Totally offbeat Thai street fashion

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These are pictures I took of the street fashion show from the Creatively Thai 2008 at Vivo City earlier this week.  Seriously, I don’t know what the designers are thinking because most of the pieces did not fit my expectations of street fashion at all.  In fact, I thought some of them were looking more like cabaret fashion pieces.

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The black dress here is not too bad though.  It’s probably one of the best in that show.  But street fashion?  And the white dress with those cauliflowers is really vintage-style-gone-wrong.  I mean, would you wear that?

2577624844 376aac37a1 o Totally offbeat Thai street fashion

As for these these two pieces, they look more like party wear if you ask me.

2577625008 317536e10b o Totally offbeat Thai street fashion

But the most beneficial lesson I took away from the show were these finger accessories!  Until I saw a male model wearing these, I really didn’t know that these can make a fashion statement!  To think I only use these finger caps to flip flash cards to my son!   I really need to wear them *ahem* out more often.

You can achieve a variety of great looks (yes, even an “offbeat” look) with a T3 Tourmaline flat iron. There’s also a number of CHI irons that may suit your needs… Experiment to see which one works best for you!

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