Drink soup to lose weight fast

I’ve been putting on quite a bit of weight around the waist and tummy.  Thanks to overeating and not exercising at all.   But I’m not too concern about those extra inches.  If I really want to, I can actually lose them in days. 


I skip dinner for a couple of days and just drink soup.  No rice, no other dishes.  Just clear soup with some vegetables and maybe a bit of meat.  It kills the hunger pangs and I get some nutrition at the same time.  Easy peasy.

In fact, if you do a seach on the Net, you should even come across a cabbage soup diet, which is a fat-burning soup that contains negligible calories.  This is actually a fad diet designed for short-term weight-loss without long-term commitments.  Apparently, the more soup you eat the more weight you should lose.  However, it is a seven days program which requires the dieter to following a diet plan.  And this doesn’t work for me because I’ve no discipline whatsoever to follow a strict diet.  Moreover, too much cabbage can cause uncontrollable fatulence, which we already already know is a major social challenge.

So I just do it my way by making my own soup usually with a tasty broth using chicken, pork ribs and lately, the Japanese konbu (seaweed).  I then add in some veggie like carrots and celeries, or corn and carrot, or potatoes, onions, carrots, tomatoes.  It depends on my fancy.  Sometimes I even make fish soup with fish meat and vegetables like tomatoes, spring onion and ginger. 

And by exercising a little control and drinking these homemade soups for a few evenings, those dreaded inches around my tummy and waistline will be reduced.  Nothing too extreme or difficult.

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    Hi! im kaiwen! was looking through blogs from ping.sg and your blog caught my attention…your blog is well done…hope mine can do the same…keep up the good work!!!

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    I think weight loss is all about three things – attitude, diet and exercise. From my experience, reducing carb intake and doing aerobic exercises are keys to successful weight loss.

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