt stink (though it does have a certain smell) and is pretty moisturising (strangely it feels a bit oily when used!)
    its also pretty easy on the pockets. they sell travel wipes so if u want to try it out first thats a good buy.

    • sesame says

      I have not seen them! That’s for shopping with my eyes closed! I will check them out soon…thanks for telling me. :)

      • keidi says

        Hi hi,

        i have the Muji nail polish remover but I don’t find it very effective in removing the nail colours. I thought they were all removed but when I take a closer look at my nails traces of colours still remains…perhaps I didn’t rub hard enough?

        • sesame says

          Maybe…not familiar with Muji one but if you us oil based nail polish removers, you need to rub a bit harder.

  4. says

    I used acetone-free polish remover, but it wasn’t natural. Now I just don’t use polish remover since I changed my manicures almost daily anyway! I just use a base coat of white school glue and when it dries I do my mani and then at the end of the day I can just peel it off and it doesn’t damage the nail at all. I have photos of it on my blog if you want to check it out :)

    • sesame says

      I read the entry…very interesting! I would love to just peel off my nail polish – I tried it on a Zoya nail polish I used and my nails look quite good afterwards. I don’t know why I could peel off but the nail polish was easy to remove after a bath…but it wasn’t so clean and I had to use a nail polish remover for those that didn’t come off.

  5. says

    My toenails are all dried and brittle. They chipped off easily. It might be caused by frequent peducuring before. But I have stopped for almost 6 mos now but still it chips off easily. Any suggestion on what to do.

    • sesame says

      You might need to beef up your diet or vitamins to build the keratin for example those full of calcium, biotin, iron, and zinc.

  6. says

    I’ve always used acetone free nail polish removers. Ever since I started painting my nails Ive known how terrible they are. We barely have any polish removers that have acetone here. Just the real cheap ones. But the more natural the formula is the more time it takes for removal which is quite annoying. Which is why I have stopped using removers based on banana oil. They take too long and too much effort.
    But there was once that I soaked my nails in acetone based remover to remove a resistant nail glue and god how my nails suffered and broke after. It’s really terrible.

    • sesame says

      That’s really interesting! I never knew there are nail removers that use banana oil! But yes, you’re right…the more ‘natural’ they are, the longer they take to remove the nail polish. These two I use are quite okay…the removal process doesn’t annoy me at least.

  7. Issa says

    i want to try these because I have to start taking care of my nails, they get a bit dry too because of using too much nail polish…..

  8. says

    I love to apply different colors on my nails daily. Due to this I need to use nail remover daily so that I can remove older color and add new one. As you have written this remover is good for nails, I would like to use it.

  9. says

    The nasty smell of the nail polish and nail polish remover is quite off-putting. I used to love nail polish very much and wore it quite often, but the chemicals in it were way too strong for my nails. They made my nails yellowish long time ago, and it took me MONTHS to recover. Since then, I have become cautious and paint my nails in less regular intervals. I am glad that there are other more natural options out there to choose from.

    • sesame says

      Yeah, I was just using one yesterday and the smell was overwhelming! I need to pain my nails less.

    • says

      Water-based nail polishes are a great option if you are looking for a less smelly polish.
      Heidi last post is: Acetone Free Nail Polish Removers Compared


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