How to prevent the growth of milia seeds around eyes?

milia seeds
An irritating and somewhat ugly milia seed has grown on my right eyelid and it was such an eyesore.  Was, because I finally had it removed yesterday.  Before I share with you how I got rid of it, let me first discuss what is a milia seed and how I got one growing my eyelid.  More importantly, I’ll also discuss how we can possibly prevent milia seeds from growing around our eye area.

According to information obtained from the National Skin Centre in Singapore, milia seeds are white or yellowish white skin growths often seen on the eyelids or temple. Sometimes referred to as superficial keratinous cysts and are also called oil seeds by some, most of them are small, hard and resemble millet seeds, but newly formed ones can be soft and look like a pimple without an opening.

Although the experts have said that milia seeds represent obstructed sweat ducts and hence are not caused by rich creams, I tend to think otherwise.  Based on my experience, rich eye cream do cause the growth of milia seeds around the eyes and I believe this is because the cream is too rich to be fully absorbed and hence clogging up the sweat ducts.  However, having said that, I also want to qualify that for some people, the growth of milia seeds could be due to genetic reasons and has nothing to do with the products they use.  In addition, milia seeds can also grow on other parts of the face, apart from the eyelids but it’s usually the eyelids that has the most due to the skin texture.

So how can we prevent milia seeds from growing around our eyelids or eye area?

No overly emollient eye cream
First and foremost, check your eye cream.  The skin around our eye region is really delicate.  I would never recommend that you use your normal facial moisturizer on your eye area.  It could be too rich.  Even for eye creams, you got to check that it is not overly emollient that it cannot be absorbed into your skin quickly.  I made the mistake many years ago of getting one eye cream that was too rich and end up with some tiny seeds below my eyes.  Fortunately, I discovered in time and stopped using the eye cream.  Since then, I’ve been very very careful about what I apply around my eye area.

Switch to an eye gel
You should be using an eye cream that is light enough to penetrate easily into your eye area.  If you think your eye cream is too rich, switch to an eye gel instead.  Unlike eye creams which are more nourishing, eye gels are usually cooler and created to reduce dark circles, puffiness and tiredness. They are in fact most suitable to be used during the day when our eye area tend to accumulate more sweat and dirt.  You can actually keep your eye cream for the night since we tend to perspire less in the night when sleeping.

No rich oil around eye area
And very important, don’t use rich oil around your eye area.  I’m quite certain the milia seed on my right eyelid was a result of my application of rose hip oil around the area.  Although the instructions said the oil can be applied on the entire face, you’re best steering it clear from your eye area.  The oil may not be so fine to be absorbed well and as a result, causing the growth of milia seeds.  So now, when applying my rose hip oil, I make sure I do not apply around the eye area at all.  Hence, be careful what you apply around your eye area.  Your oil cleanser and eye makeup remover could be too oily too!

Removing milia seed on my own
So how did I finally had that irritating milia seed on my right eyelid removed without leaving any scarring?  I could have gone for a laser treatment but I didn’t.  I could have approached a beauty therapist to remove it for me but I didn’t.  Well, I actually removed it on my own with the sharp end of a needle.  That’s how the beauty therapists do it anyway but it’s not something I’ll recommend anyone to do it unless you’re really confident and comfortable about it.  Moreoever, my milia seed was newly formed and had not hardened.

Consider professional help
But if you have milia seeds on your eye area that has hardened somewhat, I would suggest that you consult a dermatologist or seek professional assistance to remove them through treatments including application of special medication or surface laser.


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  1. Kimberly says

    I know exactly what you mean by this story. I had one & removed mine yesterday as well except I used a pair of tweezers to remove mine. They are irritating, & most of all just plain ugly. I truthfully think some people are more subject to them than others. I’m fighting them every step of the way. If anyone has any other tips for getting rid of them I’m all ears.

    Kimberly: You used tweezers too? I know there are creams to eliminate these but I’m not sure if they need to be prescribed.

  2. says

    i’ve grown a few, but ummm…i usually just squeeze them out or use a tweezer. i think it’s painful, but my threshold for pain quite high…and it’s kinda ‘fun’ squeezing them out whether they’re soft or hard! heehehe.

    imp: Tweezer? Wow, I’ve heard of that but I was thinking it may leave scarring if one is not careful…

  3. says

    I’ve had some milias under my eyes (like an inch under them) and they never go away on their own! I finally successfully squeezed one and it’s finally gone (after leaving a red dot for a week). I agree that they are probably caused my rich eye creams. I’ve also heard they are related to high cholesterol, which I do have.

    I’ve never had them on my eyelid, but I’ve had little bumps on my eyelash. I’m not sure if that’s the same thing (it has another name), but I don’t think it’s milia. I got that from switching to either a new eye makeup remover, or a new contact lens solution. I stopped using both, and it went away. I also put hot water compresses on my eyes to try to pop the things!

    Jeni: High cholesterol too? Hmmm…that’s interesting info. I think I know the bumps you’re talking about. I get it in between my brows or on my nose bridge sometimes…

  4. says

    My eye doctor told me years ago to wash the eye area with baby shampoo since it is gentle and does burn the eyes.

    Laura: That’s interesting. I know of someone who uses baby oil to cleanse the eye makeup too.

    • Eoz says

      I would never again use baby oil on my face. I did it once and broke out all over right after. If I use any oil on my face, it is olive oil, which does great things for my skin without causing acne.

  5. clara says

    my skin doctor once told me that the way to get rid of stubborn milia would be to burn them.that’s frightened me, kinda. :)

    Clara: Yes, I heard of that one! But I wonder if the burning would be equivalent to a laser…I’ve read of pple who got theirs burnt and they said it was painful and need a few days to heal.

    • Edward says

      My wife had a bump next to her eye. Now i have one simaler,
      But mine is twice hers. My wife’s Dr. told her that it was calcium
      Deposits and she would have to have it burnt ( removed by laser ).
      She had a red sorre for a while. Mine is soft and I can drain it
      from time to time. I need to know how to get rid of it.

  6. Sal says

    hey- i used to get those annoying things too, around the lower region of my undereye, closer to the temple. the beautician told me to always apply eye cream first, and make sure its smoothed out lower to where the seeds tend to appear. she reckoned they were caused by me applying my moisturiser too close to my eye, so by applying the eye cream first, you create a barrier between the skin and the too-rich face moisturiser.
    it worked! :)

    Sal: Hey, that’s an excellent tip! Thanks for sharing! I do that too but I didn’t realize that it helps create a barrier. I still try to avoid as far as possible. :)

  7. Pottytit says

    i have those too! milia around the eyes. i used to go to a dermatologist and he uses a small blade to nip open the small bumps then uses a silver metal tool to squeeze it out. professional fee’s quite expensive tho so I just go to my mom’s salon and have our facial attendant clear the bumps. she uses a surgical disposable needle (c/o mercury drug) to make a very tiny opening then uses a metal squeezer afterwards.. it doesnt hurt much and it never does leave a scar. some facial salons do not offer this service tho.. i dont know why :(

    Pottytit: I guess it depends on the skills of the therapist. Some facial salons may not have that area of expertise.

  8. miki says

    …you could say i just had a really bad break-out of milia :( but i’ve always had it. (around my eye area). What makes it worse is that i have medicated lotion i have to use and have no choice or my entire face/body will break down. But lately i had the breakout because i used this very rich lotion with this very harsh ingredient. I stopped immediately and took my needle out and jabbed them all milia to a rubbish bin death. (well…the most i could get…my face was practically twitching with pain). So, advice if you want to prevent Milia: Gently- i stress GENTLY, exfoliate the skin now and then- not excessively and not varying in many days. Don’t use harsh sunscreen- pick the ones with the less chemical ingerdients- also try to avoid long exsposure to sunlight. No strong creams around eye area- if eye cream, always apply gently. If you see some whitesh thing poppin’ up and it looks like Milia…and you know it to be milia…i say operation needle and kill!!!!!! so…just reading the posts, theres a cream for this??([possibly??)
    i hoped that helps. Milia is a baddy.

    miki: You have some good advice there on preventing milia seeds. But I’m sorry to learn that you have a problem with them consistently. Yes, I read that some docs prescribe creams for this but again, I’ve never used them so am not sure if they work at all.

  9. flym says

    Guess I’m too chicken to stab my milia. Won’t that hurt ALOT? I’ve noticed some milia looking bumps (skin colour, not white)growing on the face near the eye area, closer to the temple, in my 30’s. According to the derm, they’re due to ageing and sun exposure and NOT skin care products. I ruled out sun exposure cos I’ve been using sunscreens and blocks since my late teens. The good doc said treatment is by way of zapping (about S$500 done at the restructured hospital). So if the milia and bumps get too noticeable, I may just get them singed. In any case, next time I see the derm, will ask him about the milia-removing cream.

    flym: $500! Wa, I’ll stab it myself. No, it didn’t hurt but could be because mine was a new one. I think I know what you mean by the skin bumps. I’m having it too, above my nose and for this, I can’t do much. Tried to scratch it away but it’s there. Seems like a common thing with many women.

  10. Christopher Jones says

    Hello all. I have them too… and more than one… i describe it as chicken skin under the eyes. After must research I have read some people who found a cream that supposedly works. It’s called Yonka Phyto Contour cream. Also someone else suggested to incorporate more citrus in your diet so the acid will break down the dairy and level out the bodies Ph.

    The cream I have found costs $42.00 though someone said they found it for 27.00 i have yet to find that store.

    Christopher: Hey thanks for the info. It’s funny you call it chicken skin. I have something of this skin on my arms and they look like goose bums.

  11. wynn says

    hi there. thanks for the good info & advice on milia seeds. would like to ask u, can milia seeds caused by baby oil? sometimes i use baby oil to remove make up around my eyes. afraid that it would cause it.

    wynn: It really depends on the individual. I know some gals use baby oil without any problems. Years ago, I used that too and it was okay. I suppose baby oil isn’t too rich and if you cleanse it well afterwards, it should not pose too much problems. On a related note, I recently rediscover the usage of oil for my eyes (yes, even though I say it’s not good here) but I realized it really depends on the oil and how it is used. You may want to read my entry about it here.

  12. chemistry says

    hi there,
    any recommendation for eye gel that is best for dark circles, puffiness, prevent from milia & etc?

    what are the ingredients that we should prevent from using in order to prevent from milia?

    btw, im planning to get “seakelp brightening eye mask & milk brightening eye mask”. according to the seller, the eye masks help to smoothen crow’s feet, black eye circle and smoothen pouch.

    “from the helps on absorption of the milk essence, aids in aggravating the growth of Collagen which helps in fading wrinkles, allowing the area around the eyes region to be tight and supple. Increase elasticity, prevents dryness, anti-dark circles and anti wrinkles. Fades dark eye bag, increase metabolism and fights against fine lines effectively”.

    whats your opinion? any advice?

  13. says

    Some good advice. I actually have milia seeds on my nose and a light one near my left eye (though not noticeable). Some said to sterilize a needle, poke a hole and then either squeeze or exfoliate the area. I haven’t tried it yet, but I might do that since its on my nose and not near my eyes. Nice article dear.

    Dee: Thanks! I’m glad the info is useful to you. But be careful if you intend to remove on your own. I treat my skin quite badly sometimes…if I want to get rid of something I do not hesistate to poke at it, squeeze it even though I may suffer the consequences. 😛 But I’m glad to say the milia seed went off without any scarring. Whew!

  14. MeeMee says

    I had milia on my face in my twinties after using one of the expensive lotions. I had to go to a dermatolo. and extract them..
    But after many trials on lotions I discovered olay lotion complete with spf 15 for normal skin, and since then, I never had any milia except when I switched to olay night time lotion, I had one whitehead.. so threw it away and just stuck with that day lotion, and it is really great and moisturizes very well..
    But I’m yet to find a specific lotion for undeneath the eyes that can be also good for fine lines and dark circles and doesn’t cause milia.
    I’m going to try reclaim products soon, I hope this will not cause any milia.

    MeeMee: If it’s not rich and doesn’t contain oil clogging ingredients, then it shouldn’t cause milia seeds. For the longest time, I’ve feared using creams around my eyes and only stuck to using eye gels. But now, I’m quite comfortable using certain oils like grapeseed and evening primrose oil on the under and outer corners. I avoid applying on the inner area near the nose bridge though cos that’s where I’m nost proned to growing milia seeds. I found evening primrose to be excellent for brightening my eye area and reducing the dark circle to a certain extent.

  15. Ariel says

    I went to the dermatologist to zap my milia because they were getting to be very noticeable around my eyes. No matter how many times I popped them, they would come back. To my surprise, milia had spread all over my face and neck. I have been going to the doc’s office for 5 days get it all zapped. My skin is sensitive, so the doctor is splitting the whole procedure over 5 days. My God I must have about 1000 red dots all over my neck and face. I guess this is what I get for “growing” milia for the past 10 years.

    if you notice those bumps at other areas of your face or neck…go see a doctor asap. Get them while they are manageable.

    Ariel: I wonder the milia seeds you’re growing is due to products you’re using. But you’re right. If you have too many, best to consult a dermatologist.

  16. Kelly says

    I get these too! I actually used to get them on my chest and stomach due to sun damage and tanning lotion. Then I got them on my forehead from sun damage as well. So you could definitely say I’m prone. I wouldnt say these are as “seed-like” though, as the ones now appearing on my lower eyelid. Do you recommend any make up remover and facial moisturizer? I think thats what are causing my eye/forehead problems. Any good suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    Kelly: Ever try using a face oil like grapeseed oil as moisturizer? It’s quite light and works well. Not rich and would not cause this milia problem…

  17. Paula says

    I have just started getting milia at the base of my eyelash (at the hair follicle). There are two-three on each eye on the upper lid. I also have one below my left eye. Does anyone know what is recommended (safe to use) at the eye lash base?
    I hesitate to go to Dermatology. Would an eye DR. be better?

    Paula: Natural oil would be safest.

  18. Rits says

    I got quite a few of small milia around me eyes area. It is too painful to be poked using the needle cos it is too close to the eyes. I went to beauty salon too removed it b4. I even went for laser treatment to burn it. It still grows back. Sigh. Any good remedy?

    • sesame says

      It maybe the products you’re using which is causing the growth. Are you using anything too rich or containing too much silicones around the eye area?

  19. Rits says

    I don’t dare to use cream. I use gel mixed with contour balm. I heard they said spicy & deep fried food plus oily food can cause the milia to pop out. Is that true? Because those are my favourite food. It is very hard to control the appetitite.
    I had tried to eat less of those food but the milia still pops out.

    • sesame says

      I haven’t come across. All I know is that once milia is grown, it is difficult to get rid of. Either you poke it out like I did (but I don’t recommend) or you have it lasered off like what you did.

  20. Linda says

    I just had several of them removed by my eye doctor, that’s the best and safest way. Two were so close to my eye, I couldn’t imagine doing it myself, plus I have had these for a couple of years — so they were quite hard. He used a needle — didn’t hurt that much. Hardley red at all! Get them done professionally if they are close to your eye. It costs $ 35 — insurance doesn’t pay — but it’s worth it.

  21. katie says

    Hi, I also have a lot around my eye area just got them removed last month but seems like coming back again. Could you recommend your eye doc to me? Thanks

  22. cobs says

    mine is tiny…. can anyone recommend a salon/doctor to get it removed? i’m presently in the UK and doing it on my own freaks me out. tx.

  23. says

    i use to have tens of those monsters, big and small ones all over my forehead, cheek, eyelids. I think its because of the heavy skincare and cosmetics I am using. Lucky for me I read from skincare forums about this milia treatment cream from naturalis and I bought a pot. After a week of treatment, I am completely cleared of those hideous growth!

  24. clemence says

    Would OCM cause milia seeds as well? Since it IS oil around the eye area.

    What about eye creams with shea butter? I know shea butter is almost like a holy grail for a lot of people but acne prone skin just breaks out like no tomorrow.

    Have you tried out Organic Apoteke Rejuvenating Eye Cream?

    (Oily but severely dehydrated and acne/clog prone skin)

    • sesame says

      Not if the oil is fine. Shea butter is okay and shouldn’t cause breakout. Maybe there was other stuff in there.

      Yes, tried the OA eye cream. I think it does something for it’s too early to say cos I just started on it. But it can cause redness for a short while.

  25. clemence says

    Yea! I have that as well but I wasn’t sure if it was the new Living Nature products that was accidentally causing it or whatever.

    But after using the product and letting it sink it, when you slightly rub your eye, do you have, like, peelings. I’m not sure how to describe it actually. The skin doesn’t peel but there’s a film that can be rubbed off.

    • sesame says

      You mean the OA eye cream? That one is quite light for me – don’t feel like there’s a film.

      I realized that I forgot to answer your earlier question. OCM shouldn’t cause milia seeds unless you’re using the wrong oil. Some oil are too rich and does not have fine molecules.

  26. says

    I had a milia near my upper eyelash removed yesterday. I had it for a couple of years and had tried everything. My dermatoligist removed it, along with clipping two skin tags and freezing two keratosis spots and the total cost was $90. Insurance does not cover it, but it was worth it to me. I was wearing heavy eyeliner on my upper eyelid to cover it, which, of course, was making it worse.

  27. Rosie says

    Drying lotions apparently work the best- an amazing one is by Mario Badescu.

    I went to their website and completed a questionnaire to receive free samples.

    They couldn’t send me the drying lotion, since it is in a glass bottom so I got the drying cream instead. The lotion supposedly works better.

    The cream was sufficient for me, as it really dried them up, but you have to put up with the clay-like smell and it leaves the area white until you wash it off so I put it on at night.

    However, even though it did work and they did disappear after a few days…. they came back eventually, so this is not a permanent solution, but it does work. But hey, they were free. Maybe I’ll even buy the lotion. Hope this helps!!

  28. Karen says

    i have about 7 of these milia seeds around my eye area at them moment.
    I need to find time and go to the local beauty therapist and get it remove.
    I got 2 that are really really really close to my eye. i would be so hard to remove it >.<
    i think i got it since i started to use eyecream, i think i should switch to eyegel like u suggested.

    • sesame says

      Some say milia seeds are hereditary but I found that personally, I develop when I use the wrong products around my eye area. So yes, try to switch to an eye gel and see if the problems persist. Also, are you using any primer around the eye area cos those products may contribute as well.

      • Karen says

        no, i don’t use primer.
        lol, my brother is only 6 and he has one, big milia seeds near his eye. and my mum never had any.

  29. tiger68 says

    I love you all here.
    I had two milias on my left eye lid and I had been hoping them to go away by themselves. But instead I’ve had two more a few months later. After reading your posts I’ve sterilised a needle and got rid of the two that were there first. I feel so relived now.
    I think I’ll try applying my eye cream before applying the mosturiser from now on and hope the two new ones will go away by themselves. If not I’ll use a needle again. It will be harder though since they are further away from my eye browse.
    Thank you a million ladies. I love you!

    • sesame says

      I’m glad you got rid of the milia seeds without any problems. Just take care in terms of what you use around your eyes now.

  30. tiger68 says

    BTW I think this has to do with Estee Lauder which I’ve started to use about 2 years ago.

  31. says

    i just started using QV revitalising eye cream a week ago.

    i’ve always had small white bumps that are very very flat around the bottom of my eye. they don’t really bother me…\

    today i just realised that there seemed to be a bump seem to be popping out and i poked it with a needle without any hesitation. i am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that everything will be fine.

    by the way, do you know anything abt QV eye cream? did u hear anyone saying that it’s too rich or something? it contains safflower oil though…

    • sesame says

      No, haven’t used QV eye cream. Probably some ingredients in there that is causing. You might want to cut the amount you use and see if you get anymore milia seeds.

  32. morayo says

    My dermatologist just told me today that i have milia though i beginning to wonder now after reading about it. I have micro (verrrrrrryyyyy tiny) rashes which started on my forehead and is now all over my face. He prescribed Salicylic acid in Hydrocortisone cream. Am i on the right track???

    • sesame says

      Sorry to learn that your milia is giving you an itchy rash. Are the products prescribed by the dermatologist working? Those seems to work for rashes. Salicylic acid is effective for exfoliation.

  33. Make them go away! says

    I get milia when I’m hot, so basically, for six or so months of the year, I have them mostly between my eybrows. They go away if I’m not hot for a couple of days, but when I get hot again, they reappear. The hotter I get, the larger the milia get. I never go out in the sun, so that’s not the culprit (nor is sunscreen, as I don’t use it). It’s actually being hot that causes my problem. I try my best to not get hot, but that is impossible, as I’m generally uncomfortable in temps above 60 degrees. My aesthetician gets rid of them when I see her (but I can’t see her daily) and my dermatologist has no solution. Help!

    • Sanz says

      hi there. my boyfriend has this problem too. but its on his back.. what i will do for him is that i will apply dry baby powder on his back before he sleeps. but he refused to stop having hot bathe.. which i heard some people are allergic to having hot bathe.. maybe you should keep your face cool all the time and avoid warm water.

  34. beautiful gal says

    I had read a write-up in Malaysian newspaper that an expert, Reiko Soo can remove all kind of milia seeds. I think she has a salon in KL.

    You may give a try!

  35. jenny says

    does anyone know of a gentle make-up remover i could use? I don’t use eye creams or moisturiser so it must be my make-up remover!

    • sAnz says

      try water base make up remover. simple eye remover is good. recently, there is this japanese water base make up remover(for waterproof make ups too) mandom express cleansing sebum which i have yet to try, but there are loadsa good reviews. google it!

      any watson can get.

  36. Sanz says

    i tried to squeeze them on my own but it keeps coming back. is it because i didnt squeeze them clean?

    other area around my face i have no problem getting rid of them.

    do you girls think its a good idea that i drop by one of the facial related shops to have them removed? cos’ i saw there were a few shops around my area provide services like that. i am hesitating because i am afraid it doesnt help or maybe leave scars … recently, i have more coming out which is very annoying having few extra bums around my eyes.

    • sesame says

      Milia seeds could also be due to an internal problem. I read that it might be connected to our gut…but I can’t find the source now. Do you eat a lot of oily stuff?

      I can’t say too much about those services offered cos I have no experience. I would prefer to go to a dermatologist.

      • sAnz says

        i had read and google ..seems like they are using the same methods. yup i love fried food. and my workplace have a lot of unhealthy food. =<

        i realized probably due to me running warm water through my face.

        how this problem started was years back i tried the wrong eye cream. my beautician told me if its not dry its hard to extract and so i have been waiting for years. i tried to extract it few months back but it came back with small ones. i cant take it anymore, i want it to be extracted.

        i heard its like how they get rid of the mole on the face.

  37. sara says

    i just wondring does the dermatoligist way to remove milla work and does it hurt. how much does ir cost or arnt there any other creasms to remove milla permanatly

  38. caitlin says

    are milla and oil glands the same as i went to the doctor and he told me i had oil glands on my face but iit looks like milla

    • sesame says

      I used ordinary needle…best to sterilize prior to using. You can use denat alcohol or isopropyl alcohol for that purpose too.

  39. cyndi says

    Does applying toner to the eye area cause milia too? And is there any cream to apply to remove these milia? I am a student and has no money to visit a dermatologist. I don’t think I can remove it myself with a needle because it is near my eyes.

    • Sesame says

      Toner shouldn’t cause milia unless it is oily or something. You can try using grapeseed oil as some have said it helps them.

      • Jojo says

        Hais I really have a lot of oil seeds all over my face should
        I get it lasered off? But heart pain leh so expensive
        Anyone here know of any chemical exfoliant or products that helps get rid of these hideous Millias\ oil seeds? :)

  40. Michelle says

    My boyfriend was born with it and his eyes are covered! I never minded it, but he hates them and wants them gone. He’s said that he’s picked a few out, but that just seems very risky because he could cause an infection…

  41. Julie says

    Milia is a hard keratin deposit under the skin. They do not grow inside a pore, but rather on top of the skin, hence why they do not have an opening. I’d you squeeze them or try to remove them without creating an opening, using a sterile blood lancet is what we do in professional salons, you could easily scar. If you can squeeze a white lump, without creating an opening it is not milia. Milia is NOT calcium deposits, or cholesterol deposits, these are different again. They definitely come from too rich products, using baby oil is a huge no no, and they are hereditary.

  42. says

    I remove any milia I find on my face by opening the skin with a sharp needle, trying to create an opening for the milia to come out.
    I disinfect with rubbing alcohol and leave it be for 24 hours. Usually the next day a mere push will evacuate the milia through the little opening I made.
    If not, I open up a slightly larger hole and repeat the process.
    I do not find milia on my eyelids, but rather all over my face – 1 or 2 new ones per month or so.
    Seldom use any creams at all, and no oils, but do use hairspray and I have heard that that can cause some pore clogging build up.

  43. says

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  44. jt says

    I read that tea tree essential oil, dabbed onto the spot two times a day will dissolve it in a few days

  45. Jessica Marie says

    I just used hydrocortisone cream and it is already flat…i tried poking it with a need but it done no good because 1. Im a chicken when it comes to any other needle besides a tattoo needle
    2. Because it really hurt…it is under my left bottom eyelid…i have been using e.l.f. liquid foundation & everytime i sweat just the tiniest bit it would leave my face feeling oily and you could see it too…i use the equate brand of makeup remover and it is oil and alcohol free so i think im just going to stick with my natural skin color…no more foundation for this girl!! Btw the makeup remover is 3.88 at walmart…hope this helped some!!!! 😀

  46. Jessica Marie says

    Its was like right under my bottom eyelashes so it was hard to get to and definitely HURT!

  47. says

    i really dont know how to get rid of mine he safest way. and i dont know whats he difference between a milia and cholesterol bumps. but since you mentioned about the eyecream. i just recently tried applying vaseline around it to moisturize it and new whitr bumps started to appear. what do i do now.

    • Sesame Chew says

      You should stop using vaseline around your eyes. It contains petroleum jelly which is potentially pore clogging.


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