Makeup tutorial: applying eyeliner

I’m hopeless with eyeliner application.  Lucky thing I have quite a big pair of eyes so I can do without it most of the time.  But I could certainly do with a proper lesson and the basic eyeliner tutorial with pencil, cream/gel or liquid made recently by blogger Michelle Phan is just excellent.

The girl emphasizes the importance of using smaller strokes for a better line quality whatever the type of eyeliner used.  This allows better control in terms of the thickness of the application and minimizes possibilities of making mistakes. 

I like her tip about using a Q-tip to gently create a taut eye rather than pulling the eyes which is likely to cause premature sagging and wrinkles.  In addition, the Q-tip is also great for blending and fixing mistakes.  It’s also interesting to see how Michelle uses her angled brush to make small even dabs and strokes when using her cream/gel eyeliner. 

Her tutorial is easy to follow and always refreshing.  Just background music, simple illustrations, words on the screen followed by a demonstration.   And she’s really beautiful!

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  1. jt says

    wow! this help me a lot! thank you so much! i can draw well even i have single eyelids after watching this.. :)

    jt: You’re welcome!

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