Sebaceous cysts can grow on vagina too

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Oh gosh.  I just made a revelation while researching on the topic of sebaceous cysts treatment.  The small yellowish dome-shaped lump or bump that grew on my vagina area when I was a teen was actually a sebaceous cyst!  I never got to find out what it was though I’ve long gotten rid of it.  I only found out because I wanted to write about this as my husband just had a 1 cm sebaceous cyst removed from the left side of his face near his ear via excision biopsis.

What are sebaceous cysts?
According to the medical encyclopedia, a sebaceous cyst, also known as epidermal cyst is a closed sac of cells created under the skin into which a protein called keratin is secreted. These cysts are often the result of swollen hair follicles or skin trauma and are formed when the release of sebum, a medium-thick fluid produced by sebaceous glands in the skin, is blocked. They are harmless, painless, slow-growing small bumps or lumps that move freely under the skin.  And sebaceous cysts are usually found on the face, neck and trunk, but can occur anywhere on the body and even in the vaginal area or other parts of the genitalia of both women and men. In addition, acne could be a precursor to the growth of these sebaceous cysts.

Diagnose your sebaceous cyst as early as possible
Actually, the sebaceous cyst on my husband’s face must have been growing for about ten years because I remember squeezing at it like a pimple and being intrigued that there is always a supply of the stringy, cheesy, foul-smelling material oozing from it.  Over the years, it grew to a sizeable lump and he was so irritated by the look of it that he decided to have it surgically removed earlier this week.   I’m writing this because even though it’s benign, I realized that it is important to diagnose a sebaceous cyst in the early stage so that you can at least try to prevent it from permanently blocking the sebaceous gland and subsequently growing larger and then having to remove it surgically, which would inevitably mean leaving a scar!

Ways to possibly prevent sebaceous cysts
According to info from the University of Iillinois Medical Center, besides hormones, sebaceous cysts could be caused by increased production of sebum and even bacteria.  Hence, it is important to wash your face at least twice daily, avoid greasy makeup products and opt for cosmetics which will not clog pores.  Also avoid unnecessary exposure to the sun, excessive heat or greasy surroundings.   In addition, I believe a diet that doesn’t encourage the excessive production of sebum may help too.

Ways to treat and remove sebaceous cysts
While these cysts may occasionally become infected and form painful abscesses, sebaceous cysts usually don’t require medical attention as they can either disappear on their own or stay the same size without causing any problems. Those who are keen to prevent it from getting worst or possibly get rid of it may wish to try some of these home remedies which I’ve come across.

One is essential oils which have been said to be able to help detoxify the skin and possibly help with the sebum secretion because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties (source).  Another home treatment recommended is to press a hot, damp wash cloth against the cyst over a period of time to try to liquify and drain the waxy sebum. You’ll also find that there are some products claiming to help with the cure of these sebaceous cysts though I have no idea how well they work.

However, if the cysts become infected or grow to a bothersome size, health care providers can remove them or prescribe treatment with steroids or antibiotics.

How I removed my sebaceous cysts on my vaginal area
Oh, and how did I remove that sebaceous cyst on my vaginal area many years ago?  Nope, I didn’t see any doctor because I was too shy about it.  I remember applying some oilment on it for some weeks and I kept trying to squeeze it out everyday for a very long while.  Then one day, I must have used enough might and it just popped out!  It was painful alright but I was so glad I got rid of it.  In fact, I have forgotten all about it until now.

* Okay, I know I’m using a rather irrelevant picture here but no way am I’m going to put up a picture of sebaceous cysts.  You can do a search on it online but let me warn you, some of those pictures are awfully gruesome!


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  1. C says

    I got one of these in the inside lip of my vagina and went to my gyno. She told me it was in fact a cyst and suggested taking epsom salt baths. At first it went away but then it came back. I turned 26 and went off my parent’s insurance so I couldn’t go back to the gyno because I couldn’t afford it. Finally I stumbled across this website and read all the great suggestions. What worked for me was a combination of taking epsom salt baths, switching to anti-bacterial soap/body wash, and cleaning the area with Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash which contains Salicylic Acid. I was able to pop it within 2 days and it was completely gone within a week. I hope this helps!

    • Ambica says

      I have a lump on the left side of my genital area. Another smaller one is a little down below. When I feel the lump, it pains when I try to squeeze it together, and to the touch it feels as if there’s some lumpy thing under my skin.
      I’m 16 and a virgin, and scared. I don’t know what to do about it. Is it a sebaceous cyst? Please help.

  2. tay says

    Hi, I’m 15 years old and well I just realized that right above my area there is a bump. i thought it would go away if i popped it. i am kinda scared what it is and im really confused. the only thing is when i popped it, blood came out.. im soo confused what it is. it looks like what you described it as and im also afraid to tell my mom. if its already been popped but still there, how can i get rid of it?

    • gina says

      keep draining it, then use peroxide and alcohol, then put an antibiotic cream (you can get over the counter) on it and then a little bandage..only keep the bandage on while it is draining. If your mother is not open and you think will freak then try going to planned parenthood yourself. They will see you for free, even the school nurse can help you. Hope this helps.

  3. Sabaceous Cyst says

    So grateful…
    Just want to share my happiness with the information i have read and everyone’s stories. With the knowledge i have learned it is clear that I have a sebaceous cyst on the inside of my labia. I have had it for over a year, it didnt hurt, i just hated the look of it. I was too scared to mention it to my doctor for fear of it being an STD. Wow… i feel relieved…and also in knowing that im not a freak of nature! Thanks to all for telling your stories!

    • Max says

      Yes I know! I feel the same way, when I was dating my boyfriend a few months back I was scared to move forward in the relationship because it grossed me out and we ended up doing it and he was weirded out by it, I was so embarrassed and didn’t know what it was and he thought it was an STD. I am so happy to know that I can sleep safely without some risky disease!

  4. says

    You are never to old to have a groin sebcious cyst. I’m 71 and experienced my first. It appeared suddenly and became increasingly tender. I am an RN and problem solved by taking a very hot bath and sat in the tub for 20 min. yesterday. While reading this tread, I decided to go take another hot bath. Guess what it worked, it started draining with the help of a little pressure but not enough to hurt. My husband had a cyst on his back at his belt line, he got his to pop the same way. Hot sitz bath, for 20 min do it till it pops.

  5. Qween B. says

    I’m 19 years old and ive had this for 3-4years. No doubt it sucks and is really emberrasing. Ive been to many doctors and all they could tell me is that im still young and it could go away in time. I started doing research about it on my own and was very sad to find that there was no cure. While I was searching on the computer i found how it was developed, and it suddenly hit me that it was being described as a build up of oil underneath the hair glands. Then i thought — just like acne you would want to dry it out but clean the skin at the same time. The first thing that came to my head was to use alcohol. i started using it every night and morning around my- down there – area, and im not going to lie it HURT!- also i dont wear underwear to bed allowing the skin to breath… so far – with eating right- drinking ALOT of water everyday and using alcohol to clean the skin – it has taken away my bumps n pains.

    • Eliane says

      I will try the alcohol if it can help im so tiered of having this like you ive had it and it keeps comming back at the same spot i notice it seems to come back when im about to have my periods maybe because my androgen levels are higher… but it just seems to never really completly heal and i am SO tiered of this pain… I will try the acohol…hopefully it helps…

  6. Super says

    I’m 14 and have never ever ever had sex to make that clear. I have small white cluster of bumps all under my vagina and on my clit. I think it’s sebaceous glands, but it’s really irritating and almost painful. Please help me I don’t know what to do. I don’t think I need 2 go to the doctor it’s defenatly not STDs.

    • AmazingGrace says

      what you have sounds like herpes. i would definitely get it checked by a physician because cysts don’t form in “clusters” and typically are not “small and white.”

      • Twin says

        I am shocked to see you would actually tell a 14 year old she has herpes. Obviously, this will scare the hell out of her! She should visit a doctor for diagnosis. Unbelieveable.

      • threenorns says

        you are so VERY wrong: first off, there are two kinds of “sebaceous” cysts (they’re not actually called that any more).

        one is called “pilar” cysts – they form from the same cells as hair follicles. they are more common in women than men and can occur anywhere.

        the other is epidermoid cysts, which are formed from the same cells as found on the top of the skin and YES it is common for these to form in clusters!

        good grief.

    • Twin says

      Please do not listen to people who have no idea who you are or what your bumps look like. Actually, I have small white bumps (some in clusters) in the same area. Just yesterday, my GYNO told me these are sebaceous cysts and nothing AT ALL to be concerned about. That said, please visit a doctor to confirm. If you are not comfortable, see a woman gyno. That’s what I do. Best of luck to you and remember… do not listen to everyone on the internet. :)

  7. daiszz says

    I have a long lump inside the left side of my vagina, i’m so worried, it really hurts and I dont know what to do 😐

  8. sandy says

    I woke up about 2 days ago and I went to the bathroom and noticed a small white looking lump about the size of a peanut on the inside of the lip of my vagina right by the opening and its very sore even when i walk! It seemed like it come out of nowhere ive never had this happen before, its to sore to pop what should i do?

  9. Kay says

    Hi! I am so glad I came across this site. I noticed I had a little bump around my vaginal area that seamed to appear overnight. Everything that was said in these posts are describing exactly what I have. I haven’t tried to pop it or anything yet since I do not have any pain with it unless my underwear or pants get scrunched when I’m sitting. I’m going to wait a little while longer and see if it goes away on it’s own. THANKS FOR THIS THREAD!

  10. kelli says

    So my name is kelli I am 22. I have only been with 2 men and one is my husband and so when I seen the pimple blister like thing on my inner thy I freaked out because all this talk about std and I have tried to protect myself of that now I see that I have failded or so is what I thought. I have been to afraid to go to the doctor to hear the bad news that I decided to look online and see if I could maybe find some answers or similaritys. And that brought me to here. My ? Is that I have like 4 of them at once they are blister like but not ruff like herpys more like a pimple. They are very irritable but don’t stink but I haven’t popped one yet…… what should I do?????? I have no health insurance and I am broke because I am a collage student at UNF ……. please help me

    • AmazingGrace says

      four in one area and they’re blister like? it’s been over a year since you posted your question. will you share with us what became of those blisters?

  11. yesss says

    DO NOT SQUEEZE IT! The junk that comes out can be harmful to your vagina. So if you must squeeze it, wear gloves and wash your hands before touching your vagina again. Try a warm towel in the area for 10 ish minutes.

    • threenorns says

      no, the “junk” that comes out can’t be harmful. it’s just soggy keratin, not pus.

      the problem is when it gets infected and even then, assuming you followed the most basic hygiene routine, you’re so unlikely to get blood poisoning from it, you’re probably at more risk of winning the lottery on a Friday the 17th when it’s a full moon.

  12. DL says


    I’m 27 and have been struggling with the “groin” issue, I should be mature enough to go see my family physician but I’m too shy to go see her (she and my mother are very very close) any way I started out with 1 sebaceous cyst then 2 and now there are 3 possibly 4 :(

    They aren’t the size of a standard pimple the are about the size of a dime. I shower daily and can’t figure out why they’ve popped up out of no where. After the last one turned up I decided it was time to go see my doctor so my appt is scheduled at the end of the week. Any thoughts on what I should do until then?


  13. gina says

    I thank all of you for sharing these posts were so helpful and a relief to know I am not alone. This is one of the worst things I have every dealt with it started about 3 years ago. I am 35 now..I did ask my mother if she had this problem and she did say she did but she wasn’t much help..she is not dealing with it anymore. My brother has also experienced this but his was in his armpit, were mine are on the vagina lips and on inner butt cheeks. Right now I have four of them and they fluctuate in size from a pearl size to a quarter. They are very painful and then they itch sometimes. I don’t know how anyone can pop them until there ready to be popped otherwise they have layers of skin. When they do pop there is always more blood then anything so it’s hard to see what it’s mixed with. They keep coming back, the doctor said that they are coming back because there is still a pocket and it just drains and fills up. He told me they would have to do a procedure to make them stop! All I know is it involves pain cutting, and not being put to sleep so that’s not happening, but it’s getting to the point where I can’t take it anymore. It’s embarrassing, it has effected my sex life and caused many problems to my relationship because there is such lack of sex. I can’t figure out if something sets them off or what, and I have yet to figure out what helps but yes the hot compress helps to soften it so it drains. The bad thing is they can get infected and then turn into an apses, then you have to go to the hospital. When there draining I get as much out as I can then use peroxide, and an antibiotic cream, and bandage. Then panty liners all the time. It’s horrible if anyone has any suggestions PLEASE I AM OPEN TO THEM! Sorry so long but I have so much to say after 3 years of my life has been violated by them!

    • jen says

      What you have does not sound like sebaceous cysts. it sounds like hidradenitis. I am not a medical professional, but I suffer from the disease and I would definitely get it checked out if I were you. Hope this helps and good luck!

      • LAMusing says

        WOW! I’ve suffered from these “sebaceous cysts” (according to my gyno) for 25 years. They just keep coming back. I had two larger ones removed surgically. Currently I have 5 or 6 smallish ones. I looked “Hidradenitis” and WOW – I have two major factors – an autoimmune disease related to hashimotos and I’m of Greek heritage! I will set an appt to see my gyno and ask her in advance to research this. The Wiki article was not encouraging – may I ask – what treatments seem to work for you?

  14. leigh says

    hey i have a cyst in my lady parts i had it drained in 2008 by the er atfer it heeled it came back im married and its stop me from having sex with my husband and my gyn wont drain it or remove it i hate it.i feel very dirty by it.i can feel it when we do have sex it feel like he taking it in with him if you know what i mean.

  15. Haylee says

    I have one right now on my labia minora. I hurts sooo bad. I can barely walk with my legs closed. I showed it to my sister (who is a nurse) and she said it was probably an ingrown hair. What helps treat the pain… PLEASE HELP! IM SCARED!!!!!

  16. trina says

    im 12, i just got out of the shower and found one on these on my vagina lip. i thought it was a pimple. i hvaen’t had sex and ive shaved once. but that was a a month agao. im so scared im freaking out and crying. i dont know what to do im scared to tell my mom :/

    • Des says

      I feel so sorry for your, I’m 17 and just found one on the entrance of my vagina. I hope that by now you’ve figured something out, but if not I would definitely use some of the suggestions on this website. I know I’m going to. Don’t be scared!!!

    • Melanie says

      Definitely don’t be scared. I’m 20 and I feel scared to tell my mom anything going on down there, even though she’s completely open. This site has a lot of helpful ideas, so I’d try a few of them. In fact, I’m getting ready to try a hot bath for mine. Don’t freak out too much, though. You’ll drive yourself crazy.

      A woman’s body is so complex it’s not even funny. So of course there are going to be funky things going on. And usually there’s always a reason. So please don’t freak out. :( And I hope everything has gotten better..

  17. Kelley says

    How is everyone so certain that they aren’t just pimples? (I really am curious, because after the following experience, I’m starting to think alot of the “monster pimples” I’ve had before were more similar to this than to regular pimples).

    I’ve had a quite large lump under my scalp for years, since I was in highschool, although I can’t remember when it first formed; the first time that I noticed it, I pressed on it really hard because I was so grossed out and wanted it to pop and go away. Nothing happened. I usually forget about it, but a week ago or so, my head hurt so I was rubbing my scalp and then felt the bump. I was once again weirded out and pressed on it again to see what would happen. It flattened out muchh more than ever before and then for every day since then I’ve had throbbing pain there, and spreading up to my temple and the side and back of my head on the left side where the bump is. Then last night I was at my aunt’s house when the pain was so much that I started gently massaging it and all of a sudden blood, clear liquid and a small amount of thick chunky pus-like stuff oozed out. I freaked out and my aunt and sister helped me clean it with a hot cloth and antibiotic ointment. Later that night, before my shower (as I had dried blood and gunk in my hair), I was checking it again when all of a sudden alot of blood came out and I realized there was alot more stuff in it; being worried about leftover stuff causing it to come back/infect, I squeezed it more until HUGE chunks of that lumpy stuff, squished out along with alot of blood. I squeezed it all out until only clear/lightly blood streaked stuff was coming out, and then washed my hair with plain unscented clarifying shampoo, keeping it off of the main bump and later parting my hair to dry around the bump. Today for the third time it exploded with more blood and only a little bit of yellow pus-like stuff and not very chunky, just thick like a gel. I’ve had constant headache/tenderness with occasional sharp shooting pains in that general area for over a week now… My mum won’t take me to the doctor, she says it’s just a pimple, my dad seems concerned but he almost always follows her lead. Is there any other recommendations than hot water soaks? Because of the time I’ve had this, and obviously having taken baths and showers within that time, I don’t think that works for me..

    • sesame says

      Don’t sound like a pimple to me…a cyst is due to inflammed follicle and what you’ve described sounds like it.

      • Kelley says

        You’re right. It busted again on Wednesday so the next day, my sister took me to the doctor. It turns out I had a sebaceous cyst under my scalp =/ It was infected so the doctor numbed me, cut it open and tried to get out as much as possible and then packed it with gauze. I have to go back again tomorrow to have the bandaging removed/changed. She said that for now that should take care of the infection, but within the month I have to go to a surgeon to have it removed entirely or else it will come back. Thanks for the information here, I really appreciated it and the support that everyone had for eachother; it made me feel like maybe I wasn’t disgusting after all and now I finally went to the doctor for it.

  18. Stacy says

    Here is what I am going to try for the marble sized sebaceaous cyst that has recurred on my upper back (after having it excised about 2 years ago).

    “•Cleanse the area well and use topical and diluted Tea Tree or Lavender essential oil on the area. It is recommended to dilute tea tree oil in water or a base carrier oil such as Jojoba, Almond or Wheatgerm oil as using essential oils directly onto the skin can be harmful. The general amount for normal skin is 1 part tea tree oil to 9 parts water or carrier oil (less if your skin is sensitive). Applying this at least 3-4 times daily may help the cyst to heal, reduce bacteria build up, clean the area and provide antiseptic qualities to reduce chances of infection. When purchasing essential oils it is recommended to buy 100% essential oils, not synthetic oils as these are inferior in quality and may have harsh chemicals added to them.”

  19. Stacy says

    Here is what I am going to try for the marble sized sebaceaous cyst that has recurred on my upper back (after having it excised about 2 years ago).

    “•Cleanse the area well and use topical and diluted Tea Tree or Lavender essential oil on the area. It is recommended to dilute tea tree oil in water or a base carrier oil such as Jojoba, Almond or Wheatgerm oil as using essential oils directly onto the skin can be harmful. The general amount for normal skin is 1 part tea tree oil to 9 parts water or carrier oil (less if your skin is sensitive). Applying this at least 3-4 times daily may help the cyst to heal, reduce bacteria build up, clean the area and provide antiseptic qualities to reduce chances of infection. When purchasing essential oils it is recommended to buy 100% essential oils, not synthetic oils as these are inferior in quality and may have harsh chemicals added to them.”

  20. says

    I actually was researching because I have two hard cysts on my face. They are like large clogged holes that fill with hard blackhead like substance. They annoy me. After reading these posts, I want to share that when I was younger I would get them between my legs where the elastic rubbed on the inside edge. I think they may have been ingrown hairs. I have occasionally gotten bumps closer to my vagina which went away with micostatin [sp?] cream for yeast infection. You can get it over the counter these days. Research yeast infection if you know you don’t have an STD for sure. Anyone can get a yeast infection.

  21. Nancy says

    I had a cyst in the vaginal area and found a great solution. I put liquid acne wash on a hot washcloth and washed the area for about 2 minutes and then right after that I used a hot washcloth and just held it against the bump for a few minutes. I did this every 3 days and within 2 weeks, the bump has almost disappeared. Hope I could be of help.

    • Crystal says

      I have recently started getting these cysts around my external area of my vagina.. they usually show up after i shave, the most recent one which showed up a few days ago, seems to have gotten infected.. is there anything other than a salts bath, antibacterial soap, and antibiotics that will decrease the pain and swelling?

  22. Sandy says

    What a lot of the women on here seem to be posting about is, in fact, called a bartholin cyst. It happens when the bartholin gland becomes “clogged.” I get these periodically as they seem to be prevalent with the women in my family. Frequent washings and occasional sitz baths are recommended.

  23. lala says

    I realise that I have 1 bump on my vagina lip when I was bathing 2 months ago. It’s flesh coloured and it later became red and swollen for days and then went back to the original size. It’s not itchy, painless and not red. I don’t know what it is :(
    Should I squeeze it or apply acne cream, hot compress or what? Help

  24. lala says

    Also, can sebaceous cysts spread by contact? Sometimes, I use my room mate’s towel by accident and I’m shy to ask her if she has bumps on her vagina

    • Sesame says

      I doubt it is spread by contact. You might want to try some of the techniques suggested by others…use of hot compress and essential oil. Not sure if an acne cream can help. Squeezing is almost extreme and may not be that straightforward.

  25. kay says

    Hi there I’ve had this lumps for almost 10 years and they are on the lips of my vagina and the inside of my thighs, I also have ovarian cysts and they really hurt, do u think I should have them surgically removed, or should I leave them?

    • Sesame says

      It’s a difficult question to answer. If you want them surgically removed, then it’s best to consult a doctor’s opinion. If they don’t bother you since they’ve been around for so long, well, you might want to leave them alone.

  26. nancy says

    I continually get these cysts on the underside of my breasts. Have been getting them for years but just popped the largest and grossest one of all. Soooo much blood and pain. Put bandage on it but it is STILL draining. Now I am getting scared that it might be more serious. Please, I need advice!

  27. mallyn says

    Oh man, I think I may have one of these! I have had these two tiny, small pea sized bumps on the outside of my vaginal lips, kind of near the entrance to my vag for months now. Usually they are flat and I don’t notice them because they seem to be like a skin tag or something, sunk into my skin. Well, I had sex with my man and less than a day later they were swollen to tiny lumps and were causing me pain if I sat on them wrong. I popped one (so painful) and first a clear fluid came out followed by a LOT of blood. Naturally I freaked the eff out and put some A+D ointment on it and this morning I was sore and they are still bleeding a little, but only if I move too fast or awkwardly. I am going to see my Dr first thing on Monday morning but I’m worried as all hell. My bf and I are together for 3 years and we’ve both been tested, nothing came up and now I’m afraid he might have given me something without his knowledge…but the thing is the bumps are in the same exact place as those skin tag things….I’m wondering if maybe sex made them irritated/ swollen…..I just pray thst they are irritated cysts and will take a bath w/ salts tonight

  28. pixy37 says

    So from some research I have done, one natural way to help relieve or pop these suckers is by using a drawing salve such as Prid. This can be purchased at Walgreens for around $7. It contains Ichthammol ointment. As well as then flushing them out after they pop with vinager because of the antibacterial properties. I haven’t tried this myself yet. But hope this might help someone.

  29. jei says

    Omg i got one inside my panty line…like one big one then two going down where my pantyline is….basically one one of my lip. So one looks swollen then the other. Afraid to have sex cuz the dude im talking to adores me physically looking down there so i make excuse im busy at this time, Thank God hes understanding. So they all popped and i tried to squeeze it to help make it go down like a normal pimple. But it didnt go down too much so im preparing a hot bath now, i had to take pain pills and alot of aleve for the pain to run errands and such and i forgot pantyliners cuz now my panties are ruin like when we start our period over nite…what next….jus weigh out the time since they popped and the pain is extreme since its on my panty line area. Any extra advice will be helpful….pain and more treatment since it popped…like a huge hole now ewwww

  30. Amy says

    So for months now I’ve had a bump on my vulva and I was so convinced it was a genital wart, even though I’ve had all three Gardisil shots, and it didn’t really look like one compared to pictures I saw online.

    Saw my gyno yesterday for a Pap smear and asked her about it, and told her how it started out big and then got smaller. As soon as she found it she said, “Oh, that’s nothing. That’s not an STD at all. Just a sebaceous cyst.”

    I was still skeptical but now that I’ve read a few articles about cysts I feel a bit better. All those months I spent worrying!

  31. A says

    What you need to do is to see a skilled dermatologist. They treat cysts every day. It is definitely curable. They have many treatment options.

  32. says

    Hi. I have these yellowish bubbles on my labia minora. There is many of them and I am nervous about what they are. I’m 13 and still a virgin. I was wondering what these are and how to get rid of them. Can I get some help? (Medication, surgery, etc.)

  33. says

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  34. Ryan birrell says

    Hi i have the same sebaceous cyst just next to my temple at the left side of my face. The size of a pearl.
    I was wondering how much your husband paid for the removal of the cyst. Could you get back to me as quick as you can thanks.

  35. sesame says

    I’m not sure where you’re located but we are in Singapore and my husband had a day operation and the cost was around S$300.

  36. Rach says

    Hi there

    May I know which clinic your husband had his cyst surgery at and is there any doc I should look for? Thanks!


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