Sebaceous cysts can grow on vagina too

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Oh gosh.  I just made a revelation while researching on the topic of sebaceous cysts treatment.  The small yellowish dome-shaped lump or bump that grew on my vagina area when I was a teen was actually a sebaceous cyst!  I never got to find out what it was though I’ve long gotten rid of it.  I only found out because I wanted to write about this as my husband just had a 1 cm sebaceous cyst removed from the left side of his face near his ear via excision biopsis.

What are sebaceous cysts?
According to the medical encyclopedia, a sebaceous cyst, also known as epidermal cyst is a closed sac of cells created under the skin into which a protein called keratin is secreted. These cysts are often the result of swollen hair follicles or skin trauma and are formed when the release of sebum, a medium-thick fluid produced by sebaceous glands in the skin, is blocked. They are harmless, painless, slow-growing small bumps or lumps that move freely under the skin.  And sebaceous cysts are usually found on the face, neck and trunk, but can occur anywhere on the body and even in the vaginal area or other parts of the genitalia of both women and men. In addition, acne could be a precursor to the growth of these sebaceous cysts.

Diagnose your sebaceous cyst as early as possible
Actually, the sebaceous cyst on my husband’s face must have been growing for about ten years because I remember squeezing at it like a pimple and being intrigued that there is always a supply of the stringy, cheesy, foul-smelling material oozing from it.  Over the years, it grew to a sizeable lump and he was so irritated by the look of it that he decided to have it surgically removed earlier this week.   I’m writing this because even though it’s benign, I realized that it is important to diagnose a sebaceous cyst in the early stage so that you can at least try to prevent it from permanently blocking the sebaceous gland and subsequently growing larger and then having to remove it surgically, which would inevitably mean leaving a scar!

Ways to possibly prevent sebaceous cysts
According to info from the University of Iillinois Medical Center, besides hormones, sebaceous cysts could be caused by increased production of sebum and even bacteria.  Hence, it is important to wash your face at least twice daily, avoid greasy makeup products and opt for cosmetics which will not clog pores.  Also avoid unnecessary exposure to the sun, excessive heat or greasy surroundings.   In addition, I believe a diet that doesn’t encourage the excessive production of sebum may help too.

Ways to treat and remove sebaceous cysts
While these cysts may occasionally become infected and form painful abscesses, sebaceous cysts usually don’t require medical attention as they can either disappear on their own or stay the same size without causing any problems. Those who are keen to prevent it from getting worst or possibly get rid of it may wish to try some of these home remedies which I’ve come across.

One is essential oils which have been said to be able to help detoxify the skin and possibly help with the sebum secretion because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties (source).  Another home treatment recommended is to press a hot, damp wash cloth against the cyst over a period of time to try to liquify and drain the waxy sebum. You’ll also find that there are some products claiming to help with the cure of these sebaceous cysts though I have no idea how well they work.

However, if the cysts become infected or grow to a bothersome size, health care providers can remove them or prescribe treatment with steroids or antibiotics.

How I removed my sebaceous cysts on my vaginal area
Oh, and how did I remove that sebaceous cyst on my vaginal area many years ago?  Nope, I didn’t see any doctor because I was too shy about it.  I remember applying some oilment on it for some weeks and I kept trying to squeeze it out everyday for a very long while.  Then one day, I must have used enough might and it just popped out!  It was painful alright but I was so glad I got rid of it.  In fact, I have forgotten all about it until now.

* Okay, I know I’m using a rather irrelevant picture here but no way am I’m going to put up a picture of sebaceous cysts.  You can do a search on it online but let me warn you, some of those pictures are awfully gruesome!


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  1. Nina says

    I get these all the time these days and it’s painful. Docs always just tell me to leave it alone but it can be exruciating pain!!

    Nina: Oh gosh…and they don’t prescribe you anything to apply?

  2. Denise says

    OMG! I had those when I was a teenager into my 20’s (I’m 45 now). I was afraid to mention them thinking that my mom would think I had some sort of VD or STD! I would pop them too! LOL! They hurt!
    Glad to know that they were harmless. I used to get them in my earlobes too.
    Thanks so much for sharing this info. I have a daughter and will be mindful during that time of her life to make sure she understands what they are.

    Denise: Oh my! Those were my thoughts too! Which was why I never dared to tell my mom about it. And I thought I got those from swimming! LOL.

  3. Lauren says

    I have one in that area myself right now, and I’m 20…gah, I didn’t think it was an STD, but you can never be too careful.Geez I don’t want to pop it, just touching it or washing it in the shower hurts, its tender from me messing with it… egh..

    Lauren: Yes, I remember it hurt! I don’t know how I did it but I was determine to be rid of it!

    • Aurora says

      I have one right now too. I went to my OB/GYN the first time I had it, when I was 17 and she surgically removed it. I don’t know ehy it’s back but I’m going in to surgery for the removal very soon. I think it’s too painful to pop, though it’s about the size of a golf ball. you should definitley go see your doctor about removal. Doing it yourself could cause infection and it’ll be more likely to return in the future.

  4. kali says

    Hi, well im only 14, and i was going to the bath room, when i noticed this kinda normal sized zit looking thing, so i poped it, and this gross yellow/white stuff came out, so i thought it was just puss.. But i started to think it was some sort of STD or something. So i looked on, and well i found this, and well i feel that it is, but im scared to tell my mom, and well i dont want to. and i also dont want tell my nana even though she is a nurse, and has been for almost 30 years. but what i have found so far, is that it hurts and its painful. but mine is PAIN-LESS. no pain what so every, really. I’m very confused, and worried. Please help, i wanna know what it is, and i dont want it to be sebaceous cysts….

    Kali: Erm…I’m not really sure what it is based on what you’ve said but it does sound like a sebaceous cyst. Anyway, if it’s really a sebaceous cyst, there’s really nothing to worry about.

  5. Corrine says

    Kali; Talk to your nana, she probably has seen everything under the sun as a nurse. It is always better to seek medical advice than to worry or to let a serious problem go on untreated. Too many so called adults do this so don’t be like one of those dummies. Always take responsibility for your body it is the only one you will get!

  6. Sarah says

    I had that when I was 16/17. It sort of just appeared overnight. I went to the doctor about it and he said it was this and referred me to a surgeon.

    However, I never ended up going because I squeezed it out by myself. It took a good couple of days to get it all out but it’s gone now and hasn’t appeared again for two years.

    It was disgusting, yet fascinating.

    Sarah: I can’t imagine having to go for surgery because of this for me. I’m so thankful I could have it squeezed out eventually, even though it took a few days too, and it was painful. And now that you’ve mentioned fascinating, I can remember the shape, feel and color of the cyst very well.

  7. Linda says

    I get them too in the inner labia (lips)area of female area. They are painful when clothing like seams on your jeans rub them raw. The gyn lanced one and told me I could do it myself after soaking in a warm bath. Didnt work on the next one, it was deep, the dr did that one and it HURT pretty bad and bled quite a bit. I have ANOTHER one now that is very painful and I am going to try teatree oil diluted on it. Supposed to be good for lots of stuff. I am 48 and am wondering why I am just in the last few years getting them?

    Linda: I suspect could be the changes in our hormones cos I feel I’m proned to getting one…just keeping my fingers crossed. In the meantime, I try to keep that area clean by washing more often. Not sure how much that helps though since it’s growing from the inside.

  8. Maria says

    I have what I believe is Sebaceous cysts however they are located on my chest. They are tiny bumps all over and although i have been instructed not to pop them some get to the point where they are very tender and are able to pop. Others I feel as if the skin is too thick to take the stringy white “puss” out. My doctor mentioned that they only treatment was for him to remove them by cutting them out. I guess I’ll try the heat pad and hot wash cloths first though. Thanks!

    Maria: When my husband had this on his face, I could squeeze it like a pimple…but the problem was it kept growing and subsequently hardened. So in some cases, it might not be a good idea to squeeze cos the doc mentioned that it can get inflammed within. Well, try the wash cloth and see if it’ll work for you.

    • stephanie smith says

      i suffer terribly with these. I have 5 on my chest right now. but in my med term class we had to pick a topic to review and i did this one because i didnt know much about them just the name. one thing i found was that if you pop them you actually are making it worse.If the cheesy material is just removed, the cyst will reform because you didnt get the keratin point out. i cant tell you i follow this advice because i pop them myself. it is terrible to suffer with these things!

  9. Shani says

    Hi guys, yes this is so normal. My mother would get these frequently into her early 40’s and yes, she would pop them. I remember her saying how incredible painful they were and in fact,when I became an adult and experienced a couple myself, I went to her for advice on what to do and she offered to help me. (i said no thanks, but still, that was nice of her) Last year, I went through this experience where I ‘thought’ I had a sebaceous cyst on the border of the groin/thigh area. I kept trying to pop it but it would just keep growing back. I was actually scared because I would use sterile glucometer needles to poke holes in it and I could see the inside in a sense and there would just be clear fluid. Well, about 9 months later I couldn’t stand it. I got some sterile supplies from work, did a surgical scrub, donned surgical gloves and used a scalpel to pierce the cyst deep enough to get into the reservoir. Yes, it was a sharp pain to cut, but it was quick and worth it. I found two little curls of hair in there! All this time, ingrown hair had been growing. So I used sterile forceps to pluck them and dressed the wound loosely so it would drain…that did the trick! So, if you have a cyst in that area, keep in mind, it might be a stubborn ingrown hair!

    Shani: Oh gosh…your threshold for pain is very high! I got squirmish just reading how you used the scalpel. 😯

    But about ingrown hair, I know exactly what you mean. Even after my husband had his surgery, I found one ingrown hair on a new pimple growing right at the same spot. So I just pulled it out for him.

    • says

      I’m in agreement with Shani,I’m a 48 year old woman. I’m in the nursing
      ield of the trade.
      Three years ago I starting having these huge what I would call them now cysts. I’m a picker by nature so I couldn’t leave it alone. I always could tell when one was coming on. First I’d feel an itchy sensation and the it would grow and grow. Try as i might I would try to pinch it to relieve the pressure and sometimes it would pop and go flying clear across the bathroom. and it seemed in some of them that it was volcanic it would flow on and on. I’m thinking where is all this coming from. So I decided to call my mother to see if she had any problems like this. Low and behold she did and I asked what helped and she told me to take hot baths every night with epsom salt. It really kept hers to a minimum. and it helped me as we. I still get them but nothing like before. I have to tell everyone not to try this but one more thing close to shani’s experience. Once I had a cyst that would not pop, I knew I had to take measures into my own hands. I took a pin with a head on it and tried to just brake the top layer of skin, now mind you this was a cyst that had popped up smae place for the 2nd time. So I broke first layer and nothing, I went deeperonce I hit a certain depth, the pin just slipped through not pain. It was like an open cavern. Please don’t do this at home. I just want people to know my honest experience with this.
      Thank you for letting me have this forum. Good luck to all of you.
      Trudi P

  10. Sean says

    Not sure if these were cysts, but I found what appeared to be pimples on my knee. I tried to pop them and it didn’t work. A couple layers of skin came off during the squeezing process, but the white bumps were still there. So, I took a push pin and tried to pop them (still thinking they were pimples). Then, when I squeezed again, a little white ball about twice the size of how it appeared on the surface popped out. I got scared at first since this has never happened to me, but I think it is the same thing that you are all describing. What bothers me is I have a larger and firmer one on the back of my neck. I am thinking about getting it removed, but it is the size of a dime on the surface and I am afraid of how big it is underneath. It could be as big around as a quarter!

    Does this sound similar to what you all have experienced?

    Sean: The one on your knee sounds like but I’m not sure about the one behind your neck. I heard from the doc that it can grow but the size you described is something of concerned. Please, go see a skin doc/dermatologist about this quickly. Only they can tell you what it is and what you can do.

  11. Thx says

    Thx everyone so much for helping me! I would never bring this up with my girlfriends – TMI!, and I knew it was probably not serious enough for a Dr.s appt. I’ve had a few painless ones before, but this one is a pain in the you-know-what. It’s in my groin area, and I am sure my daily attire (business suit and pantyhose) contributes to the situation. I am 100% more relaxed about it knowing you guys understand exactly what I’m dealing with. Thx for the help. BTW – Kali there are more embarrassing things to worry about. Your Nana would probably be glad for the chance to help you. I found a fibrocystic lump in my breast when I was in college, but because I was too embarrassed, I worried it was cancer for a long time – sleepless nights! There is an OB/GYN in my family, who was upset with me later once he found out I had let myself worry about it so long. Try to start a habit of not waiting to take care of yourself.

    Thx: Hi! Glad to know here’s somewhere you like to share your experience about those annoying cysts. Yeah, I agree with you. It’s not much to worry if it’s a tiny one more like a pimple or acne. But if it grows and becomes uncomfortable, you know where to go. But with your breast, it’s not a joking matter. However, I completely understand how you feel about keeping it to yourself. A lot of us are like that. We feel embarrassed about our body. Well, glad it was nothing to lose sleep over.

  12. tom says

    Hi. I am currently 28 but realize I had a sebaceous cyst on my face at the age of 16. It is located right under my nose where my mustache is. The weird part is it’s like a little needle hole in my face. I can squueze it and the foul cheesy string will come out until it stops. Next day will have some more. Hair would also come out of the hole with the cheesy string..

    Reading from everyone’s responses, everyone’s cysts seem more like pimples while mine is just a hole that seems pretty deep.

    Should I get surgery?

    Tom: Yours sounds like my husband’s case. The hole is quite normal too. Is it swollen? I understand that it is harmless but I suggest that you consult a dermatologist if you’re comfortable about it.

  13. emma says

    I wanted to thank the author of this and everyone who has replied, i’d had a small hard lump “down there” for quite a while and it was starting to really worry me. It kind of looked like a spot but was harder and didnt seem to pop. I jsut persisted with trying to pop it and it worked!
    I’m so glad to be rid of it! its been there maybe a year!
    Not really looking forward to the possibility of getting more, but at least i will know what they are and wont drive myself crazy worrying.

    So, thanks!

    Just a note to Tom, if hair is coming out.. is it still attached hair? Is it possible it’s an ingrowing hair? they can become nasty. You should see a doc though if its worrying you, and if you’re not too embarrassed.

    Emma: I’m glad you found this article useful. I was so surprised after writing this to find that many pple have experienced the same thing I did. I thought I was odd and I was glad I shared and in doing so, found that many of us had this thingie growing below and it’s afterall normal. I’m sure you were glad to have it popped out finally! I knew I was.

  14. angiepangie says

    i had an ingrown hair inside my lip for about 8 months. it was tiny and did not bother me, then i tried to pop it last night, it hurt so bad. i didn’t pop it, and when i woke up this morning it was huge and def infected. i had to go to the er and have it lanced! OMG i screamed so bad! it was the worst pain ever. i have had 2 babies, kidney stones and other pain before. BUT NOTHING EVER HURT THIS BAD! it is still draining and in 2 days they may have to do it again. i am taking medicine , wish me luck.

    angiepangie: Oh dear…I’m so sorry to hear what you went through. I hope you won’t have to go through the pain.

  15. Sam says

    I sometimes get small bumps that sorta look like pimples in areas where I tweeze, such as above my eyebrows and less commonly around my lips (“mustache” area). I always make the same mistake of thinking they are pimples and messing with them (which you shouldn’t do anyways, I know!) and then when they don’t seem to change or pop, I know it’s a cyst. I have yet to find a fast effective way to treat them, and currently I am trying a hydrocortizone cream on the area. Hopefully combined with the hot compress treatment, this will work the best. I guess I will report back with results!

    Sam: If they’re small, they could be just milia seeds and not cysts.

  16. Gina says

    I have aprox. 4-5 tiny white filled dots on my labia, that seem to be in a cluster. I am not in any pain but they are tender to the touch. I did notice a slight smell as well, not a horrible odor but i did notice a small change in scent.I did shave that area saturday and noticed these bumps on monday. Is this a subaceous cyst? I’m terrified althought I haven’t been intimate in 2 years.

    Gina: Did you try to squeeze them? I have these before, but not in clusters and they’re pimples. If it’s a sebaceous cyst at that spot, it’s usually quite hard.

      • Judy says

        Herpes does not appear as tiny white filled dots but as a chicken pox/cold sore type. Almost like blisters, which then pop and erupt clear liquid. A scaly covering appears at the start of the healing process. To qualify what I say, I have/had multiple sebaceous cysts and HS and also suffer from occasional facial herpes. Surgery twice for over a dozen small vaginal SCs each time, surgery for HS, continual inflammation of labial cysts – a lifetime of abscesses for 40 years. Not fun.

  17. Allie says

    I’ve had seb. cysts in my vaginal area for about 3 years. When I discovered the first one, I was horrified, and saw several doctors before a very helpful Planned Parenthood Dr. confirmed what I’d discovered on the internet, that they were cysts. I’ve had 3 total now, 1 of which has been there for a year. They are so painful! But, the warm compress does help. I only hope that they will go away as I get older, as my hormones change again. I’m glad you wrote this article, I felt so alone when I first had these, no one seemed to know what they were!

    Allie: Hey, you’re not alone. I can imagine how you feel. I had this back like more than 20 years ago and I had no one to consult. Internet didn’t exist then! Glad that the warm compress is working for you. I hope some doc develops a cream or something which can help us rid these things easily.

  18. Tara says

    I have suffered from these cysts for about 12 years (I’m 46). Though I do not try to remove them, as advised by my doctor who says leave them alone, I have recurring cyst infections in my vaginal area. They become extremely swollen (sometimes the size of an apricot) and then come to a head and drain. The pain is excruciating. Hot, moist compresses help before they begin to drain. My doctor has given me a standing prescription for Ceflex (antibiotic) to take when I have the first sign of infection and that seems to help eliminate the fevers I usually get from the infection. My doctor says I could have all of the cysts removed, but chances are I will only get more. No fun.

    Tara: Oh dear…the size of an apricot? That’s certainly no fun. Hmm…I wonder why some pple tend to get more of them? And you mention you had a fever. Now that you say these, I’m thinking hard if I had a fever the same time I developed my cyst. I remember having a bad fever when I was that age but can’t recall if it’s due to that.

    • tina says

      Tara, your description and some others on here almost sound like Hydradentitis Supertiva. Some general doctors aren’t familiar with HS, but you might want to ask about it. I have HS for many years, mainly under my arms, but sometimes in my groin area as well – very painful and large cysts where I can’t even lift my arm much. Following an anti-inflammation type diet helps a lot – and eliminating most processed foods and sugars. I have some ugly scars, but less recurring pain and cysts.

      • Bree says

        I had read up on hidradenitis suppurativa disease before this too… i can’t figure out the difference between that and a sebaceous cyst (hence no MD after my name!), but i suppose i should just go to my ob/gyn and let him figure it out.

  19. says

    Hey–I had noticed this pretty big lump on the outside of my vagina, but on the inside of the lip area.. I dont really know how to describe it, but I was wiping after using the bathroom, and it popped on its own–the first time it popped it was like a zit, with pus and some blood and then it turned kinda clear.. It got a lot smaller afte that–Ive had it now for almost a month–and if I pry at it–the same fluid comes out.. and Ive TRIED to get rid of all of it!! TRUST ME. Im really scared because I was diagnosed with HPV a couple years ago, but I got gardisil about 1.5 ago. I mean, it doesnt hurt unless I continue to try to pop it.. I really dont want to go to a doctor. I hattteeee it. Please let me know what you think! Im dying :(

    Dagny: It sounds like something that won’t go away. I’m not really sure what you have is a cyst, as if it is, it’s not easy to pop out. I have zits there sometimes and once it pops, it’ll go away permanently. I would advice you to seek medical consultation but given your resistance to seeing a doc… and if it’s small and it doesn’t bother you so much and you don’t have other symptoms, then just leave it alone? Tried a pimple cream or something on it before?

    • Sjh92 says

      Hello.. I get exactly what you described.. It’s under the. Skin and veery tender to the touch. I’ve gotten these since I hit puberty.. I am 19 now and have gotten a few of these since. I always pop mine.. First a yellowish clear liquid comes outt then blood seems to come flowing out.. I meddel with it a few times after that because all the blood just doesn’t seem to drain out the 1st time.. I’ve always been curious and scared it was something more serious like an STD.. I am relieved to hear others have had this and that it’s nothing too serious..:) good luck to all

  20. Vanessa says

    About two weeks ago, I noticed a very large lump near the opening of my vagina. Each day, it’s getting larger and larger, more and more solid.

    When I felt it, it goes all the way down to the pelvic bone. I would say, at my best guess, it’s about the size of half a golf ball at this point.

    It’s not painful, but it’s blocking the opening and is starting to worry me. Any suggestions?

    Vanessa: It has grown so quickly in two weeks to the size of a golf ball? I suggest you seek medical consultation just to be sure that it is something harmless.

    • Nique says

      I have a sebaceous cyst on my vulva, near the crease of my leg. It first appeared about 4 months ago. When I first had it checked out by my Dr., she told me to use hot compresses and it should go away in a matter of time. Well, within the last month or so, it would all but go away then reappear. Within the last 3 days the right side of my vagina swole to about 2 1/2 times it’s normal size, and the “crown” of the cyst developed 3 large white heads. All the while during the last 2 or so months it would drain on its own. But yesterday it was so RIDICULOUSLY swollen and excruciatingly painful, I was almost in tears. I was painful to walk or even sit. The swelling came on so fast, it didn’t make sense. This was after I had taken a hot bath. Well, it had been swollen like this for about a day and a half, and it ruptured while I was on the bus, on my way home. My underwear was filled with blood, sebum, and a stringy substance. Thank goodness I never experienced the foul smell that some encounter when their cysts drain. I had it lanced today, and received a tetnus shot. The swelling is almost completely gone, thankfully. I just hope that this will be the first and last I ever experience.

  21. pam says

    I have had these cysts for years since i was probably 16 and i am now 44. Mine are along the crease in my buttocks, and are ugly but i cant exactly reach around there to try to pop them, they dont hurt and dont get bigger but they make me very self concious. I also have some between my breasts. Any suggestions??

    Pam: On the breasts? Have you tried the hot damp cloth suggestion? Because I don’t think you want to pop those as that would leave a scar.

  22. june says

    I have a cyst on the top of my vaginal area. I tried squeezing as much fluid as I can, but the pain is excruciating!!! So my question is, do you think it will disappear if I just leave it alone?

    June: It is very painful. If it doesn’t bother you too much, then just leave it. Or try the warm water compress.

  23. amyjo says

    i have a ton of these in my vaginal area…i have found that being single and when being intimate with anyone have to explain…makes me feel like i have an std or something. i have searched online everywhere for a cure…just seems like every year they just continue to multiply…gyn says there is no cure…can make it very depressing…

    amyjo: It’s funny why some pple seem to be more pre-disposed to growing these. I know how cumbersome it is, not to mention you may even feel some pain.

    • says

      I’ve gotten these for years myself. They pop up on the outer side of my groin, on the outside of the labia towards my leg but not on it. This month though, 3 have formed (next to each other) . I think it’s because I tried screwing with the first one initially to pop it.. and then it’s just been so hot.. I think the sweat and wearing the wrong pants/ underwear has worsened it. It doesn’t hurt unless I mess with it, and itches a little from time to time. But otherwise they’re just lil’ bumps. I want them gone though, it’s super embarassing to talk about and explain to my significant other. Normally they’re gone in about a week.. but as of now it’s been almost three.. Should I go to a doctor?

  24. Faustica says

    Sorry if this posts twice, browser problems…
    I’m 25 and have had these in my vaginal area since I was 16. Dagny’s description is similar to my experience–they are painful and come to a head within a week or so and pop. Then another forms in the same area a week later or so. It’s very frustrating, as it’s beginning to interfere with my sex life. Doctors have told me to use soaps with systilic acid (most acne soaps), but offer nothing else…I guess it’s just part of life.

    Faustica: I use soap under there too. In fact, I’ve resorted to using herbal soaps just to be sure. I had pimples on various occasions in the past.

  25. Luke says

    Alright. I’m 20 years old. And I think I’ve had one of these for about 3-5 years. Coincidentally, it’s on my penis. Now, of course this is going to cause me to become self-conscious of myself and of what ladies will think of me.

    But for about two to three hours today, I’ve been looking over the internet at different sites, with peoples different predicaments.

    Well, I’ve always grown up with if I have had a pimple, to pop it. Well, I did this procedure for about one to two years for my little problem. After so long of my solution never working, I decided to look online for some other solutions. It wasn’t until about two to three months ago that I read NOT to pop it, or yet, just leave it alone. Since then, I’ve left it alone. After about a week to two weeks, it unswelled down, drastically. I do the occasional squeeze, but nothing drastic. Until today.

    Today, after reading your page, I guess you could say I went all out. (This thing has been bugging me for the past so many years, it deserved it). I went, got a needle, some peroxide, and just toilet paper.

    To give a brief description, it’s just as everyone else described it, but the only thing I haven’t seen is that mine has… some kind of a hole? I guess you could say like a crater in the middle. When I first got this, it was just a bump. And as time went on, it soon got a hole. And since I’ve left it alone (remember me saying that I’ve left it alone for about a month now), the hole has gottan wider, yet the cyst has stayed the same size.

    Now today, I went into the bathroom and just gave it a nice squeeze. Another thing, unlike the rest I have read about, mine is pain-free. And I mean, I put two fingers on it to squeeze, then used my other hand to give it even more “power”, and felt nothing.

    Well as I continued to squeeze, first was small bits of puss, then some liquid, and finally some blood. Well as I was squeezing, that hole I was telling you about, got almost the size of the orginal cyst. ( I am pretty sure I am able to see the cyst its self this hole). But after about 25 minutes of squeezing, adding peroxide, and the occasional pick with the needle, I began to kinda give up. I didn’t want to prick at it too much and get it infected or anything, I was just trying as I’ve read on the site just to squeeze it.

    But that is my story for today. If this doesn’t seem to work, I’m probably going to do one of two things. I’m probably going to try that Heat therapy you talk about. I read it someplace else, and was thinking of doing it.

    If all else fails, at the college I attend, I’m pretty sure I’m going to go into a doctor and get it checked out.

    Now, I do have a girlfriend, and I have told her about it. We have had sex, but we haven’t done anything oral just because of how self-conscious I am of this.

    I’m very big on opinions. And my main reason on this was trying to get your opinion on if what I did was a good idea, or if I should have just stayed on with the non-offensive ways.


    Luke: Sometimes popping doesn’t happen immediately. It took me awhile. But if it still doesn’t work, I would rather you go with a doc to check it out.

  26. nm says

    I’m not too sure if I have sebacious cysts, but from what I’ve read it could be.

    When I was about 15 I went to a gyn because I thought I had thrush. She gave me a treatment but it didn’t work and the small white pimple like rash never went away (Its not just one cyst, it covers most of the inside of my vaginal lips). I’ve squeezed a few of them and what comes out is less liquid and more like a normal pimple, but they have not yet disappeared. I’m now 25, still have them. The gyn who diagnosed me told me there is no cure, and I’ve since asked another doctor, who confirmed this. I am too ashamed to go to another gyn and probably also too scared to go to have him or her tell me yet again that there is nothing I can do about it. I can’t face the thought of having sex (I’m stil a virgin) because I’m so scared my partner would think I’m sick or they would cause discomfort for him and I wouldn’t be able to get over the rejection.

    Recently I have also discovered what I originally thought were ingrown hairs on my underarm – after much squeezing they’ve left small holes in the skin that seem to be getting bigger. I get them on my legs as well, just above the knee, but they’re much smaller and though they don’t leave holes they don’t go away. I have a few very small bumps on my chest and one or two on my breasts.

    I’ve never spoken about this to anyone before because I’m too scared and ashamed. I feel like no-one will ever want to touch me more than once. I don’t know if all these bumps are the same, or if each area is from a different cause, and a part of me is scared that if I go to a gyn or dermatologist again I’ll be told there is nothing anyone can do to help me, and if I just don’t go and instead cling to a little sliver of hope that there’s a cure I could cope. Any advice? This website is a last resort for me at the moment…

    nm: Don’t be ashamed. You’re not alone as many of us has something growing there one point or another. But I don’t know how to help you here. If it’s one, you can try to pop but you say there are many like a rash? I’ve not come across anything like that. I imagine a cream would help although I can’t say what. When I had the cyst, I used something for pimple on it before I finally popped it out.

    • Enkay says

      Hi nm,

      Don’t you dare be embarrassed or feel like this. Every girl is a princess. Remember that – and when you find the right guy, the love he’ll have for you will show you that it doesn’t matter what you look like – it matters about your heart.

      Now I want to share some advice. I have a sebaceous cyst right now down there and it’s super uncomfortable so I’ve been trying my best to get rid of it by looking up websites and seeing the best method. I read on a website about two things I think might benefit you to research.

      1) Milia – tiny white spots all over your body that are tiny sebaceous bumps that produce keratin. This could be what you have and there ARE skin creams to control them, if not cure them

      2) Essential oil treatment, decaffeinating, and quitting smoking. If you go on a low carb diet, take Omega 3 and 6 daily, within 3 months, your symptoms should decrease and ultimately disappear.

      Check it out – I hope this helps. Stay happy and don’t feel like this!

  27. Jasmin says

    What types of essential oils should you use on the cysts? And how can u tell the difference between a sebaceous cyst and an sti (warts, herpes). Also is it safe to have sex with these cysts?

    Jasmin: I haven’t used the essential oil so I can’t recommend. As for the difference, I think warts are bigger and redder? Cysts can start out looking like pimples…only larger. I haven’t seen herpes to be able to comment. With cysts, it’s safe but it can be painful if rubbed upon.

    • zsu zsu says

      tea tree oil, tea tree oil, tea tree oil…works on zits, cysts, everything…but no, i had genital warts a few years ago and they were flesh-colored, slightly itchy, soft bumps that did not hurt at all and replicated at a pretty impressive rate (went from 1 to 5 or 6 in about 2 weeks)…idk about herpes but it seems like they look like cold sores with white centers but i know you can’t “pop” a herpes sore like a zit but fluid is in there

  28. Jay. says

    Hey, how can I get rid of this!
    It’s so embarrasing, I have acne and I have a cyst on my pen is will it ever go away, it’s starting to flatten is that a good sign?

    Jay: Yes, if it flattens, it probably means the cyst is not so inflammed inside. If it is a cyst, it won’t go away until it is removed though…

  29. Jay. says

    Thanks alot, well I’m not going to tell anyone about this, I’m to embarrased.. I’m trying what you did, which is heat pads etc. Also another question its starting to become dry? like the skin is dryed over it? is that a good sign or is that a sing of infection?

    Jay: I think it could be the heat causing the skin to dry. Shouldn’t be an infection.

  30. Morgan says

    I came upon this site after freaking out! I recently had a cyst removed from my face, it was about 5 years old or so, and it had gotten way to large for comfort. Upon removal it was the size of a grape and perfectly oval. My incision from this removal is still healing as I just had it removed in October, lately it’s been pretty painful and getting really red. Today I started rubbing it, it’s a good 6″ and the plastic surgeon that I went to recc. this to ease the scar. Yes, I said plastic surgeon it was to large for a normal derm to remove. Anyway, upon rubbing it I felt another cyst (so I think) moving around in there, the first one didn’t ever really move, this one is moving all over the place. So needless to say I’m a bit upset. I also have a cyst on my woman parts, or at least after reading all this, I’m assuming that’s what it is now, never really been to worried about it. Just wanted to let ya know, that you all are definitley not alone!!

    Morgan: I’ve heard that from the derm too…that some cysts if not entirely drained would recur. I hope your surgeon can sort this out for you completely. I can feel your upset and pain!

    • Gwen says

      I realize this post is very old, but maybe you still get notifications? You said you had your cyst removed surgically. I have a large grape sized cyst in my cheek and I’m looking to have it removed. I was wondering how bad your scar is? I’m very nervous and upset about it. I’ve had it for a long time, but like you, it has just gotten too big and it’s becoming more noticeable.

      I’d love to know more about your experience.

  31. sheri says

    To the writer of the article,

    My husband is experiencing the same fate as your husband. David has a quite noticeable cyst on his upper cheek and we have tried, without success, at removing the cyst. We opened the cyst up and were able to remove quite a large substance of different texture to the skin with subsequent clear fluid. It appears that we succeeded, but, then on closer inspection of the area, it seems that the cyst has shifted.
    What is the clear fluid? Is that a possible good sign? The malodourous stringy substance has disappeared (for now) and we are just wondering if you and your husband were able to achieve any success at all at removing the cyst, just for it to reappear again.
    David’s doctor seems to be against the removal, but, we are of the opinion that at the feel of the bump, it could be the size of a nickel.

    If you have any advice, or to anyone else here, it would be greatly appreciated. David really detests seeing any physician, but, he is cognizant that this may just be the only answer.

    Thanks for your time in reading this.

    Sheri: The dermatologist actually told us that sebaceous cysts are harmless and need not be removed. However, he didn’t advice us against it… My hub subsequently went to the hospital to have it removed, as I’ve described in the entry. It’s a simple procedure but if your husband wants to proceed with it, make sure the doctor can drain the cyst completely or it’ll recur. So far, so good for my hub.

    Actually I didn’t think it was necessary to have it removed but my hub hated the lump. About the clear fluid, I have no idea what is that and what it means. You have to ask the doc.

  32. says

    I am 23 years old and when I was about 20 I noticed this zit type lump between the corner of my eye and eyebrow. I thought it was just a pimple and popped it, but after I popped it I noticed it started to swell and it just started to grow bigger and bigger and painful. I finally went to the doctor and they told me it was a sebaceuos cyst they ave me antibiotics and told me to keep a warm washcloth on it to open my pors and it would go away, it did eventually get smaller but to this day I still have a small lump on my eye. Abou 2 years after that I noticed a lump next to my left ear that began to swell and eventually grew so big and inflamed it was bruised and one night when I went to sleep it popped and it has left me with a small hole that will not heal. A few months later I noticed another one on my left cheek close to the one by my ear. So I am 23 years old with 3 one my face and one left me with a hole on my face that will not heal, I need HELP!!!!!

    Heather: I suggest you seek the help of a dermatologist. Anything on the face need to be carefully treated. DON’T POP THEM! They’re unlike pimples and will leave huge holes!

  33. LYSSA says

    I have been afflicted with these sebaceous cysts since I was a teenager. Although I have only had them show up on my scalp. Apparently in my family most of the women have them, and they start as a teenager and continue on through there entire lives (my grandma is 88 and still is developing new ones all the time). I never had any pain with them other than of the mental kind and only was prompted to seek help when they got so large that they were visible even with all my hair. To date I have had at least ten of them removed. The first six were about the size of a very large grape and were removed using a hole punch. The doctor would punch a hole through the scalp that was minimal in size, maybe a quarter inch around and little by little extract all of the sebum and then eventually remove the entire sweat gland. This is necessary because if you don’t remove the entire gland you run the risk of it becoming clogged again and redeveloping. The other four were done by a different doctor and here method was to cut all the way around them and remove the cyst whole. While I understand the necessity of removing the entire gland so that it dose not grow back, I have to say that this last method was much much more painful. Also the holes had to be stiched up with about ten stiches each verses one with the hole punch method. I also want to say that I have tried to pop them myself and have not had any real sucsses with that. One of them did become infected and burst and it was extremely painful which caused me to seek medical attention for it anyways. To sum it up, if it is embarassing or painful (this is not normal unless it is infected), or if it is really large you need to seek medical help for removing it. Otherwise just leave it alone. However the advice about using the hot pads to help the sebum melt and be eventually reabsorbed would be especially beneficial for smaller cyst. Thanks for all the help!

    Lyssa: You’re right. Anything large would need medical help to remove. Those small ones can be self-treated (if you can). I haven’t realized that these cysts can grow on the scalp. And they’re definitely huge based on the size you’ve described. Ouch!

  34. Jenny says

    About two years ago, I was in the shower and found a bump on my genital area. I am 16 now and was 14 then and had just recently become sexually active and I FLIPPED OUT. Even though I had been safe, I was worried that I had contracted an STD. I was really embarrassed, but super worried so I decided to talk to my mom, and she flipped out too. I lied and said I was still a virgin but she took me to the doctor and he told me it was just a sebacious cyst. A couple of weeks later, it went away. But just recently, it came back! I HATE IT! It hurts after I take showers or baths and i can’t stop myself from messing with it! I don’t want to pop it, that sounds horrible, but I want it gone! My doctor said nothing about warm water compresses…I’ll try it, but doesn’t popping them leave scars? He said that people who shave down there are more likely to have them, because they’re blocked oil glands, or something like that. I don’t know, but it grosses me out and I want that thing GONE. But I have to say, this website helped me calm down about it. It still worries me that its an STD (I’m really paranoid) despite the fact that my doctor told me it was benign.

    Jenny: Yes, it is due to blocked oil glands but not necessarily because you shave there. But I do understand why you want it out of the way. Short of operating it, I don’t know any other way except to pop it though I warn you that it is painful. The hot water compress might help to relieve…

    • says

      I think I have a sebacecous cyst..IDK. I get it during or after my period. It is @ the top of my vagina ( like when you wipe…its SORE) i just want to make sure it wont transfer to my husband.

  35. James says

    I’ve battled these menaces for more than a dozen years, and I have had dozens. I first noticed one of the hard, stringy-filled kind under my armpit, and now have scars under both arm pits from many previous battles. I then developed one of the same on the side of my face. However, I began to get larger more painful cysts after this period all over my back and neck area. These were different in that almost all of them became abscessed, and were more fluid and puss-filled. Unfortuntaley, due to the nature of staph infection, and the fact that there is more staph on the epidermous than any other bacteria, this is how they tend to becoem infected. I have found the hot cloth- compress method works best with epsome salt, and a rare holistic white pine salve. Being absolutely steryl regarding hygiene, and conforming to a strict balanced diet with daily exercise, with out relent, have also yeilded positive reults. Just want to show my sympathy and support for everyone who is affected by this abnormal and sometimes embarrasing ailment.

    James: It’s painful under the armpits isn’t it? I didn’t realize that a person could develop so many! But thanks for leaving the advice about the hot cloth compress with epsome salt.

  36. Joujoubee says

    I’m 21 and have been getting these off and on every once in a while for a few years. Mine do not have alot of sebum in them. I tried busting one and it got real dark then it popped and blood came out. I tried to research but I cant find anything on whether this can happen with epidermal cysts. Anyone have any advice?

    Joujoubee: Not so sure…you might have to check with a derm.

  37. Grace D says

    Hi my boyfriend currently has one for abot two months now and he is afraid to squeeze the cyst as hethinks it will hurt does anyone have anysuggestions are squeezing it and antibiotics the only two solutions also besides squeezing what else can he try that will work.

    Grace: Try the hot compress as described in the entry as well as some of the comments… or visit the derm. Squeezing isn’t for everyone because it also depends on the size and where it is grown.

  38. julie says

    It’s good to know this happens to other ppl as well. I actually have a few on the back of my head right now, 1 of which got infected & had to be lanced by my Dr., I was also prescribed cefzil for infection & used the hot compress to help drain remaining “puss” out. My main concern is that it is still there & that the hair doesn’t seem to be growing in that spot. Also have a bald spot from 1 on my pubic region, that I popped out.

  39. steve-o says

    I’ve gotten two of these removed already in my lifetime. One from the top of my scalp and the other from my stomach. My mother gets these all the time too, so I assume it’s genetic. However, I just got back from the doctors as I wanted to get a third one removed from my scalp again. Unfortunately, the doctor said to leave it be and referred me to a general surgeon if I really wanted it “lanced” off. The last doctor that removed the one from my scalp, did it right then and there so I am not sure why this one refused.

    Either or, I don’t necessarily have the time to run around looking for general surgeons so I figured I would give the “home rememdies” a shot first. The one on my head is only about half the size of a grape. It moves a little but is still a bit hard. For the hot compress method, how long do you have to do that for? Is it like 5 minutes a day for a week or two? Do you have to press down hard? Also, when you refer to essential oils, do you mean fish oils? I recall reading something about cod liver oil or something along those lines. Can anyone verify this?

    Steve-O: The hot compress should be left on for about 20 – 30 mins based on what I’ve read. Can be used daily but because yours is on the head, you may want to try it two to three times a week first to see reaction. The essential oil is not fish oil. It is lavender, tea tree or chamomile. You can add 5 drops of each oil to your hot compress. Don’t apply the essential oils straight on your skin though.

  40. says

    ugh i am a teen and i have one in the female area
    it hurts so bad. i had one under my arm and had to get it lanced i remember the pain through that process so vividly and i do not want to have to go through that on my lady parts =/ ugh it sucks
    it hurts so bad from trying to find some way to heal it. its tender, and ugh i just want to make it go away because i will lance it myself before i go to a doctor.
    someone plleeeaassee help me
    will neosporin make it come to ahead???
    (((ps: making it POP out sounds PAINFUL)))

    Michelle: I have no idea if the medication can work. Never heard of that. Have you tried the hot compress method discussed here? Otherwise, I suggest you see a dermatologist.

  41. cheley says

    I have these in the vagina area. Have them pretty much monthly after my cycle. Wearing jeans at times they will hurt from the friction. I always drain them and forget about them, til next time they appear. They NEVER HURT on me to drain them and what I do is just lightly press them when they are the whitiest white. which means they are ready to drain i have found out. At times I do use tweezers to lightly drain them. My mom got worried that maybe I shouldn’t be bothering them. So I got to looking up vagina acne (because that is what I thought it was, or something to do with a yeast infection) and so far have found that there is no such thing as vaginal acne and then I found the term “sebacous Cyst” and it sounded like what I have. So then I went to our herb book we always use and I found this here about them:

    From Prescription for Nutritional Healing book. Says: “Sebacous Cysts are skin growths that contain a mixture of sebum (oil) and skin proteins. They generally appear as small, slowly growing swellings on the face, scalp, or back. A whitehead is actually a tiny sebacous cyst. these nodules feel firm but moveable and rarely hurt unless they become infected. If infection sets in there may be redness and swelling, and the area may become sensitive to the touch. Sebacous cysts are benign, but they can become a site for chornic, usually bacterial, infection. With chronic infection, an abscess may form.” it also says you can take 1,000 mg of evening primrose oil 3 times a day. says it is a good healer for most skin disorders.”

    Evening primrose also helps pms. So I am going to do that. I know that with taking herbs like the primrose oil you do have to take it for 4-6 weeks before you see a difference, and with steady long term use it does work.I use to about 4-6 years ago take the primrose oil for my pms because i have endometriosis and a hormone inbalance,. but I had to switched to Vitex Angus Catus (another herb) for the Endometriosis. But I do remember that when I was on the primerose oil I didn’t have these bumps, and also I seemed to have less skin problems in gereral (like acne) And since reading this in the book I have realize that i have them from time to time on my shoulders also. So I am going to take the primrose oil swallowing a pill for a while can’t hurt to see if they go away again. I suggest going and looking up primrose oil and what all it does help and if it might have any side effects for you before taking it. just to be safe. I know it is good for a whole variety of things because I use to run a health food store. hope this helps!

  42. Jess says

    I actually had some removed today at the MD. They were to the point of being painful, not to mention I felt gross and self consiouns. The doctor gave me a local aneshtetic for pain and cut/drain them. NO PAIN (except for the injections). I got these when I was pregnant and they never went away, just got more irritating. THe doctor said to use soap sparingly and if I choose to shave down there to use a mans’ mustash electric razor. Regular razors can cause the cyst by getting the hair folical infected etc.

    Jess: Hey, it’s good to get rid of them. I read something about the razor but I didn’t know the regular razors can cause the cyst.

  43. gwen says

    Hi i have been researching this due to about a month ago i found what i thought was a cyst on the inner side of my labia. I have been embarassed to talk to my dr. concerning this seeing as I work for my dr. And I have also hoped that it wasn’t anything and would just go away. Ever since I first started menstrating I have had cysts on my ovaries. Not just the normal ones that every women gets I would get ones that would stay and eventually burst causing pain but besides that no real medical issues. About 2 years ago I had a cyst burst and had the worse pain ever. I called my job and one of the dr’s said to go to the ER. In which i did. I had a cyst burst that hemorrhaged and wouldn’t stop bleeding well eventually i got better and was scheduled to have surgery to remove part of the ovary that they believed was making the cysts and to have part of my fallopian tube removed due to there was a mass (benign) from all the cysts that had burst over the years. Well anyhow since the time of having the part of my ovary removed I have so far had a cyst on my armpit that got infected and I had to have it lanced and removed. After that I found a cyst on the back of my shoulder blade it’s been there for about a year and no problems. And now i have found this one that doesn’t bother me no itching or pain, except for after intercourse. Which it wasn’t bothering me but my boyfriend of a year and I just had intercourse two nights in a row (doesn’t happen normally) and it has been a little sore since then. I am just wondering if you think this is really just a cyst. There is no head to it but it does feel like the cyst I had under my armpit. I get kind of paranoid as any women would i guess.

    Gwen: It’s very hard to say. It sounds like one but to be sure, you should always seek medical advice. If you’re shy, the best is to ask a lady gynae.

  44. Stacey says

    Thank you so much for posting this information. I was terribly frightened when one popped up at the top of my vaginal area. It was a lump under the skin at first and now it has almost seemed to grown another lump on top which is getting painful and looks almost zit like. the gyno said it was a sebaceous cyst and not to worry. I just want it gone! I am a severe diabetic and am afraid to pop it or mess with it and cause an infection. I don’t want to wait for it to run its course. I feel so ugly to myself having it – like there is something wrong with me. My husband says not to worry about it but ewwww! Thanks again!!!

    Stacey: I know exactly how you feel when you said you feel ugly. I felt the same! I felt a sense of shame too because I was worried there was something wrong with me down there… it’s funny cos this is exactly how we all feel cos we don’t know what it was and then started thinking that we were abnormal. So now we all know… :)

  45. sgirl says

    I have a sebaceous cyst on my left breast. It started out as an ingrown pimple which I stupidly tried to squeeze. All I got from that was a lot of pain. Nothing came out!
    It turned into a bump all red and swollen.
    It has now lessened in size but the bump is still there.
    It’s going on 3 weeks now.

    Should I be concerned?

    sgirl: I would suggest you consult a doctor since it is on your breast. It’s probably just a cyst but it’s better to be certain. Don’t squeeze at it cos it hurts and it may probably not come off. Try using hot water compress as described in some of the comments above.

  46. sgirl says

    Just want to let everyone know that the lump/bump on my breat is a sebaceous cyst.

    I went to my dr yesterday & she spent a good 15-20 minutes examining the cyst. Because it is on my breast, she did a full breast exam.

    The cyst is not in my breast, has no characteristics of a skin cancer and she was able to pick the cyst up between her fingers.

    It’s my choice to see dermatologist for removal or just to have it drained.

    sgirl: Oh that’s good. It’s always better to get expert advice just to be sure…

  47. Mimi says

    Thank you for posting this information. I have had several cysts and was worried that my ex had left me with some dreadful disease. But, I was told by one of the doctors in my obyn’s office that the cysts were related to lack of estrogen which kinda made sense since I had just started to notice getting the bumps after I stopped taked HRT. He prescribed an estrogen cream (estrace I think) but I couldn’t see where it helped much. Then another doctor in the same office confirmed that they were sebaceous cysts and recommended that I do nothing other keeping clean to minimize bacteria growth –and staying dry….I have noticed three or four new ones, but they do not bother me. One thing that helps is a warm bath in epsom salt…seems to draw out the toxins and they go away. Good luck out there…this can be frightening.

  48. sgirl says

    I have another update. I also went to a dermetologist and had my cyst removed.
    It was biopsied (did I spell that correctly?) and I got the result today- everything is fine, normal- just a benign sebaceous cyst.

    For those who didn’t read my previous posts, I had a cyst on my breast.

    • sesame says

      Oh I’m glad everything is fine for you. The procedure sounds exactly like the one that my husband did for his face.


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